SDCC News and Team Leaders!

Several things were revealed today at the Pokemon Go panel at SDCC!  Meet your team leaders, Candela, Blanche, and Spark!

  • There are easter eggs that nobody has found yet
  • They’re planning ways to customize Pokestops (more lures?)
  • Pokemon Centers are coming (I wonder what else we can do there besides heal?)
  • There will be more functionality added to gyms, though the specifics aren’t clear
  • Niantic says the game is at about 10% of what they want it to be (Yes!  Think of how much could sitll be waiting for us!)
  • They’re still discussing breeding, but nothing concrete in the works yet
  • The legendary birds are tied to teams in some way, as the original designs implied
  • The radar glitch is known, but no news about when it will be fixed.
  • Events and Legendaries most likely won’t appear until the game has had worldwide rollout.

As for me… I can’t wait for the lore to start with this game.  Ingress has the Niantic Report, I can’t wait for the Go Report!

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A Few More Everyday Magick Tips For Witches
  1. Take salt packets from restaurants and fast food places and place them in your bag or pocket. They’ll act as easy and tidy ways to have salt for ritual cleansings when you’re out and about.

  2. Use old pill travel cases or snuff boxes to store small amounts of herbs that are important to you (like sage, rosemary, motherwort, or lavender) to act as a charm and a source of herbs at any time of the day or night.

  3. Enchant your necklaces or rings so that they will guide you safely whenever you wear them.

  4. Place “find me” sigils on your pet’s collar to assist you in finding them when they get lost.

  5. Keep a small jam jar in your bag at all times, so that if you find an interesting stone or a rare herb or something else that would help your Craft, you have somewhere to keep it until you get home.

  6. Keep a notepad in your bag, and use cardboard to cut out a small gingerbread-figure template. Use this template to cut out paper poppets from your notebook, and use them in your Craft when you need a poppet in a hurry.

  7. When you feel powerful emotions, write down the name of that emotion at the time you feel it and pour all your Will and strength into the words as you write them. Use these slips in magick for a lot of extra oomph.

  8. Carry a small book of matches and a tealight candle in a little wax paper packet, and use them for ad hoc spells and summonings when you’re out and about.

  9. Keep a pair of compasses and a protractor in your bag, and you’ll always be able to make a perfect pentacle at any time. Remember that the internal angle of the points is 36° and the internal angle of the pentagon in the middle is 108°. Put some blutack on the compass’ spike to prevent it stabbing your bag.

  10. Line any small fabric bag with wax paper or greaseproof paper, and it can be used to hold dried herbs, gem fragments, and many other small objects or substances. They make excellent spell pouches.

  11. Keep a small amount of dried fruit, nuts, and dried mushrooms (and dried meat if that’s appropriate for you) in a sealed bag for usage as offerings if you go to a new location and want to introduce yourself to the local spirits and wights. They’ll appreciate the gift, but make sure you change it regularly to prevent rotting.

  12. Bless your spices so that everything you cook with them is infused with a little healing magick. A great way to maintain your health and help avoid colds and flu.

I hope these help some lovely Witches!

– Juniper

Finally! A Bathroom Lock That Lets People Know Whether You’re Actually Using The Bathroom Or Just Need A Fucking Minute

We can all agree that public restrooms don’t have the best reputation, but they are finally getting a much-needed upgrade. For decades we’ve been stuck with doors that only displayed “Vacant” or “Occupied.” That’s all going to change thanks to the new lock that can be set to “Need A Fucking Minute” if you just want to be left alone for a goddamn moment.

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When you’re cold, use Heattech 〜 あおやぎ

Guy: Wow it’s cold, time to wear my Heattech.

Passerby: Wait, this is the first time I’ve seen someone wear Heattech on top of everything else! I - 

The Omega Timeline RP server

It’s only in an early development but when I talked about the idea to some people they instantly encouraged me like “DO IT!!!”. So here comes official OT Discord server! Make sure to read rules and find the secret codeword c:

We’re using an app called Discord where creating an account is necessary so prepare for that.

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Angeles (Finale)

Part Fifteen: Stay Forever
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 3070
Warnings: None.

A/N: There’s an interview in this part, and instead of a lot of “he said, she said”, I put the interviewer’s questions in bold, and the couple’s answers in regular text. It is supposed to be an in-person interview, though. Hope it isn’t too confusing! Additionally, I cannot believe I’m wrapping up this story! It is definitely one of my favorite things I have ever written and I hope you all have enjoyed it as well!


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Anyway someone just told me that ace people are Oppressed because “there are no smartphone [dating] apps that allow a person to identify as asexual” which first of all is a fucking ridiculous argument. You’re actually comparing REAL oppression, lgbt people being murdered on the streets for being lgbt, lgbt kids being kicked out of their homes, lgbt kids being homeless, lgbt people losing their jobs, being beaten up, you’re comparing that to a fucking smartphone app. 

Secondly, that’s because asexuality is literally a modifier (This topic is detailed in This Post.) Asexuality doesn’t describe WHO you are attracted to, it describes HOW. It makes no sense to put it as your orientation on a dating app because a) It doesn’t describe who you are interested in actually dating (which is literally the purpose of a dating app) and b) if you’re using the label of “ace” to mean “no attraction whatsoever, romantic or sexual, why are you an a dating app? You cannot talk about being oppressed because you are “harassed on dating apps” because you don’t want to date someone/have sex when that is literally the purpose of these types of apps. 

This is the whole problem with the asexual community-Y’all force yourselves into places where you don’t belong and where you aren’t even COMFORTABLE,  whether it be hookup apps or the lgbt community, and then you complain that you aren’t being catered to. If you so badly want an app, a community, or a safe space that caters to ace people alone, put in the time and create one. It is not our job as lgbt people to put aside our own safety and comfort to cater to your straight feelings. 

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U think Bucky is a casual pussy eater. Like y'all chillin on the couch and he just go to town on you between your thighs

ooh boy lemme tell you.

Originally posted by winchestersoldier

Bucky’s sitting on the couch, your legs over his lap as you’re laid out on the cushions. His hand is gently rubbing on your thigh as you’re both watching the cooking show on the television. You’re so focused on the show, you don’t feel his hand creeping higher and higher up your leg until he reaches the waistband of your pants.

You start to pay attention to his actions, but you’re used to it: Bucky likes making you feel good at the most random moments. You keep your eyes on the television, lifting your hips enough to let him tug your shorts and panties off before settling back onto the sofa.

He lifts one of your legs up, ducking underneath it and propping it up on the back of the couch; he settles between your legs, studying your core that is on display before his eyes.

His fingers part your folds, dragging a slow line with his metal finger from your opening to your clit. You sigh softly, dropping your other leg from the front of the sofa to allow him more access, your eyes still never leaving the television.

You let out a quiet moan as he begins his work: the tip of his tongue flicks over your clit, his metal fingers gently tracing your opening. You hear him hum as if he was approving of what he was seeing, before he sucked your clit between his lips. You let out a groan, wiggling your hips when you slip your eyes closed.

You feel Bucky’s cool, metal fingers push into you, beginning the slow, torturous pumping that was commonplace when he was eating you out.

He takes his time, never going faster than the pace he originally set out with. You feel like it takes ages before you actually feel your climax creeping up into your stomach. You begin to moan and pant, not even paying attention to the television anymore; when you begin to lift your hips, Bucky presses his arm against your hipbones, pinning you down against the cushions.

The orgasm that radiates through your body is one of the best you’ve had in your life. You cry out, digging your fingers into his forearm that was across your hips. You can feel your juices dripping down your skin, and from the deep moan that Bucky makes, you realize how truly intense the orgasm is that you’re having.

You’re trembling, twitching as the waves of your orgasm slowly flow from your body. Finally, your muscles relax and your eyes open, looking towards Bucky as he wipes his mouth on the inside of his shirt. He curls up behind you on the sofa, dragging the blanket off the back of the sofa to cover your bodies as you both put your focus back on the television.

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Hi! I absolutely love sharks and have always been fascinated by them and a dream of mine was to go swimming w sharks one day, but now I'm kind of worried that that might be stressful for them? Or would they be okay as long as physical contact wasn't initiated? Or does it kind of depend on the shark? Lol I know I need to do more research, but I thought this blog would be a good starting point. Thank you!!

Oh fellow shark friend, this makes me happy.

It depends on what type of swimming with them you’re talking about. For the most part, no matter where, if you’re respectful and safe it’s fine.

Some aquariums will let you pay to dive in big shark tanks, and that’s not stressful for the sharks because you don’t interact with them and because they’re used to divers in the tank daily to clean. So even though there’s more forced proximity, they’ve been desensitized to it.

I’ve dove with sharks on reefs in the wild before, and that was also not stressful for them. I was in one place, they were in another. We stayed nice and far away and just watched - none of that getting close or trying to touch them nonsense. It’s just as moving and stunning to watch them exist when they don’t know or care about you.

Cage diving is probably more stressful, but also comes with chum as an incentive. That walks the line between bad stress and eustress, and is still probably ethical.

Basically, do what you’re going to do and make good choices. Engage with the wildlife only with your eyes and make good choices about the distance you keep. Until you start bothering them, most sharks have no concept of people being anything worth their notice - and that’s what you want to try to preserve.

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Nina thinks the writers are trying to shade us and that they're mocking us. I doubt the writers even know what shade is

It’s really not THAT hard to tell when the writers are being tricksy vs when they’re being straightforward.

These tweets are definitely the latter. Whatever you think of other potential choices or decisions that could’ve been made by the characters in SL2, the ones they DO make…are the wrong ones. And people can either choose to accept that or they can keep believing in Jexica.

Tick, tick, tick.


pokemon go is a great app and all and i love it, but we’re already getting memos at work about the effects of it, so here’s your friendly reminder:

  • respect public boundaries. don’t go searching for pokemon in employee-only areas of stores/restaurants/businesses. Be aware of where you are when you’re playing so you don’t end up in those areas by accident.
  • dont look for pokemon in places like hospitals or clinics. hospitals are busy places and exist for sick people. If you’re just wandering around looking for pokemon, you risk getting in the way of doctors and nurses and other hospital staff that are trying to do their jobs. 
  • be careful in conservation areas and parks; try to stay on paths and walkways. A lot of conservation areas have delicate ecosystems, and if you go tromping around looking for pokemon you can cause some p serious harm. 
  • basically just pay attention when you’re playing and use your common sense. if something was not alright for you to do before pokemon go, don’t do it now. 

comparing “aphobia” to biphobia is missing a lot of points we’ve been making and talking over the bi people on our side, which then turns into bi people on both sides accusing the bi people on the other side of tokenizing themselves

the only people i’ve seen compare bi people being told they’re “basically” straight to us saying that cishet aces are straight (literally straight. no one has used “basically”. het is quite literally 100% straight) are those on the other side

whichever angle you look at it from, biphobia and aphobia are in no way the same

angle 1: gay people telling bi people they are “basically straight”

conclusion: bi people are bi and still affected by homophobia no matter the gender of the person they’re currently dating. anyone who says otherwise is wrong

on the other hand, cishet aces are literally het. as in, straight. straight is them. they dont experience homophobia ever and if they do, it’s misdirected homophobia that assumes them being attracted to the same gender, which they are not. misdirected homophobia is also experienced by straight girls with short hair and straight guys who wear pink and is no basis for real discrimination against aces for being ace

angle 2: straight people hating who bi people experience attraction to

conclusion: this is literally homophobia directed at bi people. it’s attraction to the same gender that is demonized. since cishet aces only experience attraction to the opposite binary gender, they can never suffer from this

angle 3: anyone hating on MGA

conclusion: asexuality isn’t MGA…. why would you even bring up this comparison, it makes even less sense than the other ones


  • the only ones comparing bi people to the str8s are you
  • comparing biphobia to aphobia doesnt make sense as both stem from different issues
  • not to mention, unlike aphobia, biphobia actually exists