Video Game Challenge

✘[3/7] Male Characters - Albert Wesker | Resident Evil 5
The Signs As Resident Evil Things
  • Aries: Crimson heads and burning zombie corpses, the conspiracy plots against Umbrella and the other pharmaceutical companies, the Mercenaries minigames (and playing online)
  • Taurus: Special items like the lighter or lockpick, limited inventory space, idle animations for the characters
  • Gemini: Examining an item to discover its secrets, the different viruses and mutations of antagonists, working with a partner or co-op
  • Cancer: Green and yellow herbs and first aid sprays, being able to rescue a fallen partner in RE5/6, finally being able to aim and move at the same time
  • Leo: Finding and collecting treasures in RE4/5, alternate costumes for the characters, the Merchant's shop in RE4
  • Virgo: Items boxes and backtracking through the map to get to them, files and reports with little clues, puzzle minigames that require critical thinking
  • Libra: The vivid color schemes of the early games, little details like dust or cracks in walls, switching between characters in RE0/Rev2
  • Scorpio: The ambient sounds of thunder and rain, the sound effects of zombies and monsters that you can't see, those timed sequences before the self-destruct system goes off
  • Sagittarius: Roaming around a new area and finding locked doors, the dramatic and exhilarating music during boss battles, jump scares
  • Capricorn: Being able to stockpile ammo and grenades, replaying the game at a higher difficulty, the end of game results screen
  • Aquarius: Blue herbs and mixing green+red herbs, making choices during the games that give different endings, the tank controls in the early games
  • Pisces: Typewriters and ink ribbons, being able to rest and relax in save rooms, the soothing save room music