re watched this scene over and over again

not that I’m re-watching this scene over and over all day or anything but

okay so he does that, fair enough, and then we get a shot of Sam helpfully destroying all our hopes and dreams and then suddenly

Cas has the panties but then

[brief camera change again]

Clearly a different take where they’re back on the sofa where they remain for the rest of the scene

do you realise how close we came to a godless universe where Dean just put them back down instead of throwing them at Cas? 

I’m doing some serious counting of blessings here that this continuity-fucking take is what they went with anyway.

so this is not a drill. I am totally calm right now. Cas said I love you to Dean. I’m not screaming. not at all. it’s not like I’m sobbing into a pillow listening to elvis at 3am. it’s not like I’m re watching this scene over and over and OVER again.I’m pretty chill about destiel saying the L word.

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My prediction for tw 6x01

I keep watching the scene over and over again. They are so calm and it seems like nothing bad has really happened yet. (The stydia kiss on the cheek) That new interview with Holland came out though and apparently we’re getting detective stydia in the first episode too. I guess they’re trying to pack a seasons worth amount of stydia in one episode from the looks of it. But I can only predict this. It opens up with sciles (from the sneak peek we got) then it probably pans to the intro (hopefully it’s a new intro with stydia in it) commercial, and then opens up with stiles and Lydia going to school and talking and being all cute and awkward. Stiles will most likely have a scene with everyone in that episode. There’s gonna be a scene with the new ot4 (Scott stiles Lydia and Malia) and they’re going to take the senior group picture shown in the trailer. I think stiles and Lydia will go all partners in crime again maybe to solve what the boy saw in the beginning (the wild hunt taking his parents) and we will probably get all the detective scene at the high school during the night. I feel like as they’re trying to look for clues or something at the school they’ll have a really good conversation about past memories or something relevant to what’s about to happen. Then Lydia figures something out and he gives her an innocent kiss on the cheek, and Stiles probably runs off to Scott to tell him what they figured out. But by the time he goes to Scott he starts to forget him.. maybe, possibly the scene that we got pictures of with Scott in his athletic wear for lacrosse. He freaks out and goes back inside the school to find Liam Hayden and Mason who don’t know who the hell he is… somewhere in between before or after he bumps into ms. Martin who already forgot him. The second last is probably his dad and by this point he’s already starting to panic and finally sees Lydia and he’s able to breath again (the script) and then he gets taken.

Done with S4 of OITNB

1) Poussey and Soso’s relationship was the most beautiful romantic relationship this show ever created, and they had to kill Poussey for shock value. Soso is now alone without her “person” and I am pissed as hell.

2) Poussey deserved better, no respect was shown for her and I am disgusted.

3) My Nicky is back and I was the happiest girl ever!!

4) The Nicky/Red reunion was beautiful and I’ll watch this scene over and over again till season 5.

5) I still hate Piper with a freaking passion, she’s still the annoying self-centered bitch from the previous seasons, but of course, that was expected. I wish she’d be gone once and for all, she’s the least interesting character from this show.

6) I still don’t ship Piper and Alex… And to think we’re sticking with this abusive, annoying couple while we could’ve keep the beautiful and healthy romance between Poussey and Soso is pissing me off to no end.

7) Poussey deserved better.

8) Thank god, Sophia is back, and now I hope she’ll try to get the sister out as well.

9) Humpthrey is way more disgusting than Pornstache and he needs to die!

10) My precious Tiffany is way too precious for this world and needs to be protected (thanks for taking care of that, Boo).

11) Bennett didn’t come back and I’m sad.

12) The “baby mouse” scene was disgusting, poor Maritza (and poor baby mouse).

13) We got more Cindy this season and that made me happy!

14) Taystee and Caputo was brotp AF this season and I liked that.

15) Poussey deserved better.

16) I need the old guards back!

17) I can’t stand most of the white people on this show and I am freaking white!

18) Taystee crying over Poussey’s body was the most heartbreaking part of this season and I’m not over it.



so i’ve watched the ep, and it was mostly okay, i guess, a little bit boring. the thing i really liked tho was that for the second time in this season winchesters are shown to be ‘monsters’ of the story. ‘you’re trapped out here with us’ in 12x09, then in this episode the opening scene of dean hunting down a person , who’s shown to be like the victim, then ‘you kill people for the greater good - and that’s supposed to make it okay?’. i like it because since season 9 it’s been said over and over again that the winchesters are good people, almost like spn wanted to convince itself that their heroes are still heroes. but in reality they have done nothing but destroy the world for the past few seasons. i don’t know if this theme will go anywhere, but right now it’s the only b-plot theme i could notice, overall spn is just… empty right now.

How Misha Collins and Supernatural inspired my son to speak

My son Garratt is nine years old. He has Mosaic Down Syndrome and non verbal Autism. He has the cognitive level of a toddler and was rendered speechless at three and a half.

He loves to watch Supernatural with me. He knows how to use the remote control and will re watch episodes and scenes over and over again.

Two days ago, while Misha/Cas was on the screen, he let out this adorable little squeal, ran to the TV and kissed it. And then…as clear as day, said “Ass!”

Yes. Laugh if you must. And then realize the miracle…a child they told me would never speak again…that just took place. No, he wasn’t saying ass. He was saying Cas.

I cried.

This is a tremendous milestone for him. And it gives me hope. And gives hope to other parents like me that have been told that their child would never talk or never talk again. Who have been told things like “don’t expect much from him”. Do you know what that feels like? How crippling words like that are? I don’t expect you do.

My son spoke because of his love for a television show. And because of his love for a certain character.

If someone…anyone…is reading this that can possibly get my son’s story and remarkable achievement to those tied to Supernatural or to Misha himself, I would be eternally grateful.

“If you only watch shameless for Mickey and Ian, definitely skip this one.”

Well I don’t know Sheila, I used to watch it for the tight bond the Gallagher siblings had but the show ruined that and no, I don’t just mean scenes they happened to be in the same room.

I also used to watch it because I was emotionally invested in the characters but the show ruined that by deciding it’s just going to keep making them jump through the same hoops and come to the same conclusions over and over again which after six seasons is more than a little stale.

I used to watch it because the characters were flawed but endearing, now they’re just shitty people doing shitty things to people who deserved better.

But really the reason I ever fell in love with this show is because it once cared more about the heart of these characters and less about how shameless they could get away with acting.

Shameless lost sight of that last season and the show has yet to get its rhythm back, and no attempt to pass this season off as being more “family-oriented” will change that because those scenes pale in comparison to the emotion that this show was capable of invoking before. Has a single scene this season resonated with anyone actually still enjoying the show aside from the 2.5 seconds dedicated to Ian on that bridge or Fiona looking around the Gallagher house for the “last” time? Because so far what I’m hearing is unless I enjoy watching gratuitous sex scenes I’m not going to enjoy much else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Summary: You’re a metahuman who can feel the emotions around you and you are determined to cheer up Barry up when he loses his ability to walk after Zoom pays him a visit.

Everyone, especially you, had told Barry over and over again that he was rushing into luring Zoom into this world with Linda pretending to be Dr. Light. Everyone who watched her go through the scene that she and Barry were supposed to play out knew that it was painfully obvious that it was faked.

But Barry was still adamant about following through with it. And, at first, it felt like Zoom saw through the act completely and chose not to even waste his time traveling between worlds but hours later he had returned and tortured Barry for practically the whole city to see. He had pretended to be confident through the fight, especially more towards the beginning, but you could feel he terror as time went on. He had underestimated Zoom and that really got the best of him. If that wasn’t enough to be forced to watch your boyfriend be beaten almost to the point of death, hours later when he final awoke you all discovered that he couldn’t feel his legs at all. He felt broken past the point of repair.

Barry’s sadness and fear hung over him like a dark rain cloud. It was so strong, being that it was combined with both Cisco’s and Caitlin’s distress about the situation, it felt like your head was going to explode because of the headache that all of the emotions filling the room caused you.

Being a metahuman wasn’t always as fun as Barry made it out to be. Maybe it was because his power was much cooler than being able to feel everyone’s emotions around you and even being able to influence them sometimes. (Though he was usually very reluctant, there were times he would bring you out into the field to have you calm down an angry meta. All of those times he always made sure that you were at a safe distance while he wrangled the meta back to the lab’s prison). His power didn’t cause him pain like yours did—unless he was stupid enough to run into danger.

For instance, being around a joyful person made you feel light as air and a bit giggly at times even. Sadness gave you a headache—its degree of pain depended on how much sadness surrounds you and how distraught that person, or multiple people, really was. Anger made you feel like your body was on fire and there was absolutely no escape from the heat. Fear made your heart race and also seemed to heighten your senses to be on alert to everything around you. Different emotions caused you to feel many different things but nothing was worse than the varying types of sadness.

It felt suffocating to be sitting beside Barry since his emotions felt like they were strangling you. Though it probably wasn’t very reassuring to anyone, you had to excuse yourself and wait in the hallways for almost fifteen minutes before you felt like yourself again. And, without being influenced to feel all the emotions around you, you were then forced to come to terms with how you were actually feeling on your own.

You were in no way smart enough to call yourself a scientist like the people gathered in the cortex but you would definitely consider yourself to have an above average intelligence. So it was clear that this was nothing like the time Farooq stole his powers and Barry eventually got them back. You weren’t sure if this was something that Barry could recover from, with his regenerative cells and all, or if this was somethings irreparable. There hasn’t yet been anything that Barry wasn’t able to heal from but there was always a first for everything but you prayed that this wasn’t that. He had to be alright.

You reentered the cortex almost half an hour after you stepped out only to be greeted with the suffocating air once again. Though it wasn’t quite as bad as before, it still was very uncomfortable.

Cisco noticed your entrance and dashed over to you, wanting to tell you about his discovery. “Cait and I did some tests and he should be good in a few days, a week tops.” He wasn’t as distressed as he previously was which was a bit reassuring since Cisco was always a little ball of sunshine and, you believed, should never be sad. You had always opted to stay back with Cisco when you had the choice since he was basically a never ending source of happiness combined with a never ending stream of TV or movie references. Cisco is just a great person to be around and didn’t bring you down with negative emotions, so it was good to know that he wasn’t too upset anymore.

Caitlin entered the room, her expression grim and worried. Maybe Cisco was making things seem a bit brighter than the situation actually was but his hope gave you hope. And hope was all you seemed to have lately. Hope for the future to become a bit easier. Hope that your friends and family wouldn’t feel pain anymore. Hope that Barry would recover and be happy in life—that he’d let go of all the anger and regret that has held him back for so long. “He’s been waiting for you, y/n.” Caitlin mumbled, setting down all the information she had gathered upon Barry’s condition on her desk. You nodded and headed towards the other, smaller room where Barry was lying to be nursed back to health. But Caitlin spoke up again before you had made it there. “He’s gonna be alright, y/n. He’s just upset that his plan failed and he couldn’t end this once and for all.”

You nodded to her again in agreement before you slid into the converted hospital room. Barry lay there, his eyes closed but his expression pained. You had almost lost him tonight so while he was in a lot of pain, you were still grateful to have him here and know that he would recover with time. He will be alright.

You could feel his pain—though you doubted it was anything half as bad as what he was feeling. It felt like a sharp pain in your side combined with a burning in your chest. It was hard to believe that this moment was real. “Hey Bare.”

He perked up as soon as he heard you enter the room, flinching when he moved wrong and felt a sharp pain in his ribs. “C’mere,” He said, shifting over a bit so there was enough room for you to lie with him. “Are you alright?”

You huffed at him; he was worrying about you when everyone had previously thought he was nearly on his death bed earlier. Thank God for his ability to heal quickly. “I’m fine, Barry. You’re the one who nearly died tonight.”

“Yeah but you’re the one who had to watch me almost die tonight. Just a few weeks ago, we almost broke up because you were terrified at the thought of losing me after Dr. Light blinded me. And that fear of losing me almost came true tonight.” His hand clasped over yours and you leaned into his side, careful not to cause him any extra pain. “I promised you that I’d be more careful, and you even told me that trying to trick Zoom would backfire, but I didn’t listen and almost died tonight.”

It felt like hearing him say it out loud made it seem all too real. Your throat felt tight with your own fear combined with Barry’s regret and you wanted to escape it all but you couldn’t just run away from your problems. It was necessary to let Barry know that you weren’t going anywhere because he got too impatient and rushed into something. But you would definitely have to talk some sense into him at a later date. “We’ll get through this, Bare. Just let us help you get better.”

It was a tough week. Barry was excruciatingly hard on himself for taking so long to heal and regain his speed. At first, he tried to put on a happy face for you and act like he knew things would all eventually be fine. But that charade did nothing to you since you felt how he was really feeling, not how he was pretending to feel. Barry was so disappointed in himself and no amount of encouragement could seem to change that.

He seemed to improve drastically when Henry returned. Barry’s entire aura changed for the best and could feel his determination to walk and heal again. All he needed was some encouragement from his father. Now he actually believed that he could do it. And it seemed like Henry’s reappearance motivated Barry and he wasn’t so angry anymore. He was fixed on making Henry proud of his—as if being the Flash and saving the city on a day to day basis wasn’t enough to be proud of.

“Y/n,” Henry said in a quiet tone, hoping to grab you attention while avoiding waking his son, whom he just forced to lay down for a while and maybe even take a nap. Barry had been up and about, with help from you and his father so after almost an hour and a half Henry had demanded he go rest. Barry was sick of that wheelchair and wanted noting to do with it anymore. Though he knew it was a better alternative than being bedridden for weeks.

Henry led you out into the hall to avoid disturbing Barry before he continued his sentence. “I need to thank you for inviting me back to help Barry. He needs as much support as he can get and it’s reassuring to know that you’re always here watching over him. I always worry about him but it’s clear that you’d do anything in your power to help protect him.” Henry was so genuine as he spoke and it was clear who Barry got it from.

Barry’s entire aura seemed to lighten up with the return of his father and Henry gave him the push he needed to go through with it. And making Barry happy was all you wanted out of life so if Henry could accomplish that then that’s what you’d do. Now some people would be jealous if they could cheer up their significant others on their own but you’d do anything just to get him happy—it didn’t matter if it was you, Joe, Iris or Patty how made him happy. Ass long as he was happy. “It’s nothing, Mr. Allen. “ You smiled at the man. You had always felt so much pressure being around Henry considering how much Barry loved him and you desperately wanted to earn his approval. “I’m just glad you’re here be. You’re really helping him recover.”

Henry shook his head, as if he was shooting down your idea of him being the only one to help him heal. “I know about your powers, y/n, and I know how much they wear you out but I’m thankful for you sticking around with him when he needs you the most.”

You weren’t even aware of him knowing about your powers—Cisco and his big mouth had probably let it slip one time but you felt much more relaxed at the thought of him knowing. He knew the truth about you yet still wanted you to stick with Barry. Barry dating a fellow metahuman wasn’t something Henry had already marked as forbidden.

And he even understood how easily the power would manage to drain you. He took all that into consideration and even thanked you for it. That moment there felt like you gained all the approval you needed.

The night wore you out dramatically. You shuffled home that night, exhausted and emotionally drained as you flopped down onto bed.

Barry was still at star labs and while you wanted nothing more than to be cuddled up with Barry on the small twin size hospital bed (which conveniently forced you to snuggle up on top of him), Cisco forced you to go home. He claimed that these past weeks had been difficult and he could practically see bags forming underneath your eyes. And, normally, that wouldn’t be enough to convince you but Barry chimed in in agreement and you couldn’t turn him down.

Your full sized mattress welcomed you home as you snuggled into the comforter, burying you face in the pillow. The only thing still missing was your own personal speedster to cuddle up with.

Though Barry’s condition improved drastically from when he first woke up, he still didn’t have his speed back quite yet but he was able to walk a moderate distance without becoming winded. Being unable to run at the incredible speeds he had grown according to had obviously annoyed Barry dramatically but at least he could now feel his legs and walk around a bit.

At two a.m. you awoke to a knocking on your door and, in that moment, you were ready to unleash all your fury on whoever dared to disrupt you much needed sleep. You had only gotten home after midnight and two hours was not enough sleep for anyone to function on; especially someone who had barely gotten any sleep for weeks. But all that rage fizzled away when you saw a very tired Barry standing there, Cisco alongside him presumably from Barry’s own power of persuasion. That boy always managed to get what he wanted sooner or later. He gave you a shy smile before he thanked Cisco for driving him. Cisco sent you a smile as well, happy to know that you weren’t going to kill him for being a part of your unwanted wake up crew. He only agreed to Barry’s offer because he wanted to shut up Barry and his constant complaining and hoped he’d be able to get some rest of his own now that he’d be able to return home instead of keeping Barry company at the lab. They said their goodbye before you led Barry inside, though you didn’t miss the sly wink Cisco sent your way before you locked your door.

“You alright, Bare?” He almost tripped over a pair of his shoes that he had always left lying around your apartment no matter where ever you moved them to, making you clutch him tighter as he sagged in your arms.

For the first time that week, you could tell Barry was honestly happy. Though there had been times he had been happier than his seemingly ever present gloomy feeling, you could tell that he was still being too hard on himself for getting stuck in this mess. Even with Henry there, he put on a happy face for his fathers sake but it still couldn’t slip by you. Feeling what he felt always let you know what he needed the most and all he really needed was support (and cuddles, he claimed in order to entice you to snuggle up to him on the lumpy, uncomfortable hospital like bed. Lots and lots of cuddles). But now he was completely happy and you would do whatever it took to keep him that way—even if it meant staying up all night to marathon Criminal Minds with your little science nerd. If he wanted to watch some show at two am instead of sleep than you would gladly do it to keep him happy.

“Missed you is all.” After he tumbled onto your bed, his gangly limbs managing to get tangled in the blankets for a moment before he freed himself and motioned you to lay beside him.

You obeyed and he practically draped himself over top of you but you couldn’t complain. What with it being a cold fall night and Barry was like a furnace so it was always nice to cuddle him in sweater weather—or any sort of weather early. It was a rare occurrence to even turn down Barry Allen cuddles.

Suddenly, your heart began to pound so loudly that you could even hear it pumping in your ears. Nothing could beat this feeling. It was love. Pure, unmasked love. Barry felt such an overwhelming amount of love towards you and it practically made your heart ache. Normally you only felt this strength of love when you talked with your next door neighbors Jane and Will Sparks who had been married for almost 45 years and still seemed to be in the honeymoon phase. That was what true love felt like but, now you were receiving that same feeling from Barry and you didn’t know what to make of it. This intensity of love was very rare to come by but yet here it was, snuggling in beside you while he attempted to intertwine your limbs together.

Weighting down that love was exhaustion, yet another mutual feeling the two of you shared and you chose to relax in his hold. He needed to heal and sleep was the best way for that but it didn’t seem like he planned on sleeping as long as you were awake. So you pulled away for a moment, only to press your lips against his. This kiss was intended to say everything you couldn’t manage to speak. There would be time for that in the morning.

So you fell asleep that night, with a confident, lightweight feeling in your chest that everything would be alright. Barry was making great progress and loved you. Barry loved you. What more could you ask for?

We’re almost through the Showa series now, and this might be my favorite one so far. Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla has held a special place for me for a long time. Usually when I popped a Godzilla movie in to cheer me up, it was this one. I would watch the scene where Anguirus fights Fake Godzilla over and over again. I love that fight.
The human plot is a little dry in this one. The most interesting parts involve the King Seesar prophecies . The Simians are great though, and their leader gives an amazing villain performance. He growls out every line, and those lines are so perfect.
The monster action in this movie is riveting. The Fake Godzilla lead in is great, and the whole thing builds suspense pretty effectively. As I mentioned earlier, the fight with Anguirus is a treat. Mechagodzilla fights efficiently and without mercy. Gigan and Hedorah gave tough fights, but they toyed with Godzilla. Mechagodzilla plays no games. His arsenal of weapons is extensive and his ammo is seemingly limitless. The fight with Godzilla and King Seesar is hard to watch at times, as Godzilla tries to get close enough to Mechagodzilla to land a hit. King Seesar is a bit of a disappointment. His buildup is cool, and I love his song, but he doesn’t help very much. This movie may as well be Godzilla and Mechagodzilla going one on one.
This movie held up just as well as I remembered. More than that, I felt very close to Godzilla in this movie. As we near the twenty four hour mark, I felt Godzilla’s seeming hopeless push towards Mechagodzilla, but he reminded me that no odds are impossible. When all hope seems lost, it’s time to turn yourself into a magnet.

Alone || Part 2 || c.h

“Im worried about you, and I just want to help you.”

Part one 

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You stared at the notebook that you’ve grown to love so much. You’re heart was pounding as you replayed the scene that you just watched in your head over and over again. He looked so sad and broken, so lifeless and torn. Your hands were shaking and your lips were trembling as you took slow steps toward the beat up notebook. You pushed your loose strands of hair behind your ears before rubbing them against the material of your jeans and kneeling down to the ground. Taking Calums previous place against the wall, you leaned your head back and closed your eyes in thought.

Your thoughts wandered to the piece of death hanging from the tips of Calums delicate fingers. The cigarette that he inhaled so softly and painlessly. Your mind was blown at how carelessly he inhaled the substance, something completely new to your sight. You could so clearly remember him telling you he would never get into any type of drugs. But I guess, you didn’t really know much about him anymore. Too much has changed him.. scarred him

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This whole situation with Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow, Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf and many others has been making me more pessimistic when shows come out boasting about diversity in the cast, especially when they don’t have diversity behind the scenes. I’m just tired of getting invested in these types of shows when they’re taking advantage of marginalize folks who are starved for representation and then treating these fans and even the actors like shit.

Like I was invested in the shit show True Blood spewed out for years just to see Tara get a happy ending at least and, for anyone who’s watched it, we all know how that turned out.

I’m tired of seeing these tropes play over and over again.

  • me: *calls in sick for work tomorrow*
  • coworker: oh no, caught that cold going around?
  • me: here's the thing, there's filming spoilers where Killian kisses the literal shit out of Emma, like lifts her off the ground and her leg does that cute fairy tale thing, and they're standing under the arch at Granny's and they've both been through so much, literally hell and back, and honestly they just deserve to be happy, and I don't want to get my hopes up, but it IS the finale and they have been so cute and cuddly in the spoilers leading up to this scene and I just literally can't stop screaming while watching the clip over and over again
  • coworker: ...
  • me: yes, cough cough, the sickness i have
thank you, dgm fandom

hallow’s over. i’m not sure how i should feel about it ending - i’m sad, of course, but i know it had to. i’m thankful that we got to see our favourites suffer again in animated form and full colour. hear their voices, watch them go through the thirteen episodes. 

i’ve made so many new friends through weekly streams; we screamed together, at each other, over dgm. suffering. pain. joy. laughter. it’s gone far beyond just watching an episode for me - it’s show and fandom coming together. watching episodes seems so much faster when you’re screaming with fellow fans, crying over shifted scenes and beautiful animation.

it’s been a hell of a ride and i’m so glad that the dgm fandom was the one i got to take it with. 

don’t stop, keep walking.

That Moment When You're Watching TWD With Your Family And

they say something extremely problematic…AGAIN. My birthday was a week ago. My cousins took me out. They are mother and daughter. Afterwards we watched episode 10 and on over sangria and crabs. It was like that scene from Waiting To Exhale where the ladies are just talking about life and getting real. We’re fawning over the Richonne scene. We talk about how Rick looks fine as hell during that opening scene. Everything is cool until my youngest cousin says this mess: “Personally I don’t like them together.” Me: “What?!!” Her mom just blankly stares. My cousin: “She’s not feminine. Plus, Julius said (her sorry boyfriend) that those locs must stink.” I want to go off. I breathe and say that Michonne is extremely feminine and clean. I also say that her body looks better than our bodies. I was calm but usually when I hear messed up stuff about colorism I go nuclear. Just some background on my cousin. She is the same shade as Danai but I guess in her mind she’s “different ” because her features are deemed more acceptable. But my cousin has complained about men not liking her because she is dark. I’ve known her boyfriend for 10 years because his daughter was in my class. He is light skinned and of course he had girls fighting over him because light is right. I really need advice on how to address problematic comments constructively. Usually I go off. I get extremely nasty and I know it’s counterproductive. I recognized even at the age of five that I had light skinned privilege. I couldn’t put it into words back then of course but I knew it was real. My cousin knew I was angry so she covers it up by saying “But Rick and Michonne’s personalities match perfectly.” Minutes before she’s cheering during another episode at the number of kills Michonne makes. Yeah it’s ok that she’s a killing machine. I get it. I sent her the link to the Richonne cuddling scene. No response. I am praying that this post doesn’t make me sound naive or foolish but it literally took this incident to see that 20+ years of personal insults and cursing out people isn’t helping when black folks make problematic comments. I’ve been told that I’m a very reserved and stately woman but when it comes to this all of that goes out the window. I need suggestions. I always hurt when I hear this kind of fuckery but this situation was especially hurtful. I can’t make this about me however. I will never be dark skinned so I just need to know how to be more constructive. Just venting, rambling, and trying to release some rage that has been building over the past week.