Local Dad Orders a Burger at The Coffee Spoon

(Based on the video: Local dude orders a burger at Starbucks)

Mat: Can I help the next guest please?

Mat: Ah hello sir, welcome to the Coffee Spoon, what can I get for you?

Robert, heavily distorted: Yeah, can I get a motherfuggin’ uhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Craig and Joseph: *giggling in the background*

Robert, still going strong: hhhhhhhhhhhh, burger?

Craig, Joseph and Brian: *breaks down laughing*

Mat: Sir, we don’t sell burgers here.

Robert, distorted: What do you mean you don’t se- *cuts off*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing in unison*

Mat: We sell, we sell paninis and breakfast sandwiches-


Mat: -and coffee.

Robert, distorted: You think I know what a panini is!? *white noise*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *wheezing in laughter*

Robert, distorted: Just give me a burger! Extra cheese! *more white noise*

Mat: No!

Craig, Joseph and Damien: *giggling now*

Mat: We don’t have burger extra cheese! We have paninis-

Robert, distorted: You don’t understand-

Mat: No!

Robert, distorted: I need this. *white noise*

Mat: Sir!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling*

Mat: I’m gonna have to ask you-

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *giggling so hard it overpowers Mat*

*Hugo walks in*

Robert, distorted: Why are you suppressing food from the public!? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling so much that nothing can be heard*

Hugo: What in the hell did I walk in to?

Joseph: I’M CRYING-

Mat: Do you want coffee? Tea?

Craig, Brian and Damien: *cacophony of giggles*

Joseph: I’m crying…

Hugo: What happened?! Hold on, hold on…

Mat: Can I get you a caramel macchiato?

Robert, distorted: Yeah, I’ll have a burger, extra dip. *white noise*

Mat: We don’t have-

Hugo: Oh my GOD, the voice changer?! Really?!

Craig: I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large…

Joseph: I’m crying, oh my god…

Mat: Sir, this is the Coffee Spoon, not a McFridayz…

Robert, distorted: Please, they’ll take my wife if I don’t give them the burg- *cuts off, white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing again*

Mat: Sir! You’re at the wrong store!

Mat, sounding exasperated: You want a McFridayz, not the…

Damien: Why are you buying clothes at the soup store!

Robert, distorted: Hello? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *burst out laughing again*

Mat: Hello??

Robert, distorted: I would like a burger. *white noise*

Mat: No!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *a mixture of laughs and wheezes*

Hugo: Oh my goooooood…

Mat: We sell, we sell coffee, and, and confectioneries here, Jesus Christ…

Hugo: Geez…

Mat: Boss, agdaj, I need to get the Manager…

Craig: Bro, how much of that did you get?

Joseph, Brian and Damien: *quiet giggles*

Robert, now echoing: COMPOUND!

Hugo: Eugh…

Joseph: What?!

MC, Craig and Damien: *wheezing*

Mat: Sir, do you want to-Sir, do you want to speak to the Manager?

Joseph: He’s ordering from the ether…

Mat: He’s ordering a burger-

Robert, distorted again: Can I get a fucking uhhh-

Mat: No…

MC: Oh my god…

Mat: He’s ordering, he’s trying to order a burger with extra dip at the Coffee Spoon…


Youtube is great because people we’re uploading tracks I made in high school that I’d thought I’d lost


MAKEUP VIDEO IS FINALLY UP sorry for the re-upload but the first version had a few mistakes in it which is why i took it down after a few minutes BUT WHATEVER THE FINAL VERSION IS UP NOW, HOPE YOU LIKE IT


A number of people had asked when I would have prints back up in my shop after I took then down when there were seemingly some issues with featuring gymnasts names etc. 
I decided I wouldn’t upload them again to my shop in case there were any lingering legal issues. I also just made these for fun and enjoyment, not to make any profit. However since so many people liked them (and I am so grateful for your kind words of support) I decided to upload higher res versions you are welcome to download and print to use as you like. 
I only ask that you don’t be a dick and try to sell them (kind of defeats the whole purpose) and that if you do anything cool with them (hang them in your room, get autographs, gift them to someone) that you post a photo and tag me!
I will continue to post downloadable versions (previous version were low res and I would imagine wont print particularly nicely) of as many as I can. I do hope to keep making them as well so feel free to request any but I might not get to them as fast as I once did.


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170724 ulsan summer festival - the eve (chen focus)
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(Fan-cam) 170722 NCT 127 (Taeyong Focus) ‘Cherry Bomb’ @ Mud Festival 2017
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Don’t lose hope - [PART 1]

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters on this chapter: Pietro Maximoff

Word Count: 1,8k

Summary: Your life was about to turn upside down in order to help your friends. It could be dangerous, risky and it may cost you loss and severe pain, but you weren’t about to lose… hope.

A/N: I had uploaded this story very very long time ago but I had deleted it, so I’m re-uploading it after a full year. If you enjoyed it, please like/reblog and leave me your thoughts. This is a whole series and this chapter is only the first one of PART A of the series. Hope you like it anyway. Happy reading! xx

It was another night, being all holed up in your room with your nose stuck in one of those old classic novels. Lady Chatterley’s Lover. 

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170724 ulsan summer festival - the eve (chen focus)
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[FANCAM] 170724 ‘Yes I Am’ @ Ulsan Summer Festival © Rock Music (do not re-upload)


170708 - SMTown World Tour IV in Seoul - Young & Free (XIUMIN FOCUS)
Spring Waltz // do not edit. do not re-upload.

For the pod/class101 list i can’t use google drive apparently. I made too many accounts and apparently it thought it should block them all so i will use pcloud instead because it gives me the same GB storage (even bigger) and it uploads faster (which is good because i have to re-upload like 8 languages) 

anonymous asked:

What did you think of today's prank? I thought it was pretty unfair since Ivan hasn't gotten Emilio back yet

Honestly i’m just tired of pranks. I think I’m gonna prefer their second channel, it feels more authentic. Today’s prank wasn’t really funny, but at least they’re uploading almost everyday!