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Adelaide Kane Gif Pack

As part of my Reign Gif Pack project, find under the cut 507 small textless gifs of Adelaide Kane as her role of Mary Stuart in Reign season 1. You may use these gifs for roleplaying, crackships, crop them into icons ect just please credit me if you put them into another gif hunt. 1 more gif pack to come.

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Highlights from Adelaide's instalive

- Francis is the love of Mary’s life.
- Her death is the saddest.
- Season 2, Episode 9 was the hardest to film.
- Torrance is so cool.
- She’s closest to Rachel.
- Favourite season is 4.
- She would have loved to have played Queen Catherine.
- She can’t pick a favourite lady out of Greer and Lola; Lola died out of loyalty but Greer was with her through it all until the end.
- She and Toby are definitely friends, she just doesn’t see him very often because she tends to see people in the same country as her.
- they have never dated. “Never say never, well I’m saying never” 😂
- She can’t pick between Claude and Kenna, she loves loves her sweet princess Rose, but she’s known Caitlyn since she was sixteen, so it’s a tie.
- She has no idea what happened to Kenna.
- She loves Eliza from the 100 and is proud to see her doing well.
- Least favourite part about Reign, the winters.
- She wishes she could have filmed more of Mary as a mother.
- She had no control over Reign being cancelled and cried hysterically after her last scenes.

Thank you Reign for 4 amazing seasons of love, drama, action and adventure, though it wasn’t enough and the story wasn’t over it ended as it always should have done 😭💔 Long May She Reign 👑

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