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“My child went through a lot of mental hardship when he was in Korea. My older kid is small and short, so he was ignored a lot growing up, unlike my younger kid. No matter what he did, nobody treated him right, so he finally decided to emigrate to Australia. A little while ago, when I went to go see him in Australia, there was someone in work clothes coming out of a house with a huge yard. So, I thought it was someone who was working there, but I was told the person was the owner of the house. It was interesting. They treat their skilled workers very well, not just people with professional jobs. I think my son likes that part. And my son likes it there, because they only hear “I’m sorry” from their boss in Korea, but over there, people get paid for their labor even if they work a half hour extra. Right now, it’s the middle of summer there, because they’re opposite from us. But, it’s not just the weather that’s opposite—I think the way they treat workers is also opposite from us.”

“우리 아이가 한국에 있을 때 마음고생을 많이 했어요. 작은 애랑 다르게 큰 애는 키가 작고 왜소해서 무시를 많이 당했거든요. 무슨 일을 해도 제대로 대우를 못 받으니까 결국 호주로 이민을 갔어요. 얼마 전에 우리 아들 보러 호주에 갔을 때, 잔디가 있는 큰 집에서 누가 나오는데 작업복을 입고 나와요. 그래서 일하는 사람이 들어갔다 나오겠거니 했는데, 그 사람이 집주인이래요. 신기하더라고요. 소위 ‘사’자 들어가는 직업을 가진 사람들한테만 그런게 아니라 기술을 가진 사람한테는 대우가 좋다는 거예요. 그걸 아들이 좋아하나봐요. 그리고 한국 사람은 한 시간 일을 더 해줘도 그냥 ‘미안해’ 이 소리만 하고 마는데, 거기 사람들은 30분을 더해도 노력의 대가를 주기 때문에 맘에 든다고 하더라고요. 거기는 지금 날씨가 한 여름이잖아요, 우리하고 위치가 정 반대니까. 근데 날씨만 반대가 아니라 일하는 사람을 대우하는 방식 자체가 반대인 것 같아요.”

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Can you write a fic where Jughead breaks up with Betty (because he's not good enough for her or because of his family problems or something) and Betty is heartbroken and won't leave her house and her friends try and make her feel better but she won't?

A/N This has a slight twist to it but I hope you like it!


“This just isn’t working,” Jughead said stiffly, standing in Betty’s bedroom with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“What isn’t working?” Betty asked cautiously. “Us? We’re not working?” Betty said shakily. “I- I thought you were happy. I thought we were happy.” Panic was rising up inside of her.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead said shortly, shoving his hands deeper into his pockets.

“That’s not an answer, Jughead. Please, don’t do this.” Betty pleaded.

“I told you, Betty, it’s not working.” Jughead said coldly. “What else do I have to say?”

“Tell me why it’s not working!” Betty bit angrily. “Tell me!”

Jughead shook his head slowly, looking down at his shoes. He didn’t say a word.

“What is it?” Betty spat, trying to keep the tears that welled in her eyes from spilling over. “Am I not smart enough? Not pretty enough for you? What is it, Jughead? Why aren’t you happy anymore?” Betty’s voice broke. “Am I not good enough?”

Betty’s chin shook, tears spilling over.

Jughead took a deep breath, finding a spot on Betty’s face to look at that wasn’t her eyes. He couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“I just don’t love you any more.” Jughead muttered, then took a step back toward the door.

“Then leave,” Betty whispered. She could feel her legs wobbling underneath her, struggling to hold her up.

She refused to fall apart until he left.

“Leave!” She cried. She stared at him, willing him to look at her one last time.

“Betty…” Jughead murmured. He didn’t take a step forward, didn’t reach out to her, didn’t look her in the eye.

She waited a moment for him to continue his thought. He didn’t say a thing.

“Get out!” She growled. She bit down on the inside of her cheek.

Jughead sighed and turned away from her, leaving her bedroom.

Betty stood there, staring at the spot Jughead left until the door closed. She slowly dropped to her knees, a rush of tears flowing out of her. She felt like the air deflated out of her lungs, as if someone had punched her - or hit her with a bus.

She wrapped her arms tightly around her knees, as if that would hold her together. Silent sobs wracked her body.

She sat there as the sun set, casting her room in darkness. She sat in the same position, gently rocking herself, arms tight around her legs, tears pouring down her face. She felt as if her world would never be the same, felt utterly empty.

Betty knew she had to move. She had been sitting there for hours.

Get up.

She couldn’t make her limbs move.

She unwrapped her arms from her knees, feeling stiff but it was nothing compared to the emptiness inside her. Slowly, she got to her feet and faltered to the light switch, flicking it off.

She stumbled into her bed, relishing in the darkness of her room, and covered herself completely with her heavy duvet.

Several times throughout the evening, Alice tried to rouse Betty. At first, she was angry, telling Betty she could’ve just lie there. It was barely night time. She told her to come down for dinner, do her homework, do her chores.

When Betty didn’t answer, didn’t even move, Alice began to worry. She asked her if she was alright, asked her if she needed to talk about anything, sat beside her and brushed back her hair.

Betty didn’t stir once. She wasn’t sleeping, her eyes weren’t closed. She was staring at the wall in her bedroom, ‘I just don’t love you anymore’ playing over and over in her mind.

“Betty, are you up? Veronica is here to see you.” Her mother said later.

“B?” She heard from behind her. She felt a weight on her side.

Veronica sat on the bed and placed a hand on Betty. “Talk to me? What happened?”

Betty stayed facing the wall, silent tears tracking down her face.

“Your mom’s gone,” Veronica murmured.

Betty slowly turned to face Veronica, tears streaming down her cheeks faster and faster.

“He dumped me, Ronnie. He dumped me and I feel like I can’t breathe without him,” Betty cried, balling the sheets up around her. “It’s like his mouth burned my skin every place he touched me and now that’s all I can feel. He promised me forever, Veronica. He doesn’t love me any more.” Betty hiccuped.

Veronica embraced her, wrapping her arms around Betty, smoothing her hair. “I’m so sorry, B. I’m here.” Veronica rocked her slowly.

“He’s all I can think about, all I can see when I close my eyes. I can’t breathe, Veronica, I can’t -” Her voice broke, tears streaming down her face.

Veronica pulled her closer. “Betty, wake up.” She murmured in her ear.

“What?” Betty choked out.

“Wake up,” Veronica’s voice distorted.

“Betty wake up!”


Her eyes snapped open.

Her bedroom was dim around her, her door closed. Tears stained her cheeks and pillows. Jughead was standing above her looking concerned.

“Jug?” Betty sobbed.

“Hey, shh, I’m here.” He said as he knelt towards her, smoothing her hair out of her face. “What happened? I climbed up the ladder to invite you to the Andrews’ for dinner and saw you trashing around in your bed.” He smoothed her hair back once again. “Hey, what’s with the tears?”

“I -” Betty breathed deeply. “You mean we’re okay? It felt so real.” Another tear rolled down Betty’s cheek.

“Of course we’re okay, Bets.” Jughead climbed in beside Betty, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. “We are so much more than okay.” He swiped a tear off Betty’s cheek. “What happened?”

“I took a nap after school, all this homework and The Blue and Gold are wearing me out, I guess. And I had the worst dream ever. You broke up with me and I just couldn’t - a-and-” Betty shook her head. “It felt so real.”

Jughead held her closer. “It wasn’t, Bets, that would never happen.”

He laid down, pulling Betty’s head onto his chest. He rubbed her back with one hand, entwining the fingers of his other hand with her hers.

“It was just a dream.”

the other day i was hanging out w/ my uncle and i mentioned i had pet rats and his immediate response was “they’re just food, i used to get them for my snake.” so im like??? “they actually have a lot of personality, theyre super sweet and are basically like little weird puppies, i love mine 2 bits” to which he responded “nah theyre all just food” and then proceeded 2 graphically describe how he used to kill rats to give to his snake, which included drowning them, suffocating them, and bashing them against the concrete. this is a reoccurring theme ive noticed that happens when i talk abt my rats. people are immediately like “ew thats so gross id just kill them” AND IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH BC!!! YR TALKING ABOUT MY FUCKING PETS!!! MY LITTLE BABIES THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!  u wouldnt talk abt killing someones fucking dog or cat!! so dont fucking pull that shit with anyones animals no matter what they are!!!! its no different!!!!! 

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cap!steve/modern!bucky fic recs archiveofourown*org/works/9215399/chapters/20901305 and archiveofourown*org/works/7908166/chapters/18066439


This Side by brideofquiet

Bucky Barnes restores antiques for a living. Steve Rogers saves the world. Bucky has no reason to believe their paths will ever cross, right up until they do.

Or: the Notting Hill AU.

Matchmaking by Nori

“Look, that was not my fault,” says a deep voice, crackling over the mic. Bucky jumps and clutches at his chest, heart pounding.

“Holy shit, you’re using the in game chat?” Bucky croaks. No one uses Destiny’s in game chat.

Above: Kara Zor-El’s Kryptinceañera

The Chronological Superman 1962: 

The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, as they say, and the Silver Age isn’t much different. The most inventive era of Superman’s history since his debut will still be around for a few years, but some of the sense of experimentation is beginning to fade. With many of the stories being rewritten from plots previously used in the books anywhere from a couple of years to a decade earlier, and those stories being re-used in the daily and Sunday newspaper strips, Superman’s universe begins to become a little repetitive.

Not that there aren’t still notable events. Supergirl, for instance, is officially introduced to the world in Action Comics vol.1 No.285 (Feb 1962), launching her career as a full-fledged crimefighter. The additional responsibility still leaves her plenty of time to play Cupid for her bachelor cousin, introducing him to romantic superheroine Luma Lynai in Action Comics vol.1 No.289 (Jun 1962).

Supergirl also picks up an additional super-pet – Comet the Super-Horse – in Action Comics vol.1 No.292 (Sep 1962), with Comet’s confusing origin explained in Action Comics vol.1 No.293 (Oct 1962). Thing is, however, Super-Horse actually debuts a few months earlier in a ‘sneak peek’ in Adventure Comics vol. No.293 (Feb 1962) alongside the newly introduced Legion of Super-Pets. Whizzy, 30th century descendant of Streaky the Supercat, gets a proper, chronologically apt introduction in Action Comics vol.1 No.287 (Apr 1962) and then disappears. Surely he and Streaky would’ve been tripping all over each other in 30th Century Legion of Super-Pets meetings…

A new breed of Kryptonite is also teased before its debut, this time being power-sapping Gold Kryptonite, introduced in an imaginary story in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.299 (Aug 1962). The captions assure the readers that Superman will soon encounter the Gold K in real life (which happens when Phantom Zone prisoner Quex-Ul appears in Superman vol.1 No.157, Nov 1962).

Not much comes along in the way of new villains, per se, but the Superman Revenge Squad debuts in Action Comics vol.1 No.286 (Mar 1962), a few months after the Superboy Revenge Squad debuts in Superboy vol.1 No.94 (Jan 1962).

The Legion of Super-Heroes graduates to it own feature in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.300 (Sept 1962), and new member Ultra Boy proves his worth in Superboy vol.1 No.98 (Jul 1962)

Speaking of joining, The Atom joins the JLA in Justice League of America vol.1 No.14 (Sep 1962). This puts the team’s roster at nine, not counting Snapper Carr, which decreases the small amount of space already left to Superman and his crimefighting pal Batman.

There are a couple of celebrity appearances – Antonino Rocca appears in Superman vol.1 No.155 (Aug 1962) and Boris Karloff in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No. 64 (Oct 1962). Superboy enjoys some imaginary stories in his book, but they’re still largely the purview of Lois Lane, who marries Lex Luthor in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.34 (July 1962) – producing the intergalactic juvenile delinquent Larry Luthor! Lana gets another imaginary story all her own, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.36 (Oct 1962) during which she meets and marries Superman III, the grandson of Superman and Lois Lane. That must seem weird.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No. 64 (Oct 1962) shows Jimmy in what I’d say was his third most-famous transformation, Porcupine Boy, and there’s a great narrative arc in Action Comics wherein Superman must defend Luthor from the righteous justice of an alien world. More on that later. The true standout of this year, however, is the story appearing in Superman vol.1 No.156 (Oct 1962) The Last Days of Superman!

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any tips for a first time dabber?

if you’re using quartz (like a banger) low temp that shit - heat it red hot, and depending on how thick the glass is, give it like between 25 seconds and a minute (i temp mine by hand too - like if i can put the back of my hand near the nail and it feels like it’s gonna melt my skin off, it’s not ready yet) and have a carb cap - your silicone container might not be the safest bet, but many people use these if they don’t have a glass cap available - that’s how you get those dabs where you drop and lift the cap 4 times and you’re still pulling smoke

qtip your banger after your low temps! it helps to avoid the black crusty leftovers (which you can burn off, but eventually the glass will get really cloudy this way and dabs won’t taste as well)

take a small dab before you try taking a big one - no use in trying to overdo it and end up hurting yourself / getting sick / wasting your concentrates before you know how strong they are and how hard they’ll hit you

That’s pretty much it for me - I’m not on that elitist stoner shit and I could personally care less if you choose to low temp or qtip or any of that - just smoke and enjoy it ya know? but these are the general rules that I follow when I take my dabs!

Happy dabbing nonnypants :)

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god, thank you for your posts about Jyn. i'm a feminist killjoy but the attitude on tumblr is "you're not a real feminist if you like Jyn because there's nothing revolutionary about a white woman." and i'm like.... that's the dumbest argument i've ever heard. apparently we're not allowed to enjoy or appreciate characters for what they are, we can only enjoy them if they're 'revolutionary.' also, how many of these same folks would have loved Jyn if she were a white dude instead?? /anon mini-rant

YASSSS like i’m fully aware w lucaasfilm’s issues and casting of white women only and it does need to stop! but like when they’re using that excuse only on jyn but it’s not mentioned with rey, padme, or leia, it seems a bit hypocritical (NOT THAT I WANT PEOPLE TO HATE THOSE CHARACTERS EITHER JFC)

but i agree, i feel like if jyn was a dude they’d just accept him as cOMplICATEd and OH MY GOD that DEVELOPMENT!! u know. it seems a bit shady to me.

like no one is saying she’s revolutionary or life-changing but people are allowed to like her and her story and GASP! at the same time as the wonderful poc cast in rogue one as well. it’s not mutually exclusive. haha

it just seems like a weird, strange way to get the most ~*woke points~* in the sw fandom like wtf let me enjoy my dead children in peace

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any sneak peeks to share sil vous plait???

“You must be used to outthinking everybody on the battlefield, huh? I could tell you were getting annoyed when I caught onto your moves.”

“Took you long enough. You’re clearly used to overpowering everyone you come in contact with. That seaweed brain of yours must’ve enjoyed the workout.”

“Seaweed brain?” A chucked accompanied Percy’s smile this time, and the warmth that spread through Annabeth’s chest had nothing to do with the sun. “Can’t say I’ve ever been called that before…”

it’s not a percabeth au if you can’t somehow fit one of their nicknames in there


I don’t really know what people generally call this method of sigil making, so I’m just calling it “Letter Shaping” because you’re using the basic shapes from certain letters.
This is the most common form of sigil making, and it allows the most creative influence. As you see above the sigils are for nearly the same thing, yet the sigils came out completely different. Not because the purpose was different, but because I approached them both a different creative way, and that’s what I like so much about this method. There’s a lot of freedom and personalization involved.

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How do I overcome internalized homophobia?

its not gonna happen overnight, and thats fine. for a lot of us, we’re still going through un-internalizing it.

it takes a LOT to do so, but id say start of little by little with the idea of normalizing being gay in your head. especially towards yourself.

best of luck to you!

For my lovelies who are waiting patiently for me to update more often, have a drawing meanwhile of Baden with her smol cow breed called the Hinterwälder Rind. It originated in the Southern Black Forest and is relatively small: 120 cm (3'9 ft) to 135 cm (4'4 ft) a max, it’s the smallest middle European cow breed.
It’s also very robust, long lively, gentle, vital and can survives on only herbs, twigs and bork where other cow breeds would starve. For this diet their milk is rich in fat and nutrients and perfect for cheese making and their meat is considered gourmet.

They’re an endangered domestic breed and are mainly used in the Black forest and other alpine regions like in Switzerland. In the black forest they’re used to maintain the landscape in difficult areas to reach or in nature conservation areas as they produce little to no damage.

They’re Germany’s long livingliest breed, it is no rarity that a cow can reach up to 18 years of age

Please appreciate my love for these cows and the love Baden has for those cows ♡♡♡

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zora's domain is so isolated from the rest of the world that very few outsiders come there, making social interactions with other races awkward because zora's just don't understand. they're so used to being so connected with each other that they don't understand why they can't connect with other people. why can't i be this close? why don't you want me touch you? why can't i ask you these personal questions? they are the ultimate "in your space" strangers

Yooo this is awesome! 

Zoras don’t understand why everyone keeps backing away from then when they are literally towering over the tiny Hylians. The giant sharks just want to be your friend, don’t even worry about it