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  • Aquarius: What if the only reason we can't walk through mirrors is that our reflection blocks us.
  • Pisces: What if they're protecting us though? What if they know that the other side is horrifying and painful and they are trying to keep us from crossing over.
  • Aquarius: I must be on the wrong side of the mirror then.
  • Pisces: Maybe you're the reflection-
  • Virgo [trying to sleep]: I swear to fucking god if you both don't shut the fuck up.
~Bilbo’s Courage~

A spell to break bad habits/ break addictions/ bind negative attributes of yourself

-Inspired by Bilbo Baggins’ ability to part from the One Ring-

You will need

  • -A ring (doesn’t matter the kind, but it must be disposable, or a ring shaped representation, also that is disposable)
  • an envelope
  • your favorite incense
  • a white candle
  • a small glass of water
  • tongs

What to do

  1. For at least a day before the spell, keep the ring or ring represenation with you. (the longer you keep it with you, the better attuned to it you will be.
  2. Immediately before the spell, think of your addiction, bad habit or troublesome attribute of yourself that you wish to be rid of, focus on it, and force it into the ring. Visualize it as a mass of energy leaving your body, any color, and wrapping itself around the ring like a wire.
  3. Light your incense and candle, pick up the ring with the tongs and (if you’re using a real ring), run it through the flame of the candle a few times. If you are using a non metal representation of a ring, do not put it in the flame unless it is NOT flammable! If it is flammable, hold it above the candle, but where the air is warm.
  4. Visualize the energy on the ring, melting into it, turning into words upon the band or item. 
  5. Remove the ring from the flame. It may be hot so dip it in the water for a moment to cool it. Then run the item through the smoke of the incense and visualize the smoke creating a barrier around the ring to seal the negative energy in.
  6. Place the ring in the envelope and seal it. Find a place to properly dispose of the ring where it cannot come back to you, and do so.
  7. As you are disposing of the ring, imagine yourself free of the bad habit, addiction or troublesome attribute, and say 

“You have no power here

You have no power over me

you have no control here

and now I shall be free”

***** If you do not wish to use a real ring that is fine! Use a stem from a plant that you have wound into a ring, or a paperclip you have curled into a ring, or simply cut a piece of paper into a ring and use it. It is simply used to represent a physical form for what you are trying to get rid of!****

Best of Luck Acorns!



The Basil Druid

akhuna01  asked:

So, uh, inapropriate, but.. you're kinda used to it I guess, so here goes. If Cas is an Angel and he's holy, doesn't that make his bodily fluids reallllly dangerous for you? Like, kissing would probably sting? I can't even imagine what barebacking would feel like.

It adds a little spice to the sex life

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i tried the apple pencil in store and idk it feels really slippery drawing on the ipad screen?? did you also feel this or did you get used to it?

it’s probably slippery from the grease of so many people using it LOLOL i plan to wrap mine with some cloth for better grip and protection in case i drop it!!!! the pen is notoriously known for its fragility and i’m probably the worst person for that

it tends to feel slippery to people who’ve never used a cintiq or other direct screen tools because we’re so used to the tougher textures of our tablets which actually cause pen nibs to wear and tear. so in time you’ll get used to it!

phoenixlance  asked:

I wonder if your house can change as you grow older. Like, as you mature and see more of the world, it affects how you act and perceive things. I have always been a Ravenclaw because of loved to read and accumulate knowledge, and I'm incredibly logical and academic. But now I find myself identifying more and more with Slytherin, because while I do accumulate knowledge, it's all in pursuit of my ambitions rather than for the sake of knowledge itself.

when you’re 11, its very difficult for you to separate that sort of thinking. thats what the hat is for, that hat would’ve known that you love knowledge, but for the sake of your ambitions. and it would’ve weighed those accordingly. but it also matters which you think is more important. Just because you’re using knowledge for ambition, doesn’t mean that you’re a better fit for slytherin than ravenclaw. Slytherins are knowledgeable, Ravenclaws are ambitious. One does not cancel out the other and there are more to both houses than just the one thing.

what matters is what you think is more important, what your instinct is, what kind of person you are beyond those. Everyone has a little of every house in them, it’s what /we/ value /most/ ourselves and in other people, that really defines our houses.

please don’t take this the wrong way, but look at Gilderoy Lockhart. Ravenclaw, even though he valued knowledge for attention, what it could get him, where it could take him. He would’ve done well in slytherin, but he was placed in ravenclaw. So take all of these things into account, you’re probably just as much a ravenclaw now as you were then, perhaps you’re just getting a better understanding of why.


Night Drive

- finn wolfhard -

requested by @beepbeeprichtozier

please listen to Night Drive by Jimmy Eat World while reading

both are aged up

• • •

As (y/n) pulls the hotel door shut without a sound, she hears Finn beginning to laugh at what they’re doing behind her.

She turns around, grinning as she grabs his hand. They sprint as quietly as they can down the length of the hallway, only letting their laughter out when they reach the side staircase that leads to the lobby.

The receptionist at the front desk looks after the couple incredulously when they rush out into the late night air.

It’s stupid to rent a car that they’re only going to use for a couple hours, it’s stupid not to tell anyone they’re leaving, it’s stupid to stay up all night when they have to film the next day, but they don’t care.

They run all the way to the car rental lot a couple blocks over, arriving breathless, but excited.

They pay the man inside, who gives them a strange look since it’s eleven o'clock at night, but they just smile and leave.

Finn gets in the driver’s seat, starting up the engine as (y/n) runs around the back of the car to get in the other seat.

“This is so stupid,” she laughs as she closes the door behind her.

“Yep,” Finn responds, but his eyes are dancing and she can tell he’s so, so happy.

He leans over the console to kiss her, being sweet for a moment before turning his head to the side.

She pulls away from him just slightly, letting out light laughter. He stares at her contentedly as she rakes one hand through his hair, kissing his forehead.

“Drive, Finn,” she whispers.

Every window in the car is rolled down, allowing warm air to flow inside car as it zooms down the nearly-empty streets.

Finn takes his eyes off the road for a split second to admire the girl he’s in love with, her hair whirling about around her face, right arm stuck out the window.

“Where to, baby?” he calls over the rush of the wind. When she answers him, he laughs loudly at her response.

A couple minutes later, he pulls into the Dairy Queen drive-thru.

“Whatcha want?” he asks.

She looks over at the menu lazily.

“Seven milkshakes,” she says plainly. 

Without skipping a beat, he turns around, opening his mouth promptly. She realizes what he’s actually doing a second too late.

“Finn!” she hisses, “Don’t you—”

“Hello, what can I get for you?” the drive-thru cashier says.


“Hi, yes, I’d like—”


“Seven chocolate milkshakes for my lovely girlfriend!”

Needless to say, she climbs into the trunk of the car out of embarrassment and stays there until they’re back on the main road.

“You are such a jerk,” she grumbles as she climbs back into the front.

He halts at a stop light and turns to her, trying to hide his beautiful grin, but failing miserably. He kisses her again.

“I love you,” he says when he pulls away.

“I love you too, jerk,” she says, trying to sound annoyed, but not succeeding when she starts drinking the first of her seven milkshakes.

Then the music is on, booming through the stereo and vibrating their seats and they’re dancing and singing in awful voices at the top of their lungs.

The air is warm, making them both feel full as they leave the city, and their responsibilities along with it, behind.

“(y/n) (y/l/n) is the most gorgeous person on this planet!” he screams over the music.

She laughs, feeling her face warm even though they’ve been dating for months.

“Finn Wolfhard is the most beautiful person on this planet!” she yells.

He’s still in the middle of a fit of laughter when he stops the car in the middle of the road. No one is around, there’s not a car in sight, so he leans over and pulls her into yet another kiss, still chuckling.

They’re stupid, but they don’t care.

anonymous asked:

You may have been asked this before and possibly multiple times and if so I wouldd like to apologise in advance if this is one of those questions that automatically sends you into a flying rage; have you read/do you have an opinion on the Percy Jackson book series written by Rick Riordan? If so, what are they?

No question automatically sends me into a flying range except for ‘but didn’t Persephone choose to go to the Underworld?’, and even then it’s only when it’s framed as a GOTCHA!, so don’t worry!

My opinions on the Percy Jackson book series are complicated. I’m actually including them in my PhD research because I think they’re useful in a lot of ways - they’re probably the best known adaptations of Greek myth, perhaps barring the Clash of the Titans films, so they tell us an awful lot about how myth is reinterpreted, why it’s reinterpreted, and what the changes in subsequent retellings mean.

I also think that they’re useful in introducing children to mythology in a way that’s fun and accessible and makes them want to read and learn more about it. They’re kind of like the gateway drug to the world of Ovid.

There are things I’m not quite so keen on, of course. As a Medusa fan, I don’t love the direction that the series went with her character; it’s a bit easy. I think there’s quite a lot of examples within the series of myths being boiled down to their barest bones and put back together in a way that distorts the stories so much that they barely bear any resemblance to the myth itself (barest barely bear), which can be frustrating when people take that as canon, but also makes complete sense because they’re novels, not textbooks. I don’t think it’s a failing so much as something to be aware of.

I guess my opinion can be broadly summed up as ‘I think they’re useful for a lot of reasons, but also I didn’t read them as a kid and there was a reason for that’.

miramais99tigers  asked:

Sami!!!! Your tutorial was amazing! I was wondering: when you do that adjusty thingy where you resize sections individually how do you do that???

i think this is what you’re asking? i use the lasso tool to select stuff and ctrl+t to transform and move it around

(hit enter then ctrl+D to deselect)

idk if it’s just me, but i’m so interested in how billy does his hair, and i just wanna know whether he scrunches his hair with the towel after he gets outta the shower, uses a little mousse or gel to make sure they’re defined. definitely uses the hairspray to make sure they stick without falling. but damnit, imagine billy using the blowdryer and a diffuser to make sure it ain’t frizzy.

even better though, billy and steve getting ready in the morning. they both have their process, them just moving around one another to get to their products, getting ready for the day in silence but smiling at one another through the mirror. steve tugging on a loose, dry curl until billy bats steve’s hand away.

ultron vc: that’s a wonderful world u have there,,,, it’d be a shame if anything were to,, happen to it,,, :^)