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concept: you’re watching critical role tonight. you have tasty snacks and a nice warm drink. matt keeps rolling crit fails for the enemy & crit hits for the ally npcs. vm kills thordak and no one dies. tyrioc the map maker is there, for some reason. everyone is happy.

For those of you who need to re-watch this tonight…

Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow

But if we are wise we know that there’s always tomorrow

Lean on me, when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on

I am in a lot of pain and I am very scared. I am a Jewish lesbian living in California. I grew up learning our history, my ancestors’ history, as just that: History. In the past. Today a swastika was spraypainted on a storefront in Philadelphia. My home isn’t my home anymore.

My godfather is looking at homes in Canada so that we can move. I saw an article about Amsterdam welcoming American refugees with open arms. American refugees. We used to be the nation refugees fled to. Now we are the ones fleeing.

Every time I think of Kate, I cry…

She is such a good soul, she has brought so much joy to so many people, she helped me find an inner peace I did not know was possible. I thought my brain was broken. I thought I was broken. Kate has helped me understand myself, feel heard, feel okay. She has helped me so deeply on my self-love journey. I was able to come out because of her. 

Kate is my hero.

She has brought so much light into my life, into the lives of so many strong women. Knowing that she is in pain hurts so much. I also feel so much for Hillary. I unapologetically support her. She is a compassionate human being who’s had to put up with so much shit her entire career. Both of them have had to. Seeing them together enjoying each other’s company before this shitstorm happened is heartbreaking but also soothing…

This Saturday night, I don’t want to see Alec’s face at all. I want Kate to be dressed up as Clinton, giving the most beautiful rousing from-the-heart speech for the entire hour. When she needs breaks, Leslie will step in and say everything she wants to say. Uncensored. These two women have been censored enough. For all the shit and fear they’re about to endure, it is the least we can give them.

My heart feels broken. My body feels hollow. I cry so much now. Everyone I love, even women I’ve never met, is in pain. The place I proudly called my home for 27 years isn’t anymore. It’s no longer a haven for anyone I hold dear.

I want to end on this:

Two incredibly hard-working, strong, kind women embracing each other, smiling, and singing “Lean On Me”. Because sometimes that’s all we can do… be there for each other to help make even the darkest times feel a little less scary…


“17 Seconds” with commentary from Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell

What were you guys talking about [at the banner-lifting ceremony]? What were the kind of things you were saying to each other?

Shaw: You know, it’s - saying it’s a year we’ll never forget, and let’s go out there and do it again, because we’ve got the team here to do it. (2013)

(Uploading this for those who haven’t seen it before, while the mostly-intact team still remains. :/ )

Most Defiantly Not -  Tom Felton Imagine

I stand in front of the microwave waiting for the popcorn to be done. I scroll through twitter as I wait impatiently. Finally the microwave beeps. I pull out the hot bag opening it taking in the aroma of butter and salt. I pull out a large bowl emptying the contents into the bowl. I walk to the fridge pulling out two cans of Dr. Pepper. I take the cans and the bowl walking into the lovering room setting them down on the coffee table.

Tonight it Friday night, which means mine and Tom’s weekly movie night. Though tonight I’m not so sure what we’re going to watch tonight. Usually we pick a movie that’s just come out but nothing that’s recently come out has caught my eye. Suddenly the door bell rings, I walk over to the door opening it to reveal Tom standing there.

“Hello there love,” he says to me with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Hey Tom,” I say opening the door wider for him to come inside.

He walks into my apartment, I shut the door behind him. Tom stands in front of me looking down on me, though he isn’t that much taller then me. I look at him with I smile. I stand on my tippy toes kissing his lips softly. Tom wraps his arms around my waist, deepening the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck entangling my fingers in his soft hair.

“Shall we get this movie night started?” Tom asks parting from my lips with a chuckle.

“Let’s,” I say with a giggle.

Tom takes my hand in his leading us over to the couch. He flops down on the couch pulling me down with him causing me to flop down next him. I laugh at Tom’s eagerness. He looks over t me with a serious face before laughing him self. Our laughing echoes throughout my apartment, I swear my neighbors can probably hear us.

“Okay, let’s pick a movie,” I say holding my side trying to catch my breath from all the laughing.

“Yeah okay, here,” he says handing me the remotes.

Nothing and I mean nothing looks appealing to us. I swear we’ve gone through all the new movies OnDemand and all the movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Tom switches it back to OnDemand looking through the premium movie channels. Finally I get fed up and steal the remote away from Tom. He looks at me shocked that I did that. I giggle sticking my tongue out at him.

“How about Harry Potter?” I say looking at him.

“No,” he says in a harsh voice.

“Why not?” I say in a whiny voice.

“Because I don’t want to watch myself,” he says back in the same whiny tone I used.

“You afraid that I’ll make fun of you?” I say raising an eyebrow.

“What? No,” he says sort of quickly.

“Please Tom, I haven’t watched them in so long,” I whine to him clasping my hands together. “I’ll  let you stay the night.”

“Y/N, are you trying to bribe me?” He asks me with a small smirk.

“Yes I am. Is it working?” I ask leaning in close to him.

“Not in the slightest,” he says with a chuckle.

“Fine, no getting in my bed tonight.” I cross my arms and scoot away from him pretending to be mad at him.

“Fine! We can watch Harry Potter!” He gives in with a groans.

“Yay!” I jump next to him kissing his cheek.
I search for Harry Potter OnDemand renting the first one. I snuggle next to Tom looking at him throw my lashes. He looks grumpy. I reach my hand up to his face poking his cheek multiple times.

“Love, please stop,” he says keeping his gaze forward.

“Not until you smile, Mr. Malfoy,” I say with a giggle.

“You’re so lucky that I love you,” he was with a smile and a chuckle.

I smile to myself turning my attention to the screen. I couldn’t help but notice how cute Tom looked when he was little. Then again I’m pretty sure I had a crush on him when I was little.

“Wanna know a secret,” I whisper to him.

“What?” he whispers back.

“I use to have a crush on you when the movies were still coming out,” I say with a giggle.

“And you don’t have a crush on me know?”He says pretending to be offended.

“No silly, I love you now. You’ve moved up in rankings Mr. Felton,” I say tapping his nose.

“You’re a goof,” he says with a laugh.

“But, I’m your goof.” I lean over quickly pecking his lips. “But seriously, your adorable in this.”

“Oh hush it. I had to dye my hair for that, I thought I looked completely silly,” he says to me.

“You look good either way,” I say looking at him.

“I love you Y/N, even though you’re a goof.” He chuckles leaning over placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you too Tom, even if you aren’t a real blond.” I giggle kissing him.

“Can we turn off the movie and go to bed? I don’t think I can handle much more of your torment,” he whines.

“Okay fine. But next time we visit your mom we’re watching at least one of the movies, I know she won’t object since she loves Harry Potter so much,” I say standing up from the couch giggling.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he says with a chuckle.

“But you love me!”

I run to my bedroom with Tom hot on my heels. I jump onto my bed waiting for him. He smirks crawling into the bed next to me. He wraps his arm around me kissing my cheek. I look over at him, he’s already looking at me with a smile playing on his lips.

“I love you so much Y/N, you drive me completely mad. In a good way of course.” He leans over kissing my cheek again.

“I love you so much too Tom, even though you don’t allow me to embrace my true Potterhead ways,” I say with a giggle.

“How about I take you to see Cursed Child next week as a way to allow you to embrace your Potterhead ways with out having to watch myself for hours on end. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.”

I lean over placing my lips on his. How did I get so completely lucky?

So my “Me & Chuck” fic is already at 2400 words and we haven’t even met yet. God help us all.  Thanks for the inspiration tonight, re-watch chatters. @kateyes224 @snowvitamins @claricex-woman @mangokiwitropicalswirl @damselindistressmya @xfile-cabinetx @startwreck @stellagibsonisalifeforce @mobygirl21 @therobbinsnest @wholeperson 

Yoonjin Imagine

Yoongi: *sees Jungkook with a pillow going into their room* Where are you going?

JK: I’m sleeping in your room tonight.

Yoongi: No.

JK: But Jin hyung already said yes.

Yoongi: No. We’re watching a movie tonight.

JK: Then, I’ll watch it, too.

Yoongi: No. This movie is not for three people.



So I’m going to think out loud a bit here but re-watching Hercules tonight for about the umpteenth time I noticed the very similar positions/posturing and physical attributes between the shadowy form of Meg’s insinuated ex lover and Hades. First of all - the hair. Long and flowing. Kind of frames him exactly the way Hades’ fiery locks do. His broad upper build, the way he holds her and then fast forwarding to the scene in the Garden when Hades is negotiating with Meg. Even the shape of his face upon further examination seems sort of similar

Furthermore we know Hades’ imps Pain and Panic may shape shift at will so who is to say that Hades could not appear in under a seemingly mortal guise to ensnare an innocent woman’s affections easily?

Which would make Meg’s story all the more tragic if, like Hercules, she had used in one of Hades’ ploys to bring chaos and ruin upon Greece and therein Mount Olympus. Who knows? Maybe the Fates foresaw, like Hercules, that she would be someone in the way of his plans to overthrow Zeus. 

Either way I know Disney is a big fan of parallels and Easter Eggs and I couldn’t help but notice these and think…. what if?

we’re watching the incredibles for tonight’s movie and dam it’s still one of my all time favs. such good character design, the early 60s aesthetics….lov it

Okay PeggySous fans get ready to have your minds blown because … DANIEL SOUSA BEING PEGGY CARTERS FUTURE HUSBAND WAS JUST MADE CANNON and here’s the proof- this is what we know about the future Mr.Carter: - served in the army - in Europe near Germany - in winter time - in 1944 All of this info courtesy of Peggy Carters 1953 interview from Winter Solider Now when I was re-watching tonight’s episode of Agent Carter I heard Daniel finally say where he lost his leg …. it was in a place called Bastogne You know where Bastogne is BELGIUM AKA GERMAN TERRITORY AND DO YOU KNOW THAT A FAMOUS BATTLE TOOK PLACE THERE BETWEEN AMERICAN SOILDERS AND GERMAN SOILDERS IN DECEMBER 1944 SO LET’S DOUBLE CHECK HERE DANIEL SOUSA -SERVED IN THE ARMY - NEAR GERMANY - IN A TOWN KNOWN FOR A FAMOUS WINTER BATTLE IN 1944 I DON’T NEED TO SEE ANYMORE WE WERE JUST MADE CANNON PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! you may now scream

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