You don’t like their new hairstyle:

Thanks so much! This is a cute request, so thank you!


Suho: *doesn’t know if he should be upset or embarrassed* O-Okay….

Baekhyun: *gif* Are you serious, jagi?

Chanyeol: *a little sad* What? Are you being honest?

D.O.: *thinking* Oh my god this was the worst idea ever she hates it.

Kai: *gif* I-Is it… Is it really that bad?

Sehun: *gif* W-What? Jagi, really?

Kris: Ahhh, you can’t be serious. It doesn’t look that bad.

Xiumin: *gif* O-Oh my god, really? Is it really that bad?

Luhan: *nods* Okay, I guess you’re probably right.

Lay: *gif* Do you really not like it? Be honest.

Chen: *he takes it to heart, telling the stylist to change it immediately*

Tao: *gets kind of embarrassed and chuckles nervously* W-What? Is it that bad??

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Namjoon and maknae line's reaction when they accidentally saw your cleavage while you were bending to pick something up. (GIF if possible! :D)

Yayyy :D

Rapmonster/Namjoon “*Stares and just enjoy the view in silence*”

Jungkook : “*stares, inhales and exhales* HUM.. Y/n, let me get that for you huh *smiles and just grabs whatever she dropped*”

Jimin“*tries not to laugh*”

V/Taehyung“Hey wassup boobies ~”

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tutorial on gifs and re-coloring? :)

hi love! personally I am horrible at gifs, like I haven’t made a gifset since last september hahaha. so! instead of muddying up everyone’s dashboard with a lengthy tutorial, here are some that may help in the process:

  1. make your gif: here is a really basic tutorial, here’s another one if you like
  2. sharpen your gif:
  3. color your gif: (if you are a beginner, download psds. just do it. your life will be changed.) 
    1. this tutorial will introduce you to the photoshop adjustments I usually use for regular edits, not gifs: 
    2. (how to use psds)
    3. (psds you can use!)

good luck!

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Hello there! :D You are one of my favourite Sherlolly-Blog out there on Tumblr :) There is this girl name Sara (kt248) and you should follow her because she is ADDICTED and LOVES Sherlolly just as much as you do :) I follow her and she is awesome and cool. One more thing how did you find that Gif of Molly and Sherlock on your Header-Image? I wish I could re-blog that Gif of them :(

you’re in luck, my sherlolly shipping friend.

that gorgeous gif was made by the really talented nyah86. here’s the link to the original gif (you should be able to reblog it from there)

I’ll definitely check out your friend’s blog. I hope you have a nice day xx

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How would J-Hope, Jimin and Suga react if they would see their gf was dancing and singing while she cleaned the kitchen (and she is not that bad xD) can be a gif reacting if you like ^-^ thanks!

J-Hope/Hoseok : *joins her and dances cutely* “You’re almost as good as me !”

Jimin : “Waaa, my girlfriend is really talented ! What a nice voice ! *fanboying*”

Suga/Yoongi “*Interrupts her* when were you gonna tell me that you were capable of this ? *surprised*”

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