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So while searching through amazon for more journals *coughcough* I found these things called “Observer’s Notebook”. There are a couple of them, and they’re like journals but include extra stuff that could be really nice to have in witchcraft! For example:

Here’s the Weather Notebook. It includes stuff like an atlas of clouds, different types of snowflakes, pictures of storms, and a bunch of charts you can use to track different weather while still writing in this journal just like its any old notebook. The weather witch in me is thrilled. And so is my need to hoard notebooks.

There’s also notebooks for astronomy and trees! They’re all under $20, the weather one is about $13 right now as the least expensive, and the Astronomy is about $19 as the most.

Observer’s Notebook: Weather
Observer’s Notebook: Trees
Observer’s Notebook: Astronomy


In animal crossing when you’re shaking trees, stand directly in front of the tree and be holding your net when you shake the tree. When bees fall, you will automatically turn toward the bees. Swing your net. You will get the bee everytime and not be stung. Bees sell for 4,000 bells a piece. You’re welcome.

Alolan Exeggutor is one of the sillier pokémon this generation. This guy measures in at 10.9 meters tall, nearly 36 feet! As a result, Alolan Exeggutor hardly fits on the 3DS screen.

Obviously, Alolan Exeggutor is based on a Palm Tree. Different species of palms can grow to different heights: the Quindio wax palm, for example, is the tallest species in the world: it can grow up to 60 meters tall (197 feet). For reference, the tallest Redwood tree in the world is only 114 meters tall (379 feet). Palms can grow half as tall as Redwoods! Here is a picture of some Wax Palms, with a person for scale: 

Despite this, palm trees aren’t really trees. They’re more closely related to grass than to trees. For example, the trunk of a palm tree does not have any bark outside of it, or rings inside of it. A palm tree grows upwards, not outwards, which means it’s not really a tree.

According to the pokédex, when Exeggutor grew taller and taller, it “awakened the power of the sleeping dragon”, and therefore swapped its psychic-typing out for dragon. But, what does that mean? It’s a bit vague for a pokédex entry, but we wouldn’t be the Scientific Pokédex if we didn’t explain this.

For one, Exeggutor might be based on the Dragon Tree, native to Hawaii. This plant has dark red sap called “dragon’s blood”, which is where it gets its name from.

In my opinion, however, simply having dark red sap can hardly be “the power of the sleeping dragon” that Exeggutor was able to harness. Instead, I’d like to talk about one of the coolest superpowers of tall trees: their ability to transport water from their roots up all the way up to their leaves.

Plants have tissue called xylem to transport water from the roots upwards into the leaves. Gravity is trying to pull the water downwards, so sucking it up is quite the feat. In fact, if you had a really long straw, the farthest you could suck up water would be 9.8 meters. This would create a perfect vacuum in the straw, and beyond that you can’t generate enough pressure to fight gravity. Not to mention the water at the top would boil due to the low pressures.

Yet we’ve shown trees that are hundreds of meters tall. In order to suck up water to that height, these trees create pressures below a perfect vacuum: they create negative pressures. That’s right, the inside of a tree has a lower pressure environment than literally outer space. The tops of redwoods can have a pressure as low as -15 atm. For reference, Earth’s atmosphere is 1 atm of pressure, and a perfect vacuum is 0 atm. That’s what I call the power of the sleeping dragon.

The xylem creates this pressure essentially by evaporating water through the leaves at the top. Water leaves the leaves, which pulls up the water molecules underneath it in a process called transpiration. Up to 95% of the water that enters a tree is evaporated in this way to create the astronomical pressure difference. Only 1% is ever used in photosynthesis, and the rest is used for making new cells.

Normally in these conditions, liquid water would instantly evaporate. However, since the water was liquid when it entered the base of the tree, unless it is disturbed it will stay in a delicate, unstable meta-liquid state. Much like when you take water out of a freezer, sometimes it won’t turn to ice until you shake it up. Trees preserve this delicate balance until the water can evaporate through the leaves.

Alolan Exeggutor is a species of palm, which is more closely related to a grass than a tree. As it grows taller, Exeggutor must create pressures lower than the vacuum of space to supply water to the leaves at the top.

More Holiday AUs
  • “I’ve been caroling in this neighborhood for years, and if you think I’m going to let some two-bit amateur and their friends take over my turf, they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “I found the perfect Xmas tree, let’s go. No. Don’t turn around. They’re not yelling at us. They’re not saying ‘we stole their tree” they’re saying they love our xmas tree. JUST PUT THE TREE IN THE TRUCK AND GO GO GO.” AU
  • “i work at the wrapping counter in the mall and you work as an elf at the santa photo place and our departments hate each other. ” AU
  • “i’m tired of people forgetting about Hanukkah. I’M GOING TO TAKE DOWN THAT CHRISTMAS AND MAKE INTO A HANUKKAH TREE WHO’S WITH ME” AU
  • “this is the third year in a row i’ve been in jail on Christmas. thanks for giving me the nice cell this year. ‘preciate it.” AU
  • “someone new moved into the house next door and they really take christmas decorating seriously but if they think their house is going to be better than mine than they’ve got another thing coming” AU
  • “i accidentally walked into the wrong holiday party and everyone is pretending they know me SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE” AU
  • “my car is snowed in at my parents house and you’re the dumb plow driver that did the deed. come back here and get me out” AU
Bragging Rights
  • Daichi: I'm the captain of the team. I think that's all I have to say
  • Asahi: Well, I mean, Ace kinda sounds cooler than captain...
  • Nishinoya: You know what's even cooler than that?! Guardian Deity!
  • Tanaka: I have to admit that's pretty cool but I once got smacked by Kiyoko-Senpai!
  • Nishinoya: B r o
  • Kageyama: I'm only a first year and got starting position as a setter
  • Tsukishima: So did I. As middle blocker
  • Kageyama: That's only because you're a freaking tree!
  • Tsukishima: To add to that, I blocked Ushijima
  • Hinata: I can drink orange juice after brushing my teeth!
  • Everyone: *stares at Hinata*
  • Tsukishima: Are you the devil
Clues that Ransom and Holster have collected on Bitty’s secret boyfriend
  • It’s a guy (dhu)
  • He’s athletic (because Bitty likes them that way, refer to Ransom’s Excel sheet on dudes Bitty has dated, made out with, hooked with)
  • He’s tall and bigger than Bitty (that’s not hard, but Bitty has been seen wearing bigger shirts lately)
  • He’s an old Samwell student (Dex hard heard Bitty say “Oh honey, remember the Quad? They added new trees, they’re lovely-” over the phone)
  • He’s handsome and was featured in The Swallow’s most beautiful people (Overheard by Nursey- ”Well, is that award more important than your face on The Swallow’s list of most beautiful people? Because I KNOW your mom has it framed on your trophy shelf.”)
  • HE ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE HAUS WHAT IS THIS I CAN’T BREATHE (Overheard by Chowder- “Ransom and Holster are making the frogs work for dibs- not like you, love, you gave your dibs in a very noble way-” Chowder would not stop !!!! while handing that information)
  • Ergo: Bitty’s secret Boyfriend is John Johnson the Goalie.
Wait, That’s Her?

Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader

Summary: Reader is a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and her mutation is the control of plants and nature - She re-grows the tree that Scott destroys when he first arrives and from that moment on, he’s fixated on her. 

Warning: none !!

Word Count: 605 (sorry it’s so short - part 2 maybe?)

A/N: inspired by how Jean & Scott met.

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