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I would like to ask about your chew necklaces, and how soft they are. I know you get this a lot, but could you maybe compare some of them to food (e.g. chewing gum to hard candy scale)? (i am looking for something like the trapezoid, dulcimer or gem beads with a smooth surface)

Hmmm, this article has links to chewing levels (aggressive, moderate, light) which kind of correspond to hardness. The aggressive chews are going to be the hardest and the light chews are going to be the softest. 

In terms of what the chewables you mentioned are like, the gem beads are squishy, soft and have a lot of give with a slight rebound to them because they’re hollow. I guess you could compare them to a soft pen cap in terms of the kind of give they have, but they’re softer on the surface than a pen cap because silicone is much softer than plastic.

The dulcimer is soft and will give when you bite down on it but doesn’t offer too much resistance so if you have issues with jaw fatigue either this or the gem beads are best. For comparison - maybe a mouthguard level of firmness? 

The trapezoid is quite dense and firm with almost no give to it. When you bite down on the flat part of it, it’s just solidly there. The closest I can think of is maybe biting on a thick pencil? Like a little bit of surface indentation but the center is really firm. 

It’s really hard to compare them to food items because they’re so different in both density and texture! None of them is as soft as gum or as hard as hard candy. 

Does anyone else have an idea of common items that they can compare the hardness of any of these too? 


19-year-old Brandon Swanson lived in Marshall, Minnesota, with his parents. He was a student at Minnesota West Community and Technical College. An avid reader, Brandon wanted to eventually get a career in the sciences.

It was the final day of college on the 13th of May, 2008, and Brandon and several friends were celebrating their graduation at one of his friend’s house. It was a small gathering and there was limited amount of alcohol. Witnesses would later say that Brandon consumed some but was far from drunk. Shortly after midnight, Brandon climbed into his green Chevy Lumina Sedan and started on his journey home. At approximately 12:30AM, his parents received a phone call from Brandon. He had crashed into a ditch and was unable to get his car back out. He wasn’t injured, he reassured them and asked if they could come and collect him.

As they drove to the destination Brandon claimed he was, they were unable to find him. “He was absolutely positive he knew where he was,” his father said. But there was no sign of Brandon. They called Brandon back and asked if he could see them along the road to which he replied that no, he could not. Brandon then hung up before his father called him back. Brandon apologised and told them he would walk the short distant back to his friend’s house in Lynd where his parents would meet him. Just before 2AM, while directing his parents where to go, Brandon shouted “oh shit!” before the line went dead.

That was the last time anybody ever heard from Brandon. His parents called and called but the calls were ignored. They drove around attempting to find Brandon but to no avail. They then alerted the authorities. When investigators traced Brandon’s phone, it was uncovered that Brandon was over 20 miles away from where he believed he was and where he was telling his father he was. His car was eventually found but a search of it and surrounding area turned up no clues. Police theorised that he may have fallen into the Yellow Medicine River but this is refuted by his family. Cadaver dogs didn’t pick up a scent and his body never re-surfaced. Furthermore, a splash would have surely been heard by his father and if the phone fell into the water with him, then it certainly wouldn’t ring - it would cut straight to voicemail when his parents called back. Another possibility is foul play. Did something sinister take place down that winding, dark, country road?

The whereabouts of Brandon still remains a mystery.

“For legal reasons, now that you’re on the surface, it’s necessary that we ask you to choose surnames. What shall I put you down as?”



“it’s catchy.”

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please link those ttutorials lmao. I would love to learn

Some programs and tutorials that I’m going to recommend are paid, but ALL OF THEM can be found on torrent websites like  thepiratesbay (always click on a download link with a magnet and read comments) and rutracker (requires registration). 


  • The Sims 4 Studio (free);
  • Blender 2.78 (free);
  • Marvelous Designer (paid) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding;
  • Zbrush (paid) - you’ll need it only for one feature;
  • optional Maya (trial and student versions are free) - check system requirements, older versions are less demanding. When it comes to making clothes, everything you might need it for can be done in Blender. For the future, if you’ll ever consider creating hair PLEASE DO IT IN  MAYA OR 3DS MAX IT’D BE MUCH EASIER AND LEARNING THEM WOULD BE TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME;
  • Graphic editor of your choice, preferably Photoshop.

Here is the order you need to follow for everything to work:

tip 1: First thing first, keep everything organized and give distinctive names - it is very important. Create a folder with your project name and subfolders “meshes”, “textures”, “preview”. If you’re using Maya, make sure there are no spaces, symbols or non-Latin letters in the ENTIRE path. This bitch will give you hell if there are.

tip 2: Create a “base models” folder with exported .blend (nude top, bottom, full body, feet) and .obj files (anything is fine) of all genders and age categories that you plan on making clothes for in the future. Put uv_0 and uv_1 templates there as well.

  1. Import nude .obj mesh in Marvelous Designer (in meters), make clothes, export as .obj (without avatar, thin, no internal lines or textures);
  2. To decrease the poly count without negatively affecting the topology and to have good edge flow I suggest you to do retopology. This is why you need Zbrush;
  3. Blender: open nude/reference .blend mesh, import .obj file, do uv_0, close holes, transfer uv_1 map, transfer weight, vertex-paint, remove doubles, split sharp edges, bake maps, remove covered parts of nude body, combine, set S4Studio  CAS Tools;
  4. The Sims 4 Studio: import lod0, change textures, change everything you need under Categories tab;
  5. Graphic editor: edit textures; 
  6. The Sims 4 Studio: re-import the textures, save the package, put it in the mods folder;
  7. Run the game and PRAY;
  8. Fix everything that is wrong, DON’T FORGET TO DO LODS (make them only after your lod0 is perfect), add swatches, make thumbnails if you want and you’ll be good.


Tutorial sources:

Problems you may run into and how to fix them:

  • Item shines too bright in game - problem with alpha layer of your specular map;
  • Entire mesh is flying - weight issue, you need to re-transfer weight;
  • Part of the mesh is flying -  weight issue. Go to Edit mode, select a vertex in problematic area, find a group that should not be there under Vertex Weight;
  • When you manually paint weight make sure the modifier Armature is applied and your rig is selected in Object drop down menu;    
  • Baggy mesh does not retain it’s original form and deforms weirdly - you need to fix your uv_1 map;
  • Weird shadow - clean you shadow map;
  • Weird shadow at the bottom, around sleeves or sharp corners - you need to split the edge loop;
  • Dark spots on ambient occlusion map - subdivide surface and re-bake;
  • Previous mesh is visible after uploading new lod-s - you need to start from a different item. One thing to note (it may be an issue with my program/game, but I’ll tell just in case it’s not). When you create your package from a nude bottom, accessories like pantyhose will overlay your item’s texture (I’m pretty sure this can be changed in Warehouse tab, but I’m too scared to even go there). When you start from nude top, every time any CAS part is removed, your item of clothes will be taken off as well. If you’ll run into the same problem start from underwear instead.
  • When vertex-painting, make sure the hex codes of colors are identical (if the same) or have a very smooth transition (if different). Use blur tool. Otherwise there may be a “split in mesh“;
  • When loading lods, nothing shows up - you forgot to set S4Studio CAS Tools;
  • Before merging packages into one, make sure you didn’t overwrite them in the past. There will be 2 or more pairs of them in game.

Endlessly grateful to all people who shared their knowledge on this subject. Thank you <3

Feel free to drop any questions related to creating The Sims 4 custom clothes (only clothes and shoes, I don’t know anything else yet).


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DISCLAIMER: There is indeed a curse in the film, but it was directed at Nicolas Romanov. Rasputin said to him: “Mark my words; you and your family will die within a fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov reign forever.” 

Then magic and the revolution happens, the royal family falls and Rasputin dies. But since Anastasia cheated death, Rasputin cannot rest in peace and is doomed to an existence in limbo. He feels the consequences of his curse, but Anastasia is in no way affected by it throughout the film. 

Yes, she looses her grandmother and suffers from hallucinations and amnesia for 10 years, but these things are not connected to the curse from the beginning of the film. 

Anastasia - “Let me go! Please!”
Rasputin - “You will never escape me child. Never!”

So - back to my random thoughts on this animated classic from 1997!! The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. My problem with the magic in this movie would have been SO EASY to fix. The only thing needed would have been a curse cast on Anastasia, something along the lines of: “You shall forever be apart from all your family”

When the curse is first taking effect, that is when Anastasia is separated from her grandmother (instead of grandma just having a weak grip), and then Rasputin´s magic keeps her away from her family. There could have been a short montage her grandmother coming back to look for her granddaughter, but the curse is making it impossible for them to find each other.

Grandmother - “Hold onto my hand!”
Anastasia - “Don´t let go!”

Even Anastasia´s amnesia would have been more intriguing his way; the curse is actively forcing out her memories (instead of being the aftermath of an unrelated accident). But throughout the film the memories are trying to re-surface as best as they can in the form of hallucinations and dreams (cue “Once Upon A December!!”). Imagine the ball-room scene slowly but surely becoming more and more green in color as the curse is doing it´s best to hide the memories of her family. This way it would also make more sense why Anastasia cannot recognize her family (or even herself) when looking at the paintings in the palace (btw, why hasn’t all the shit been stolen during these past 10 years???)

It isn’t until Dimitri comes along and forces Anastasia to meet her grandmother again when the curse is finally broken. All in all: the whole idea of Anastasia being a victim of dark magic would have been more suspenseful from a storytelling POV, but this way we would also have had a much better connection between the main character and the villain. Not only are they both cursed, but now the magic that Rasputin possesses has been affecting Anastasia all this time.

Anastasia - “That face…”

As the movie is now, Anastasia is not in any way aware of Rasputin after she accidentally hits hear head as a child. And when they meet again in the movies climax he is simply the man who swore revenge on her family (and has been trying to kill her during the past couple of days without her having any clue about it)

But THIS WAY he would be 100% responsible for her misery - her memory-loss,  the separation from her grandmother, her hallucinations - Everything would now be connected to Rasputin instead of being mostly based on a series of unfortunate events.

Rasputin - “And me… A rotting corpse… Last seen at a party like this one.”
Anastasia - “A curse!”
Rasputin - “Followed by a tragic night on the ice. Remember?”

Notice how all of these lines of dialog would have been more impactful if Anastasia was cursed too!! :o

The point of all this? 

IDK. It´s 3.30AM and this is what I do when I cannot sleep - Ramble on about animated movies. But admit that this should have been canon. :P

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Can you stop reblogging the same posts so often? You have plenty of other posts, it's getting annoying seeing the same thing every week.

Hello. When I reblog an old post, it’s mostly because somebody has messaged me asking if I have a post on that specific case. Instead of clogging up my blog and your dashboard with the same asks over and over again, I choose to just reblog that post. You’ll find that if I’m reblogging a post frequently then it’s often re-surfaced in the media, thus I receive a lot of asks enquiring about that specific case. It’s easy enough to ignore if you have already read it, surely.

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OK but what about a soulmate au with lotor but it's a really conspicuous one like the timer that rings loudly when you make eye contact the first time and tbh everyone on both side just kinda freezes and it's really awk bc reader is on team lion. Just imagine all the ridiculous possibilities, angsy,humorous, dramatic, romeo and julietish or otherwise



– Ryan

• So this is totally how I want this to go down:
• Y’all are in the middle of battle, right?
• You’re grounded, not airborne, but you’re fighting on uneven, almost mountainous, terrain
• So you’re on a surface lower than everyone else, but you’re all engaged in the same battle
• The Paladin’s are trying their best to get the upper hand as they knock enemies down to your level
• You take them out there, and they keep climbing
• At least that’s the plan
• And you’re really good at what you do
• Much like Hunk, you act as the tank, using heavy, blunt objects to take down your enemies
• Your weapon of choice, though, is something akin to a sledgehammer
• A much easier and lighter to wield than most battery weapons, but still gets the job done
• Now you’ve just smashed another droid’s head in, “Keep ‘em coming, guys, I’m getting bored down here!”
• “We’re a little busy ourselves here, [y/n]! If you have a better plan, you’re welcome to execute it!!”
• So you take matters into your own hands, and you begin to climb up, seeing Keith engaged in a fight with an individual you’ve never seen before
• Pidge, Lance, and Hunk are occupied with four women, of whom you’ve also never seen before
• But your eyes catch the icy eyes of a cold and calculated man, a glimpse into a soul that’s apart from any you’ve ever encountered
• There’s a loud ring in your head, and you feel as if something clicked in place
• Everything made sense
• There’s a tangible pause in the battle, one caught on both sides
• Lotor’s generals look at him as he clutches his head
• And the Paladins look at you as you cry out
• “Oh, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” You curse, coming to your senses
• Lotor didn’t look all too pleased either, wearing a scowl that showed he had, in fact, just shared that same experience.
• “We’ve had enough here.” Lotor gives little explanation to his departure but makes haste
• They leave quickly, leaving you with questioning glances from the four Paladins
• “[y/n], is everything alright?” You grit your teeth at the question Pidge poses
• “Let’s go back to the castle.” You grumble, sliding your hammer into its holster on your side, making a rather long walk back to the Lions
• And back at the Castle is even more interesting
• “Lotor is your what.”
• “Let me get this straight, you look into his eyes, and you decided he’s your soulmate??”
• “I didn’t decide, some sick, twisted deity decided.” 
• “…Does Lotor even have a soul?”
• Everyone was just as shocked as you were, but you couldn’t deny the feeling that shot through you as you looked into his eyes.
• Lotor was currently having a similar discussion
• But with a lot more rage like
• He goes through a spectrum of ‘How could my soulmate be a Paladin of Voltron’ to ‘The Paladins must be holding my soulmate against their will’
• He knows you willfully fight alongside the Paladins, but instead of loathing you for it, he sort of admires you
• With only base knowledge of your existence, and nothing more, Lotor finds himself fascinated with you
• He seeks out battle with you, and though you feel equally drawn to him, you remain elusive, just out of his reach
• You want to be with him. You want him yours, and you want to be his.
• But it goes against everything you’re fighting to protect now
• It’s essentially an intergalactic game of tag

CREATURE FEAR (chapter 1/?) | ice, circa season 10 | s/o to the wonderful @kateyes224 for her word prompt(s) | see ao3 for a/n 

summary: Welcome to the top of the world. Please enjoy your stay.

This is their glacial thaw in the modern era. It is D.C. spring and his feet up on the office desk despite the protest of his knees. He smiles when she knocks on the open office door before coming in. 

This the ironically earth-bound slowness of them. She’s balancing coffee with one hand and deleting emails with another. The basement is losing its bleached smell, or she’s becoming accustomed to it. It used to matter to her, the difference between real change and careful self-delusion. Now, she breathes in deep.

“The world is melting, Scully.”

Monday morning, and he’s armed with the apocalypse.

“I watch CNN,” she says. “But good morning to you, too.”

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Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and with Jane Asher, Cynthia Lennon, Pattie Boyd and Jenny Boyd, Bangor, Wales, 27 August 1967. Photos: Henry Grossman.

“The maharishi says this level that we’re on is like the surface of the ocean, which is always changing, chopping and changing, and we’re living on the surface with these waves crashing about. But unless we’re anchored on the bottom we’re at the mercy of whatever goes on on the surface. So you go into meditation and your thoughts get smaller all the time, finer and finer, until you get right down there, until that’s just pure consciousness, and you anchor yourself to that - and once you’ve established that anchor then it doesn’t matter what goes on up on the surface.” - George, Rolling Stone, February 1968

Trust Issues: Jon, Sansa, Daenerys, and betrayal.

A little meta I was inspired to write today after getting super tired of reading ‘Will Sansa betray Jon?’ posts. Warning! I try to stay away from season 7 plot leaks & spoilers but I am aware of some things and treat them as season 7 theories…so if you don’t want to know even a hint of anything SPOILER WARNING! (but not really b.c. I have no idea what will happen.)

Pretty much every fan everywhere has debated  the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?” The answers range from yes to no to she will pretend to betray Jon in order to take down Littlefinger. But maybe just maybe we are all asking the wrong question.

Sansa and Daenerys have both been casts as betrayers at certain points in the story. Daenerys by Viserys who she has visions of in ADWD calling her a betrayer. Sansa by readers who see her early actions in A Game fo Thrones as a betrayal of her family. We seem to forget that there is another betrayer in our midst. Yes, our hero Jon Snow. His time with the wildlings is steeped in betrayal of either his vows or of the wildlings depending on which view you take.

Why are we not asking the question “Will Jon betray Sansa?” or maybe even more important “Will Jon betray Sansa or Daenarys or both?”

If Sansa’s arc is about how a young woman in a patriarchal society can go from political pawn to political player. Jon’s is all about how one who gets given that power by default because he is a man despite his birth status attempts to make the hard decisions. His is the dynamic between the inner moral compass and the one wielded by public opinion. The women of our story have no such luxury. You are either pawn or player and to get to be a player it’s assumed you must have used unsavory means or had dragons. Daenerys’ arc mirrors Sansa in this way, she too goes from political pawn to player. Much of it rests on both losing her brother and her husband and having dragons.

That’s maybe why we rush to ask the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?”. A woman gaining power must mean she betrayed a man somehow or had dragons. We can see this in our current modern day political situation…ok won’t go there for now…

 Given Jon’s history and the issues going into to season 7, the question of “Will Jon betray XXX?” becomes a much more compelling question. Here are a few theories.

It’s possible Sansa in her plan to take out Littlefinger at first looks like a betrayal of Jon when in actuality it’s Littlefinger she is betraying. Part of her cover might mean Jon believing she is siding with Littlefinger. In his frustration maybe he sides with Daenerys, pledges fealty to her..etc. By the time he realizes Sansa was working to undermine Littlefinger and not him, it will be too late he’s given the North away to Daenerys. The Northern Lords are for sure not going to like this and might be willing to support a Sansa-Arya-Bran alliance. After betraying the Starks once by pledging to Dany, Jon now has to choose the Starks (represented by Sansa) or Daenerys.

It could be we never even have to see Jon believe Sansa will betray him. Littlefinger could be taken out in an entirely different manner while Jon is away. Jon may still betray Sansa and the North by pledging fealty to Dany. The audience may not feel it’s a complete betrayal but Sansa would, the Northern Lords would. It’s not unlike what happened when Jon joined the wildlings. We as the audience understand what Jon was doing, he was going undercover. This didn’t change how he used Ygritte. He betrayed her love and her trust. Which is exactly how she sees it.

Cersei may also still have Sansa in her sights. Please please season 7 give us the scene when Cersei finds out Sansa has re-surfaced and taken back her home along with her half-brother (really cousin…wanna be lover…). I think I may want this scene more than full on JonSa. If D&D give me this I can wait till season 8 for JonSa. What will Jon do if Cersei offers him a deal..perhaps Sansa’s head for Northern Independence or help with the White Walkers? One head to save many many lives. We believe Jon would say no but…there is always a but…

Another option is that Jon betrays not Sansa or his Stark family but Daenerys. Again, he has a history of tossing aside love/attraction when it comes to duty and the bigger picture. Dany is still owed at least one betrayal according to prophecy and it is the betrayal for love. As mentioned above Jon could have to choose Starks or Dany. That being said betraying Dany could be a question for season 8 and the last book.

In a perfect Westeros, Sansa would be Lady of Winterfell successfully manning the North while Jon builds the greatest alliance the realm has ever known to fight the White Walkers. After some minor compromises, everyone gets on board. Maybe he has a flirtation with Dany before discovering his parentage after which everyone understands. Dany sadly sacrifices herself against the walkers becoming a hero. Jon and Sansa rule the realm. Or for the Jonerys shippers, it’s the other way around Sansa sadly sacrifices herself and Jon and Dany rule together. But as we all know this is not a perfect Westeros. Some shit is gonna go down. 

So as fans continue to debate “Will Sansa betray Jon” and JonSa shippers wring their hands over the thought of Sansa even considering a betrayal of Jon, we may all be asking the wrong questions. Maybe what we really should be asking is “Will Jon betray Sansa aka sell out the North? And if so, when he realizes this is a huge problem, “What will Sansa do about it?” and “What will he do about it?”

**For the record, it would be wholly out of character for Jon and Sansa especially book!Jon and book!Sansa to truly betray one and another. However, misplaced trust in the wrong people (a particular recurring problem for Starks), miscommunications (all it could take are a few ravens lost in a blizzard), or poor timing could create a situation where one feels betrayed by the other. And if these two truly love each other as siblings or otherwise, or are falling in love with each other unbeknownst to other the person, the sting of even a perceived betrayal could be shattering creating a cascade of unfortunate events. JonSa shippers get your kleenex things are about to get extra angsty before fans get their bittersweet ending.


In this photo, Wei Kao, the Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Furniture and Woodwork Conservation, consolidates a Chinese lacquer cabinet using the Japanese “shimbari” clamping method. The flexible wood sticks enable the flaking surface to re-adhere, while also looking really interesting.


After you had left the Mikaelson compound the tension between Elijah and Klaus re-surfaced. With respect to you they didn’t want their problems with one another to worry you, but that all changed when you weren’t there.

Klaus leaned in towards Elijah, his voice low and quite threatening. “I’m warning-”

However Elijah wasn’t playing and pushed his brother roughly against the brick wall, “I’m warning you, leave her be”. Elijah wasn’t one to get aggressive it wasn’t in his nature, despite being a vampire. He knew how to handle situations and when those said situations needed him to be well….rough. And when it came to delivering warnings and words of wisdom to his older brother, Elijah didn’t hesitate.

However Klaus wasn’t having any of it, he used his vampire side and backed Elijah into the wall across the room. “Or what brother?”. Elijah straightened up his suit, remained calm and looked Klaus directly in the eyes without showing any sign of backing down. “Or so help me Niklaus I’ll make sure you never see her again”.

Klaus sneered, but it quickly turned into a smirk. “Then you’ll never see her again, not much of a threat or a plan if you ask me”. Thinking the fight was over he walked away, until Elijah made he stop dead in his tracks.

“If I have to sacrifice not being with her to prevent you from destroying Y/N’s life, then so be it brother.

Rebekah who had heard everything appeared and stood at the top of the stairs, arms crossed and not impressed. "If you’re both done acting like children, then how about you let Y/N decide who she wants to be with. Or you could stay here and continue to rip each others heads off, your choice”.

Both looked at one another and knew Rebekah was right. The only person who could put all this to rest was you, both brothers had to put their ego aside and let you choose who your heart desired.


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How do you think the UF and SF brothers would react to coming back home (they're at the surface) only to see a baby actually left in a basket on their porch?

UF!Sans: Welp, that shit’s going to the orphanage fast before Papyrus comes home. He is not  ready to raise a kid, particularly an infant. His conscience pricks him just enough to find the best one he can and maybe occasionally send them an anonymous Christmas gift.

UF!Papyrus:…..HE. LOVES. KIDS. I cannot say this enough. No matter how bitchy he gets about it, trying to appear cold and impressive, he literally cannot resist a child in need, and he wants kids of his own more than anything. This may not be how he’d thought he’d get them, but he’s not picky. The kid get taken in immediately.

SF!Sans: Like Boss he’ll take them in, but in the end is way too underprepared to handle an infant. And unlike Boss he doesn’t have quite the motivation to overcome it. He gets Asgore to help him find suitable parents.

SF!Papyrus: He drops the kid off at an orphanage but keeps a distant eye on them. He’s not willing to take on full guardianship but he’s got a soft spot for kids. He’ll make sure they’re being treated okay.

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Okay, because I can't stop thinking about this.... I don't get why people are all upset that Kara says that losing Mon-el is like losing her whole world and why they want her to be more human. Because, to me, it's not about losing him because she loves him, but because he is literally the last piece of her home (albeit sister planet) and now he's gone. And she's not human, she spent most of her time on Earth pretending to be something she's not and I don't think it's fair for people to say(cont)

(Part 2) That she has Alex and her Earth family now so she doesn’t need any of that stuff from her old life. It would be like telling them that just because their home they grew up in burned down they should just forget about it and move on because they have a new home now. 

From my perspective, from season one, Supergirl has been about how Kara struggles to find the perfect balance with her job, family, love, and being a superhero, all while staying true to her Kryptonian heritage and learning to be a human on Earth. 

So this new season, one side of the scales have tipped over. And Melissa herself said in a interview, that it isn’t just Mon-El leaving her, its her repressed issues of feeling abandoned that are re-surfacing and affecting her mindset. She finally found someone who can connect to her Kryptonian side, and she found more than a friendship with him, and losing that would be devastating to anyone, and no matter how many people you have in your corner, pain is pain.

Her family is there for her, but she lost one of her only connection to her home, someone she loves, someone she had to sacrifice for the entire world. She has the right to feel lost and confused. 

And you had the perfect analogy. She has the right to grieve, and this loss will change her. What matters is how everyone reacts, and how she is able to find the balance again. 

Sure she still has family and friends, but sometimes that isn’t enough and you want more. And she literally had her perfect life in her hands, and she was forced to give it up, so let her be upset! 

(i hope i didnt ramble and had a point lol)

Much needed Parent’s A.U. context.

The a.u. follows most of the Danganronpa events and is set after DR3:Future. (For little note : I refuse to acknowledge almost 80% of the anime anyways.)

About the deaths :
For me the games are canon but not the anime. So only game’s deaths are valid in this a.u. (ex: Juzo is alive, not Leon.) Chiaki and Alter Ego will be present as programs/softwares.

(I’m sorry to the two people who sent me these asks -i didn’t forget about these- but as i’m saying it now : Celeste and Sakura are dead in this a.u. so they cannot be parents. Though they can be mentioned, no problem.)
I made this BIG exception of Junko being alive so maybe some dead characters will re-surface if I find good ideas for them !

Context :
The Remnants of Despair built their own lives & with their talents, they helped Naegi and the other members of the organisation put the “world back together”. As a way to atone for their sins. They live as members of the society now not letting anyone who they truly are (or were). 
Due to the disaster caused by Junko the world is bearing a lot of orphans. Some of the dr1-2 guys took some with them (Sonia /Kiyoko), others found them (Komahina) ..ect. They’re not blood related but feel responsible for them. (Naegi even built a daycare for all the orphans).
(The context will TRY to include as much of the ndrv3 plot when i’ll play the game)

More about a few charas : (if you want to know more about a certain character do not hesitate to ask me)

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Starting To Really Like Humans

Pairing - Zane~Chan

Warnings - This is just a cute fluffy fanfic! Enjoy!


She had always loved the sea. Her parents just didn’t understand why. She was a meif’wa, she should hate the ocean. But she didn’t She could swim in it for hours and hours, without getting tired or bored. That’s why, when she was 18, she moved next to the ocean. She didn’t want to have to travel to find it.

But one day, the girl went missing. She had gone out to the ocean, and her neighbours reported her missing the next day. A year later, and no one knows where the meif’wa went. 

After a month, everyone had lost hope. Assuming the cheerful young girl had lost her life to the one thing she cared about most of all. The ocean.

But one man knew the truth.

He had enjoyed his life of solitude. When he was 18 he had left his house to go and live a peaceful life in a far away town. Alone.

But, life doesn’t always work out like you had planned it. If you had told this man, “Hey, you’re gonna pack up all your stuff, build a new house by the ocean, and move there just for a girl,” he would’ve told you you were crazy and walked off. But life is full of mysteries, and love is the biggest one of them all. And who knows what we’d do for love.

This man was a marine biologist. He studies the ocean, and all the creatures that live inside of it. This particular day, was the day that he would be diving underneath the water for the first time. He was scared, no, terrified. He had a fear of being dragged under water and drowned. He’s had it his whole life. But Zane Ro’Maeve wasn’t a quitter, and he wasn’t going to back out of this job any time soon.

His crew had made sure everything was in order, and he had enough oxygen in his tanks for 2 hours under water. They all said their goodbyes and good lucks, then they lowered the man down.

Immediately, he saw a flash of pink. Bright pink. The type of pink you don’t normally see underwater. So, naturally, he followed it. Every time he turned a corner, the flash of a pink tail would turn the next. Almost as if it was trying to get him to follow it. 

After what seemed hours of following this mysterious fish, (it was only 10 minutes) it had vanished. He turned the corner, but there was no pink. There was no fish to chase, no animal to find. It was just him and some rocks. Then he felt a hand grab his ankle and pull him down. 

He looked down at whatever was pulling him, and he saw a human face looking up at him. Well, it wasn’t quite human. It was a female with bright pink hair, and black cat ears. When he looked further down he realized that she had a bright pink tail. She was a mermaid.

He saw her eyes glow white, then it all went black,

The first thing Zane noticed when he awoke, was that his oxygen tanks weren’t feeding air into his lungs, and that his suit’s helmet was no longer on his head, where it should have been. He gasped, then paused. His lungs didn’t fill with water like they should’ve. It was quite odd. 

He let out another gasp as he saw the mermaids face staring at him, inches away. She backed up, and he sat up.

“WHERE AM I?” Zane screamed. Then he realized that he had just spoken while under water. “Why can I talk?” He added in a more civil tone.

“Kawaii~Chan is a mermaid. All mermaids have a limited supply of magic. Kawaii~Chan cast a spell that allowed you to see, breathe, and talk under the water. Don’t worry, Kawaii~Chan assures you that it is only temporary!” The mermaid said, staring at the human with interested eyes.

“It’s just been so long since Kawaii~Chan has seen a human!”

“Wait, i must be hallucinating. This can’t be real.”

“Why not? Kawaii~Chan assures you she is 100% real!”

“Wait… You’re name. You’re that girl who went missing from this town years ago! The meif’wa who went into the water but never came back!” Zane swam over to her, getting a closer look at the woman’s face. He had seen the posters around town, and she looked identical to them.

Kawaii~Chan blushed, then spoke, “Yes, Kawaii~Chan is the girl who went missing. Kawaii~Chan came into the ocean to swim, and Kawaii~Chan was dragged underneath. When Kawaii~Chan woke up, she found she could breathe and see and talk! When Kawaii~Chan looked down, she saw she had a tail! She’s been living with the other mermaids for the past few years. Aphmau~Senpai and Katelyn~Sama. They have been very nice to Kawaii~Chan. But it’s been years since Kawaii~Chan has seen a human!”

Zane smiled. “Well, I’m glad I’ve given you the chance to see one. I’ve never seen a mermaid before, and i never thought I would.” He gave a small laugh, then his eyes changed to a look of concentration.

“What is Zane~Kun thinking about?” Kawaii~Chan asked, swimming over so she was in front of him.

“Well, we both want to know more about each other, right?”

Kawaii~Chan nodded in agreement.

“What if, we visited each other. Every night. I live on the outskirts of town. I would be willing to make the commute. It would just be us. It would give us a chance to learn more about each other.”

Kawaii~Chan smiled and pulled the man into a hug. “Kawaii~Chan thinks that sounds amazing!”

Zane returned her smile, “Then it’s settled. We’ll meet by the old dock on the edge of town.” He started to swim away before her turned back. “My name is Zane. I already know who you are, so it’s only fair if you know who I am.” Then, he turned and swam off. Re attaching his oxygen tanks as he swam.

“Kawaii~Chan can’t wait until this evening.”

Months had passed, and every night they had kept their promise and met at the dock. The months turned to years, and he kept coming.

They had told each other everything about the different worlds. How the social systems work, what they eat, all of their friends and family. Kawaii~Chan frowned when Zane said he didn’t have any friends and he wasn’t very close with his family. It sounded lonely. So Kawaii~Chan told Zane that she would be his friend. He only smiled and nodded.

One night, Zane walked up to the dock, sat on the edge, and pushed himself into the water. He smiled and swam over to Kawaii~Chan. She blushed, and smiled back. Zane rarely ever came into the water with her.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her closer. 

“Have you ever danced with a tail?” He asked, swimming around with her, their hands still intertwined.

“Kawaii~Chan can’t say she has. At least not with another person.”

“Well then, may I have this dance?” Zane swam to the dock, and a song came out of his phones speakers. He swan back over to the mermaid and grabbed her hands again. They swayed in the water, and he did his best to twirl her. It’s hard when you’re trying to keep yourself above the water. 

They would occasionally splash each other, laughing as they swam around, and just enjoyed each other’s company. After the third song had ended, Zane swam over to the dock and stopped the music.

He pushed himself onto the dock, but left his feet dangling in the water. He looked at Kawaii~Chan as she swam over and rested her arms and head on the dock.

“Kawaii~Chan, I have something I need to tell you.”

“You can tell Kawaii~Chan anything Zane~Kun!”

“I’m going to be building a new house here on the shore. Next to the ocean. So I won’t be as far away.” He said, looking down and blushing.

Kawaii~Chan smiled and pulled Zane back into the water.

“Kawaii~Chan thinks that is a great idea!” She said.

They were holding onto each other, then Kawaii~Chan asked, “Can Kawaii~Chan kiss you?”

“I don’t see why not”

She pulled the human closer, their lips colliding as they slowly sink under water. They stay liked that for a few seconds, then re surface for air.

Kawaii~Chan looked at Zane and smiled, “Kawaii~Chan is starting to really like humans.”


Word Count - 1413