re upload because there was a typo in the last one

My exact fic writing process: 

  1. Have a brilliant idea–OMG, the best idea EVER guys–at a time when I will be unable to do any writing for at least two days.
  2. Eagerly think about brilliant fic idea in the shower, in the car, and in work-type situations when I should really be paying attention to others. Ideas flow like water. So many ideas. All brilliant. 
  3. Slowly die inside, waiting to get some free writing time on the computer. Send incomprehensible email strings of ideas to self as the fic tries to gnaw its way out of me from the inside by force.
  4. Finally get writing time, transfer all notes out of email and various other stupid places. Struggle to decipher and order notes.
  5. Stare in despair at the resulting jumble of fragments (eg: “Logan back in FRS? Dick/Cheese convo. Vs PIV.” <– Actual note from my current WIP)
  6. Write two paragraphs. All suck. 
  7. I hate my brilliant idea. I have no idea how any of this is going to work. I can’t decide what to write. 
  8. Decide I can’t possibly continue writing without doing research on something super critical to the story (eg: Exactly which subway line would V take to get from Prospect Park to Columbia and what times would it run. Because, important)
  9. Fall into research vortex. Tumblr post! 
  10. Edit the first segment written.
  11. Waste days–weeks!–alternating between pointless research, writing 1 - 2 paragraph segments, and re-editing the first segment written.
  12. Figure out the “end note” for the fic. Brief flood of creativity. Write half of the fic. I’m sure the finish line is within sight!
  13. Edit what I’ve written.
  14. Everything I’ve written sucks. People are going to hate this. It doesn’t even make sense any more. 
  15. Write. Flail. Write. Flail. Flail. Write. 
  16. Edit what I’ve written. 
  17. Upload to Google Docs to see what the whole thing looks like out of MS Word. 
  18. The whole thing sucks. 
  19. Write. Flail. 
  20. Edit what I’ve written.
  21. Write. Flail. Feel deep disgust at self. 
  22. Wake up determined to FINISH THIS DAMN THING TODAY OR DIE!
  23. Finish the last three scenes; inevitably the most crucial ones in the entire fic that I’ve been saving because I really want to concentrate on them and do a good job. Now they will be written under bitter duress just so that I can be. done. 
  24. Edit the whole damn thing again, including the first section, which is now the most heavily edited piece of writing IN THE WORLD. Die.
  25. Around 8pm, close computer, determined to let it rest for a night so that I can tackle it with fresh eyes in the morning. 
  26. Around 8:30pm, re-open computer and start to upload to AO3 because fuck it, I just want this thing off my desk. 
  27. Paste giant wall of text into AO3. Begin to delete extraneous spaces between every freaking paragraph. 
  28. %$^&# hate so much. 
  29. Hate. 
  30. Click “post." 
  31. Immediately refresh and re-read. Spot three typos right off the bat, frantically fix. 
  32. Refresh. 
  33. Refresh again. 
  34. Refresh again. Okay, hits are climbing, but no feed back. Keep calm. 
  35. Refresh again. What if this really does suck? I should have taken more time to write that one section. 
  36. Refresh again. Still no feedback. Throw legs over the back of the couch and softly sing "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms,” to self. 
  37. Refresh again. WooHoo! A kudos! 
  38. Head to bed (I always post at night, why always at night?). Leave ipad behind, determined not to check for comments. Will get a good night’s sleep like the virtuous person I am. 
  39. Five minutes later, husband is asleep. Quietly sneak back into living room and grab ipad. 
  40. Refresh. 
  41. Comments! Nice comments! Happy bombs exploding in chest. BIIIIIG grin. 
  42. Okay, someone likes this. I can go to sleep now. 
  43. Bask for one day in the glow of a successfully completed fic. Flail around attempting to respond articulately to comments. 
  44. Wake up the next morning; OMG, I have the best idea EVER for a new fic guys. It’s so brilliant.