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oh, you know what else? tsukiyama, nishiki and banjou are eventually going to hear things exploding in the distance, and they’re going to turn around and see kaneki destroying the city.

I’m really, really curious about tsukiyama’s reaction >.>; 

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Jopper "please don't touch the human remains!"

(TW: death, gore, violence, accident)

Joyce was perched on the corner of Jim’s desk, legs crossed and the top one swinging. “You’re turning down a cup of coffee at the diner?” She asked, just a little bit hurt.

“I can’t right now Joycie, I got work to do.”

“And since when have you had actual work to do since we got Will back?”

He stopped rifling through the paperwork in his side drawer and swiveled his chair in her direction.

“There’s been an accident.” Her eyes widened. “You think it was the mon-” he gave her a serious look with his pointer finger pressed over his lips. “No. Car versus train. Chrissy Carpenter.”

“Are you going to see the crime scene? I’m going with you!” He glared at her. “No, you’re not.”

After much debate and, as per usual, Hopper giving in, he and Joyce pulled up near the train tracks. They met with Cal just outside the taped off scene.

Cal looked a little green around the gills with his eyes trained on the ground. “Chief, you knew Chrissy pretty well, didn’t you?” He asked. “It’s pretty gruesome.”

Joyce looked up into Hopper’s face, readying for whatever emotion might rise up in him. It was no secret that he and Chrissy had briefly rekindled their high school fling about two years ago. True to their form, things ended nasty again. She’d barely spoken to him since.

Jim’s face went taunt but unreadable of any recognizable emotion. It occurred to Joyce that was probably a look he had developed as a big city cop, schooling his emotions. “Stay here.” He told Joyce, knowing very well she wouldn’t listen.

Jim strode past Powell interviewing the conductor of the train. He caught only a clip of the conversation. “I think the car was inoperable, the lights were off. And the car is black and it was so dark. I just didn’t see her in time.” He said sadly.

Jim walked past with big strides, causing Joyce to nearly have to run to keep up with his pace. He stopped just outside the crumpled up Chevy.

Chrissy lay face down half in and half out of the car, her badly damaged arms splayed out on the gravel in a pool of blood. Her once beautiful blonde hair was barely recognizable in the blood and her face…her face was unrecognizable. Chunks of viscera down the tracks made it evident the train had skidded her car forward, scraping her downcast face across the tracks.

Jim turned away, clamping his eyes shut tight before he started walking away. When he realized Joyce wasn’t behind him he wheeled around to see her over the body. “Joyce, the fuck? Please don’t touch the human remains!”

He realized she had been attempting to pull Chrissy’s dress down. In the violence of the accident, it had draped up around Chrissy’s waist and exposed her.

“Joyce the scene hasn’t been photographed. I mean we know what happened but we still have to do an investigation-”

“Really? What difference does her dress arrangement mean? I would hope that if I died tomorrow and ended up with my business out in the world, you would do the right thing and cover me up. Afford the poor woman some modesty in death. With all you men about-”

He swallowed hard. “Alright, alright. I see your point. Carry on.”

Joyce steeled herself and stepped around the gore. Ever scenario from every horror movie she had ever seen involving a dead body moving ran through her mind. She managed to find a scrap of fabric that wasn’t bloody and yanked the dress down. She then jumped back and ran from the body to Hopper. She caught him unprepared and nearly tackled him over when she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He kept walking, leading her a good distance from the wreck before he leaned against a tree and pulled her against his chest. “I tried to tell you not to come.” She buried her face in his chest. “I came for you, I thought I could be of some comfort. I didn’t know it would be this…gory. You deal with this kind of stuff much?” She asked, looking up his chest and into his face.

“A good bit in Indianapolis. But it’s always harder when it’s someone you know. Especially…intimately.” Her grip tightened on his waist. “That was a pretty noble thing you did, Joyce. You and Chrissy never were exactly friendly.”

“I would have done it for anyone. And she was okay, I just didn’t like who she dated back in high school.” She teased darkly, patting Hop’s lower back.

“You always were the jealous type.” He said, giving a light chuckle. “Tell Cal to give you a ride back to your car. He needs some air anyway. We’re going to be here a while.”

“Are you going to be okay?” She asked, looking back up into his face. “Believe it or not, I’ve seen worse.” He said, a jaded tint to his voice. He bent low to brush his lips against her hair. “I’ll be okay.”

She buried her face in his chest one more time. “Stay with me tonight. I’ll keep the whiskey cold for you.” He nodded. “Give me something to look forward to.” He kissed her hair again. “Go home, Joycie. This is no place for you.” She nodded and squeezed him one more time before she turned and walked back to Callahan.

October 25th, 9pm EST / 6pm PST
Green Goobbue Tavern

Goblet, Ward 12, Plot 6 (Basement)

Join us, if you dare…
For an All Saints’ Wake scare!

We’re turning down the lights and turning up the fright for a spooktacular All Saints’ Wake party!

Stop in and try one of our new holiday themed drinks:
The Melting Pumpkin, Sundered Skull, Rotten Treant or Grody Bogy, all brewed by our lovely Xilastae!
(If you’re feeling adventurous, try them all!)

Get your treats at the door:
Guests will receive a holiday themed treat bag full of wonderful goodies - save your tricks for the ghosts and ghouls!

Show us your best costumes:
Take the stage and strut your stuff for our judges! Contestants will be judged on Creativity, Execution, and Presentation, so give us your best! There are great prizes to be had!
(Contest will begin promptly at 10pm EST. Make sure to be there early to register with Xilastae or Syerra! The prize list will be published separately, so keep watching!)

Mingle while listening to spooky tunes:
As always, Goobbue Radio will be up and running for maximum immersion! After the costume contest, we’ll open up the DJ booth for guests to share their favorite tunes!

Mark your calendars and join us for the boos and booze!
And, as always… For the Greater Goobbue!


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


“She′s gone.”

u kno when u keysmash but the jumble of letters dont convery the right Feeling so u gotta backspace and re-keysmash to turn ur HKELSXPXA to a JKFSDKAS

Look everyone’s been too polite to say so but “anti” in its current usage is just a repackaged way to complain about “The SJWs” now that everyone rightfully rolls their eyes at grown adults who complain about SJWs, and “SJWs” was just a repackaged way to complain about “PC Police.” It’s literally all the exact same fucking thing. In three years everybody’s gonna be making fun of the people who get all worked up about “Antis” and then they’re gonna turn around and complain about how those mean Goodzos (or whatever new word they make up for normal people) are ruining fandom by virtue signaling and sending death threats (even though it’s obvious to absolutely everyone that “I’m being sent death threats by SJWs” is literally always a lie). Like it isn’t slick. Complaining about Antis is just complaining about “Political Correctness” with a new name, and youse all are just anti-SJ blogs who’ve somehow found a way to pretend you aren’t anti-SJ blogs


lost seasons ♥ season 3, let me ask you something, jack. why do you wanna leave the island? what is it that you so desperately want to get back to? you have no one. your father’s dead, your wife left you, moved on with another man. can you just not wait to get back to the hospital? get back to fixing things?

Shiver (One Shot)

A/N: I got this idea from a scene in Twilight (if you’re a fan, you’ll know which scene lol) and I wanted to put my own sexy twist on it with Bucky. I hope you guys like it! - D. 

Shiver: After a mission goes bad, Reader and Bucky are forced to take shelter during a snowy night. What happens when you show symptoms of hypothermia? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Graphic details of sex. Swearing. Extremely NSFW. There’s also sex gifs used. (If you’re not comfortable with any of these, keep scrolling.) 

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ADHD Awareness

What is ADHD? - It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect anyone, no matter your age or gender. 

ADHD is not just being hyperactive- it is actually broken down into three parts

Hyperactive -  This can include, fidgeting, talking too much/out of turn, you’re often “on the go”, running or climbing at inappropriate times, impulse decisions etc.

Inattentive - This can include, not paying attention to detail, making careless mistakes, being distracted and forgetful, not being able to understand or follow instructions, impulse decisions etc

Combined Type - This type is one of the more common types, it’s a combination of both the hyperactive and inattentive types

ADHD can affect memory, and can cause poor emotional control, this is especially common with the inattentive type. 

What is RSD? - Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is extremely common with ADHD. It causes us to have unexplained and often irrational emotions (angry, depressed, etc) when we feel misunderstood or rejected. It typically happens instantly. For example: A close friend or relative asks you to stop clicking your pen, and you start uncontrollably crying right after they ask you to stop. These feelings are often incredibly intense, debilitating, and painful

Medication - Many people may be put on medication for their ADHD. It may help, or it might not. Medication is not for everyone. Some people find that fidgeting or stimming helps more, and others find that therapy appointments are more beneficial

ADHD affects your school performance, your overall mental health, relationships with others, and so much more. ADHD is not just about being hyperactive. ADHD is real and valid.


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