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So since you're raising chicks right now I have some questions for you. My aunt is moving of our property and taking her chickens with her. This means we're gonna get some new ones and start from scratch. I want to properly socialize these ones so they're easier to work with. How are you doing it?

Set up their container in the family room so they can see people all the time. If they’re stinky you’re going to need to switch to a higher quality feed (not Dumor or Purina which are the popular ones in America, you can google some online) and switch to equine stable pellets as bedding. Spray them with water so they fluff up and wait for them to dry. This will absorb any smell and is a lot healthier for chickens to be on.

Don’t pick them up when you first get them unless you need to. Just hold your hand in their container with treats for however long it takes them to be comfortable. A few minutes multiple times a day for the first two days should be enough depending on your chicks. Then take them out to a safe area and sit with them on the floor, just letting them hop on you or crawl under. After a day or two of this they should be begging to be held at which point you can start holding them. Feed them treats like scrambled or hard boiled egg, chopped greens, worms, and maybe some little wild bird food (make sure they have access to grit). It can take a bit for them to try new things so just leave a dish with the treats in there, they’ll try it eventually and learn they like it.

Soon they’ll think you’re their parent and want to follow you everywhere. This is an awesome time to take them outside for supervised play on warm, sunny days, and take them with you around the house. This will get them better about being picked up and following you when they’re adults :) it’s pretty easy to socialize baby chickens, being both birds that imprint on whatever takes care of them and domesticated they quickly learn to like people. At around 2-3 weeks if they’re well feathered you can take them with in a box in your car and feed them tiny fast food tidbits (not too much because it’s bad for them). That way they’ll associate the car with good things too, which is helpful for taking sick birds to the vet, or if you like having a little adventure buddy.

By the time they’re ready to go outside the chickens will be feathered puppies that follow you everywhere and want to sit on your shoulders or lap.

Hope that helps :)

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Hiii! I'm looking for some bottom Steve fics, I know you have a page for it but I was wondering if you'd found any new ones?

yes :D

Weak Spot by Chiyume

This is their third sparring session this week, and Steve is simply beyond happy that Bucky’s actually in here training with him for real. There’s just been too much guilt keeping Bucky from going all out, especially towards Steve, but Steve knows that Bucky’s still too worried about accidentally doing actual damage to spar with anyone else. Which is why they’re now working through the last hour of their afternoon close combat session in the Avenger’s gym together, behind locked doors.
Standing there, meeting Bucky’s confident leer with a smile of his own, Steve can’t help but feel like coming home in a way.

Always You by things_havechanged

Steve delivers groceries to Bucky’s house. Bucky finds Steve attractive. Bucky makes sure Steve keeps delivering to his house.

Betrothed Before Birth by cleo4u2, xantissa

To say Steve was anxious on his wedding night didn’t quite paint the right picture. It didn’t explain the overwhelming pressure to be a dutiful son, a dutiful Prince. The overwhelming responsibility to be a good match, to bring prosperity and safety to his lands. They’d promised him to Prince James if he was an Omega, as the Princeling was an Alpha. There was another deal with another family if he was an Alpha, but… here they were. This union, this chance of providing military power to their small country was a unique chance, and Steve wasn’t going to fuck it up.

No Butts About It by Kellyscams

That time Bucky spanked the hell out of Steve

That Same Slow Dance by hollybennett123

“It don’t hurt, Buck,” Steve says quietly, like it’s nineteen-thirty-six and this is the first time. He takes Bucky’s right hand from his hip and slides the first two fingers over his tongue, getting them wet. Bucky damn near goes cross-eyed.


For anon…reader is dating Tony as requested. Enjoy! Mentions of abusive previous relationship

Y/N slammed the door behind her as she entered Pepper’s office. The red head glanced up with a confused expression. Knitting her brows, she glanced down at her notes before looking back up.

“Y/N?” she asked, “I didn’t think I was supposed to see you until Thursday.”
She smiled. “I’m sorry Pepper. It’s just…I couldn’t go home quite yet.”
“Why’s that?”

Pepper arched a brow as she saw Y/N’s face pale. The woman quickly covered it with a shake of the head.

“The apartment above mine flooded. They’re working on my ceiling. Would it be alright if I milled about here?”

Pepper studied Y/N for a moment. Something was off, but she wasn’t sure what. A moment later, Pepper nodded in agreement.

“Of course. I’ve got an hour: we could have our meeting now.”

Y/N smiled appreciatively at Pepper.

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What's with the criticism recently??! These guys work very hard guys just bcoz they're not finding fics doesn't mean they're not working there are tags n masterlists to update. I think we can all go in the search bar n look up something n read while we're waiting for a new answered ask. This is such a huge library I'm sure nobody has read ALL of the fics, whatever happened to patience?

Thanks for your support, its really appreciated ❤️ i think its hard to recognize that we are people irl sometimes, many of us which just finished final exams and have a few other life circumstances making it hard to use the internet. Not to mention all of the “invisible” tasks on the blog as well as you mentioned, like working on the masterlists or fixing the library. Not all of us are comfortable with answering asks which is why there are often only a few of us you’ll see pop up on your dashboards! Sadly that also means that when the ones who answer asks are busy, our blog isnt as active for a couple of days, but there are plenty of resources on the blog until we are able to be active again! Thanks again for the message :)


We all stumble, but we should all press on to a better walk with the Lord, marked by less stumbling.

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect for it will only come when we are glorified in His return but He expect us to progress in our walk, grow in the knowledge of Him and day by day become more like His Son. 

People tend to give up when they fall for they think they’re not worthy anymore, and they are knocked down because they think their worth is based on their performance rather than what Jesus did on the cross, thus Satan won the battle because someone listened to discouragement rather than running to a merciful God. We’re all work in progress and for someone aside from Jesus to claim that he is a perfect man and doesn’t stumble anymore is rubbish and delirious. 

God wants us to know that sinning is horrible in His sight but giving up is even more worthy of condemnation. When you’re ready to give up, always look at the cross, it is shouting on you to stand up and not stay on the ground, to fight and keep walking, for the Lord will give you the strength you need to accomplish this race He has for you. 

Chyler and Flo know how to make this community feel safe and as long as they’re still working on the show, I know the relationship will continue to be one of the healthiest and most loving wlw relationships on tv even if they only ever give us two mins of screentime and even if Maggie isn’t present in all of the episodes

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Followup to needy Bucky soon you're both completely focused on each other, softly panting and moaning as your head falls back on his shoulder. He's gasping and nibbling against your neck as you guide his hand into your shorts and he feels how wet you are your other hand reaching back to tease his already hard cock. Soon enough you're both so worked up you barely pull your clothes to the side and slowly slide onto his cock gently riding him as he whispers "Ah fuck god babydoll I'm not gonna last"

Holy fuck this is great

Sinful Sunday™

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Could I request seventeen reacting to their s / o working on a big school project ? (Like would they help, motivate or distract?)thanks bb

S.Coups, Joshua, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8 & Vernon would help. They’d would whatever they can to help their s/o finish their project quickly so they they’d have less stress. Their s/o’s well-being comes first, and they’d hate to see them staying up late or skipping meals just to complete it.

Jeonghan, Jun, Seungkwan & Dino would motivate. They’d be super positive and tell their s/o that they believe in them. They’d bring snacks when their s/o gets hungry, and constantly remind them that they’re working hard and doing well.

Hoshi, DK & Mingyu would distract. They’d be really loud while their s/o’s trying to work, and bug them to watch a funny video they found. They’d tell them stories, laugh hysterically at their own stupid jokes, and just be really distracting overall.

thank you for your request!!

Arolo No. 11

Arolos are sweet, sleepy little friends who love to keep you company at your desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else hey can catch a quick nap. They’re great listeners, and always happy to encourage you when you’re hard at work. Not looking for a desk buddy? Your Arolo will be just as happy reading over your shoulder or sharing a nice cup of tea, but watch that she doesn’t steal any cookies off your plate!

This doll is not for sale; she’ll be available at the New York Faerie Festival next month. Any dolls that don’t sell will be available on Etsy after the event! 

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Archery Animation Progress

So you know how I (Frac) was having that weird 360 degree leg spin? Well with the help of everyone who gave me links, and some more deep diving into the internet, plus some hair tearing out I finally figured it out! So here’s pretty much the animation that will be used (plus some reaction animations to her bad bad shots she’s taking), with a longbow accessory. We’re still having trouble working out that second accessory and we’re having solution debates but just wanted to update everyone on the progress of this.

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hi! id like to send a huge hug to the person that wrote the sweet home alabama au! it's my favourite romcom and they so did it justice, i was very happy with the result; i could every bit of angst and fluff in each situation, i hope they're proud of their work

i do believe you mean the one that was posted for the big bang this year, yes?  if so, an entire chat i’m in has screamed and cried over it, so yes.  i have to say it had to have turned out perfectly to evoke that response in seriously everyone i know who has read it haha again, i cannot wait to read it myself!!  so if that’s the right one (and i hope it is), here is the info:

got the sunshine on my shoulders by @hattalove

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Hey! Do you have any advice on setting up pages for printing comics? Considering the bleed and safe space is something that causes confusion for me, and I was wondering where I might be able to read up on this sort of thing, or how I could format my pages in Photoshop.

Hey there, that’ll depend on the size of the page you’re planning to print at! Different size pages (whether you’re working with letter, legal, manga or comic sizes) will have different edge margins. If you google comic page guidelines for such, you’re likely to find direct guides demonstrating the size that you can work from. Although in general:

Bleed - This is images that are going to go right to the edge of the page. Anything in the bleed area is stuff that will likely be cut off, so don’t put anything important in the bleed.

Trim - This is the “real” edge of the paper for you. All artwork that you want to be seen should be within this area.

Safe zone - This is the best place to make sure that nothing is cut off in printing. All dialogue balloons or wording shouldn’t leave this area, or else it might either lie tangent with the paper edge or get cut off. 

Hope this helps!

WIP Meme

Tagged by @auro-cyanide (Wow thanks for the tag rly! I never expected to be tagged by such a cool artist! :DD)

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

All of my WIPs are just doodle things basically. I don’t have any fics or much else. Oh but I do have a cosplay I’m working on.

DOODLES: These are doodle dump WIPs. I need to finish scanning a bunch of doodles I’ve done over the past…couple years. I’ve been slowly working on putting them into doodle dumps sorted by fandom, but for this I just bunched them all together.

DRAWINGS (non doodle dumps lol): These are some of the drawings I’m working on in my sketchbook at the moment. 

DIGITAL DRAWINGS: Well, like it says, these are the few digital WIPs that I have on me right now that need finished. These guys have been WIPs for years and I just have never gotten to finishing them…I have a whole lot more like this but I don’t have my external on me so I can’t really post the rest. haha

LASTLY, COSPLAY: I’ve actually got a few cosplays that I’m working on atm, but most of the stuff I just have materials for and I need to get around to doing the actual work. And those materials are in my closet in a box that I didn’t feel like digging out hahaha. So I’ll just give a small list of the WIP cosplays I’m working on:

BBC’s Merlin: Been working towards this one for years now per usual. I’ve got materials for the jacket, shirt, scarff. I have the boots and belt and wig. I mainly just need to sew it all together after making/buying a pattern but my prob is I don’t actually know how to sew??? hahahaha

Attack on Titan (Jean & Bertolt): I’ve got the pants, some straps to make the harnesses with, the shirts and that’s about it.

Over the Garden Wall (Wirt): I have the pants, shirt, hair (lol I’m using my own hair haha) and I have material for the cape. Again I just need to sew some stuff and get a few smaller things and it’s.

Back to the Future the game (Emmit Brown): And this is my newest cosplay I’m working on and hoping to finish by this coming July before I go overseas! This one I actually have pics of! @cherazor I mainly just need the wig for this one. and possibly shoes? I need to reference his shoes.

What I’m Working On

I was tagged by @louminx to share some of my wips! I have actually for the most part cleared out all of the art that I owed to people so I don’t actually have a lot of art WIP’s at this time. 

Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever…


Ashanna’s recipes with illustrations: inspired, of course, by @lavellanlove‘s fun thedosian food headcanons. I still need to plan some recipes, but once I do I’ll get started painting them. 

Charm designs: I kind of put this on hold but I still DO want to do a series of designs for all inquisition companions to be made as charms/keychains. I did a few headshot style stuff but ultimately i don’t think they’ll work how I want them to. Oh well.

a few gift related things. I missed @eeblingtheshade‘s birthday, so I plan to do a piece sometime. Maybe someone knitting? ;3


Chapter 3 of Antique Dreams - my current priority. This will start to dig in deep to the family drama and overall plot. 

“Take him,” she repeated. Her voice sounded small even to her but the soldiers obeyed their Herald and took him in hand, and then the tavern was once more in an uproar. She was dimly aware of Skinner raging at her; all rage and Orlesian swears and held back only by her newly wedded wife.

Chapter 5 of A Constellation in Blood - this chapter might as well be named Ashanna Has A Bad Time. I want to try to get a few more chapters of AD done before diving back in

“I had no idea she was so….resourceful.” Solas watched her. She had ceased her struggling and seemed to accept her fate, and moved little aside from the low whine of very deep breaths being taken.

“Taking a bit of supplies here and there, that’s one thing. But when she managed to run off with an entire aravel…well it was enough to push the Keeper over the edge.

An untitled Ashanna/Zevran interlude that happens post Trespasser. I will finish this if it kills me. Switching to Zev’s voice has been…difficult

“Ghilas banalhan. My brethren would agree with you; after all I am only the naughty First that invited the Dread Wolf into her bed, and got her vallaslin taken as punishment. It must be so embarrassing for the rest of the Dalish, now that one of their own fucked the Great Betrayer and heralded Thedas into its destruction.”

She closed her mouth, head pounding as the anger faded as quickly as it had come.

Zevran paused, clearing his throat before continuing.

An untitled pre-romance drabble that involves some squabbling between ashanna and solas who really don’t like each other much at this point. This has been sitting in my WIPs for like….a year 😞 

But they had been fools to attack Inquisition forces without provocation, and while Solas regretted the death of those that had fought against their Templar captors and were simply seeking a life free from oppression; they were like mad dogs that lashed out and bit anyone that approached too close. Their interference with their efforts to close the Breach demanded they be put down before they endangered everything that they were working to accomplish.

aaand that’s probably it. I tag @vir-ghilani, @an-amethyst-moon, @niklisson, @bloodwrit@lavellanlove, @jessicapendragon and @dinoswrites

What I’m Working On | TAG

Tagged by the ever so lovely @hansaera to talk about my current WIPs! I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut recently, but this really made me want to dive back into some of these projects… So thank you for thinking of me!

Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever…

Personal drawings and projects first!

  • Hawke Siblings ; Illustration: I have a wip shot of this here, where I talk about it more in detail. I’ve tried to move on to colouring it, but things haven’t exactly been working out. 
  • Fenris (DA4) ; Outfit Concept Sheet: After doing this drawing of Fen, I decided to see just how far I could push the idea of “DA4 Fenris”. It’s not something I feel like people would be interested in seeing, but I’ve been really enjoying working on it!
  • Zevran (DA4+) ; Outfit Concept Sheet: Same deal as with Fenris, only more personal. I’ve been thinking about my Tabris’ story recently, post-Blight and post-Inquisition. Naturally, Zevran ties into it quite deeply, while still having a life of his own. I wanted to establish a few definitive looks for him (casual, formal, armoured and beyond), that I could reference in future illustrations of him. 
  • Zevran and Indess at the Winter Palace ; Illustration: They never miss a good party. My mind goes crazy thinking about the possibilities of them being there, catching up with Leliana and Morrigan, fawning over the Inquisitor, passing stories along to Varric (because of course they’d be friends with Varric), but mainly just drinking and gossiping and looking fabulous!

As for commissions, I’ve been working on a few, on and off. If all goes to plan, I should have two commissions out in the next couple of weeks, one for @warsonghold, and the other for @cometeclipsewriting (who are both so lovely and patient and inspiring!!).

I’m also working on a few giveaway prizes, namely for @ai-pai and @maxcaulficlds. Ooh! And a special little thing for @vorchagirl!

Tagging @chmuhlbeier, @felleyan, @destinyapostasy, @yoosweetie, @fleshwerks, @niklisson, @pataflan, @stormcallart -only if you want to do this, of course!