re uploading in a better quality i think

Quartet Night Live Evolution 2017

I live in Japan so i got my copy of Quartet Night solo concert live dvd a day faster than release date. And i’m willing to share it, with some conditions:

  • Promise me NOT TO REUPLOAD IT anywhere ;u; also i don’t mind personal use but please don’t spread the links without going through this post and me ;u; i’ll be deleting the link if i found anyone spreading it without permission (yeah i’m dead serious) ;;
  • So far i’ve only ripped the concert part (tho i’ll probs, in few days, update it with making and commentary vids) 
  • Please note that it’s a quick dvd rip instead of blu-ray so the quality isn’t good! (I think it’s watchable tho)
  • It’s more or less just for people who’re dying to watch it faster (like me) since others would probably upload it with better quality somewhere soon
  • Update: I received TONS of message so it will take time for me to reply everything, please be patient ;u; i also have life to take care of!

If you are okay with those conditions, drop me a private message and i’ll send you the link! (No anon please ;; I want to know who used my links)

(Also i’m thinking of deleting my reports of QN solo con once dvd/bd spreads online since it’s only based on my vague memory and i don’t want to confuse people if there’s part different from what it’s supposed to)

Hey Folks,
First of all, I am extremely honored and happy you are here and following my artwork. Thank you for that!
Recently I have noticed some “nice” people massively stealing my artworks (mainly The Witcher artworks) and they try to sell them. On Facebook “ The Witcher Fans” posting my artworks without any credits or links and even try to trick people to sell some prints, T-Shirts. However I upload every piece of my art in low res so they are not suitable for good quality printing on any level. (You can`t just make res higher, the picture won`t be better quality, it is just going to be bigger.) Because of these events from now on, sadly, I will put watermarks on the middle of my artworks.
I don’t think my artworks are that so special and I don’t hold them as Gollum the One Ring but I fed up some people does not even bother to give credit. What really bunks me is I put hard work, sweat and tears (as every artist, I am no special in that regard as well) and some petty thieves thinks, oh this looks cool, let`s steal it who cares? If you go for shopping you won’t say, oh that is my favourite chocolate let`s steal it (I know, some people do that, but they usually get caught and punished).
Please if you have any respect for artists, don`t steal and always give appropriate credits.
I am sorry if I cause any inconvenience with watermarks. I hope you will stay with me and will enjoy my artworks.

Thank you and best wishes,


“I’m Sorry”

YonduWeek Day 6: Things Left Unsaid

Bit of a depressing one for this day, basically I was trying to capture the guilt Yondu must have felt when he realised what had been the fate of all the children he had brought to Ego. So much so that maybe that was what compelled him to raise Peter instead of just giving him to some random family.

Ugh, first time trying to draw space, operative word ‘trying’, but I do like how Yondu and the children’s hands turned out. Hope y’all enjoy it :)

EDIT: Re-uploading for better quality, I can’t draw space, but I can sorta paint it. While re-doing the hands, I decided to forgo the outlines cause it think it gives them a more ethereal look :)


» skywalker & solo family tribute | I could tell your eyes; TFA spoilers.


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THIS BEAUTIFUL, HEARTBREAKING, FUCKED UP FAMILY WILL BE MY UNDOING *ugly sobbing forever* Okay so this video I was actually thinking of discarding and never uploading because I just hate the quality so bad. Like, I hate it. But I just couldn’t wait or resist vidding this heartbreaking family because I had a lot of Skywalker/Solo family feels at the moment and it’s my own personal way of venting out my feels. So this happened. So after it was done rendering I kept seeing so many small mistakes like at 1:05 where it cuts off some of Anakin’s head and some of the OT quality was crappy because I used the wrong footage (my non-HD version) and blah boring stuff like that that really bugs me, but hopefully doesn’t bother you much *crosses fingers* I might still end up deleting this, I don’t know… But it was actually my mom who suggested I upload it because I asked her for her opinion on this video because I was very close at discarding/giving up with it, but she’s like, “NO, Cailey, you must upload it!” So I did. So hopefully, despite it’s flaws, you guys still enjoy it! Please let me know what you think in the comments! :D

Also, once the HD version of TFA comes out I WILL definitely be re-making this because then I can fix my mistakes that are bothering me AND use the better quality;D But anyways, back to the Skywalker/Solo’s THIS FAMILY FUCKED ME UP SO MUCH LIKE UGH THEY CAN NEVER GET A BREAK AND BE HAPPY! It’s always heartbreak and sadness, and I just love them all SOO much and want them to be happy but it’s like fate never allows it to happen… Seriously, this family is cursed. Bless the next person who marries into it because god they will need it. At the end of the video I wanted to show all the deaths that have taken place in this family so far and how heartbreaking it is because death keeps on taking them away from each other and UGH THIS FAMILY IS JUST PURE PAIN