I had this really funny dream last night

where I was zuko and it was literally just the scene where iroh asks if he wants tea and he just blows up “I DONT NEED ANY CALMING TEA! I NEED TO CAPTURE THE AVATAR.”
Except I was zuko and when iroh asked if I wanted tea zuko/I shouted “I DONT NEED ANY CALMING TEA! I NEED TO PASS ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!”

Musical!Matsu Profiles: Karamatsu Matsuno

Name: Karamatsu Matsuno

Age: 17

Average Grade: C+ to B

Senior Quote: “Opinions are like mixtapes, I don’t want to hear yours.”

Teacher comments: 

His voice is like an angel from abov-eh Matsuno, I cant read your writing..”- Anonymous

“Drama king.”- Anonymous

“Perfect student in music class! Straight As and always participated! Good luck Matsuno!!” - Mr White

Peer comments:

“You’re cool,,Idjit.” - Chib-Anonymous

“Despite your really ugly handwriting and awful note taking, you’re an..alright brother. I guess you’ll get..somewhere in life.” - Choromatsu