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Look, we’re wired differently. We run towards gunfire. We drink when we’re sad. We screw when we’re mad. And people hate us until they need us. And I hate that. But I love it, too.

We’re all wired to find love. And when we meet someone who radiates it, we naturally crave their company. 👋🏻👬💙💚

what i love about Gallagher Girls is that every single person is a badass but also so ridiculously human in ways we can only imagine

Rachel has government agents across the world at her disposal but she’s 100000% the trusts-her-kid-but-is-still-chronically-worried, buys her another shirt from Nordstroms because “I thought you’d like it, sweetie!” always worries and says “call me the second you get there” kind of mom

Abby once interrogated a man at knifepoint and made him cry but she’s totally lactose intolerant or something, let’s be real, some kind of weaksauce weakness that puts her in the bathroom on the toilet for half an hour if she eats dairy by mistake

Joe has a collection of knives to rival a Cutco factory and has a specific spy and non-spy related use for all of them but he abso-fricken-lutely has to start wearing glasses to read and such not long after he turns 50, and they’re wire-rimmed glasses and he wears them with a really ratty robe

Edward can kill someone with a playing card in the middle of a busy casino without anyone knowing it was him–and he’s done it several times–but there’s nothing he likes more than wearing warm comfortable cable-knit sweater and reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the hundredth time because his lowkey dweeby ass has it memorized 

Okay like I get being new(as I am new also) but what is up with my fellow newbies in the bowl being so naive a to think that someone asking for your bank account info isn’t a scam??????? a random man on the internet is asking for your login info/bank information and the first thing that pops in your head isn’t that it’s a scam????? You’re contemplating it enough that you have time to log in on Tumblr and ask someone else whether or not it’s a good idea??????? YOU DON’T KNOW THESE MEN. it doesn’t matter if they say they’re are going to wire you 1mill YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. You wouldn’t give a random strange on the street your info so why contemplate giving some random man on the internet your info.

Let’s be real for a cool minute. Some man on messages you on SA, after a few messages he offers to wire you $10,000 he’s never met you/saw you in person and your alarm bells aren’t ringing? For every 1 sugar daddy on SA there is 3-4 sugar babies, with this mass amount of sugar baby profiles you’re telling me that this rich man picked you, saw your profile, fell in love with your picture and decided that you were the chosen one that he was gonna give all his money to? That you are that special, that unique, that he doesn’t even need to meet/know you to make that decision??? Is that logical?????

I learned this obviously from having common fucking sense and from researching before I jumped in the bowl. One of the most important things I learned while researching is that you should not jump in the bowl if you need money quickly, sugaring is not some quick fix it takes time and if you try to rush it you’re gonna end up putting yourself in dumb ass situations. In the sugar baby tag on the “top” section a few post down there is a master advice post, it’s been there since I joined the bowl a couple of months ago and remains there, it’s for you so utilize it.

Please do your research, think, and use fucking common sense.

I think there’s one thing about Amethyst and Peridot’s fusion song that we haven’t considered yet. It could be the ULTIMATE 80s song.

I mean, think about it. Peridot’s signature instrument is a synth pad and synthesizer, judging by her multiple theme songs released by the crew.

The synths used for Peridot sound pretty techno-like, but could easily be re-wired in a fusion theme to sound like the synths regularly used in 80s songs.

And Amethyst’s signature instrument is a funky bass and drums. Bass and drums are a pretty integral part of 80s songs.


Donny Johnson Shares His 1965 Chevy C10 Stepside That He Has “Owned since 1968. This is the 3rd restoration of my truck. Total frame-off keeping original frame and cab, replaced everything else. JEGS-purchased LS7 crate motor and 4L70E four speed automatic overdrive transmission. Intro VRod wheels with satin spoke finish, Classic Instruments gauges, bedwood and parts curly maple wood, Master Power Brakes 14” rotors and 4-piston caliper disc brakes with RideTech air ride suspension, Vintage Air, Inc.. Custom touch screen stereo with, Bluetooth, navigation, weather radar capability and rear camera. Custom radiator and sleek engine compartment with re-fabricated inner fenders with no visible wires, re-fabricated hood latching system and re-fabricated swing rear tail gate.“ #trucktuesday #toocooltuesday #toolowtuesday


For the Anon who asked for the story about pick pocketing Hotch and not getting arrested.

He’d let you out of the house. It was one of the first times in almost three months. Your hair was dyed black, sunglasses were on and covering most of your face but still feeling the sunshine on your skin was such a wonderful relief. You know he’s watching. You can feel it. You also know that you’re on a thin wire, if you mess up at all, try to escape, anything, he’ll never let you out of the house again. You’ve got the note tucked into your sleeve, you know that you’ve got one chance at this. Hopefully you come across the FBI Agent that you’ve seen walking this route before. Before you’d been kidnapped.
Sure enough you see him. He’s got a suit and tie and a badge on his waist. It’s that badge gives you so much relief, hopefully he’ll believe your note. You’re terrified that you’re going to get caught but you’ll be damned if you’re going live as a captive. You close your eyes, tilt your face to the sun and smile. Continuing along the sidewalk you crash directly into him and slip the note into his jacket pocket.
“Oh god. Oh I’m so sorry.” You gush, “It’s such a beautiful day out I just wasn’t watching where I was going.” You give him a bright smile.
“It’s alright.” He says looking a little confused. You’re sure he felt your hand brush his side, you’d never pick pocketed anyone before and while this wasn’t exactly a pick pocketing it was the same idea.
“Sorry again.” You bat your eyelashes up at him with a smile and he smiles back, god he’s handsome. You continue down the street and into the grocery store. Please let him find your note. Oh god if he doesn’t find it you’re so screwed. You pick up the items that he told you to get. Sir. After paying for the items with a polite smile you head back down the street on the four block journey back to his house. You had strict orders, go to the store, get food for dinner, go home, cook dinner and have it on the table by 5:15. So that’s what you do.
Dinner is on the table at 5:13 and Sir gets home at exactly 5:15. You stand in the corner of the dining room, hands folded, head down. Just like Sir directed.
He comes in, hangs his coat then sits down.
“Sit.” He orders and you do. “You did well today. You need to make sure to watch where you’re going though.”
“Yes Sir.” You say quietly.
“Thank you Sir.” You begin eating, taking small bites of the green beans and chicken that you’ve made. He talks about his day while you eat, you nod at the right moments not really paying attention.
After you finish eating you clean up from dinner while he watches tv in the kitchen with a rum and Coke. You finish the dishes and as you’re putting away the towel the door splinters open. You scream and press yourself to the counter, you realize that they’ve come in the front door too when you hear Sir yelling. It’s not until the Agent that you slipped your note to comes over to you that you realize that it’s over. Your heart is pounding, knees weak.
“Hey. You’re okay. I got your note.”
“Thank you.” You whisper, you’re so relieved that you could cry.
“You know, I’d wondered where you went.”
He tells you wrapping a protective arm around your shoulders, “We’d walked past one another every day for weeks and then you just vanished. I didn’t know who you were so I couldn’t check up on you. I was more than a little relieved to see you today, at least until I found your note in my pocket.”
“You’d noticed me?”
“Yes. You’re a beautiful woman.” He winces slightly, “Sorry, that’s probably not what you want to hear right after being kidnapped.”
“I noticed you too.” You admit quietly, one of those dark eyebrows shoot up as a smile spreads across his face.
“Well then, let me formally introduce myself then. I’m SSA Aaron Hotchner.” You’re about to introduce yourself when another Agent interrupts.
“Hotch!” He calls as he jogs over, “She needs to go to the hospital to get a physical done.”
“No.” You balk.
“It’s procedure.” The other Agent argues and you shake your head.
“What if I take you?” Aaron asks gently blocking you from the snappy Agent in front of you.
“You won’t leave?”
“Not until you’re ready for me to.”
“Okay.” You agree. He ushers you to a SUV and you climb in without hesitation. He makes you feel safe and safe is what you need right now.

i’m actually liking the spoilers. i like the fact that ed are making aaron a little shady because we all know he can be. and i feel like it’s actually fitting tbh, it’s all about providing for his family. it’s not an out there sorta thing like the xmas punching incident that was all about g*rdon.
i like how ed are showing that aaron can be bad. just like rob. he isn’t an angel and he will fight for his family and that’s what makes robron work. it’s the way they’re wired as rob once said. there’s no big bad rob and meek lil aaron. when pushed they both will protect their family and it’s beautiful.

Bringing Your Scene to Life Through Action

Have you ever read a story that starts with a character sitting in a still forest, just thinking?  They’re almost always dull.

I’ve read, and rejected, thousands of them for publication.  Why?   Because the whole darned story is just sitting there, doing nothing, too.

So we’re trained as writers to avoid such scenes, to start our tale “in media res,” in the middle of things—specifically, in the middle of action.

But not all tales lend themselves to action and adventure.  In fact, when dealing with settings, most of them aren’t very dynamic.  Houses, castles, entire cities and mountains all just  … sit there, despite the fact that you would like them to do otherwise.

We’re biologically geared to take notice of things in motion.   Anything that moves of its own volition is either potential food or a potential threat.  So we’re wired for action.

Many of the best writers try to bring scenes to life even by putting their world into motion in one of several ways.

The first way to bring your story into motion is to look for details that suggest motion.  So instead of having your character sitting in a perfectly still forest, describe the trees swaying in a soft breeze, with trees creaking under its power, as cumulus clouds sail overhead in the advance of a storm. Or describe a single crow as it takes flight from a branch above your character, or show the squirrels racing up the boles of pine trees, or tell of the sound of a branch snapping, which might portend danger.

Some things, of course, can’t be in motion very well.  A house just sits there, as does a rock.  All of your wishing will not put that object into motion.  So you have to stretch your imagination, look for metaphors or similes that create motion where there is none.

When Tolkien described trees, he would say that they “marched down the hillside,” or they “huddled near the book,” and they “leaned above Frodo,” and so on.  It’s a technique that can work, but don’t work too hard at it.  You’ll know that you’re overdoing it when you try to assign the inanimate objects human emotions or desires.  I hate reading about a “lonely little rock, pining for others.”  If you go that far, you sound schizophrenic.

One writing exercise that I find that works well for the opening of a tale is to describe the scene using only active verbs (no was, or were, or anything that shows a static setting.) Give it a try—write a two-page scene with a well-developed setting that places everything in physical motion. It’s a challenge, but it tends to be a rewarding one.


*** We’re done to the wire on this one ❤️ About 1 more part. Also just a heads up, I have a SUPER busy day tomorrow so I won’t be active until the evening. And I mean I won’t be active like, at all. Not until 6 pm or so. I have registration, orientation AND my 4 hour CPR class all in a row so I’ll be gone from 8 am until 5 pm. I might have a lunch break so if I do then I’ll try to answer questions and reblog some stuff to pass the time since I probably won’t know a damn soul but other than that, I’ll be MIA. Good night 😘***

“Can’t I just go up with you? I’ll come back. I promise, I won’t try to stay up there. I just want to see them again. I miss them. They’re still my family.” Happy groaned and buried his head into his hands. You’d been after him all day and now that it was the day of his run, you were becoming more and more insistent. He wanted you to stay here in Charming but you didn’t agree and he was losing his patience.

“You’re not going Y/N. That’s it. I’m not gonna talk about it anymore.”

He stood up from his seat on the side of the bed and walked out of the room, you trailing along behind him, teetering in the edge of coming clean as to why you so desperately needed to go back to Tacoma at least this once

“Happy, just listen to me,” “I have and its a no. Kozik wants you to stay here and this is where you’re gonna stay. You’re not coming up to Tacoma with me. Now stop.”

The harsh tone that his voice took and the fire in his eyes as he spun around to glare at you on set something off inside of you and all your pent up emotions from the last couple of months broke free in waves.

“No! I know he wanted you to take care of me if anything happened and I’m thankful that you have but you don’t own me. I’m not your old lady, I’m not yours period. I don’t belong to anyone. I can do what I want. I’m asking nicely because I know I’d be safer with you but if you won’t take me then I’ll ask Donut to come down and get me. Fuck, I’ll fly out if I have to but I’m going to go back and see my family and see him. I need to see his grave, leave him flowers and tell him how much I love him and that I miss him and I need to clean the house and get our pictures and get his stuff from the dorm and not you, not Gemma, not anyone is going to stop me!”

You’re words had spilled out before you even had time to stop it and when you were finally done, hot tears of pure frustration and anguish were gathered in your eyes. As nice as everyone here in Charming was, this wasn’t your home. Not without Kozik. You appreciated that him and Happy had worked out this plan to take care of you but you needed closure.

Donut had held onto all of Kozik’s stuff for you back in Tacoma. Everything. Your old house was completely untouched and had been since Kozik passed away, his old dorm in the clubhouse locked up as well. You’d only been to his gravesite once, the day of the funeral and that was it. Only 2 hours to say goodbye. Only 2 hours to kiss his headstone and cling into it as you wept. You wanted to be there every day, to sit with him everyday and you couldn’t because you were stowed away in another state. You tried for these last 6 months to be strong, to pretend that you were doing fine. You’d lied to Donut, told him you didn’t want anything in the house but he knew that was a lie and had kept it for you. In your call yesterday though, he’d informed you that your time was up.

“The house is being foreclosed. The realtors needs it cleared out by the end of the week or they’re going to go in and throw everything away so they can sell it again. All of his stuff is gonna be tossed out. I need to be there Happy. I need to go and get his stuff.”

He stared at you with wide eyes as you broke down, all your walls of feigned acceptance crumbling down around you until you were the same broken girl from the first day of his death. You’d never gotten closure, him and all of SAMCRO had unknowingly held you from getting it and he felt guilt rising up inside of him. He sighed and reach forward, pulling you into his chest and running a soothing hand up and down your back as you sobbed.

“I just miss him so much Hap. Why’d he have to go jump in front of that bullet? What about me? Didn’t he think about me? Why did he have to leave me alone like this? I shouldn’t have come down here. I should’ve stayed at home waiting for him.”

Happy felt his own throat tighten as he listened to you let it all out. He didn’t know that you’d be holding in so much. He was only trying to follow Kozik’s wishes and keep you down here but he never thought about the fact that you had nothing to remember him by with you down here and he felt like shit for constantly cutting you off and not letting you talk. Knitting his hand in your hair, he pulled your face away from his chest and looked down at you.

“You can come. I’ll take you with me. We’ll stay up there until you get everything handled. I promise.”

You looked up at him through red and watery eyes, a weak smile in your lips.

The killer smiled lightly in return, releasing you from his embrace and wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“Go get packed. We only have 2 hours to be out of here.”


You smiled as you looked down at the photo album in your hands, flipping through the pages and recalling the memories. You finished looked over the pictures in that page and turned to the next, catching movement out of the corner of your eye. Happy was standing at the doorway, leaning against the frame and watching you. You smiled at him and shifted the book so he could see it.

“This was the day he became Srgt. At Arms. He was so fucking happy. Look at that smile.” You grinned yourself as you looked down at the picture, his smile still managing to light up your world. Happy watched you, watched how just a picture of Kozik was enough to make your face brighten up and he wondered, for the first time since he was a teenager, what it would feel like to be in love like that. He wondered how it must feel to love someone so much that just a picture was enough to warm your heart. The feeling passed quickly though and he cleared his throat, pulling you out of your memories.

“Do you want me to go pickup dinner?” “No, that’s ok. I’ll cook.”

Happy simply nodded, stretching his hand down to help you up. You grabbed on and let him pull you, coming to stand in front of him. Standing face to face, you stayed looking at each other for a couple seconds before you leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to his right cheek before pulling away and walking passed him to get dinner started. He stood there motionless for a second, the feeling of your lips still lingering on his skin. With a shake of his head though, he followed along behind you. He knew the kiss was meant to say thank you, nothing more.


“I think I’m gonna head off to bed Hap. I’m exhausted.”

Happy looked away from the cartoons playing on the television to see you standing at the entrance to your old bedroom, looking at him. He nodded and stood up, turning off the tv. “Oh no, I wasn’t saying for you to go. You can stay if you want. I was just saying good night.”

He nodded but stayed standing silently in the same spot. You could tell what he was thinking and nodded, a light smile on your face.

“I’ll be ok. I think I need it. I think I need to be…alone. You can stay though. I mean just alone for the night, to sleep.”

He nodded again, thankful that you extended the offer because truthfully, he wasn’t going to let you stay completely alone.

“The guest room is all set. I cleaned up, put new sheets. There’s fresh towels in the bathroom if you wanna shower.” With that, you pulled away from the wall and walked up to him, wrapping your arms around him firmly.

“Thank you Happy. For everything. For letting me come with you, for helping me clean, for calling the realtors. You’ve made this so much easier on me. You’re my best friend. I love you.” You pulled away and started walking back over towards your room, knowing that he never said it back, even if it was just a friendly proclamation. He surprised you this time though.

“You’re welcome. I love you too.”

You turned to look at him and grinned, arching a brow playfully.

“Wow! Look who’s gone soft. Showing emotions and shit.” You both laughed, bringing back the usual jovial atmosphere and he shook his head.

“Get to bed, smart ass.”

Second Chances


Ahh lightning storms, One of Ivors most favorite types of storms bad way to possibly word that if it was out loud but oh well it was just him in his head again so ho cares? Anyway back to business, he was setting up some redstone wiring atop the temple. He was building a lightning rod, he wanted to harness the electrical current and store it in a batbox for later. He’d already started working on copper wiring to run it through the entirety of the temple to have a secondary power source other than water and redstone blocks that dulled over time. Yes, of course no one knew of his work as they would be ‘concerned’ and try to convince him not to do this, psh he could do this.

Without warning he did hear the crackling overhead and Ivor being involved in his thoughts forgot he was holding the metal rod in his hand. Taken out of his fantasies of how he was going to re-wire the temple, he made haste into placing the rod on one end of the temple then heading over to the machines. He’s said it once and he’ll definitely say it once more, He was no Ellegaard at Redstone but that never stopped him from trying.  He typically made small things with redstone, even some traps; but again, no Ellegaard.

Who cared anyway, certainly not Ivor; nope. He didn’t need to be the best at everything, surely he should just be average and allow others to have a reason to exist, to do their part in inventing. He made a face, and have to wait what felt like centuries to get some damned redstone in his palms in the first place. Ugh, he was rambling now, well mentally anyway. His eyes went to the sky as he saw the first bolt strike rather close. He cheered amidst his laughter as he was getting excited, he hopped up on one of his machines to sit and watch the show. His fingers tapped against the rubbery surface of the BatBox. He allowed his eyes to close for a moment just to listen to the soothing nature of the destructive chaos above him, he never knew why he enjoyed thunderstorms; he just knew he did really.

His eyes only opened when light was exploding in front of him in a spazzy manner. What he saw horrified him, the Metal rod had toppled over and now pointed at him; but worse of all the electrical current as dancing around it before it shot towards him with such speed. He skittered off of the batbox but not before kicking some of the enchanted redstone he’d placed down  up into the air. His eyes closed again as he felt sudden pain  and then…nothing.

The next his eyes opened it was all wobbly and sort of fuzzy, he had to blink a few time to even see straight. Soon he was sitting up on what he guessed was a bed, it seemed his project failed and.. he somehow ended up here.  Probably Jesse no doubt, damn he was really hoping to surprise the others with the new energy source; Oh well. Once he felt like he could stand he moved to place his feet on the ground then slowly stopped. Even in the dimly lit room he could tell something was wrong, be it a feeling or the general smell of it. Straining his eyes he looked at what he could make out. A small table filled with a rather sorry sight for a potion stand and what he could easily make out to be potions. Where..was he exactly? Well wherever it was it wasn’t his room or any of the other Order members, he knew he hadn’t taught anyone potions and if he had that sorry excuse for the set up would never sit with him.


Grape rescue
When I moved in three years ago there was an ugly bush in the back. As I began to cut it down I noticed there was some wire and posts hiding in the bush. Finally I was able to see that it was the remains of a grape vine. I have four others on the property all different so I wanted to see what this one was. The first year all I did was remove the bush so it produced nothing, but I was able to find some heathy new growth over the winter so I pruned it hard and re strung the wires. The year after that it produced a small crop. The grapes were a concord but I had to leave them on until really late in the season almost to frost or the were not any good. Ended up loosing a lot to rot and fungus during the wait. I pruned it again over winter and finally had a decent vine. Last year again I go only a small crop but the grapes were good. I pruned it again this spring and I would say after three years the vines are back to good production. There are a lot of grapes and they look great I actually had to thin out this year. There are plenty for jelly and grape juice. So really I spent about 10 hours spread out over four years at my leisure to get back a forgotten grape vine. I have been bringing back apple trees and berries bushes for the last four years with varying success, and the locational massive fail, but think the grapes are my favorite.

Anyway, that post having been made, idk why it happened TODAy but my brain has F I N A L L Y finished processing that we are getting new Mass Effect and I woke up all excited about it.

I’ve been trying to keep a lid on it because of the incredible disappointment that was the reality of the game after the hype/build up to Inquisition, I’d been psyched for months. So now that we’re down to the wire with like, just a month and a couple days to Andromeda and I am  EXCITED.

I mean, I’m still worried about what the themes of the game are gonna be, given what little they’ve teased with imperialist overtones and with how hush they’re keeping things about the specifics of plot/setting/new species/hell, even companions, but like… burn that bridge if I get to it??? It’s new Mass Effect and I’m excited. I deserve to be excited, I don’t look forward to a whole lot, I’m a pessimist at heart and I hate how often I’m right but every now and then I just kinda wanna plug my ears and enjoy something.

And because I’ve been trying not to think about Andromeda for months, and because we’re down to the wire, I’m panicking because I have… no idea???? What kind of character I want to play??? I haven’t even thought of a name for my Ryder.

I’m thinking since a.) know so little about the story and it’s gonna take me at least one playthrough to figure out what character would be best suited for the story, and since b.) the only thing going on in my brain right now is “TALLIA!!!!!! TALLIA TALLIA TALLIA!!”, I might just… make MassEffect!Tallia??????

She wouldn’t wind up being my canon!Ryder, probably, just a fun way to acquaint myself with the setting now that everything is in an entirely new galaxy with new social dynamics and everything.

But I’m also considering the merits of just taking a risk and making a new character while going in blind, since that was what I did with the original Mass Effect games. I knew almost nothing about them when I first played them and got acquainted to the setting through Mira Danger Shepard. But I feel like her characterization also suffered because of that fact and it took me a lot longer to figure her out???

I don’t know… I’m open to some input on this, what would you do in my shoes?