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Just a couple of thoughts on Geoff Emerick’s quote about Revolution 9 and some of the comments…

There is an idea, I think, that Paul hated Revolution 9 for what most fans do: its weirdness and un-beatleness. 

While Paul may have seen Revolution 9 pointless at that phase, or too a spurious example of ‘avant-garde’, or simply trash, it certainly wasn’t anything alien and utterly anti-musical to him, as there even wouldn’t have been that element in the Beatles’ work without his direct input, not to that extent, anyway.

Interesting how Paul credits himself for this maybe too much (see the quote posted next). Hmm… Paul introduced John to Stockhausen and musique concrete. He ‘went too far’ with loops and sound collages and gave John a great deal of the technical know-how. John takes this, makes it a self-indulgent litany and vehemently credits Yoko for innovating his/Beatles’ music. I see a pattern.

It’s just tricky to say it wasn’t ‘Beatles music’ (it could be argued about a lot of it, then). Paul in particular had been unironically enjoying doing ‘very similar stuff’ - in his own words (although by 1968 he had probably grown bored with it). It is what the Beatles had long been messing around with, both serious and frivolous. Carnival Of Light, almost released but vetoed by the others, by Paul’s accounts was pretty much in the same vein for whole 15 minutes. (Maybe I’m going on a limb here, but I do think many fans actually don’t like the Yoko-ness of Revolution 9 (fair enough!), but they would regard this beatlesque “obliteration with noise” differently.)

But here’s the thing with the Emerick quote (or rather, how it gets interpreted, not to be unfair to Emerick): his recount of Paul’s reaction gives the impression that Paul was offended by the track as if the issue was the music (“you’ve got to be kidding”, which are here Paul’s thoughts paraphrased). It can suggest the old tune that John was the daring, experimenting one, and Paul a square, albeit with taste. Geoff Emerick of course knew there was no such distinction, and he said so many times, yet some of these quotes are taken wrongly, or used whenever John gets the credit for pushing for the experimental and Paul getting in the way of it. Revolution 9 is even believed to have been composed as an antidote to Paul’s granny shit. False, false. 

A whole ‘nother point and context to Paul’s reaction is the fact that John edged him out (although he did involve George and Ringo) and showed him, maybe for the first time, that he was ready to substitute him - which must have been a far greater shock for Paul than the ‘muzak’ itself.

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rev, first off, love ya dude. as a streamer but also as a Father Figure. i come to you often to ask for advice and have always felt better. youre kind of like a role model to me and if you're not worried about something, i shouldn't be either. so today im here to ask... is that your real name, on your art website and stuff? you're not worried about people knowing your full name and general location? nobody knows my info except for a few friends but im worried someone might know.... yknow....

Unfortunately by having my full name out there its kinda been hard to find a job that’s more than shitty retail. I’d highly recommend not letting your full name out there. Now any employer who does any back ground checks finds “RevScarecrow” and most of them don’t get it and just think I’m an unhinged gremlin man.

If I regret anything it is having my full name out there but there is nothing that can be done about it. Time to keep working forward.

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my dad just said to me "so max clifford died today ... i'll bet a lot of secrets will come out in the weeks to follow and i bet some people are going to bed tonight very worried, i'll bet my money simon cowell most definitely is ... it'll all come out in the wash" wow i've taught my shady dad well

damn you’re dad knows stuff spill your secrets @anon’s dad 

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How would a teenager go about doing taxidermy? it's fascinating to me I'm 14 btw

-If you’re processing your own stuff, you can order whole raw animals and skins online, and pick up roadkill ((which is what I do!! I’ve gotten a lot of quality pelts and skulls that way!)) I also recommend buying frozen feeder mice from pet stores to practice tanning and taxidermy with! They’re cheap and relatively easy to work with.
-You can purchase your supplies either online or at craft stores. I personally got my scalpels from a woodworking kit at a Micheals for only like… $10 and they work perfectly for skinning!
-Tanning is a lot more complicated, I send my pelts away to tanneries which can be expensive, but you get really nice results back! If you’re interested in tanning your own skins, there’s lots of tutorials online, and most of them are relatively easy to do! Id highly recommend starting on smaller things first though, like scrap pelts and random pieces till you get the hang of it!
-Keep in mind that the vulture culture side of Tumblr is generally very helpful, so if you ever need help don’t be afraid to ask around!!
Taxidermy is a very broad field, and I tried to cover the basics of it, but if you have any specific questions I’m always happy to assist!!!

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Yo, so funny thing. I'm writing an essay for one of my literature courses and I'm talking about Satan and Me. We're doing stuff with Paradise Lost and all my brain thought of was, " gotta incorporate this some how" Once it's finished I may come off of anon and tell ya about it.

Looking forward to it!

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10, 11, 12!

okay first off jade you’re a queen and i love u!!!

10.)Something that made you cry this year?

i cried when inês and her dad dropped me off at the airport and while i was eating this portuguese chorizo bread she made me

11.)Something you want to do again next year?

see 🗣 inês 🗣 again 🗣 and 🗣 hold 🗣 her 🗣 close 🗣 again 🗣

12.)Talk about a new friend you made this year

UHHH YOU JADE HEHE :3 you’re a wonderful writer, you have great taste in stuff, you’re so sweet, and i know you’ll go far and do really great things thru music journalism!!!!!

hey re: that bitcoin stuff that’s been going around, maybe avoid going to certain blogs that you think may be infected. whenever i go to some blogs i get this message from Avast:

and even just casually browsing tumblr gets me a similar alert every few minutes, but the connection listed for those is to a different website, though the infection listed is the same.

so like 1) avoid blogs you think might be infected and 2) make sure your antivirus and firewalls are all running and up to date if you’re going to be browsing tumblr period, maybe.

feel free to spread.

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Seeing that they fuck everywhere, I’m am disgusted. If they lived alone in a sanitary environment, go for it. Sex is good. But with a kid? You’re exposing them to stuff they shouldn’t see, and probably getting infections from all the grime in that pigsty.

Absolutely. The conditions they have those kids living in are disgusting. They should be ashamed and working to fix it, not making videos showing it off to their patrons and subscribers.

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This isn’t a question/request, but I sincerely wanted to thank you for blessing me with quality fics and headcanons. Like you are feeding my Joe/Steve and Dacre (also I really only read your Billy stuff because you make him likable which is incredibly difficult, so kudos) obsessions with such... goodness isn’t really an apt adjective. I just LOVE your writing and I’m a little obsessed with how incredible it all is. It’s inspired me to work on some Steve/Joe stuff. You’re incredible. THANK YOU.

Oh my gosh, you are seriously so sweet! This makes me so happy! :) Duuude, that’s so cool! Keep writing! Send me stuff once it’s done, I’d love to read it!! 

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Do you have any suggestions for some sherlolly fics to share? I've read a few, but I'm fairly new to this fandom <3

Hm, well it kinda depends on what you’re looking for, like whether you’re looking for au stuff or not. Just for kicks, I’ll tell you that the first fic I read and loved was The Full House by Emcee. That definitely started my fanfic love affair with sherlolly. Keep in mind it was written before s3 aired, but that doesn’t change the fun factor in my opinion. And Emcee has written other excellent sherlolly fics as well that span through the series. I’ve written a bunch myself, which are all on AO3, so I’d love for you to check out some of my writing of course hehe! (Maybe try out I Told You So since that’s kind of my crowd pleaser fic lol) And also if you want to be able to carefully choose fics based on genre and au and stuff, I’d highly recommend @miz-joelys-sherlollilists. There’s almost nothing you can’t find on there! 

Welcome to the fandom/ship, and happy reading! 😉 📖 

okay guys it’s almost SW time and I’m going on opening day so let’s just say it with large anticipation

nice/regular administration stuff:

  • I’m going to see tlj on wednesday morning
  • since I don’t like to spoil people all tlj posts will be tagged the last jedi spoilers and the last jedi, I’m not tagging star wars spoilers but I’ll tag star wars too
  • I’m going to try to keep the spoilers to a minimum and if I post about whatever happens it’s gonna be under a cut for at least a week
  • I’m keeping the spoiler tag on all tlj posts for at least the entire month after it comes out
  • but like if you watch it and want to talk about it on PM without risking spoilers getting published pls feel free 
  • (also if you send in spoilery asks try to keep them vague like WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT THING X DID IN THAT PLACE so we’re extra safe)

wanky stuff (sadly):

  • getting it out of the way now: I’m not particularly interested in kylo nor I ship him and rey but I do not in any way shape or form care for the anti-r*ylo wank that usually resolves itself in wishing the shippers dead or one of them dead (we all know which one) so you’re not going to find any hate on here for whichever fucking ship that comes out of this movie;
  • which means, I don’t want to hear about how horrible it is or how terrible kylo is or how much it’s Bad If People Like White Male Villains because a) I don’t care, b) that negativity is Not What I Want Out Of Watching Star Wars, so like pls if you are of the aforementioned opinions you’re warned;
  • for the love of everything please if we’re talking about controversial ships blur out the names or don’t write them in the asks properly so they don’t end up on the tag (I’m still recovering from the last time someone thought it was outrageous that people couldn’t ship finn with whoever the fuck they wanted without being told how to do it every three seconds);

for any other tag blacklisting purposes: the only ship I actively tag in this trilogy (for now) is st*ormpilot which is otp: it suits you so if you want to blacklist it in case of not enough spoiler tags there you go.


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

shaming people for “cringy” interests is so gross oooh my god so someone likes this one piece of media more than anything how about you just…. let them? it brings someone joy what the fuck is your problem. eat some grass.


“Like a centipede.”