re watched this scene over and over again


1. FUTURE PREDICTIONS: Re-watching “What’s the Use of Feeling” over and over again and thinking about the significance that Rebecca Sugar and the writers have placed on a lot of the scenes. I think perhaps the most important part of the song is the line, “Let’s make a plan of attack”. Yellow Diamond points her hand forward and the bubbled Rose Quartzes move with her motion. Perhaps in the future, once Homeworld figures out that the cluster is not going to emerge, they are going to use the Rose Quartzes to fight the second/final war for Earth to colonize or destroy it. 

We already know that Homeworld’s resources of gem soldiers are limited, so the Quartzes are a dangerous but effective gambit. Yellow Diamond could offer them pardons (basically not being shattered because she would never trust them enough to let them into the fold again because of their capabilities to shatter diamonds), in exchange for the end of the Crystal Gems and Earth. 

2. ON THE REBELLION AND ERA ONE GEM SOCIETY: Given what was revealed in the January 2017 Steven Bomb, the rebellion makes complete sense. Pink Diamond clearly “loved” humans to the point of trapping them in a zoo to cultivate them like they cultivate gems in gem society. We already know that subordinate gems take on qualities similar to their diamonds (thinking of Peridot’s former, unwavering love for her rational diamond and rationality in general), so it would make sense that Rose Quartz would come to love humans too. But as we see in “The Zoo”, certain gems (in this case Amethysts) were responsible for looking after humans, assuring their safety, and responding to them when they are in pain. 

I think that this job formerly belonged to the Rose Quartzes during Era One. Rose Quartzes are defensive gems with shields and healing powers (I’m basing this off of our knowledge of Rubies), so it would make sense if Pink Diamond created them to subdue her human pets without damaging them. They probably had other protecting type jobs but I think our Rose was responsible for protecting (or possibly even running) the Zoo. She was exposed to humans on a daily basis having to look after them and came to develop a different kind of love for humans than her diamond– a love based on respect. (This would also explain Rose’s deep guilt towards humanity– especially since Garnet and Pearl specifically state that the humans in the Zoo were unable to be rescued). Pink Diamond’s love for humans involved holding them captive and “protecting them”, but Rose Quartz’s love involved protecting their rights as autonomous beings and began to want to set them free. This difference of opinion likely changed how she viewed gem society as well, realizing that she and the other gems were just as trapped by the Diamond Authority as the humans in the Zoo. From everything we know about Rose, she probably tried to sway her diamond to agree with her point of view, but that obviously didn’t work– Rose’s only option was to shatter Pink Diamond. And thus began the rebellion. 

SUPER excited for the rest of the series. I loved the development of the Homeworld Gems in this Steven Bomb. I’m really looking forward to seeing an army of Rose Quartzes and more on Pearl’s past (like who did she serve?!) 

A Case of Olicity

Feeling out of sorts today?


Uncontrollable giddiness?

Inability to sign off Tumblr?

Repeated listening to @scu11y22‘s Spotify Olicity playlist?

Have watched certain scenes over and over again?

Unexpected bouts of the giggles?

A permanent smile on your face?

Well, no worries. You are experiencing an acute episode of the feels.

Or, as we’re calling it…

A Case of Olicity.

soccergalposts  asked:

Is it wrong that I'm so excited for tonight's episode (5x20) that I don't want le' boyfriend to come over so that I watch it, then re-watch my favorite scenes over and over again until I fall into olicity blissful sleep?

No, not at all! Tonight is not a night for boyfriends and husbands. It’s a nice for OLICITY. We’ve waited over 400 days for this and, dammit, we’re going to enjoy it! 😂

(and if anyone out there is on Twitter and has some spare time, come join the “OLICITY IS RISING” trend going on right now!!)

this is so fucking sad but as much as I love boyoung I don’t think…I can rewatch do bong soon again because nothing is satisfying ?? because really, like really all the significant scenes with minhyuk n bongsoon are already cut online so theres no point in my watching an episode where I’m looking for those scenes when……they’re already there. oh my ghostess WAS NOT like this…I could watch that drama over n over again because sunwoo n bongsun had endless scenes together like they were always the focus in almost every single episode n YEAH there was a plot n a purpose but it was still always about BONGSUN and SUNWOO !!!! I hate to still sound bitter about this after months of it being over but I’m still bitter about it after all these months of it being over

I did a thing, and I live blogged Supergirl, 2.21

Oh we’re opening the first shot with Lena in a bed, this feels a lot like queer baiting.

You know, I really like Terri Hatcher pre-Rhea, now I want to punch a bitch.

This doesn’t seem like a better way.

I really appreciate that we get Maggie in the second scene.

Also, I’m loving that Alex still has her kick-ass alien gun.

My girlfriend says Alex runs weird, but you know what? I think it’s hot.

Also, I totally new Supergirl was going to catch Alex, I sort of just want to watch her jump out of the building over and over again.

Mon-el, your mommy sucks.

There are already pyramids in Egypt Rhea, we don’t need more.

Your elite sound sucky.

Oh, Katie McGrath isn’t credited as a guest star this week, it just says Katie McGrath. Score for my girl.

I think Rhea just announce Mon-el and Rhea getting married to Mon-el….

Op, there it is.

Save space dad please.

Alien bar is the new DEO, I’m into that.

Rhea took your girlfriend Kara, you should be more upset.

ugh. Lillian Luthor, just kill her.

Like I know she’s here to help, but can’t we just kill her and get it over with?

Lillian you don’t deserve their help.

Okay, to be fair, Lillian isn’t wrong. Doesn’t make me hate her any less.

That’s right Kara, call that bitch out.

How does she know so much about Alien tech. I mean she’s an alien hater, shouldn’t she discount their tech..

Agent Danvers, I don’t think you’re making a mistake.

Lillian, I don’t believe for a second that you love Lena, you’ve only been a jerk to her this whole time.

So you just want to take over National City, not the whole country, that’s confusing.

President Marsden, we all know you’re an alien and pretty sure you’re only opposed to this because you want to take over the earth.

That’s right, we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

CAT MOTHERFRICKIN GRANT!!!!! I’m so fucking happy right now.

That’s right, she is the queen.

Got I love her so much.

Kanye and Taylor Swift huh Cat?

Rhea if you think you can command Cat Grant, you’re kidding yourself.

Kara go save your original BAE!!!!!!


She’s doing the iconic superman carry, bridal style….QUIT QUEER BAITING ME CW!!!!

Is President Marsden dead though?

Oh….she’s okay, and an Alien….I mean we all knew that, but didn’t see it coming like that.

CAT MOTHERFRICKEN GRANT, the queen of all media and the queen of one-liners.


That is out of character, but I’m into it.

Let’s just explain the DEO real quick.

DC with the Dhali-Llama huh?

ET in a bathrobe….hahahahah

Yes, Winn she is an Alien.

She comes in peace…hahahah I’m not sure I believe that.

Uhm, Cat, quit being so gay. “Darling, I love you just the way you are, scales and all.”


Lets hear it from the back, GAAAYYY.

This is all so gay.

Why is the former secretary of state calling you CAT, this doesn’t make any sense.


This seems a little harsh Olivia.



Anything else is unacceptable.

You know who doesn’t look thrilled about getting married?

LENA fucking LUTHOR.

That right Lena, no getting married and no have babies.



Of course there is a Luthor family Children’s Hospital.




Rhea, this is blackmail.

No Lena, Kara is coming to save you.

Also, what the heck is that dress you’re wearing RHEA?

That’s right Kara, you gotta hold out for Lena and mash potato.

No Alex, don’t do it!

It’s time for a pep talk right?


Cat, that’s a trash throne.

You still look good,

but trash throne non the less.

Tell her about your undying love for Lena

Oh that’s right, she is your best friend.

If I must be queer baited, at least you’re giving me best friend.

No, Kara, you aren’t selfish, you just have a big heart.

Awww Cat, I talk to Siri some times too.

Yeah Cat, yurts suck.

But it does sound happy there.

Aww human connection, that’s why you hugged Winn.

How sweet of you.

Oh Cat, you inspire me.

And I love you.

I wish I could ply like Kara.

I agree Cat…SOOOOO COOL!

I have mixed feeling about this team up Kara, but I guess I’ll accept it this time.

Alex, calm down.

also….like where did Maggie go? She was only there for like 30 seconds?

Of course she’s up to the challenge. She loves Lena with her whole heart.

Queen of distraction?

Queen of all media?

More like Queen of my heart.

Friendly reminder, Kara isn’t into killing people, evil or otherwise.

That’s right Alex, you would save your girl, and Kara is going to save hers.

Don’t worry Alex, she’ll be fast. Don’t cry babe, it’s going to be okay. There’s a whole next season, Kara has to live.

That’s a good question.

Ugh, Lillian, Lena could never hate Kara.

That does though. HOT.

I am not impressed with this wedding.

Yeah, I won’t want to hold hands either.

Is it legal for her to officiate a wedding?

Doesn’t seem legal.

Just cross your finger behind your back, and I’m sure it won’t count.

Free weight and sweat are gross.

Cat, claim you office back.

SAGE!!! Haha.

Jame is Hiding?

Kara is a coward?


Oh look, she’s punching her way in.

That’s a big HVAC system.

OH sexy girlfriends, saving the world.

I’m into it.

Rhea, I feel like this is sort of droning on.

Also, they definitely are not each other’s star.

Kara is both of their stars.

Yeah Cat, I’m afraid too.

Oh look, they hacked the Daximatie’s hologram…

Go you.

That’s right Cat, you are a message of hope.


Gosh, I like her so much.

That’s right, you are in the wrong town.

Should have gone to Gotham.

Oh excellent, they aren’t married.

Dodged a bullet there.

She just called him R2 like R2-D2

That’s right babe, you punch everyone.

Oh, Lena’s got a gun.

I’m into this…like it’s hot, super hot.

Kara needs to move faster.

Oh look, she’s going to Macgyver it.

Oh Lena, your mommy came, I don’t know if you should be that happy about it though.

And they left Kara and Mon-el behind.

Lillian, you’re a bitch.

I hate you.


This whole episode is an emotional rollercoaster that I cannot handle.

Oh, is this where they’re going to Leave Mon-el behind?

Because I can get behind that.

Punch your mommy Lena. Just do it.

Oh yes, you’re going to be okay.

Kara is going to be okay.

NOOOOOO! Kara don’t stay.

Think about Lena.

You love Lena.

Okay, so I’m not into Mon-el/Kara, but I’m into her being a hero. Because she is a fucking hero.

Cat, this is not the time to be nonchalant.

Lead dust, that’s smart.

James, you’re such a Hero.

Hahah, she knew!

She totally knows that Kara is Supergirl too.





Kara, you are so touching. With your heroics and your speeches.

Rhea. I don’t like you.

Kara, just punch her.

Get off the fucking ship.

And now we can’t use the canon.

Well that sucks.

But it looked like heat vision took it out.

Was that Clark?


How did they take over Superman.

And now I have to wait a whole fucking week??

not that I’m re-watching this scene over and over all day or anything but

okay so he does that, fair enough, and then we get a shot of Sam helpfully destroying all our hopes and dreams and then suddenly

Cas has the panties but then

[brief camera change again]

Clearly a different take where they’re back on the sofa where they remain for the rest of the scene

do you realise how close we came to a godless universe where Dean just put them back down instead of throwing them at Cas? 

I’m doing some serious counting of blessings here that this continuity-fucking take is what they went with anyway.

aintnobodyfresherthanmygays  asked:

I completely agree that Robert's friends need to have big personalities, people that can go up against him and have that banter, like he has with Aaron. That's why a friendship with Rebecca never worked, she's meek and feeble. My dream is a Robert/Cain/Nicola friendship trio where they're always picking on each other and having a go at each other, but if someone insults them they get super defensive. It would also mean more screen time with Aaron/Cain and Aaron/Nicola, which I'd love 😍

agreed, honestly, it’s just not fun watching him manipulate her over and over again and watching her wilfully fall for it over and over again. i guess the fact that these days they literally just have the same scene over and over doesn’t help 😂 they were more enjoyable when they had that more brother/sisterly type of vibe (I STILL THINK, OUT OF CONTEXT, THEY HAVE A SIBLING-ESQUE DYNAMIC - THIS FAMILIAL GENUINE SORT OF LOVE/CONCERN FOR ONE ANOTHER BUT STILL CONSISTENT ANNOYANCE AT ONE ANOTHERS BEHAVIOUR sigh i try not to think about it these days bc it’s weird and it doesn’t fit with the actual story they’re trying to tell at a l l lmao)


rob/charity and rob/cain are two of my favourite dynamics and both of them would eat him alive. like. he’s not getting one up on them any time soon. the shared moral ambiguity opens story possibilities right up and the back and forth sniping is just… i just love them. it’s a similar story with nicola - they’re on more of an even field and they respect one another, but still butt heads, which is a great dynamic. rob and bernice sort of hit the absurd side of things - they’re hilarious together because they’re so opposite, but still care about each other????? (this is also where the appeal of rob/bob lies - the utter disparity in personalities makes it hilarious)

i don’t know. the #GetRobAFriend movement is still going strong.

How Misha Collins and Supernatural inspired my son to speak

My son Garratt is nine years old. He has Mosaic Down Syndrome and non verbal Autism. He has the cognitive level of a toddler and was rendered speechless at three and a half.

He loves to watch Supernatural with me. He knows how to use the remote control and will re watch episodes and scenes over and over again.

Two days ago, while Misha/Cas was on the screen, he let out this adorable little squeal, ran to the TV and kissed it. And then…as clear as day, said “Ass!”

Yes. Laugh if you must. And then realize the miracle…a child they told me would never speak again…that just took place. No, he wasn’t saying ass. He was saying Cas.

I cried.

This is a tremendous milestone for him. And it gives me hope. And gives hope to other parents like me that have been told that their child would never talk or never talk again. Who have been told things like “don’t expect much from him”. Do you know what that feels like? How crippling words like that are? I don’t expect you do.

My son spoke because of his love for a television show. And because of his love for a certain character.

If someone…anyone…is reading this that can possibly get my son’s story and remarkable achievement to those tied to Supernatural or to Misha himself, I would be eternally grateful.

i just rewatched some july episodes and my heart literally stopped when aaron called robert his ‘boyfriend’ but now they’re husbands and they’re going to be together forever and i’m crying so much right now,,


“But he’d concentrated on memorisation when he studied” I wonder why…

anonymous asked:

It's not rape apology when it's dead ass not rape. Don't watch the damn show then ffs or pay attention to what's actually happening in the damn scene and for the characters.

It is rape apology, you saw a woman dragged into a room, told she had no choice, called a whore over and over again and thought consent was going on. 

But hey because Lizzie realized this was going to happen no matter what and I’m not gonna fight back that means consent right? It’s only raping victim fights back? 

You’re rape apologist. You think the only time a person is raped is if they fight back. 

Lizzie had no choice not to have sex with Henry in that room. She was never once given the choice to say no. That’s what makes it rape. 

Heedo Facts

  • Heedo was born in Seoul, Korea. 
  • Heedo can speak Chinese because he has studied in Lanzhou, China for 1 year (2011-2012).
  • Heedo wants to go to Japan someday. Because he loves anime
  • Heedo re-shot his scenes over and over again to try different facial expressions.
  • Heedo’s hobbies are listening to music and watching movies, his specialty is Chinese!
  • Heedo rapped! “When I cap rap, I can move girls heart” he says.
  • Heedo said he has a nice voice tone, and he uses that for his rap.
  • “Heedo doesnt do the chores, like laundry.” -JHoon.
  • Heedo sleeps the most!
  • First Impression of the members? JHoon to Heedo “When I first saw Heedoo his voice was deep & seemed like he was avoiding others. Heedo was the quiet type." 

anonymous asked:

Ay yo~ Snk nerd anon here. I've waited so long for this whole titan reveal to get animated and then when it finally happened!!! I couldn't get enough of it~~~ I've watched so many episode 6 reactions on youtube. It's fucking hilarious. All those people that didn't read the manga. Eeeeehm. I'm getting of track. What I actually wanted to say was: Your tag "I don't remeber that scene" this happened after Reiner revealed everyting and Eren's having this flashback from 12 hours ago. Ya know?

*long pause while le me tries to remember* Ohhhhhh yeah I know now what you mean!!

Sorry but it’s just so hilarious that barely 24 hours have passed and I re-watched the Titan reveal scene and the Titan transformations at least 15 times now. Goddammit it turned out so perfect AND I JUST C AN’T GET TIRED OF WATCHING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AAAA I’ll probs watch it again before I go to sleep lol

I didn’t watch any reaction scenes but I can guess how they must have reacted. ALTHOUGH I still can’t believe….. that there are actually people who didn’t read the manga and are like,,,,,, totally clueless as to who the CT and AT could be ??!!! Wow how is that possible, what did they do in those four years I don’t understand. How did they survive not getting spoiled oh wow

holybellamy  asked:

hey cassie do you sometimes feel like you're over the fact that stiles and lydia kissed and then you see gifsets of them kissing and you realize that you will never in your whole life be over it?

YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES marina oh my god deadass i just watched the 6x10 scene again like 3 times i literally….can not believe this is actual canon on the show i will legit never be over it EVER

10x03 "Soul Survivor"

“Welcome back, Dean!”

Or… not? I finally managed to re-watch the episode and this scene sort of struck me all over again, because even on first watch I couldn’t shake the feeling that when Sam and Cas were relieved to see that blackness dissolving in Dean’s eyes, I felt like this is not a 100 percent Dean here.

And maybe it’s just me seeing things or Jensen did it on purpose - either way the emotions that play over Dean’s face here within seconds and how Jensen delivers them is truly amazing. I mean, it goes from surprise and confusion to sadness and realization to shame and guilt and then - at least I feel - back to something more sinister and layered and twisted. While in gif 3 and 4 we seem to be dealing with a purely human Dean judged from his entire expression, gif 6 and 7 - at least to me tell or open up the possibility for a different story. The way he looks up, the jaw clench (which Dean does a lot and which could be indicative of Human!Dean), the expression in his eyes…

Somehow to me it feels like we are just moments away of his lips twisting into a smile before saying: “Awwww, you really thought it worked, didn’t you! Sorry, pals - old Dean is gone.”

I know it’s unlikely, but to me the way Jensen played this there is room for the possibility of Dean pretending - aside from the spraying with holy water, which had no effect on him any longer and of course pushes the notion of everything being back to normal - and messing with them. It’s probably not the case, but still…

Maybe it’s just me though, but the whole curing process was just way too fast and way too easy to actually be working in the long run. So maybe this small moment could allude to the dark side that still lives within Dean and that will come bubbling back to the surface (around midseason?) and will be far more deadly and far harder to get back under control than this time around…

Right, this could get long. But I need to get it all out because it’s doing my head in.

Last night was awful to watch. I’m so happy I was watching it at home alone, because I’m not sure I’d have been able to mask my horror/upset at what I was seeing on my TV.

On the surface, it was like someone was literally shitting all over Robron, shitting all over the past years worth of Robert’s character development and erasing all the amazing work the writers have done at not only redeeming his character, but proving his unweilding, death-defying love for Aaron. We had an entire 30-minute episode dedicated to Robert’s love for Aaron, to Robron’s bond, to Robert’s truth. And last night felt like all of that had been shat all over.


I have a logical mind, I always think about things logically and that’s why I’m always so wound up by people who do things that just *don’t make sense*. And last night made no sense.

The only thing that *does* make sense, however, is that this is a part of Robert’s plan. That he is leading Rebecca on because he doesn’t trust that she’d actually sell Lachlan out when push comes to shove, and so he’s trying to keep her on side and give her hope, in order to manipulate her into giving him what he wants; Andy’s freedom.

“Now’s not the time.”

Why isn’t it? If he wanted to shag her, if he wanted them to start up an affair, why isn’t now the time? He had no problem banging her when he was engaged to Chrissie, her own sister, so why is now not the time?

Because it’ll never be the time. He wants to keep her hanging. He wants to give her faith that she will get what she wants in the end (him), and in return giving him what he wants (evidence against Lachlan, talking Lachlan in to confessing (which she does!!)).

Saying it was all about Home Farm was a part of the plan, because he knows Bex doesn’t really care about Andy. Bex cares about Home Farm and she cares about Robert.

These things all make sense. Aaron potentially being in on the plan too, whether pleased about it or not, would make even better sense, and would be a brilliant twist that I could totally get on bored with.

This is the logical path, or as I’ll call it, the Logical Explanation. This is the path that could lead to a Robron wedding that isn’t tainted and ruined. This is the path that won’t make people jump ship.


This is a soap, and the reason I’m feeling conflicted is because soaps don’t always go down the logical route. Things happen for shock value, for drama, and then they’re forgotten about. And I accept that, to a point. But this isn’t one of those things that can be forgotten about, if it turns out to not be the Logical Explanation. If it turns out to be something to throw doubt in the viewers mind about Robert’s feelings for Aaron, then that is a major let-down and incredibly sloppy and poor writing on Emmerdale’s part; something which totally contradicts that amazing work they’ve done this year, and something that was totally unecessary.

Now, we know that Robron don’t break up, and we know there’s a wedding. So in theory, that backs up the Logical Explanation that it meant nothing and that Aaron may even have known about it (I don’t think he did, but it would be amazing if that was the case).

What is freaking me out at the moment is that when Aaron finds out about the kiss (again, assuming he doesn’t already know either because A) Robert told him before he did it (unlikely), or B) because Robert told him straight afterwards (and us viewers are kept in the dark to add to the “twist”)) is Robert going to be totally honest about it? Because the idea of him lying scares me, of ED making him pretend Bex is lying, or that it wasn’t as bad as it was.

Because I would literally rather Robron break up than start their engaged journey based on lies. I don’t care if Aaron kicks off at the truth (again, assuming he doesn’t already know), as long as *it is the truth*.

I’m nervous and uneasy, conflicted between the (realistic) Logical Explanation, and the fact that it’s a soap that doesn’t always take the logical path and doesn’t always make sense.

Right now, we need to have faith, and I know a lot of us are trying to do so. Which leads me to the next thing…

There are viewers like us, who re-watch scenes over and over and remember every little line and detail. And then there are the casual viewers, like my parents for example, who miss episodes now and then, who watch them once, who sort-of care about what happens to certain characters but not on the level that we do.

So, basically there are the viewers that remember everything, and the viewers that forget everything. And this is where I get conflicted again.

Last night, did Emmerdale want us to remember everything that has happened with Robert/Robron, or did they want us to forget? Did they trust that us, the main fandom who analyses everything, would remember all the times Robert has pleaded his love for Aaron, has said he wouldn’t cheat, has said this is all about Andy? Did they trust that we’d keep that all in mind while Robert returned Bex’s kiss??

Some things:

  • When Bex offered herself and Home Farm on a plate, Robert told her; “You don’t do it for me anymore.” and proposed to Aaron the next day
  • When Bex said she’d give him 10% on anything she could get her hands on, Robert told her; “I want Andy’s freedom.”
  • “When something matters to me, I lie, I cheat, I do whatever it takes.” - Robert did this for Aaron, and he’s doing it for Andy too - two of only about four people that actually matter to him
  • “No one comes close.” - something Maxine quoted when trying to reassure panicked fans last night
  • Robert being prepared to die with Aaron, or at least die trying to save him
  • Robert diving back to the bottom of a murky lake where he could’ve died just an hour before, just to rescue an engagement ring

Now, did ED want us to remember all of that, or forget it?? It seemed on the surface they wanted us to forget it, by seemingly re-writing Robert’s entire character just to suit the plot.

OR, did they want us to remember all of this, like a little nod and a wink, like “you’re smarter than this. you know this isn’t how it seems. you know what’s happened, and you can trust us. we got this, even though it looks like we haven’t. you know Robert better than this, and we know you do. wait and see what happens. watch this space.”

Could that be what Danny’s tweet was referring to? Him referencing “twist and turns”, and telling people to chill….and you know what, I’ve never been more happy to see a winking emoji!!! Sometimes that little emoji can speak volumes, and that actually calmed me down more than anything. It was like “I obviously know what you don’t know, and I know you’re going to be cool about it. It’s all going to be groovy ;) ”

OR, you know, he could’ve just wanted to calm people down, to keep them watching…. but, I don’t actually think he’d do that if it really was going to turn into a total mess??

And then let’s look at the spoilers. 9 times out of 10, spoilers make out things are way worse than what they actually turn out to be; only this time was totally different. Why? Why was that? They didn’t even tease us like “will Robert give into temptation?” (like they did before); they flat out made out he rejected her. Which, yeah, he did in the end, but after he’d kissed her back for a significant period of time.

SO. Are the mags/spoilers/insiders/whoever trying to add to this twist, by helping last night be more shocking than we ever expected? By, quite frankly, tricking us into thinking it was going to be fine, just so the blow was more extreme/painful, which would ultimately make the “twist” more satisfying/more of a relief??

Is this all the create an even bigger shock when it turns out this is all some evil genius plan by Robert, and potentially an even bigger shock that Aaron was in on it too??

I mean, their scene happened very early in the episode, and we didn’t see Aaron again, and didn’t see Robert until later. Maybe they discussed it all then? Maybe Robert really does know he can’t trust Rebecca so wanted to screw her over too??

I’m not so sure about Aaron knowing about it right now, although I stand by that being an amazing twist.

Yeah, the spoiler says Rebecca blackmails Robert, but that could all be a part of the plan too. And it also says she tells Aaron, but it’s not to say he doesn’t already know. I mean what a better fuck you than being like “yeah, I already know, and it’s hilarious you think you actually had a chance with him. he was playing you, SOZ.”

The spoiler says they argue, but that could be about anything. As could “Robert has some explaining to do.” And would they really suddenly make up and Robert start thinking about buying them a house the very next day???

Like I said earlier, if they have Robert lying and twisting the truth into getting Aaron to believe him then you know what, I’d be fucking done. BUT that literally goes against everything that they’ve been building this past year, so would they really shoot themselves in the foot like that???

In a nutshell, there are three main options;

1a) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan to keep Bex on side/get her to do whatever he wants (and it works; she gets Lachlan to confess!) and Aaron completely understands this; “you’d do the same for Liv.”

1b) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan, and Aaron was in on it before it even happened (unlikely, but…WISHFUL THINKING).

1c) This is a part of Robert’s genius plan, and he fills Aaron in on it right away (without us viewers knowing until the hour long ep in two weeks….PLEASE)

2) Emmerdale are lazy and sloppy and want us to forget everything wonderful they’ve done for Robert and doubt his feelings for Aaron all over again, therefore shooting themselves in the foot, alienating fans, letting themselves and their fans down and kissing goodbye to any awards they might win next year

3) Emmerdale were lazy and sloppy for a single episode purely to create drama, but Maxine will somehow fix this and that hideous scene is to be banished to The Vault of hideousness along with the Shitman episode and the Teeth Picking scene, to be forgotten forever for being a lump of human shit and never to be mentioned again.

What will actually happen remains to be seen, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long and nervous wait over the next two weeks, UNLESS some light is shed tonight when Robert talks to Diane (PLEASE GOD).

Basically, I don’t blame people for being upset/scared because I am too. But it might be a little too soon to lose faith completely. I think whatever happens, and even if it turns out to be a part of The Plan/Logical Explanation, it still could’ve been done better and a few more hints could’ve been dropped that it *is* a part of the plan, but I’d accept it. Anything else then…..well, I’ll be crushed. We all will be.

But for now let’s try and wait and see. It might be a little too soon to give up completely/jump ship. But if it turns out to be as bad as it could potentially be, then I could be jumping ship with you.

In the meantime, I think we need to remember everything ED has done for Robert/Robron this year, and hang onto that. And as Danny said, there are twists and turns ahead. And as Maxine said;

“no one else comes close.”

Nine Seconds

That is all it took for the fandom to explode in delirious bliss. That is all it took for the fandom to burst into excited chatter, breaking down each one of those precious seconds in minute detail, re-watching those beautiful seconds over and over again.  That is all it took for many of us to stay up to the wee hours of the morning, lovingly observing where their hands were, their discarded clothes, and the scant dialogue from Oliver.  We were in heaven over this promo because despite our deep belief and faith in Olicity and the extraordinary scenes gifted to us all season, we needed this affirmation. Desperately.

I took a significant amount of teasing in DM on Twitter and in my Ask box on Tumblr about this promo. The ribbing consisted of good-natured jabs like “Sorry, Cat, looks like your wish for sex to wait until Season 4 won’t be granted,” or “You lose! The “fuckening” is happening.”  I didn’t mind, because they weren’t entirely wrong. Nor were they entirely correct.  

I had, and still have, no problem waiting until Season 4 for Oliver and Felicity to finally make love. I’m patient that way and I want it to be perfect. I want more of that build up of nervous apprehension about sleeping with the person you love above all others, the teases, the tension that just spirals tighter and tighter, until BOOM! I mean, I waited nearly seven years for Mulder and Scully….I’m a pro at handling angst and waiting!

BUT, I also said that no one would see me complaining if they did have sex before the season ended PROVIDED IT WAS DONE RIGHT. I didn’t want this moment to be rushed; hurried along in order to move the story along. This is Olicity, this is my OTP, and the first time they make love should be perfect in its entirety. It cannot be a mistake and there cannot be regrets. 

After seeing the promo and those glorious nine seconds, I am so hopeful that this moment is going to be incredible.  I think back to the promo of their first kiss, how incredible it appeared it was going to be in that tease, and what we actually saw was so much more than what we expected. It was the perfection of true love’s first kiss.  It never fails to have me sighing over it’s beauty. 

The writers and executive producers have lovingly handled Oliver and Felicity’s relationship for the last three years. I have no reason to doubt that this moment will be any different because despite their missteps and flat-out mistakes, they have never, not once, “mucked up” Olicity. 

I don’t think there is one person who can say that they haven’t fantasized about Oliver removing Felicity’s glasses before kissing her:

Or about Felicity exploring Oliver’s scars and tattoos:

And despite the incredibly sexual tension in those nine seconds:

My favorite moment out of that brief tease is by far this:

I am hoping (praying to all that is holy) that this scene is part of the episode because I want, no need, to know what Oliver or Felicity say to each other that has Oliver so solemn and deliberate and that has Felicity looking at Oliver with that expression.  I’ve seen a few people comment that she appears anxious or nervous, even shy. I don’t see that at all.  There is so much love in her expression, in her eyes. She is free from doubt, and her expression is soft in her love for Oliver.  Has she said I love you, and is her expression in response to Oliver’s acceptance of her love? Or is it because she realizes that Oliver finally understands that his struggle need not be done alone but with the support of those he loves, and that this partnership only makes their connection stronger? 

Felicity’s complete and utter faith and belief in Oliver saturates this moment as he removes her glasses, yet, for me, I also see just a hint of sadness in her expression.  What causes that hint of sadness? Is it that it took so long for both of them to stop fighting the love they have for each other? Is it recognition that this moment, this beautiful expression of love, may only be for one night?  I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, nor do I want to speculate.  Maybe it’s not even sadness and I only see it that way because we know that they are separated for whatever reason after this episode.

All I know, right now, is if these nine seconds are in any way indicative of what we will actually see (despite MG’s cryptic remark that what we see in the promo may not actually be what is aired), then this moment, when Oliver and Felicity finally come together, is going to be amazing. Soulful. Beautiful. And then, because it is Arrow, angst will ensue! It’s what I watch for.

(All gifs were found via Google search.)