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things im tired of:

  • the evil stepmom trope
  • the im not like other girls because i don’t like skirts, makeup or fro-yo trope
  • any trope that makes girls who like fashion and make-up seem stuck up, stupid, slutty and mean
  • the popular girl wants to socially destroy anyone who tries to get in between her and popularity trope
  • the i hang out with guys because it’s less drama than girls trope
  • the we’re best friends but im the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with because i was jealous of you’re relationship trope
  • literally any trope that has girls hate each other for NO REASON other than to portray all girls as jealous, petty and catty instead of portraying girls having each others backs and protecting each other

The Avalon is far more than an elaborate backdrop. “This spacecraft needed to become the third character,” says production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas. A lot of iconic sci-fi vessels, Dyas says, rely on the same basic design tropes; they’re either monolithic, like an Imperial Star Destroyer, or circular, like ships in Close Encounters and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

READ MORE: The ‘Passengers’ elegant starship is almost as pretty as its stars.

Very often, when I see a post headcanoning a character from an American cartoon as autistic, it includes a list of physical mannerisms displayed by that character that the post’s author regards as characteristic of autistic folks.

I’m frequently struck by the fact that the identified mannerisms probably aren’t meant to be characteristic; they’re just standard visual tropes for how American cartoon characters express themselves, developed to compensate for the fact that subtleties of body language don’t come across well in the bouncy, big-faced, rubber-limbed style of American cartooning. You’d be harder-pressed to find a character who doesn’t exhibit some or all of them!

Rather than suggest that people are reading too much into it, however, I’m inclined to look at it from the other direction: why is it that many autistic folks find the visual language of self-expression in American cartooning so familiar? What is it about the medium’s roots that caused those particular mannerisms of self-expression to be so deeply embedded in its idiom?

A writing/reading ask meme!
  • 1: Do you/would you like to write professionally?
  • 2: Which author has influenced you the most?
  • 3: Any guilty pleasures (books/fics)?
  • 4: What’s better (or the least bad): character over plot or plot over character?
  • 5: Do you think stories can change lives? Is there a story that has changed yours?
  • 6: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing?
  • 7: Do you listen to music while you write/read?
  • 8: Favorite quotes?
  • 9: If you could wish for a new book from any author, who would it be?
  • 10: What’s your favorite trope?
  • 11: What’s your (least) favorite overused trope?
  • 12: Which trope would you absolutely abolish?
  • 13: Are there any tropes you’re embarrassed for enjoying?
  • 14: Do you have a go-to AU?
  • 15: What kind of character do you wish you saw portrayed more often?
  • 16: What’s more frustrating: plotholes or OOC characters?
  • 17: What’s more draining: writing smut, fluff or angst?
  • 18: Are you a ‘neatly designed outline’ writer or a ‘fuck it i’ll figure it out as i go’ writer?
  • 19: Do you think major character deaths are ever necessary?
  • 20: If you could ‘unkill’ any character from any story, who would it be?
  • 21: Would you like to write an alternative ending for any of your favorite shows/books/etc?
  • 22: Are you more likely to be the person who starts reading a 100k slow burn fic at midnight or the person who starts writing a drabble at 4 a.m.?
  • pick just one:
  • 23: fluff or angst?
  • 24: fantasy or sci-fi?
  • 25: fake dating AU or inpromptu babysitting AU?
  • 26: road trip AU or high school AU?
  • 27: coffee shop AU or florist AU?
  • 28: stuck in an elevator AU or camping gone bad AU?
  • 29: 20s AU or 50s AU?
  • 30: high school AU from a fantasy/sci-fi story or fantasy/sci fi AU from a realistic story?
  • 31: mythological creature AU or superhero AU?
  • 32: meet cute or meet ugly?

i just wanna say, if it wasn’t actually confirmed that credence did survive and is gonna be a major character in the next movie, i would’ve been beyond mad. like absolutely and tremendously pissed.

because i’m sick of this trope where the character who’s troubled, traumatized and broken and due to their instability are a danger to others and themselves, cannot be healed, so they just get killed off in order to save the world. wtf. like that is exactly the message a lot of movies and tv shows deliver us, that if you’re mentally ill you can’t be saved. just die. i’ve seen it happen so often. troubled character has unwillingly become a ‘villain’ and the protagonists offer their help, and just before the troubled character can say okay, i want your help, i want your help because i realize i can’t get out of this on my own, some asshole appears and kills them off because they’re ‘dangerous’. this trope is so fucking toxic and needs to disappear.

if any character deserves to be a survivor and get better, if anyone deserves happiness, it’s credence.

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Hello Josh, I hope things are doing well on your end. Anyway, since you're a TV Tropes fan. What is your favorite category to read for any given series? I personally enjoy the fridge logic page myself or YMMVs.

I enjoy reading the heartwarming and playingwith pages.

sometimes it ticks me off when people deduce klance as this ‘i fucking hate you but you’re hot so’ trope because!! That’s not what klance is about!! Sure they argued and threw fits a lot in the first episode but besides that they barely fought post ep 5, instead it’s replaced with friendly/teasing banter and. This is the klance I want to see.

Klance where they start from the bottom- from keith barely knowing who lance is, lance being upset, arguing, bonding, playful bickering, having fun, enjoying, crushing, loving. 

Klance where they started from a mere ‘you suck keith’ 'same @ you’ to 'you’re not so bad keith’ 'we’re not so bad after all’ and finally to 'let’s do this together.’ 'don’t leave me.’. Klance where they start off being completely out of sync to being totally in sync, being able to work perfectly without words. Klance where lance is finally able to see Keith as someone on an equal ground as him, being more infatuated with him as they go on more battles together. Keith finding lance annoying at first till he saw more of him- seeing his weaknesses and strengths, his feelings slowly blossoming. 

I need a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ klance trope.

In YA you see a lot of similar features that can get repetitive unless executed well. It’s hard to maintain something solely original to the book when you’re using a common trope. Sometimes it can be done well and an author can make it unique with their own twists and other times you’d pretty much read it before, there’s nothing new.

Sometimes I like similar tropes because I enjoy them, other times they have to be done right for me to like them and then there’s tropes I just don’t like to read about but you’ve got to get through it.

I’m going to go through some popular or common tropes used in YA and discuss my opinions on them. Please feel free to give your input and how you feel about these tropes.

Pretty much every fantasy has a chosen one. The main character has a destiny and has to carry the story until the end and the main mission or defeating the villain is complete. There are great chosen one books and I guess you can’t have a story focusing on a main character if they don’t have an ultimate goal. I do like this trope but something has to set them apart. It’s just very way too common unless the author somehow changes it up or adds a unique twist.

This ties into the first one but the main protagonist has this power that they didn’t know about. Sometimes it’s a power never before seen or they find out others exist like them but primarily it’s the protagonist that has to defeat the evil. If this power and trope are written well, I can live with it but sometimes I dislike it when this power is ‘the key to our salvation’ or ‘it’s only you who can save us with this gift’. I don’t know what determines whether I’ll like this in a book but sometimes I just roll my eyes.

It’s so elusive, it’s happens in every book (!) This is one of those tropes where I don’t mind them if it’s executed well and if I like the characters. It’s a trope you can’t avoid but I don’t mind romance, I love it in books but with triangles it gets frustrating and even more unrealistic than it already is. I personally like gradual romance, very rarely I like angst but I like a good foundation for a romance. For example, being attracted to someone, then finding out more about the person and finally acknowledging your feelings might go beyond just attraction and a crush. My favourite love triangle is Will, Tessa and Jem. I can’t think of any other triangle that I was fine with whoever the guy/girl ended up with. Cassie wrote it to perfection and I still don’t know how she did it? What is this secret formula that made me love both the guys? It’s seems so simple, just another love triangle but it did wonders.

This is connected to the chosen one trope because there’s no hero without a villain. I love villains. I love complex, misunderstood and powerful antagonists. Not all villains in books are the best but I have some favourites that are written fantastically. It’s even better when they’re at the top of a hierarchy or in power like a King or President etc. It’s just makes the mission harder, more challenging for the hero. I don’t mind this trope but it’s strange when you think defeating the villain will mean their followers are okay with it and it’s as if they won’t try and fight back. That has happened in a lot of books but if there’s a well written villain, I’m down for it.

This is exactly the reason I find Katniss’ character perfectly represented. She was made the face of a rebellion, she might not even have wanted to but people relied on her, people were dying and she thought it was the right thing to do so it could have forced her decision. After all she’s went through, she was traumatised. She wasn’t okay, people she loved died and she suffers from PTSD.  It’s so unrealistic to believe characters go through rebellions or war and come out unscathed. I understand it will affect people differently, but there are books where it’s never shown. Yes it’s fictional, yes some characters might hide the fact they’re not okay but I think adding hints of mental health or touching the subject improves a story. I dunno, but it’s difficult to think character’s won’t have been affected by the events especially if the entire story or salvation of people is relying on them. 

This is actually quite common. The character usually has a convenient talent that will help them in a situation. I don’t hate this but I mean, I’m not skilled at knife throwing;  I didn’t even take judo classes. What if I got dragged into a magical world or a had destiny to defeat a villain, I’d be screwed. More often than not the main character has some trick that will help them at some point. Sometimes it’s that they can fight, wield a weapon or do magic. I don’t dislike this trope I think it’s pretty cool if you can do something to defend yourself or a handy skill you can utilise. This kind of links into the chosen one having a magical power etc.

These are just some common tropes I’ve seen but I know there are lot I didn’t mention. Let me know your thoughts and how you feel about these. Are there some tropes I didn’t list? Feel free to reblog or reply.

Honestly, I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get more of Drew Tanaka. Since Rick made her a typical “popular girl who’s insanely shallow” I really wanted to see her and Piper bond and get over the whole “if you wear makeup and enjoy being beautiful you’re shallow and conceited and if you don’t particularly care about those things you’re somehow better” trope.

Like, don’t get me wrong, I love Piper, but that whole thing with her and Drew was just so poorly written, I could just die.

Give me girls supporting girls, Rick!! I’m done with this petty girl vs girl drama!!!


                     so you’re saying your feelings for me -

                                                             they’re real, skye. they always have been.

skyeward week day 1: favourite episode
↳ nothing personal

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Morrigan and Alistair?

This one is tough for me. I don’t hate it, I don’t judge anyone for shipping it, but I have such a hard time seeing it myself. I think that’s mostly because I’m not particularly attracted to the “they hate each other, clearly they’re in love” trope. I know that it’s popular. And I do like Enemies to Friends to Lovers arcs. But I just don’t see that sort of progression with them… because listening to those two bicker in game… they can’t stand one another. 

I do really like how they speak of one another (and to each other) in Inquisition, though. It’s clear that there is some fondness and mutual respect. They didn’t get along when they were younger, but they do care for one another. And in the end, I think I prefer it that way. I would rather see them grow and mature and be able to joke about the names they used to call one another during the Blight and have the sort of bond comrades form when they face insurmountable obstacles together and survive. 

So while I wish all the best to the Morrigan/Alistair shippers, I don’t personally sail in that direction. I see potential for them to be a good ship if they were written differently. But as they are in game, it’s a no go for me. But who knows? Maybe I’ll stumble across a fic some day that changes my mind. I’ve definitely had writing that makes me ship ships I never would have shipped before.

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I'm reading "Once Bitten and I'm enjoying how you're turning abo tropes on their ear. Claiming's one part of the abo universe that can be massively problematic, so I'm glad you're addressing it via Tilde. It's interesting that Eggsy's inability to be claimed has made him feel comfortable taking risks with sketchy alpha partners. I'm interested to see how this plays out; I like that you're going beyond the kinky soulmate sex and really forcing us to us to think about the norms of this universe.

Oh, thank you! Honestly, I think the most fascinating part of A/B/O is the universe itself. There are a lot of facets that can be explored, and I’ve read so many fics that delve into things people wouldn’t normally think of that it’s frankly a little inspiring. World-building all the way.

And, yeah, regarding the claiming thing, I can definitely see people using that as a weapon. There are some fucked up people out there who would use that universe’s rules to get exactly what they want.


Anonymous asked:

Hello! So, I realized that I use the “they’re dead, oops! they’re not dead” trope twice in my novel. The two fake-deaths are handled very differently. One takes place before the story, and the impact it had on my MC is mentioned in passing. The “dead” character comes back later in the plot. With the other fake-death, the MC believes the people are dead for less than a few pages, and the readers already know that these two characters are in fact not dead. Should take away one of these “deaths”?

It sounds like these are pretty different from each other, and also pretty different from the typical situation where the reader isn’t in on it. For that reason, I think you’re probably okay, but if your gut tells you to eliminate one, it might be worth following your instinct. 

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