Author Victor LaValle was inspired to re-work the story of Frankenstein’s monster to explore the fallout of modern police violence – the result is his six-issue comic series Destroyer, in which the last living member of the Frankenstein line in the modern day happens to be a woman named Josephine Baker, a brilliant African-American scientist overwrought with grief after her 12-year-old son is killed by a police officer.

Our pals at Code Switch talked to LaValle about Destroyer – check out that conversation here.

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A/N: This is my much-overdue rewrite of what I remember to be my first em fic (?), and I’ve been meaning to rewrite a lot of my old works now but I decided to start with this one since it means a lot to me. I decided to keep it in past tense even though I tend to write in present tense now, just because I had written it in past originally and figured I’d keep that the same. It’s also been a good six months since I’ve written any kind of fic like this, as I’ve more recently been writing random shit inspired the insanity that is my mind :x Which, sidenote, is actually really enjoyable for me, and if you wanna check out some of those works they’re pretty much all that’s in my writing tag rn, lmao. Anyway, I reread this a few times (which I almost never do, I usually can’t stand to proofread my work) and I’m hoping it’ll be okay and coherent, but the tense might’ve still ended up weird at times since it’s hard to switch back to past. Also, I don’t think I cared most about this when I first posted this but I don’t know how more people will feel about this since it’s based from a mix of my strange imagination, a lott of my own headcanons and an experience(s??) to some extent so;;;;; o.o This is technically like my re-debut to the em fandom but I think I’m psyching myself out more than I need to? o: 

Hope you all enjoy~

The night was late, the only sounds to be audible were the soft snores of the boys around him. It had been a very long day, as his days always were. And though there was so much he had to think about, so many things to worry about, his body began to cave, the hands of sleep pulling him in deeper, until he could do nothing but submit.

He could feel his eyelids flutter shut, yet just as he did, he felt an unmistakable weight on his chest.


She mumbled inaudibly.

“You never tell me how you get in here, do you know what could happen if you were found in the boy’s barracks?”

She didn’t reply.

He sighed and shifted slightly, in an effort to shake her off. “We’re all really tired, Mikasa, I’m sure you are too.”

When the words left his mouth, the room fell a deathly quiet, and for a moment he was sure that she’d fallen asleep already, right then and there, but she sat up, long and slow, before he could make another effort to move her off.

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Yoo friends

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EDIT it seems to have blocked a lot of Miracles -.- just sent like 20 review requests, maybe if we keep spamming them with those they notice how much crap they did this time xD like, honestly? I mean, I get that they’re not safe for work because the cuteness might make you cry which isn’t suitable for work, but I’m quite sure that’s not what is meant…

You and Cain (and Gerald), part 2


Part 1


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“You met with Cain?”

Dean looked up. “Long time, no see, Cas.”

“You’re messing with strong powers, Dean. And the fact that you’re working with Crowley, no less.”

“Yeah, well, you were kind of gone, so…”

Cas rolled his eyes and made his way to a corner to sulk. Dean could feel the angel’s glare on him.

“I met your sister, by the way. Cute girl. Little weird, but–”

“My sister?”

“Yeah. Y/N.” Dean looked up, finding Cas’ expression having turned from a mean-mug to melancholy. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re sure you met Y/N?”

“Well, that’s what Cain said her name was.”


“Yeah, she lives with him. Something about she fell and he took her in…”

Cas nodded, a small frown still on his face.

“Okay, seriously, what’s with the look?”

Cas studied Dean for a moment before shaking his head. “Y/N… I always felt the need to look after her when I was in Heaven. I heard she fell and…” The angel sighed. “Is she okay?”

Dean shrugged. “I mean, she’s in one piece. But the way she was acting…”


“I don’t know. Cain said something about when she fell, she hadn’t reached angel maturity or something so she–”

“Has the mind of a child,” Cas finished.

“Right.” Dean studied his friend. “But she seemed happy. She had this little bee that was following her around. I think she called it Jim or something.”

Finally, Cas smiled. “She always did like bees.”

Dean watched the angel for a few more moments before standing. “Come on.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“We. We’re going to see Cain and your sister.”


Cain watched out the window as the Impala pulled up the driveway. Dean got out, followed by another man dressed in a trench coat. Cain met them on the porch.

“Dean. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.”

“Yeah, I know.” Dean nodded to the angel on his left. “This is Castiel.”

“Y/N’s brother,” Cain said.

“I… was hoping to talk to her.”

Cain studied the two men on his porch before going down the steps. He led the visitors around the house into the backyard. You were seated on an old wooden swing, dangling from a strong branch.

“Y/N,” Cain called. “There’s someone here to see you.”

You looked up, finding the three men striding towards you. Your eyes immediately landed on your brother. “Castiel!” you yelled, jumping from the swing. You ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, nearly knocking him over.

The elder angel was startled but gently wrapped his arms around you. “Hello, Y/N.”

With your head still on Cas’ chest, you peered at Dean. “Hello, Dean.”

“Hey, Y/N. Where’s your bee friend?”

As if on cue, the plump little bumblebee floated up to the group, buzzing around Cas’ head.

“Gerald, I’d like you to meet my brother, Castiel,” you said with a smile. “Yes, the one I’ve told you about.”

“Hello, Gerald,” Cas said.

“Cain, can I show him the garden?”

“Of course,” Cain said. He and Dean watched as you slipped your hand into Cas’, leading him towards the small garden plot at the front of the house.

“Come on.” Cain led Dean into the house through the backdoor. The two made their way into the kitchen where Cain offered his guest a beer. Dean took it with a nod of thanks.

From the window in the kitchen, Dean and Cain watched as you led your brother through the garden. A number of bees swarmed around you to greet you and your guest.

“Don’t… read too much into this,” Dean started. “But why’d you take her in?”

Cain said nothing for a few moments, simply continued to stare out the window. “She needed someone,” he finally said. “And… I did, too.”

Dean nodded even though the older man couldn’t see. “Well, for what it’s worth, I think it’s…” He paused. “She seems happy. And of course, there’s the whole bee thing…”

Cain turned his head slightly towards Dean. “She’s adapted.” He turned back to the window. “But she does seem happy that you brought her brother here.”

“Yeah, sorry for bursting in. But you know how angel time works. You see them for five minutes and then they disappear for weeks with no contact, only to reappear when you’re least expecting them.”

Cain shrugged. “Well, since you’re here, I suppose I should invite you to stay for dinner.”

  • Neah: Look, we’ll just date, but never talk about the war, or interact with each other’s friends, or acknowledge each other in public, and I know this sounds like I’m describing enemies, but we can make this work. We’re Romeo and Juliet.
  • Past!Allen: It didn’t work for Romeo and Juliet. That play ends in a tragic double suicide.
  • Neah: That’s how it ends? Why do people like it so much?

anonymous asked:

Do you tend to ship more canon or non canon couples?

i tend to be more passionate about canon couples, or at least couples whose canon shows them having a mutual respect and attraction, and provides me the emotional evidence to make shipping them ‘logical’, in a sense. 

like i shipped stydia well before they were canon, and i ship bellarke even though they’re not canon. but in both cases the show itself provides a lot of scenes and subtext that fit the slow burn narrative.

the main thing that gets me to ship two characters is if they’re shown to work well together, to support each other, and to genuinely care about each other. if a show or book gives me that groundwork i can run with it.

by that logic, i disagree with a few canon ships, too, because i think they’re poorly matched.

i’m not so good at getting emotionally invested in ships that don’t have a lot of scenes together, although if i have enough evidence about both of their personalities i can sometimes see it.

Stop comparing e.asian artist to Western artists. Higher brothers aren’t a Chinese version of Migos. Taemin isn’t an Asian Justin Bieber. G dragon isn’t an Asian Michael Jackson. That is annoying and it isn’t helping artists in anyways. You’re overshadowing their hard work. Just say this artist is loved in this country because they do this.

Good morning folks!

Off to an excellent day… My kids are still ll asleep and it’s after 9am. .. I manged to make a new friend who introduced me to some awesome music. Had a healthy yummy breakfast… Now I’m gonna play my township game and clean house.

Hope you’re all well and feeling great! Come say hi, send me some random asks.. Or better yet, send me some work out music.

What gets your blood pumping? What do you listen to when you’re working out?

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I saw that you're very careful when it comes to people posting your stuff which makes sense but you mind even if someones reposts it, giving you credit and all that?

I don’t know what you mean by ‘careful’, but I believe that people should always give credit when using an artist’s imagery (in the same way that I would always credit an author for any words i would use), just because someone’s spent time on it and obviously owns it. I’m not okay with people completely re posting my work on their blogs and simply crediting me in the caption, because the click-through and source links will no longer go to me (so someone else will get all the credit for images i have spent time on) and people more often than not seem to delete those captions anyway. Anyone re posting my work (on instagram or reblogging) with credit is absolutely fine of course, i love seeing this! (Sorry this was long winded but i feel like this needed a proper answer)

Someone said I shouldn’t be rude bc I said “don’t repost my /fuckin/ artwork”
You’re stealing my work and saying “credit to the people who made this”
But you’re ganna call me rude for saying the eff word

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Heard you ran out of smut! @heytherejones and @jugandbettsdetectiveagency write some pretty amazing things, but you probably already know that, smut queen. Lmao

yes, i’m familiar with their work! they’re both great writers. it would appear that i’ve missed some smut fics, so this is what my browser currently looks like 

also, i need “smut queen” on a key chain. it’s the best thing i’ve ever been called outside of “bughead queen” once. perhaps one day i’ll earn the title of “queen of bughead and smut.” that’s the dream right there 

Unpopular opinion, but I’m actually kinda…. happy? With the new tumblr update? Maybe I’m just too trusting but I honestly don’t think tumblr is meaning to flag lgbt+ content as sensitive. I think it’s a combo of assholes flagging things that don’t need to be flagged and also tumblr doing what tumblr does best - bugging the fuck out.

Obviously, this isn’t perfect. Tumblr never is. We know this. And it’ll take several more updates until it’s actually functioning as it should be. But with all the people (antis) running around screaming at blogs, telling them that they shouldn’t produce content because “what about the children,” well. We’re working our way to a solution here. If you are a minor, you shouldn’t be able to access my blog, you can say. If they alter their settings so that they CAN, then it’s no longer somehow your fault. You marked your blog as sensitive and did what you could. Idk. I think tumblr sees something that is becoming a problem and trying to remedy it.

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Hi! Sorry about this, but may I ask if you're taking Akiyama-kun to scanlate? I remember you posted a pic and I could see a bit of its cover 😱

We are working on it, but we’re so swamped with work and private life things…
I have almost the whole 2nd volume translated and the 2 extras from vol 1 as well. I’m currently editing the dicks from the extra’s whenever I have the time. 
I’ll try to get to it soon :3 
I was thinking of looking for a typesetter to get it done faster. Maybe I’ll do that. We’ll see :)