If you’re having co-author problems, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems, but single-author manuscripts are the norm in my discipline.

Lance Tucker Drabble (1.)

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98. “Uhh…that’s breast milk.” 

Lance the fucker Tucker. 

You rolled your eyes when he swaggered into the break room, a constant smirk on his face and gape in his walk to apparently accommodate his fabled package. The coffee in your hands was much more interesting than anything he had to say, so you brought the cup close to your lips, studying the way it bubbled at the edges. 

Lance wasn’t an idiot, he knew that you were trying to avoid him, but he was also a cocky prick. He sat down right next to you after pouring himself a cup of the black goodness, kicking his legs up to rest on the table. 

“How are you today, beautiful?” 

You flicked your gaze up to him, eyebrows raised in a test. 

“What have I said about the pet names, Tucker? We’re co-workers. It’s not appropriate.” 

He snorted, taking a large gulp of his drink. 

“We’re not really co-workers. You coach the little ones and I coach the champs.” 

You knew that he was just doing this to get a rise out of you so you bit your tongue to keep from hurling obscenities at the man. You weren’t, however, going to let him sit there and try to act like he had a one-up on you. 

“Just the ‘little ones’ huh,” you challenged, “you wouldn’t have any ‘champs’ to coach if it wasn’t for me so really, you should be thanking me.” 

His grin looked like something the big bad wolf would wear when he put his feet down and leaned over to you. He hooked one foot under the leg of your chair, pulling you so close that your knees knocked together. You froze in shock when he leaned in, his lips brushing your ear when he whispered. 

“Why don’t we stop playing this stupid cat and mouse game, then? Let me give you a proper thank you. Tonight. In my bed.” 

Your body betrayed you when a rush of wetness began soaking your center at his words. As soon as you could regain control of your body, you bolted out of the chair, scampering over to the counter on the other side of the room.

“Oh no,” he snickered, “can’t get away that ea-”

“Wait… Lance,” you cut him off, “is this the milk that you put in your coffee?” You held up the plastic carton, face sporting a smile so big your cheeks were hurting. He nodded, shrugging his shoulders when you started laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny? Think that I couldn’t get you off?” 

He definitely seemed offended, clearly not understanding what he had just done or why you were laughing at him. You struggled to catch your breath, tears prickling your eyes. 

“No, it’s just,” you cleared your throat, “uhh…that’s breast milk. You know Karen? She just had a baby and has to pump at work.” He sputtered, eyes wide and staring at the now empty cup with disgust. “Oh come on, you love the packaging but not the stuff inside?” 

Lance stayed silent for a minute, weighing his options, before finally walking over to you. He trapped you between himself and the hard counter, pressing into your body so you could feel that he was sporting half a hard-on. 

“Dunno. Maybe if it was yours I’d be into it.”  

And just like that he backed away from you, winking and leaving you alone. You watched him walk away, mouth agape at the ease at which this man could make anything dirty. You slid down the cabinets to the floor, cradling your hot face in your hands. 

Lance: 1    You: 0

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Wicked Wednesday

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BTS (whom we will say is against the thought of period sex) reacting to you asking them for sex while you're on your period cos it lessens your cramping pains


*You come to him as he cooks dinner, wrapping your arms around his waist and begin asking*

“No, that’s gross and I’m scared I’ll just make them worse”

*You pout*

“Sorry baby but no”

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*You crawl onto his waist, rubbing yourself against him, waking him up before you ask*

“No, I just washed the sheets and I’m sleepy” “No, stop”

*He ignores your later attempts*

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*Barging into the living room as he’s sitting and discussing things with the boys, you pull him into the bathroom and ask*

“First off, what the hell? I was talking about the album with the boys. Second off, no”

*He gets genuinely annoyed the way you did it and won’t like you bring it up again*

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*You come into the studio, sitting on his lap but before you could ask he interrupts*

“No baby” 

*You ask why*

“That’s just wrong, i’ll probably hurt you more anyway. I don’t wanna risk it”

*You pout as he just continues working*

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*You’re both eating dinner and you bring it up*


*He chokes on his food*

“No baby, I’ll get you some medicine though”

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*You’re lying in the bed with him when the question is thrown out randomly*

“Well, no” “What if i get an infection or something?? Baby just take some medicine”

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*You skip up to him while he’s playing games and whisper it in his ear despite his headset being on*

“What?! no, I have to finish this level” “I’m sorry, I have some medicine in the drawer under my bathroom sink though” 

*You sulk away cause he’s halfway distracted anyway*

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um the magic in jk rowling is rooted in lots of rules. there is a price for everything. i mean, have you already forgotten Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration? or how time travelling is a closed loop? the only difference is that good writers makes worldbuilding look seemless, while "bad" writers info dump.

So, I love Harry Potter, but the inner workings of its magic is super inconsistent.

There isn’t a price for everything. A person seems to generally be able to cast infinite spells with no repercussions, which by definition defies the idea of there being a price.

How the Trace works differs dramatically depending on what book we’re on. In CoS, house elf magic reads as Harry’s underage magic for some unknown reason. In PoA, he does accidental magic but faces zero repercussions. In OoTP he gets put on trial (which yes, is because of him being targeted, but it means that there are no actual clear laws if he could face such vastly different consequences between books 2 and 5. In DH the Trace will apparently trace him even while he’s surrounded by adults, even though it’s made clear that kids who grow up with magic parents use magic when they’re underage (given, for example, that Snape apparently knew curses before he got to Hogwarts). If the Trace is based on magic being used where there are no of-age wizards, then the beginning of DH is wrong. If the Trace is on a specific person or wand, then CoS is wrong.

Galleons also don’t work. As people have talked about before, if Galleons are made of gold, they would sell for more to muggles as a piece of gold than you would get converting them from muggle money (I don’t remember where she gave a conversion, it may have been in an interview), which means that you could convert pounds to galleons, sell them to gold dealers, buy more galleons, sell them for gold, and keep going until there are no more galleons.

The problem isn’t just info-dumping. The problem is that half-explanations or bad explanations create inconsistencies that people wouldn’t be worried about or thinking of if you hadn’t brought it up in the first place. The problem with Stephanie Meyer’s chromosome explanation wasn’t that she info-dumped, but that that’s not how chromosomes work. Similarly with her saying that all vampires’ bodily fluids are made of venom, and venom converts a person into a vampire, because then 1) vaginal lubrication would be made of venom, 2) erections would be filled with venom, and 3) there would be no sperm but ejaculate would be venom which would have immediately converted Bella to a vampire and also not gotten her pregnant. That was some random one or two line reference, but because it was introduced, it created an inconsistency.

Yes, good writers make their worldbuilding seamless, or more seamless, but part of that is not introducing inconsistencies when they are unnecessary.

  • Robert: I'm here for a coffee, not a pity party.
  • Vic: Good, because I am over the one you've been throwing yourself for the past month. Everyone is.
  • Robert: Good to know. (wants to get up)
  • Vic: No, no, we're not done here. Have yoou apologised to Rebecca yet?
  • Robert: Why?
  • Vic: For being absolutely vile to her.
  • Robert: Can you stop shovin' your nose in my life when yours is just as pathetic.
  • Vic: Robert, you're all over the place, having a go at anyone who matters.
  • Robert: Rebecca doesn't matter.
  • Vic: Well, do I matter? Cos you're having a go at me and I am not to blame for any of your problems. None of us are.
  • Robert: Oh, so it's all on me then, yeah? Nice.
  • Vic: No, I'm not blaming you, I am just worried. This isn't you, Robert. (Robert gets up and leaves)
mclennon hogwarts au headcanons

(gryffindor!paul and slytherin!john)

▶ john first saw paul on a quidditch match, he was watching it and spotted paul (chaser), who was looking all hot and sweaty

▶ john was actually happy when gryffindor won the match because that made his new crush smile and cheer

▶ they started dating when paul was on his 5th year and john on his 6th

▶ they sneak into each other’s common rooms but the fat lady knows it

▶ paul’s gryff friends used to hate john

▶ john’s slyther friends used to hate paul 

▶ all the professors ship them like crazy cos they’re just too cute

▶ they have some fangirls around hogwarts??

▶ snape makes them sit together in his class because hE SHIPS THEM


▶ i’m getting too carried away with this

▶ john once cursed paul’s hair pink

▶ paul  l o v e d  it

▶ they danced together on the winter ball

▶ everyone went “aawwwwwww”

▶ paul is a prefect and john mocks him about it

▶ then he kisses it away, though

▶ every time paul enters his common room the fat lady asks “where’s your boyfriend?????”

▶ and paul just rolls his eyes

ok this was messy but i needed to post it cos i’ve been thinking about it a lot

trying really hard to not procrastinate (but failing) so heres a commission i did a few weeks ago. low res n watermarked  cos the hi res is solely fr the lovely person who commissioned it 

BoB seekers!!!!

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I'm not an expert when it comes to cinematography, but I think I noticed a different camera work in the premiere episode. Like when Clarke talked to Roan or when she talked to Bellamy they kinda focused on them from "weird" angles. Especially when Clarke thanked Bellamy, we as the audience were so close to their faces. I'm not quite sure how to describe it haha it was unusual but I actually enjoyed it. Can you explain their new camera work?

okay, first of all, i’m very sorry for the late reply anon. we are two episodes into the new season already and i’m only getting to answer your question now, so i hope you are still interested in this. second of all, since i am extremely busy at the moment, i have to keep my answer very very short, which sucks because i love getting film related questions and discuss scenes in length, but life loooooves to get in the way so i hope that my rather short answer will satisfy you (lol), and help you understand the cinematography a bit better.

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my plan for the big bang if i decide to do it is a fic that i hope i can tackle with actually decent characterization for once. it’s going to involve rhys contracting a virus in his brain from when jack was inserted into him and is gonna be an alternate kind of ep 5 where they’re co-CEOs but jack stays as a hologram inside rhys brain despite his illness because he thinks he has a better chance of saving rhys working from the inside out. it would have a lot of feelings and junk and angst with a (maybe?) bitterly happy-ish ending

anyway thats my idea, what do you guys think?

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Im not trying to start an fight, but if cis men and trans men are both men, would it be transphobic if a homosexual man refuses to have sex with a transgender male?

Okay this age old discourse again here we go. You’re not transphobic for refusing to have sex with somebody. No one can force u into having sex.

However, refusing to acknowledge trans men as men, refusing to date trans men on the basis that they are trans, assuming that all trans men are the same and also that every trans man has a vagina makes you transphobic. Saying you’re not attracted to trans men specifically cos they’re trans is transphobic because how can you assume that you know what every trans man looks like. You can’t possibly spot who is and isn’t trans.


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I'm not disagreeing with all the stuff you're rebooting about Brooke cos she moving pretty fast with Keo. But like... don't you find the friends kind of overly interfering?

I mean sure, yeah. It’s not Their Business and they went about t the wrong way, but Keo was sketchy as hell and they’ve only known each other two weeks. And if you get bad vibes from someone, that’s a good indication to be cautious. But the squad didn’t get that opportunity to talk calmly and rationally with Brooke and Kelli about wtf was going on, because Brooke just went “Hey! It’s True Love! We’re getting hitched Vegas tonight!!”
Like honey, take a breather, think about this. Why this boy, why now? What’s he like at his best and what’s he like at his absolute worst and what’s he like in-between? If you can’t answer those questions you need to take a BREATHER and try to figure out the answers before getting married.
Cause despite what media tells you it’s not an easy to fix affair if it goes wrong, it’s weeks to months to years of legal troubles and fees and it’s emotionally scarring for all parties involved.

So TLDR; Yes they are overly involved and yes they went about it the Wrong Way, but I’m still thinking Keo’s while story arc is suspect.