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Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s set report from DWM 396

[Discussion while eating deserts and tea with David]
The Doctor’s relationship with violence is a complex one, though, isn’t it? Much as we’re doing now, he often has his cake and eats it.  “The violence is the final resort,” David stresses.  “You should always give people the benefit of the doubt.  In the final moment of the story, the Doctor basically knows he’s gonna have to sacrifice himself and go back up to the Sontaran ship.  But it’s important and valid that he allows them the chance to back down.  It’s important that he will always allow people to find the good in themselves.  He gives them that opportunity even though he knows that because they’re Sontarans and because of what they’re about, they’re not going to back down.  But it’s the morally correct thing to do, to allow that possibility”

That ‘second chance’ opportunity is a very Tenth Doctor thing, isn’t it?

“He would have you believe that he has quite strong rules about it,” nods David.  “'You get once chance, and then I’ll do ya!’  And again, that came up in Partners in Crime, when he tells Ms Foster, ‘You get once chance.  I’d advise you to take it.’ And she doesn’t, and ends up splattered on the pavement!  Of course, it’s not quite as straightforward as that, and he will bend his own rules now and again.  But that moral framework, that moral righteousness, is very important to him.”

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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If you could be a girl for twenty-four hours, what would you do?

San Siro, 28 June 2014

“pretend you’re watching the inauguration and post made up stuff about what’s happening”

don’t we do that anyways about literally any televised political Happening. From what I saw Joe Biden died at least 5 times during the debates.


I was tagged by @communicants to do the nine favourite films in 2016 (thank you!) so here are nine of my favourites in no particular order (I didn’t include any Bergman or Ozu because you all already know I like those guys, right?):

  • The Lobster | Yorgos Lanthimos | 2015
  • Women in Love | Ken Russell | 1969
  • The Terrorizers | Edward Yang | 1986
  • The Spirit of the Beehive | Víctor Erice | 1973
  • Duelle (une quarantaine) | Jacques Rivette | 1976
  • Certain Women | Kelly Reichardt | 2016
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders | Jaromil Jires | 1970
  • Exhibition | Joanna Hogg | 2013
  • The Duke of Burgundy | Peter Strickland | 2014

I’ll be doing my usual top twenty new-to-me and re-watched posts on the last day of 2016, so this is a kind of teaser. I have five more days off before the end of the year so more films will be watched and things may change - for example I only just watched The Terrorozers this morning and it’s gone straight into my faves, and I’m probably going to see that Rogue One before Christmas so…

…anyway I’m pretty randomly tagging @forgottencityiram, @crumbargento, @schwanensee, @sonimage1965, @oldfilmsflicker & @nino-rota to do this (but only if you want to, no pressure) and of course anyone who wants to just do it.

in which i imply neptune is a deeper character than he is bc we all know he’s design without substance lol

anyway i always feel there should be more to neptune

you don’t give a man a connection to the ocean without giving him hidden depths and some intriguing history

i mean until you do bc… it’s not like neptune’s done much besides look pretty thus far

also you can tell I haven’t been watching RWBY because all i draw from it is neptune


The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men. (24.12.12)

Whatever you do, do not think of Cisco with Don and Dawn bECAUSE IT WILL BE VERY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!

  • Team Flash originally finds out that Iris is pregnant, because Barry and Iris was keeping it a secret, and Barry accidentally outs them, because Iris insists on helping out with a metahuman, while he thinks she should slow down. And Barry just ends up yelling IRIS YOU´RE PREGNANT!!
  • This is of course mentioned more than once in the future - especially by Cisco, and Barry never gets trusted with secrets again.
  • Barry quickly gets a habit of bringing the kids along to star labs whenever Iris needs to work.
  • Of course Barry never thinks that through, so whenever something ends up happening, he has to leave them at Star labs with Cisco and whoever else is there. (They´re starting to get more friendly metahumans around.)
  • Cisco panics a little about it to begin with, because how the hell is he going to take care of two kids? Especially now that Caitlin is no longer around.
  • Before they can walk, they´re relatively easy to take care of, and Cisco think they´re cute. Sure, sometimes they cry a lot and he has to call Iris when it gets especially bad.
  • Of course, despite the fact Iris specifically tells Barry to let Wally or Cisco or really anyone else take care of emergencies while he is looking after the kids, this scenario keeps on happening.
  • But once they learn how to walk, it quickly turns out that they inherited their father´s ability, and that takes things to a whole other level. 
  • Don is especially bad, which means usually Wally or someone else has to take over the coms and talk to Barry, because funnily enough even though he doesn´t have super speed Cisco is the only one that can catch the kids when they run off.
  • Occasionally they end up in some of the places in the lab where they definitely shouldn´t end up - Cisco obviously doesn´t mention this to Iris or Barry.
  • But generally speaking Cisco and the twins get along quite well, when they get a little older he watches loads of movies with them, and it´s basically thanks to him that they end up watching half the classic kids movies they do. 
  • Dawn also gets a habit of snacking on whatever Cisco has laying around, and because of her super speed most of the time nobody catches her. 
  • This eventually prompts Iris to make sure Cisco has actual healthy food lying around (Because if my kid is gonna keep on snacking on your food, at least have something healthy.)
  • This obviously results in protests from both Cisco and Dawn. 
  • The kids in general just really love hanging out with Cisco, and they quickly mutually decide to call Cisco and his girlfriend Uncle and aunt.
  • His girlfriend does think it´s a little strange at first, but she quickly rolls with it, because she knows Cisco loves both of them.  

    okay  so  everything  i  owe  is  going  in  the  queue,  which  will  be  set  to  idk  maybe  7  or  8  posts  a  day  ?   which  is  a  lot  higher  than  my  comfort  zone  but  my  drafts  really  need  to  go.   i  woke  up  at  a  weird  time  &  i’m  not  feeling  super  chatty  atm,  so  i’m  gonna  throw  myself  into  icon  making  &  watch  nerve  in  the  hopes  that  i  can  talk  myself  out  of  making  a  group  verse.