re: dylan x tyler


okay I’m done
take them away from me!
far far away
I’m so done

""I think it helps that Tyler and I are also such good friends in real life and are on the same page with how this relationship needs to be, and how it has to come off with the audience. Yeah, literally from the get-go. We had a network test and that was the first time we all met. Something went wrong with the contract, so we ended up being there for like five hours with a lot of down time, so we had a lot of talking to do. Me and Tyler were just instant buddies. We had a lot in common; we both played music and played in bands. We were just very natural, kind of like how Scott and Stiles are. Immediately after the network test, we exchanged numbers and planned on hanging or something, even if neither of us got the part. Then when we found out we both got it, we were both just so stoked. We were like, “Dude, let’s hang.” We just became really good buddies in the process. - Dylan O'Brien