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Reviewing biology notes on excretion and the kidneys today, excited because I got new pens yesterday and they’re so nice to write with!! Would recommend papermate ink joy for your notes😌

Loving coldplay’s new song I can’t stop listening to it! Thinking of making a study playlist to post on my tumblr because happy songs are the best songs!

Happy Saturday xx

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Back up, you're writing a book? THAT'S AWESOME! Tell us more!! <3

Yes ^-^ it is called The Boy with the Bite. You may recognize the universe as the one in my fic The Monster in the Room, which was in reality my test for an original novel (series, actually, but we’ll see how the first does) ((im gonna make up one of those plucky bull hunk back of the book summaries hang on))

The story follows a boy named Caleb Fisher from the town of Tremont, where terrible things never happen, yet sometimes still do. In the shadows of the wood Caleb is the victim of a mauling with stretching consequences, and finds an unexpected ally in a talking black cat named Jack Bennett. This cat warns the boy as best he can about the dangers of the full moon but understands grimly that there are no real explanations to make it any better, not really. Now, Caleb is left with nothing as he is forced to leave his family behind and go in search of answers to new questions with strange new companions,and redefine for himself what a ‘monster’ really is.

Breaking out on the scene with her first full length novel, Christina Donahue continues to defy and surprise. With twists, turns, tears and terrors, this book will keep you reading till the last page.

Fake As Shit News- 4/5 : “A young adult page turner with some new twists on old mythology”

Poopy Butts Quarterly- 4/5: “A whole lot of familiar myths remixed in a new way, with a dozen different cultures’ mythologies making an appearance at one point or another. Kitsune, Banshees, Goblins and more, a summer story you won’t want to miss”

Bullshit Bulletin- 3.5/5: “If you want real emotions and palpable tension while also having a fair shot of getting blindsided by a troop of frat boy pixies then this is the book for you. Humor, tension, regret, and acceptance, all wrapped up in one.”

DUN DUN DUN that was really funny to write lol

That fanfiction feel when you’re writing two male or two female pronouns so you differentiate with The Blonde and The Brunette

(Pls don’t do this. Pls. Just put in their names. It’s easier.)


You looked at the envelope that your manager gave you.

I have to pretend to be married to Kim Namjoon, oppa? You questioned your boss as he sighed and nodded.

Yes. It will be good for publicity on your upcoming book and his groupmate, Jeon Jungkook, is in the drama that you’re writing, so it helps everyone. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the paper. There was a list of rules that the two of you had to abide by for the week. When you got into this business you were strict about not doing these gimmicky shows, although they were fun to watch, they lacked substance. You felt as though it was just a joke and not reality. But your manager was right. Although you were a big writer, one of the youngest and most successful, you still needed publicity. Plus you were trying to get into the drama writing business, with your first series being the first series that Jungkook would act in. There was a lot riding on these next few months, so maybe this show wasn’t the worst thing for you to do.

On the other side of Seoul, Namjoon sat in front of his manager, his eyes wide when he read the paper.

Y/N? The writer?! Namjoon exclaimed. He was an avid reader and he loved your style of writing, but he also heard that you were totally against things like this. Everyone in the entertainment industry had tried to get interviews with you, and you only did two. Yet somehow your books were major best sellers for men and women, you seemed to write in an intelligent, yet fun way. Namjoon was captivated by your writing, but heard your personality was rather hard to handle.

Yes, she’s doing this to help with her upcoming book and Jungkook’s series. It will be good for her writing if she gets to know you and the rest of the guys. Namjoon’s superior spouted off as Namjoon continued to scan the document.

It says that filming ends around 9pm everyday for about 3 weeks … 3 weeks?! I thought it was a week?! Namjoon looked at his manager. His manager raised his eyes from the computer and shrugged.

They film for 3 weeks and make it seem like just 1, they want to make sure they have enough footage of the two of you all cute and in love. His manager rolled his eyes. Namjoon needed a “personality rebranding” as the entertainment industry called it. Namjoon had been molded into this idol that was only focused on work and books, so fans started to think he wasn’t interested in love and was against romantic things. So in a last attempt to have fans fall in love with him as a romantic bachelor, BigHit signed him up for the show. Now because you live with the guys, the filming is going to be at Y/N’s condo, we already have someone ready to take you once you grab some things. You can come back to the dorm after 9pm and you have to be back at her place by 9am. It’s only for 3 weeks, but please try to get along. His manager told him and Namjoon nodded.

Of course, I will try. Namjoon said and bowed as he left the room. He scanned the paper. Let’s hope she’s as good of a wife as she is a writer. He mumbled and made his way to the dorm.

The show was letting the two of you meet before the actual shooting began. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes again as you realized just how fake this show was, the “first time” meeting was actually a total set up, the “romantic dates” were all planned by the crew, and all of those beautiful moments you share during the week were just choreographed by the studio. You continued to read over the guidelines of the show, when the buzzer went off. You had straightened up your place and put on a ripped pair of jeans and a dark gray sweater. Throwing a hand through your hair you looked at your makeup-less face, a moment of panic rushed through your veins. You had gotten caught up in writing this afternoon that makeup and styling your hair had gone out of the window. Smacking yourself in the forehead with your palm, you looked at the camera and saw it was Namjoon. Buzzing him in, you thought about frantically putting on makeup, but just let it be, he was already at your door by the time you could have gotten everything together.

Hello! Namjoon said in a nervous tone and you laughed a little as he stuck flowers out in front of you.

Well, thank you. Let me put these in water. You took the flowers from him and made your way to the kitchen. Namjoon looked around and smiled at the place. It wasn’t a massive apartment, there were pictures on the wall of you with friends and family, you had books everywhere, and your notebooks lined the shelves. The TV hung on the wall, but from the way that the remote had dust on it, he could sense you didn’t watch it, and he could hear you making coffee in the kitchen.

Would you like a cup of coffee, Namjoon? You said politely and he nodded. You seemed to be well-mannered and quiet. He looked over to your kitchen table and his eyes widened. It looked like a tornado had hit it. Balled up pieces of paper, pens, and rough drafts were laying around your computer. He walked over as you tried to stop him. Ah! It’s a work in progress over there! Book writing is a bit crazy when I get towards the end like this! You tried to apologize, but Namjoon shrugged.

It’s actually really cool to see it like this. You know, people think you’re a bitch. He shrugged and took the coffee from your hands. You looked at him with a shocked expression on your face and tried to grasp what he had said. Sure, you were a bit hard-headed, but a bitch? You continued to go after yourself when you noticed that Namjoon had turned pink with embarrassment. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, it’s just that no one really gets your personality in the entertainment industry. I’m not the best with words. Namjoon continued to try to backtrack, but you stopped him. All I meant, was that it was cool to see that you look normal. Not bitchy, just normal! He exclaimed and waved his mug around in discomfort, spilling coffee all over the floor. Aigo! He exclaimed, dumping more coffee and getting more upset. You giggled and grabbed a rag.

It’s fine, you didn’t spill on my computer or my rough drafts, so we can just clean up. You handed him a rag and the two of you knelt down. It was an immediate comfort between the two of you, which you found surprising. There were very few moments that you felt that way with anyone, so it was nice to have someone like Namjoon around. Maybe this show wasn’t going to be too bad.

Author’s Note: I hope you guys like this one … I really like the ideas I have for this series 

So you’re fairly new to writing and you think your fic is shit…

The way I see it, you have three options:

#1 the good ol’ “fake it till you make it”

Accept the fact that there’s room for improvement and you can only get better by writing more. I know the temptation is great to make self-deprecating comments about yourself or your writing, but if you say your fic is shit, it won’t make people want to read it. For the love of god stop doing that.

#2 work harder

Seriously, if you think it’s bad, than edit your chapter or start over until you’re satisfied with what you wrote. Research, fill character sheets, use online editing tools, read writing advice blogs…

#3 find a beta

I don’t think anyone is ever entirely satisfied with what they write. It helps to have someone who can be more objective about your writing. A beta can tell you what you did well and point out what needs to be fixed. 

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What order should I read the BTVS/ATS comics in?

imo…… (this is kinda subjective, but such is the nature of opinions)

  • buffy season 8
  • season 9 (alternate between buffy season 9 and angel & faith 9)
  • (read willow: wonderland before 9x20)
  • (read spike: a dark place before 9x21)
  • season 10 (alternate between buffy season 9 and angel & faith 10)
  • season 11
  • (read angel: after the fall on a rainy day if you’re super bored)

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"I can't forgive you for this anymore" with Bucky please!? I'm already sort of crying at whatever angst your beautiful brain comes up with for this if you're kind enough to write it! X


The New York skyline welcomes him when he rouses from his sleep, the sun peeking out after weeks of constant clouds. Bucky’s feeling good, repositioning himself in the co-pilot seat.

“Mornin’, sunshine,” Clint greets him with a cheerful smile, punching in the sequence that will engage the autopilot and handle the landing.

Bucky likes the archer, the easy rapport between them, the silent agreement they’ve had for a while that no one knows about but them. Maybe he’s finally good now? First solo mission, or at least solo in the sense that Steve wasn’t there with him. He’d done good, everything handled nice and clean. Low-level thug causing trouble, in and out job, no sweat.

“It’s good to be back,” he mumbles, letting his mind wander. What to do first? 

Obviously debrief and checking in his equipment, but then. He was famished, maybe he should call that pizza place Tony tipped him about, maybe have a whole pie to tuck into when he’s done with the technicalities. Or maybe a shower first? Or maybe seeing you first? A smile graces his lips. Definitely see you first. He could possibly combine all three items.

“Looks, like we got ourselves a welcoming committee.”

Clint’s words brings him back from day dreams of a hot shower, holding you close while water drained away the dirt and grime the mission had brought upon him. Looking out the window, Bucky spotted a group of people out on the flight deck, furrowing his brow. You, he’d expect. Steve, maybe Tony. Not… all of them.

The quinjet touches down, and he unbuckles, hurrying to gather his equipment. Clint tells him to go ahead, he’ll follow as soon as he’s done the post-flight check. Bucky nods, punching the button that opens the hatch. He’s smiling, ready to maybe boast a little about how well he did, but the smile dies before it reaches his eyes, the scene before him like something out of a nightmare.

Steve looks like he’s gone 12 rounds with a heavy weight champ. The others don’t look any better. Horror grips tight in his gut when you break free from the group, bruises littering your face, the perfect imprint of a hand blemishing your throat.


“We trusted you Bucky.” Steve’s voice sounds hollow and full of so much disappointment.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Bucky asks, looking at each of his team mates. What is going on?

“You weren’t ready,” Tony continues, Natasha nodding her agreement.

“No, I am, the mission went perfectly!”

His protests are ignored, Steve glancing over his shoulder.

“You call collateral damage ‘perfectly’? First page coverage of an operative gone rogue?”

“Steve, come on, this ain’t funny!” Bucky reached out for his friend, but Steve sidestepped him, avoiding his touch. “The mission was successful. By the book. Hell, ask Barton, he was there-” Bucky turns around, motioning towards the cockpit and expecting to find Clint finishing up. The archer is nowhere to be seen.

Hurrying inside, his insides twist when he finds Barton. Dead. Body mangled, eyes glossed over. No. No, no, no.

“See, Buck? Never should’ve let you out. You’re just an animal.” Steve has somehow materialized behind him, and he’s still wearing that exasperated expression. “Incorrigible. Savage. A killer.”

“No, Steve, I swear, it’s not-”

“You never should have come back, Bucky.”

He whirls around to find you sitting in the co-pilot seat, neck stretched just so to make the imprint of the hand - and he just knows it’s his - stand out. His mind refuses to cooperate, refuses the input.

“No, I swear, I-”

“I can’t forgive you for this anymore. You only hurt me. Steve’s right. You’re nothing but a killer.“


He wakes up when he falls out of bed, drenched in cold sweat and pulse running wild. His left hand is outstretched, grasping nothing but air, but the sight of it sickens him, and he pulls it back to tuck it over his torso and under his right arm.


His head whips around, finding you leaning over the bed in the darkness, brow furrowed.

“You okay?” you ask, suppressing a yawn.

“Fine,” he manages, fighting to keep his voice calm. “Just… Just a dream. Go back to sleep, darling.”

You peer at him for a moment, but finally shrug your shoulder, returning to your side of the bed. Soon enough, your breathing evens out. Asleep. Bucky lets out a breath, shuddering and shallow. Just a dream. It was just a dream. He’d never lose control like that, never.


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PLEASE, tell me you're not writing the storyline where LJ makes a pass at Jamie. Because I don't think we can deal with that, huh.

Outlander is the story of Claire, Jamie and their relationship. To tell the story of people, you have to touch the ones around them, that define them - their friends, foes, lovers, colleagues, family. They do not exist as an isolated island. Lord John is very important in the books - he changes Jamie, he aids in shaping him as a man. He makes him more understanding and forgiving. I’m sorry, but I think that is one important story to tell - and I believe I can write it in a bit more complex way than “making a pass”. If you want stories that are solely about Claire and Jamie, there are plenty out there - mine and of other fantastic fanfic authors. 

If you’re good at academic writing and editing and you’re looking for a side hustle email your resume and a very brief cover letter to

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Must have a bachelor’s degree and editing/ writing experience. 😊

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are you ever just sitting in a lecture hall taking notes and then you stop for a second and realize nothing you’re writing down makes sense and your professor  is saying a bunch of shit and none of it sounds like a real sentence and you might be having a stroke

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Could you give me some other good hp writing blogs I can follow? I can't seem to find many and you're writing is amazing so I thought maybe I could ask you

hiya love! ah! thank you SO much for your kind words! :D i definitely can give you some fantastic hp blogs

@maruadurs @nargles @dailyprophet @gryffndor @romanticronweasley @hexmionegranger @weascleys @regulusblqck @delacour-flcur @padampatil @georgievveasley @ipunchedmalfoy @cursedmalfoy @potthr @fremione

i am SURE i’m forgetting some bc i suck but here you are, love :)

So, after a few days of talking about it, I am going to be writing a Mystic Messenger fanfic with @minteyemc! Because they have broken their arm, they cannot write as much as they want to, they asked if I wanted to join them in writing.

We’re going to be working on a fic which they called ‘Identity’, which they posted a preview of on their tumblr here!

The first chapter should be up within the next few hours on our AO3 accounts (Mine is here, theirs is here~)!

[Ask RPedia] How’s this Platform?

Anonymous asked: Curious question, but what’s your stance on doing RP on Discord?

It always strikes me as odd when people ask what I feel about RPing on any specific platform as if it changes anything, so I’m going to give a simple catch-all answer. If you can effectively fart to the tune of songs that describe your character’s actions, and your partner understands, enjoys, and can reply to that? I am all fucking for it. 

RP is RP. Platform is meaningless. The only reasons to care are you and your partner’s comfort, and whether you can do justice to the character you’re portraying. 

Be it writing using a program or paper, be it in person LARPing, be it yeti calls at dusk, be it sign language over Skype, or high-pitched bat noises in morse code dictating a summoning ritual that brings forth a homunculus in the shape of your chosen character, to play out a complex story in front of you at your psychic beck and call, in an crudely drawn diorama with your pal joining in… yo it’s cool. That roleplay right there, friendo. 

Pretty much the only thing you need for RP is a partner (or several), a character (or a couple), and a way to communicate them doing shit. If you don’t have a partner, it’s a fanfic/novel and equally coolbeans. Have the fun.

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I feel obliged to point out the expanded universe did give us quite a few good things as well as the bad and weird. The Thrawn trilogy alone gave us Coruscant, the only intelligent imperial commander and its success has been cited as one of the largest reasons Lucas chose to make the prequels. And that is just from three books! I also feel I should point out the white Vader armour was infinites, which wasn't canon even in the old days.

It’s just a fun mention of the more… uh, “dubious” parts of the EU 😄

But yeah, EU also had its great parts.

I personally am glad that they start to pick up good bits and pieces from EU and integrate them into New Canon. Sometimes vehemently! (e.g., Thrawn, which not only get screen time in SWR, they even commissioned Zahn to (re-)write the Thrawn books!)

It will certainly take some time to adopt and adapt the good bits of EU. But I have faith that LSG will be able to do that. And the beauty is that everything will be beautifully interconnected.