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Just imagine sub harry. Hed do everything you asked of him and he'd love making you feel good. He'd look gorgeous tied up to a bed sweaty and flushed as you teased him with your mouth. And when you got on top and lowered yourself onto his cock his arm muscles would bulge as he pulled at the restraints. He'd be so close begging and pleading to let him cum but when you told him how good he was being, how fucking good he was making you feel he'd shut up and let you use him. Anything to please you

if it meant giving you what you need i could definitley see him giving up control….and letting you have it all…is it maybe slightly hard for him…possibly…he’s hard, needy and very impatient. He looks desperate really, you admire him for a second as well. The look of need he’s wearing. God he wears it good. So you’re tracing your fingers down his body, from his lips down to his chest and he’s tense. Reacting to every single thing you’re doing. And you tell him how good he’s being and how big he is…. and he’s breathing hard and his eyes are needy and nearly glassed over. He’s cursing and groaning your name too. ‘Go on love, use me then. Get what yeh need from me.’ 


My Mother Said No One Would Love Me

(warning: long story)

Ever, she said.

That’s why when Tom came along, I was so happy to prove her wrong for once.

No one will ever love you, she said. My “peculiarities” were too much to handle. That’s what she called them, my peculiarities. She didn’t want to acknowledge that it might be something real–not her daughter, not the daughter of Miss Orange County, 1980.

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Since it’s midnight and I have a flight to catch at 5am, why not break down this little argument scene?

This scene is short but it’s important. We tend to quantify closeness by the times we see Viktor and Yuuri kissing, hugging, or otherwise acting explicitly intimate, but this little argument is just as important in conveying a shared emotional intimacy between the two. 

It’s pretty obvious from the start that Viktor doesn’t care about the damn nuts. He seems irritated already by the beginning of the scene, and I don’t think it’s because of the missing bag. Judging from Yuuri’s flustered state, he’s probably been dragging them all over, re-tracing their steps panicking trying to find the bag he lost. 

Viktor is patient so he’s gone along with it, but even he has his breaking point. Despite his irritation, he does what Viktor tends to do when he’s angry, and hides his feelings behind a fake smile. He’s aware of Yuuri’s anxiety which is probably why he’s placated him up till now, but he’s no saint and anyone would be tired and frustrated after being dragged around a city looking for a missing bag. Still, he doesn’t want to upset Yuuri further, so he appeals to logic: the shop is closed, aren’t you tired?

Yuuri isn’t having it, though. He sees right through Viktor’s fake smile and he knows what he’s doing. He hears Viktor’s words and feels that he is being blamed for a ruined evening. He doesn’t like it and he tells him so. 

This scene feels so realistic to me because it’s an argument I’ve had with my own girlfriend many times. The argument of semantics. There is no resolution here because neither Yuuri nor Viktor is really in the wrong. They’re just both in bad moods: Yuuri, because the bag got lost and he feels bad about it and thinks that Viktor is mad at him because of it, and Viktor, because the nuts don’t matter to him and he just wants Yuuri to stop fixating on it and let them enjoy their evening. 

What’s so striking is that neither of these characters is confrontational. Yuuri tends to fall into self-deprecation and, as previously mentioned, Viktor hides his feelings behind a smile. Yet, here they are, getting peeved at each other over something so minor. And not only getting mad but expressing that anger. For characters that tend not to do that, it speak of an extremely strong mutual trust. 

They know that an argument isn’t fatal to their relationship. They trust the other to not abandon them if they exhibit anything other than an agreeable attitude.

And then they walk in silence and the argument resolves itself. They don’t have to part ways, they don’t have to break everything down verbally, they just need to cool down and give each other the time and space to do so. 

I feel it’s rare to see such a realistic couple’s tiff. Normally, things are always 100% wonderful or extremely dramatic. But sometimes these little arguments pop up, sometimes someone gets hangry or anxious or tired and they take it out on their partner because that’s who is available and–unconsciously or not–that’s the person you know won’t abandon you just for showing a non-ideal side of yourself. 

I was never skeptical of Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship to begin with, but especially not now. We’ve seen them tackle so many different hardships together, we’ve seen Yuuri correct Viktor when he really was in the wrong, and now we’ve seen them resolve a minor clashing of personalities respectfully and maturely. This is a couple I can realistically see staying together. They’re not together for convenience, they’re not together just because they idolize each other or find the other hot–they truly seem to understand one another and work well together, and it makes their relationship a joy to watch. 

This took about a couple of hours, but me and the mod of the creator of this design and au I suppose of this bendy, but I looked at their version and I was like ‘He reminds me of mettaton from undertale’ so no one would stop me from my implusions so here ya go. 


Please do not re-post, edit, trace, steal character design, steal anything, and please do report and ask the art thief to take down the picture. Please do enjoy, RE-BLOG, thank you~

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If you're still taking requests I'd like to send one in.. teaching you things, from cooking certain dishes to giving head. How fun. ;) xx

How fucking fun, indeed. Btw, love you and I hope you’re well babes! xx

“Go on, love. Show m’ wha’ yeh know.”

Your hand works quickly at the base of his shaft as you’re suckling his tip, tracing and flicking your tongue over his sensitive slit. You’re sitting between Harry’s legs, as he’s slumped on the sofa, his grey sweatpants down to his ankles as well as his boxers. You stop for a moment, but still continuing to jerk him off, to ask “Is this good, baby?” Harry bites his already bleeding lips.

“A little bi’ deeper” Harry pants, his hand gripping to the blanket, as the other one gently cups his balls. He’s right on the edge. You do as you’re told, you take your hand off of him and go down on him fully, making you gag around him. And that’s when he cums, his hot spurts hitting the back of your throat, his moans echoing in the living room.

“Fuck, fuck!” Harry curses loudly, his groans scraping his throat. With shaky hips, he tries to take himself out of your mouth, but you don’t let him, you want him to come completely undone in your mouth. His hands fly in your hair, tugging and pulling your roots, making you moan around him.

Once Harry has finally come down from his high, his head flies back at the couch, the veins on his neck popping up. His eyes are shut, and he’s trying his very best to try and sort out his breathing, as the cool air from your breathing hits the wet tip of his cock, making it twitch.

“As easy as makin’ tiramisu” Harry breathes out heavily and laughs, his tummy still jolting slightly.

You lick a bold stripe up his shaft to his tip, collecting every last drop of cum. “But you still taste sweeter” you say, looking up to him with a pleased smile.

Reaction to Losing You in the Mall. . .

Anonymous said: could you do a reaction for exo where youre a little spacy and get lost like reeeaaalllyyy easily. lol i’m kinda describing myself right now. thanks!

Anonymous said: could youi do a reaction to exo losing you in the mall? thanks <3 <3 love your work btw

Reaction to Losing You in the Mall…

A/N these two are very similar, so i combined them. I hope that’s okay. and thank you so much second Anonnie~ and i totally get what you mean first Anonnie, If I could, i would get lost going to my living room lol. ALSO, a lot of requests are coming in, so I’m working my hardest, so please be patient! but keep them coming in! ‘cause I’ll DEFINITELY get to yours. 

Kai ~


You had this poor boy worried so hard for a good 30 minutes of him walking around trying to find you. He even talked to the staff in the mall and was about to ask the mall cops to go find you, however he caught a glimpse of you and quickly walked over to you while calling out your name. He would be pissed at first, because he really thought the worst had happened to you. However, after you explain that you saw a new ice cream shop and got you two some ice cream from there, his heart would melt at the thought that you were thinking of him and trying to do something nice for him. He would thank you, but tell you not to wander off like that because it’s not good for his heart. He would then make sure to keep you close to him and keep a close eye on you for the rest of the visit at the mall.

(who’s playing with his hair?? i want to play with his hair!!)

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He is having none of this. This has happened one too many times. 

D.O.: “I don’t know why she does this, this always happens. When I find her she better get her little disappearing, hide-n-go-seek, Casper the Friendly Ghost ass in the car, ‘cause I am having none of this. Not today.”

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Jk, honestly, he would act smart and call you and if that didn’t work, he would just simply re-trace his steps to find you. Though throughout the whole time, he would be extremely worried about your well being, hoping that you are safe and not scared. Once he found you he would take you home where neither of you can get lost.


This would be hilarious, that is… for anyone watching the scene unfold. He would freak out and be over-the-top worried about you. He would search every floor and store for you. He would be a clumsy giant, tripping over things, bumping into people and display stands in stores. He would have his phone out, waiting for you to call him, but not thinking that, hey, maybe I should try calling her? ‘Cause he would be too much of a mess to think logically. He would be searching in the food court, when suddenly he sees you on the second floor.

Chanyeol: “I’m lost… Where you at…? Y/N!?”

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He would attempt to look for you, like really hard, but after an hour of searching, he would mentally and physically tired, and just wanting to go home. He would have tried calling you, texting you, calling the boys and seeing if you tried calling any of them. He would be sitting on a bench, when just by coincidence you would be walking by. He would be soooooo happy to see you and would jump up and run to the other side of the mall to you so you guys don’t get separated again. He would pull you into a big loving hug asking you how your little adventure was and if you were okay.

Xiumin: (Gif is little XiuXiu happily waddling running towards you when he spots you.)

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This poor boy would be completely confused, and in a sense, in his own way lost. When he first notices you’re lost, guilt would overflow him. He would think how horrible of a boyfriend he is that he allowed you to get lost. He would also be worried about whether you were scared or mad at him for letting this happen. However, after half an hour of searching for you, he would begin to wonder if you’re really the one that is lost, or if he’s the one that’s lost.

Lay: “Wait, is she lost? Or am I?”

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Chen would find this hilarious and would take his sweet time looking for you. He would be looking through clothes in stores, he would try samples of food that were given out. It would take a loooong time for you two to meet up because of his blasé attitude of the whole situation. Eventually would you find him, and he would be trying out a gourmet chocolate while chatting happily with the young man holding the tray. When you walk up to him he would simply turn to you with a smirk and say, “Oh, Jagi, did you have a good adventure, here try some Swedish chocolate. It’s really good.” He would offer you a tiny paper cup with a square of chocolate like nothing happened.

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All he would care about is your safety. He would be pretty calm about the whole situation though, I mean, you’re in a mall, how much danger could there be? Also, eventually you would run into one another, so he’s not too worried. If you were out in town, then he would be more concerned, but instead he just keeps his phone out in case you try to call while he texts you asking where you are. When he finds you he wouldn’t make a big deal about it, knowing that you’re old enough to care for yourself and he doesn’t need to treat you like a kid. Also, this happens quite a bit, and every time you’re okay. He would simply take your hand while asking what store you would like to go to next.

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Surprisingly, he would get a little upset about this. He wouldn’t be annoyed, he would just be worried about you and your well being. He would take it seriously in trying to find you. He would text and call you non-stop, hoping that you would answer and be okay. When he finally finds you, it would be like getting a stern talk from your mother. He would tell you how dangerous it can be to wander off on your own, especially when you get lost so easily like yourself. He would then take the liberty of holding your hand for the rest of your outing, not wanting to take the chance of you getting lost again.

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You would be out with Luhan and Lay one day and would get separated pretty quickly. So the two boys would spend about an hour trying to find you, eventually giving up and deciding to sit on a bench and wait for you to find them. It would take another whole hour for you to find them, and when you did they would give you that look (cue gif). While Luhan asks, “You had fun on your nice little outing Jagi?” What that really means is, “Bitch where you been? We don’t have time to play your little hide-n-seek games today.” He would then proceed to hold your hand the rest of the outing.

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He would be ready. Like, anyone who saw his face would know something was up. He wouldn’t be mad at you or frustrated, he would just be ready to kick some if he saw you in any kind of danger. He would had a cold exterior, but on the inside he would be dying with each passing minute that you weren’t there by his side. Once he got you, he would ask if anyone bothered you while you were on your own. 

Tao: “Anyone bother you? Touch you?”

Y/N: “No, no one bothered me.”

Tao: “What about that guy? He looks suspicious.”

(yasss Tao, look at him with that metal pole, so sexy and intimidating)

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Sehun would be scared for himself. He would be worried about how he would get home, if he was really the one who was lost, would you be mad at him for losing you, would you be making him dinner tonight or no because you would be pissed he lost you? All those things would be running through his head, and while he’s looking for you, he would kind of resemble a child who’s lost and looking for his mother. Once he found you though, he would be elated and so happy. One, because he’s no longer alone and can get home safely, and two because he actually missed you and really needs you, and this helped him realize that.

Gif: (Shy little Sehun when he realizes he needs you and actually relies on you for a lot.)

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He would be another rational thinker, calling you and texting you. However, he would be really worried for your sake, he knew how often and easily you get lost, and thoughts of you being scared and worried would be running through his head. He would mistake girls for being you out of him desperately trying to get you back into that safety of his presence. Once he found you he would pull you into a big warm hug, kissing your forehead once and asking if you were alright. He would ask you not to do that again, for both his sanity and your safety. He would proceed to hold your hand for the rest of the outing.

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From one artist to another, if you're upset your art is being redistributed online you're really going to hate making fan art of pretty much anything. The nature of the Internet and fadoms. It's a sign people enjoyed your work. Start autographing it.

I get you’re trying to be nice here, but let me make something painfully clear here: REPOSTING IS ART THEFT 

The internet and “fandoms” aren’t made up of some black hole that’s just out to steal and repost art, it’s made up of people. People who make conscious choices to violate artists wishes and repost their art even when they ask not to. People who see art and think “I’m going to repost this because I enjoy it and I’m totally helping the artist by showing off their work” You are not helping the artist, you are stealing from them and hurting them.

You’re hurting other people finding out about them because they see art without sources or credit and they have no idea who drew the original art. It hurts the artist ever wanting to share their art because of the fear of their art being stolen. It’s not flattering to have your work stolen and used/modified without the consent of the artist. Even if you do credit the artist, reposting without the artist’s permission is disrespectful and still art theft. Credit doesn’t always equal consent.

If you honestly enjoy artwork that you see, you can help the artist by rebloging their work and letting them know in comments and such. NOT by redistributing their art. So please, do not re-distribute, re-post, trace, or otherwise use any artists art work in any way without their consent.  

BTS Reaction to Accidently Losing Their Child

The ones who would remain calm and try to figure out where they had wandered off to. They wouldn’t tell you that they lost your child at first, but would look and re-trace their steps to find them. If they couldn’t find them, then they’d call you and explain the situation calmly, hoping that you wouldn’t get too mad at their mistake: Jin, Suga, Rap Monster

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The ones who would panic just for a little bit, freaking out as they frantically search the close vicinity for your child. These boys have to tell themselves to breathe and calm down before they start looking. If they couldn’t find your child, then they’d call you frantically, talking super fast and nervously as they explained their mistake: Jimin, Jungkook

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The ones that would go in a full out panic and freak mode. These would be the guys that would yell for their child and run around everywhere to try and find them. Believe me, they’d get their workout for the day running around everywhere. If they couldn’t find your child, they’d call you with a nervous giggle and sheepish smile as they told you what happened: J-Hope, V

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12x11 “Regarding Dean”

On the “Alice in Wonderland” & “Alice Through the Looking Glass” in “Regarding Dean”

”…cause all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put him back together again…”

-The “Humpty Dumpty” Riddle

I talked about this topic a little bit yesterday already in this post, but was too tired to expand and talk more about all of the references to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” as well as “Alice Through the Looking Glass” that were inserted in this week’s episode. It was in 10x05 “Fan Fiction” that Maeve, the stage manager described the moment when Calliope started influencing their play with the words “we’re past the looking glass, people” and it couldn’t be a more fitting and more impoortant line in relation to 12x11 “Regarding Dean”, because as much as the 200th episode was about a fictional story and with it it’s characters becoming real, so one major theme of this week’s episode also dealt with the question of reality. And the uncertainty of reality, perception and truth aren’t just topics extremely heavily tackled in Lewis Carroll’s stories, these things also play a heavy and important role in our current reality/society where we are met with “alternative facts” and “fake news” every single day and which it seems Supernatural even if only very slightly is making a comment on. But don’t worry, this is all I am going to allude to here in relation to RL.

What excited and still excites me about this week’s episode is how cleverly and detailed it worked with “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” references all throughout the episode. And I refuse to believe all of these are accidental - especially when taking into account how the show made a great effort in making known that Sam and Dean work in Arkansas, which is described as the “Carroll County” (see the 4th gif)

Lewis Carroll, the creator of these stories, in scientific discussion is analyzed as someone who used these stories not only as an homage to childhood, childhood innocence and the sadness about the inevitability of growing up, but he is also understood to have been a writer who tackled a whole lot of philosophical questions on semantics, language and logic in his works. In literature his two probably most famous stories surrounding Alice are described as “non-sense literature”, but if you dig deep you can find a whole lot of sense in it and also a great deal of thoughts about aspects of identity building. And that: growing up and identity shaping have been integral parts of Supernatural during these past few seasons.

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Okay I did it: HERE please read under ‘asks’. There’s now an ‘about’ in my blog. I hope it explains itself.

Update(I forgot people on mobile can’t see it so I copy/paste it). It’s basically an about of my blog:


I probably won’t do a lot of these but who knows? Maybe someday I’ll have plenty of time and energy!

Anyway, when I’m not open for requests, you don’t ask me to draw things. If you ask anyway I’ll most likely not answer and treat it as a suggestion.

(Doing requests is really fun but isn’t that easy. Because sometimes I don’t want to draw what someone requested. Like I’m just not in the mood and I have more things that I’m actually interested to draw. I just want to have fun ;v;)


I often draw to answer asks BUT it doesn’t mean that I draw it for you specifically. I draw them to thank you and to answer questions (that’s why I’d draw from the fandoms those people are in but… mostly based on my mood)

It’s like a blogging style. People answer asks with gifs sometimes, right? Well, it’s the same but I often want to make my own drawing.

Sometimes, I just can’t/don’t wan’t to draw to answer so I’ll answer asks normally or with gifs. That doesn’t mean I think less of you or your asks. In any case, it’s still my content and not a gift.


Unless it’s a commission, they’re free to use/edit for profile pic, icons, header, cover, wallpaper etc!


Do not repost it on tumblr! Do not repost it anywhere else without source!

Because I can’t stress this enough:
1) I will, regrettably, never do Hotline Miami fanart just because it’s stolen so often. I hate that I hate my HM fanart because of this consistently happening.
2) If you see my art somewhere other then on my own blog, please make me aware of it. I would greatly appreciate it.
3)  Please do NOT re-distribute, re-post, trace, or otherwise use my work in any way without my consent.  

Finding Miracles

A/U  Alternate ending to season 7  

Notes -  I actually wrote this on request of a fellow shipper, a shipper romantic of heart and hating of how season 7 ended.  And she had a collection of ideas that she wasn’t able to get down in story form.  So she asked me to do it for her. So I did.

 Finding Miracles

 The events of the last couple of days have left me desperately worried about Scully and that worry has driven me to refuse point blank to allow her to come back out to Oregon.

And even as I held her in my arms right there in the corridor outside skinner’s office, all efforts of propriety tossed out the window, no longer afraid that our carefully kept secret would be out, I knew that there was something she wasn’t telling me.

Her assertion that she was exhausted didn’t cut ice with me because in the eight years I have known her, I have seen that woman literally running on empty, so used up that she had nothing left to give, grey with fatigue, stumbling almost blindly beside me, she never ever admitted to anyone, least of all me, that she was too tired to go on.  Never once had I seen her go down in the way she had just a few short days out in the Oregon woods as my heart literally seemed to jump right out of my chest when I had turned around to find she was no longer following me.  That panicked headlong re-tracing of my steps hearing the ragged way I called her name, the barely cloaked desperation born of the realisation that suddenly she was just gone.

And when I burst through the undergrowth to be confronted with the sight of her laying boneless and unmoving on the thick carpet of lush green grass and dead leaves that covered the forest floor, for just one terrible moment my mind told me that she was dead.  So many times she has almost been taken from me, the sight of her down, with no apparent reason, had caused all rational thought to desert me.

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The Truth & Cullen Rutherford

So I was thinking about this post that @captainceranna shared. It’s real long so I’m not reblogging it, but suffice to say that it’s quite grumpy about our buddy Cullen.

The OP gets particularly salty about the retconning that happens in between DA2 and The World of Thedas II. Retcon or noI do think that they’re spot-on about Cullen not having much of a redemption arc concerning mages when it comes to his character development in DAI. I think that there are more traces of re-evaluation of his previous attitudes when you have a mage romance with him, which is maybe partially why I find such romances to be the most compelling option for him.

What really seems to get the OP’s goat is that they perceive the events as experienced by the player of DA2 to be The Truth, and any subsequent alterations to this text are inauthentic and even disingenuous. I would argue, however, that DA2 itself goes out of its way to remind us that its events are, by their very nature, already inauthentic and disingenuous, that our “lived” experience as players is not necessarily The Truth. A large portion these texts tend to center around Varric-as-writer (as I’m sure Cassandra would be very gratified to hear, a lot of it is his fault), but there are other conflicting texts that potentially rewrite the events of Kirkwall, even before the explicit retcon that happens in The World of Thedas II.

These texts, these versions of The Truth, include the game as experienced by the player, the story as told by Varric to Cassandra, the report that Cassandra presumably writes about Varric’s story, and the story as told in The Tale of the Champion (there’s also his potential Aveline fanfiction in Swords & Shields, but that’s a whole other fabulous thing). Not only do we experience metatextual reminders of the game’s questionable veracity by playing portions of the game that are later revealed to be outright fabrications, but the story itself is questioned, mocked, and eventually literally stabbed by Cassandra, the Seeker of Truth. If the writers themselves have no respect for their canon, for The Truth, neither do the characters that inhabit their world.

It is not surprising, then, that Thedas continues to be changed and re-imagined after DA2 ends. We have the out-of-game narrative of The World of Thedas, which is ostensibly more reliable and less malleable, as it is created by the game’s writers and is not completely formed by in-game decisions or experiences made by the player. There also exists the narrative of DAI as experienced by the player, and Varric’s tentatively titled This Shit is Weird, which is also about the events of Inquisition. Cassandra is also seen to be writing her own chronicle (and also goes on a quest to discover another text that reveals that her unshakeable Truth is, in fact, a lie). 

So how can we trust that anyone’s backstory is true, or, more importantly, why is Cullen allowed to be my problematic fave when he did a lot of bad stuff in DA2 that I know I experienced, whether or not the next game chooses to acknowledge it?

I think I’m fine with being down with Cullen because our one real narrative constant, our writer, Varric, says it’s okay.  Despite his tenuous relationship with The Truth, as a character and a player, I do trust Varric to tell it like it is. Varric’s attitude towards Cullen is downright friendly: Varric’s willing to work with him and even give him a nickname. 

So in the end, I’m all right with the adjusted Cullen.  It’s hard to forget entirely what I saw in DA2, but the game acknowledges this shift, if indirectly, when the unreliable narrator of DA2 eventually apologizes to his audience for his fabrications. I guess I’ll fix the rest of it with my own textual modifications, as a fanfiction author.

God Seven Valentine’s Day surprise So this is my share for the Valentine’s Day half of things but keep reading to find out what happens next…
This is my art! You may re-BLOG but not re-POST!
Do not trace or edit this please 
Anyways, massive love for Saeyoung! (〃ω〃)