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So I reached 7k followers this week and I’m just… whoa. This is such a huge number, I can’t even believe it. Honestly. I’m from a small town that literally has less inhabitants than that, so this is just mind-blowing. I did my last follow forever at 3.5k, so I thought this’d be the perfect opportunity to update and post a new one.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you and I’m happy that you all make my dashboard such a nice place. Of course there are many more blogs that I follow, but couldn’t include in this, so just for the record: I really do love all of you, that’s why I followed you in the first place. You’re all awesome and beautiful, never forget that!

I also wanted to thank every single one of my followers! You manage to make me smile every day with every like or reblog or nice message. Watching that little number grow makes me incredibly happy and sometimes I can’t believe that you all chose to follow me and actually like the stuff that I make or my writing or whatever. Thank you so much for that! :) I love you all so much! ♥

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The bold ones are mutuals. I’m very sorry if I forgot anyone!


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tinyconfusion  asked:

fic rec list please: fics you read after your soul has been crushed by angst (you know the ones you reread over and over again) .. i want to see if we share some :D

Haha, sure :D.

This is an extremely subjective list of what I would call my “go to comfort fics” that I return to again and again. Of course newer fics I’ve read aren’t on here since I haven’t had a chance to re-read them yet. 

Rated Teen or below

Hair of the Dog, ZephyrHawk

Because you have to face the morning eventually. A short sequel to In Vino Veritas. TenToo x Rose

In Good Spirits, rosa-acicularis

“Give me a month,” she says. “In a month, I’ll know what to say.” In which there is some angst, but mostly silly drunkenness. TenToo x Rose

In Orbit Around You, keep counting

‘Donna informs me that I am an insensitive bastard’. Rose returns, but things aren’t exactly brilliant. Yet. Ten x Rose

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Doctor Who Secret Santa 2013 Fanfiction Masterlist


  • Time Between Kisses (PG) Also Ten/Rose. Rose is preparing for Christmas with the Doctor when a weak spot in time drags her away from the TARDIS, where she meets someone who looks completely different, but at the same time very familiar… by greatbigouterspacedunce for allgoodthingsflowintothecity


  • A Collision of Pirates & Doctors (PG) The Doctor and Rose get in a bit of trouble while on a pirate ship… by badwolf-and-oncomingstorm for ronaldthebarbarian
  • A Gebrovklian Fairy Tale (PG) Rose wins a bet with the Doctor. Her prize? A bedtime story. But nothing is ever quite what it seems. Fluff and a little angst and H/C. by okayokayigive for mydearladydisdain-beatrice
  • A Glimpse of Domesticity (PG-13) Nine doesn’t regenerate after the events of Satellite 5. He and Rose go on to live their lives together, even having a child on the way. by badwolfssherlocked for speckeh
  • And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die (PG) If he pulls just one thread- by sgriobhadh for watchingfromtheforrest
  • Birth and Giver (PG) “It’s my birthday?” “It is on this planet.” Rose and the Doctor spend her birthday on a planet celebrating its own holiday, and find that some ‘Higdenshi day’ traditions are a bit… unpleasant by ronaldthebarbarian for abundanceof-emptypages
  • carpe diem: or, gather ye rose(buds) while ye may (NSFW) It’s not that he was looking for a reason to put the moves on her—not really, anyway.  It just sort of…happened. by neverwhyonlywho for sequence-fairy
  • Just A Moment (PG) Rose runs into a familiar face while universe hopping. by rinaway for theslytherinhasthephonebox
  • To Drink Strange Frenzy From its Wind (PG) Nine/Rose time-travel shenanigans in Antarctica. by rockssilivren for okayokayigive
  • Untitled (NSFW) by just-this-once-everbody-lives for loverofdragons
  • Who Says I’m Not? (PG) “Look at you, beaming away like you’re Father Christmas!"  "Who says I’m not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-12?"  "…what?!” by therubberbandtheory for greatbigouterspacedunce
  • Within His Grasp (PG) by czarnyzeszyt for shutupholmes

AU Nine/Rose

  • Melting Slowly (NSFW) Chapter 1 -  Chapter 2 by wanderlustintranslation for licieoic
  • When All Hope Is Gone (PG) by mydearladydisdain-beatrice for therubberbandtheory

Ten/Rose, TenToo/Rose

  • A Christmas View (PG) The Doctor and the TARDIS give Rose and Tony an unusual Christmas present. by whatswrongwithblue for fadewithfury
  • A New First Christmas (PG) Rose heads over alone to Jackie and Pete’s for Christmas Eve because the Doctor is too busy to join in. Little does she know, he has quite the surprise in store for her. by fadewithfury for helplesslynerdy
  • Adrift (PG) by entiche-avec-david-et-billie for themomentiscoming
  • All Fingers and Thumbs (PG) In which Rose discovers the Doctor in a compromising situation, and they dance it out. by nowyoucandothesameforhim for spookyknight
  • Any Given Day (PG) Sometimes Rose wonders about cause and effect. Now is not one of those times. by lotsofthinkythoughts for rointheta
  • Austr(al)ia (PG) “Some people will always have Paris. She will always have pre-colonial Australia, apparently.” by weezly14 for smasheddrumsandbadwolves
  • Basically, Teamwork (PG) “The Doctor and Rose wake up to find the TARDIS has been captured by… his Gallifrey hamster? Together they must overcome a strange and somewhat ridiculous trial to win back their transdimensional home, confronting some long unresolved feelings in the process.” by spookyknight for psychicpurplewindmill
  • Big Plans (PG-13) Six months after Bad Wolf Bay, and it’s the Doctor and Rose’s first Christmas together. by bitchymama for dragongirl-11
  • Christmas Carols (PG) Rose takes TenToo carolling. It goes about how one might expect. by jingledykes for myprvvalentine
  • Did You Miss Me? (PG) Ten reacting to Rose after he first regenerates in The Christmas Invasion. by lookinginthelight for thedoctordanceswithrose
  • Dutiful Husband (NSFW) by ariadnamsaenz for sherlockholmeshasleftthelibrary
  • Five Times the Doctor Was Sort of an Idiot During Rose’s Pregnancy and One Time He Wasn’t  (PG-13) What it says on the tin! by re-sile for atimelordswife
  • Ghosts of Christmas (PG) She pressed her lips together, then she giggled quietly, almost hysterically. “A ghost from Christmas a long time ago and a ghost from this Christmas. The past and the present. All we’re missing is a ghost from the future.” (Part of the With Starlight in Their Wake 'verse). by wintermoth for lotsofthinkythoughts.
  • Home For Christmas (PG) The Doctor and Rose miss Christmas and Jackie is very upset, until the Doctor makes up for it with a big surprise. by rointheta for tenxrosetyler
  • Ideas and Fantasies (NSFW) by thedoctordanceswithrose for neverwhyonlywho
  • Miracle at the Powell Estate (NSFW) Rose and Jackie drag the Doctor to every Christmas party in London. Some poorly placed mistletoe puts Rose in a compromising situation. by rudennotgingr for rinaway
  • Mistletoe is for Kissing (PG) The Doctor and Rose arrive on the wintry planet Beiralis, only to run into trouble of the poison variety. by childrenwithtreebranchswords for thebadddestwolf
  • New Beginnings (PG-13) by theslytherinhasthephonebox for ariadnamsaenz
  • Of Candle Glow and Mistletoe (PG) Rose wants a tree in the lounge, ‘cause after-all, it’s Christmas, Doctor. by sequence-fairy for lookinginthelight
  • Of Collars and Christmases It’s the Doctor’s first Christmas in Pete’s World, so there’s bound to be some excitement. (NSFW) by smasheddrumsandbadwolves for hollonsy
  • Of Waiting and Peeing (PG13) by sherlockholmeshasleftthelibrary for scullywolf
  • Once Upon a Barcelona (NSFW) He finally takes her to Barcelona on Christmas. He tries to make up for his shortcomings. She mainly wants to make out. Neither wants to leave without getting what they want. by myprvvalentine for krazikenzie
  • Out of the Cold (PG) About six months after the events of Journey’s End, the Doctor and Rose were working for Torchwood while they waited for their TARDIS to grow. It was supposed to be just a routine salvage operation, but then everything went all pear-shaped. by scullywolf for kikuneechan
  • Reminiscing (PG) The Doctor remembers when and how the time war ended. by arkannismajor for paullo
  • Rewind (NSFW) The Doctor and Rose are trapped on a planet where Intergalactic Goop forces the Doctor to be Rose’s slave. Smut ensues. by captainofthewhoniverse for just-this-once-everbody-lives
  • Road Trip (PG) by ollyhooper for childrenwithtreebranchswords
  • She Lives For Impossible (NSFW) Ch1 by wilfredtennant for bitchymama
  • The Case of the Disappearing Trousers (NSFW) Waking up in an alien bed on an alien planet after saving an alien family from impending doom wasn’t a first for Rose Tyler. In fact, in the past year and a half of traveling with the Doctor, she had woken up in no less than sixty-seven strange beds, give or take. No, waking up there wasn’t a strange thing. Waking up there without trousers, however, was. by hollonsy for donthugmeimafangirl
  • The City Bombs Forgot (PG) Rose and the Doctor wander around Prague at Christmastime. by thebadddestwolf for defendingtheearth
  • The Doctor Who Saved Christmas (PG) Ten and Rose discover all is not well in Whoville when a would-be Grinch steals Christmas joy. Humor, fluff, romance, slightly cracky. by whoinwhoville for entiche-avec-david-et-billie
  • Think I Was Blind Before I Met You (PG) TenToo sits on Bad Wolf Bay and starts to work out the logistics of his new universe, his new body and the girl who means the universe and more. by justanotherghostwriter for lonelymonsterseekingcompanion
  • Time Doesn’t Wait for the Wolf or the Crown (PG) An innocent trip to an alien resort takes a dangerous turn when Rose and the Doctor poke their noses into the mystery of long-lost royalty. Unfortunately, the Doctor can’t save the day this time… now it all depends on Rose. This chapter is the trouble that gets them there in the first place. by psychicpurplewindmill for fogsblue
  • To Lead Myself Here (PG) He doesn’t tell Rose, not at first. by lyricalprose for justanotherghostwriter
  • The Perfect Christmas Tree (PG) Rose and the Doctor go in search of the perfect Christmas tree. by dameofpowellestate for deck-the-halls-with-cookie-dough
  • The Perils of Colored Christmas Lights (PG13/NSFW) by andherestograce for lyricalprose
  • Untitled (PG) by unusefullness for lostmoonyandheraddictions
  • Untitled (PG) by krazikenzie for weezly14
  • Untitled (NSFW) by lostmoonyandheraddictions for captainofthewhoniverse
  • Untitled (NSFW) by loverofdragons for wilfredtennant
  • Untitled (PG) by shadowsofwho for thatfantasyworldofmine
  • Warm This Winter (PG) The Doctor and Rose find themselves in a snowy, winter wonderland but things go downhill when there’s a mishap and another version of the Doctor arrives in the same place. Set between Age of Steel and The Idiot’s Lantern. by bubblygal92 for jaxin88
  • We’ve wandered many a weary foot since auld lang syne (PG) After the events of The Christmas Invasion, Rose thinks about the old and new faces of the man standing outside her flat, and the changes that await them in the new year. by kilodalton as a thank you to all the participants in the Doctor Who Secret Santa Ficathon
  • What Remains (PG) The Doctor finds out just how much Rose truly remembers from Bad Wolf… and what it’s doing to her. by thatfantasyworldofmine for dameofpowellestate
  • Winter Wonderland (PG) Snowball fight filled with sweet and fluffy goodness. by tenxrosetyler for whatswrongwithblue
  • Where the Tree Tops Glisten (PG) by lonelymonsterseekingcompanion for nowyoucandothesameforhim
  • Zubocian Wine (NSFW) by snowiewrites for wanderlustintranslation

AU Ten (John Smith)/Rose

  • A Christmas Rose (PG). Rose Tyler runs a bed and breakfast with a Christmas theme—except she’s not really in the Christmas mood. Can a mysterious stranger help her get the Christmas spirit back? by perpetuallybemused for whoinwhoville
  • This Time Next Year (PG13) When Rose Tyler was 7 she met a little boy called John. Follows how their relationship develops for each Christmas they know each other. by i-am-burning-up-a-sun for andherestograce
  • Until Midnight (PG) A chance encounter with heiress Rose Tyler starts John Smith, a TA with a controlling professor and two free-loading colleagues, down a road he never thought he deserved. by dryadalis for crocophant
  • When A Bell Rings (NSFW) Jaded financier, John Smith, nearly runs over an odd woman named Rose with his carriage in Victorian London. She claims to be an angel, fallen from Heaven. She can’t possibly be telling the truth… Can she? - Ch1 – Ch2 – Ch3 – Ch4 – Ch5 by licieoic for re-sile


  • Attack of the Fairy Lights (PG) Clara finds the TARDIS console room transformed, over night, into a winter wonderland. What was the Doctor thinking?! by farflunghopesanddreams for north-polaroid
  • Forever is Composed of Nows (PG) “I was thinking – could we just have… today? Just have this Wednesday be this Wednesday?” by ohthestuffoflegends for farflunghopesanddreams
  • It’s A Wonderful Life (PG) The TARDIS landed with a bump, and Clara waited for him to open the doors, not knowing what would greet them. The plane had been confusingly terrifying, the market on Akhaten amazing… but this time, on their third adventure together, she didn’t know what to expect.  After all, what should a girl of the 21st century expect from a colony from the 51st? by janescarlett for whoufflethroughtime
  • The Doctor and John (PG) by merrywhoufflechristmastime for badwolfssherlocked


  • Christmas Memories (PG) by katemacetak for allonsy-wolf
  • Fools (PG) On an unspectacular day in a semi-ordinary place, the Doctor observes the people around him and his companion - and these ordinary people bring him to a bright realization. by allonsy-wolf for katemacetak
  • Merry Christmas, Darling (PG) Eleven is feeling lonely on Christmas when something nice comes knocking on his door. by speckeh for janescarlett


  • A Thousand Years (PG) Alone temporarily, on New Year’s Eve the Doctor stumbles upon someone familiar and temptation affects him. Can the Doctor resist himself or will timelines be in danger? by jennytylersmith for wintermoth
  • Choose Today (NSFW) “One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?” Christmas. Maybe it won’t be their last day together, but still the day to choose. by fogsblue for swagmasterangel
  • Ten Years and Three Months (PG-13) by sherwhotreksings for perpetuallybemused


  • Afterwards (PG) by brighterthanroses for allonsy-allonswin


  • The Christmas Star (PG) The Christmas Star always led Rose Tyler atimelordswife for I-am-burning-up-a-sun
  • Untitled (PG) Rose and the Doctor meet in a 1920s small village. Takes place in the parallel, slightly AU. by 12angrytimelords for bubblygal92


  • A Light in the Darkness (PG) by jaxin88 for dryadalis
  • Adieu (PG) by laveycee for arkannismajor
  • Future Perfect (PG) by allgoodthingsflowintothecity for jennytylersmith


  • And a Place for the Doctor (PG) Amy wants to set a place for the Doctor at Christmas dinner. Rory doesn’t think it’s such a good idea, because the Doctor thinks they think he’s dead.. But Amy Pond always gets what she wants. by dragongirl-11 for bluetardls
  • Foundations (PG) by kikuneechan for laveycee
  • Untitled (PG) “If you truly want something, don’t wait for it- teach yourself to be impatient.” -Gurbaksh Chahal. by bluetardls for mihnn


  • I want a hippopotamus for Christmas (PG) Pete’s World Donna x Lee. by helplesslynerdy for shadowsofwho

I don’t usually publish them (holler at people asking questions logged in! thank you!), but I sometimes get asks for fic recs, and beyond just my fic recs page, which is just generally reblogged fic, I usually at least try and figure out what somebody’s looking for before I rec something.

From that, I’ve recently come to realize, in answering these asks and talking about fic, that I mentally group authors into about five different categories, and then I rec (and read!) from there. 

So I’m gonna write some of these down, like an off-the-top-of-my-head thing, with some current authors, in case anyone is looking for a specific type of story. 

(Obviously everyone writes outside of these things, but these are my go-to, gut designations when I’m looking for a specific thing — everyone is amazing, I love you all, etc.)

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any favourite fics?

I do! anything specific you like??

in the absence of your preferred genre/pairing/rating etc i will just list five ten fifteen of my all-time favourites:


He took a step closer, watching her with a timid gaze full of burgeoning expectation. It was the same expression he’d worn, once, when he first asked her to come with him and later, again, when he’d changed and asked her to stay.

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset: 4/?

Before it Breaks - Chapter 16

By re-sile

anonymous asked:

this is a bit embarrassing to ask, but do you by any chance have any smut ten/rose fanfictions that you can recommend ?

Oh, nonny you came to the right place

And don’t be embarrassed, there’s nothing better than reading about these two shagging (well, I have a thing for angst, but that’s for another list).

So basically I just went to my favourite writers and selected one of their fics (mostly one shots or short fics) but you should check out all their stuff.

It’s a new year and an unfathomable amount of you lovely people have decided to join me as I continue to obsess about the Doctor and Rose and various other things. I can’t thank you all enough for helping to make my tumblr experience absolutely amazing and putting up with my Doomsday fixation! *hugs for everyone*

This is a list of some of the people who brighten up my dash and my life immensely. Thanks for being wonderful people! (I know i’m going to forget people so this is not a complete list of all the people I’ve been lucky enough to know or follow on here.) I bolded some people who I really admire and/or talk to (and honestly had to stop myself from just bolding everyone okay?)

Special shoutout to the wonderful Noelle for making the lovely graphic above, as always!

My Roses (hover)



✯ aeonish ✯ alechardly ✯ allegoricalrose ✯ allrightfine ✯ androsetyler ✯ arthoudarvill ✯ arthurdarvillains✯ arthurpendragonns ✯ ascballerina ✯ aspacemancametravelling ✯ astrandedrose ✯ asthewheelwills ✯ atimelordswife ✯ badwolfreborn ✯ badwolfrise ✯ badwollf ✯ barcelonatheplanet ✯ biclaras ✯ bubblygal92 ✯ burningupasun ✯ burntlikethesun ✯ curatiolethe ✯ damerosebadwolf ✯ dannepink ✯ david-tennants-little-fangirl ✯ deathlyfandoms ✯ deducingly ✯ detectivechilds ✯ digrumpycat ✯ donnanobl ✯ donnastardis ✯ dreamsofpetesworld ✯ dryadalis ✯


earthfire75 ✯ echoesofthebadwolf ✯ emmaspiratefadewithfury ✯ fleurdeneufflypup ✯ fogsblue ✯ forever-as-it-should-begalifreyy ✯ gallifreyslostsongreatbigouterspacedunce ✯ greatspacedustbin ✯ hardythehermitcrab ✯ hollonsy ✯ inloversmeeting ✯ jabber-who-key ✯ joanniewatson ✯ justby-grace ✯ kelkat9 ✯ kilodalton ✯


lallasward ✯lauraxxtennant ✯ littlelionmanning ✯ littlewhomouse ✯ lixabiz ✯lumos5001 ✯ lunarsilverwolfstar ✯ meduesa ✯ moonofpoosh ✯ morsehunters ✯ nowrunalong ✯ nureiel ✯ officialwandamaximoffollyhooper ✯ ohtwelve ✯ perfectlymissy ✯ ponnds ✯ pulledacross ✯ rcsetylr ✯ re-sile ✯ rexalexander ✯ rointheta ✯ rosecoveredtardis ✯ roseinthevoid ✯ rosetylered ✯ rosetyilersrosewolfy ✯ rudennotgingr ✯ rundalek ✯


✯ safecosimastoprobbers ✯ stuckwithyounotsobad ✯ tenallonsy ✯ tenshair ✯ tenrose-s thatfantasyworldofmine thebadddestwolf ✯ thebluewolfhowlingthedoctordanceswithrose ✯ thedoctorlek ✯ thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic  tinyconfusion✯ tkross ✯ travelintimeandspace ✯ tripwirealarm ✯ tyleredrose ✯ tysonjritter ✯ vannadear ✯ whoinwhoville ✯

+blogroll because I know I forgot a ton of people that I adore because i'm an idiot or my inability to keep up with url changes has kicked in. (literally though, everyone i follow is a++)
special shoutout to the lovely ladies in the Dimension Hopping Rose Network.

Thanks so much to every single one of you that has clicked that little follow button. You all honestly mean the world to me. *hugs* ♥

On Rationalizations, Fetishes, and Giving in

Pairing: David x Billie
Rating: Adult
Genre: romance, fluff, angst
Words: 3486
Chapter: ½                                                                   
Summary: He’s sure that running some lines together, in costume, on a tiny love seat, is either a very good or a very bad idea. But he has no idea which.

Beta: The lovely re-sile

Notes: Happy birthday fic for thebadddestwolf!


David paces outside of Billie’s trailer, feet shuffling in the gravel as he passes the bottom of the steps that lead up to her door for the seventh time.

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An impromptu Follow Forever because I follow so many awesome people and it’s the end of the semester and I’m in a good mood, so why not? This is a list of nearly all of the lovely blogs and sideblogs that I decided to follow for one reason or another, and I highly recommend you check them out as well!

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Very special people close to my heart:

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So I hit a huge follower milestone the other day and I promised I would do a follow forever when I hit that goal, so here it is! Once again, I can’t stress enough how much I love all of my followers and I also love each and every one of the blogs that is included on this list. Bolded are the people who I talk to often/enjoy reading their tags/absolutely love their edits or fics or whatever they contribute to the fandom/overall favorites (although again, keep in mind that I love all of you :D)  Also, if I left anybody out for any stupid reason, please let me know so I can modify that ASAP.

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tenroseforeverandever  asked:

Sorry, Shippy Dalek! I just wanted to understand the nature of the oversight. I see that you have a chip on your plunger arm regarding this subject. As you can tell by my pen name, I also ship Rose and the Doctor. I wouldn’t want to offend someone with such wisdom! Speaking of your wisdom, I was looking at the Rose (jealous of “Lynda-with-a-y”) gif set that @re-sile recently posted (from “Parting of the Ways”.) I was curious as to what advice you would give our OTP in this scenario…

You are wise to apologise so I will let it go this one time. Offend me again and you will be destroyed

I was not worried about this “Lynda” one bit. Was Rose a tiny bit jealous? Sure she was. Was the Doctor being a little bit flirty? Sure he was. But the Doctor has always been nice to the ladies. It doesn’t mean he wants all of them. Besides Lynda was sweet and the Doctor doesn’t want sweet. He wants a kind hearted warrior like Rose. Sweets make you sick in large doses so she wouldn’t have been around long even if she had lived.

I couldn’t allow her to live though because she upset my BFF, Rose. So I had a quick chat with one of my Dalek brothers (yes I can still communicate from the Dalek beyond, just go with it) and told him to get rid of this Lynda-with-a y. The room in which Lynda was killed had thick sound proof glass so you couldn’t hear what my Dalek brother was saying. Now you humans probably think he was saying Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate but that’s not true. Allow me to translate.

You mess with my OTP you get exterminated!

It’s that time of the year again…back to school and I have just the thing to make that bearable: a list of absolutely fantastic, amazing blogs to brighten up your dash and your school year! Spread some love around to combat all that stress :)

As always, thanks to the amazing Noelle for the lovely graphic!

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I know I forgot a ton of people and I’m so sorry about that, I promise I still love you lots, I’m just very forgetful and am absolutely awful about keeping up with url changes!

also, special shoutout to the lovely ladies of the Dimension Hopping Rose Network

hey there folks, i know it’s not the new year, it’s far past it. but in (dis?)honor of getting another year older today (24 *sigh*) here goes…

partly as a replacement for doing that ‘tag five blogs’ thing i’ve been tagged in a few times and partly just because i want people to know how amazing they are and earn them all the followers, first and foremost i’m personalizing a few thank-you’s. there are things that make me want to quit tumblr sometimes but then i am reminded that these fantastic people are still on here and that it’s worth staying yet :] every person on the below list is someone i can’t imagine tumblr without… so, everyone included: thank you for being you i will literally never unfollow you, please never leave!

anniviech one of my favorite d/r artists ok and also TOO NICE TO ME like seriously she’s one of those people you can always just talk to and who’ll tag you in things and make your day just a lil’ bit better :]
castiels-dean ridiculously gorgeous deancas edits. i am constantly in awe, i physically can never unfollow her even though i don’t watch spn anymore.
dirty-brian was indispensable help writing the biggest work of fiction i’ve ever even dreamed of writing and a constant encouragement in my life when i really needed it most. plus, got me one of the coolest personalized blankets in existence!
dunderklumpen their dt gif series (especially the evolution of tennant series) make my life, seriously. you’re a blessing to the dt community!
fadewithfury one of my favorite artists AND fic writers, seriously such a talent for drawing and weaving together lovely words.
fogsblue excellent source for fanfic and a lovely person to chat with, honestly never a sour moment on her blog she’s just friendly and charming and a good resource :]
 made my dwsecretsanta gift and i love it to pieces. it’s literally the best thing and exactly what i requested and she is a lovely artist.
hanluvr someone i can always bounce fic ideas off of and who is a lovely writer herself, also a pRO beta and reviewer and one of the few i can discuss my adoration for leo leike with :]
lixabiz oh my, some of the loveliest d/r edits you can find and a sweet blogger behind them (and she cracks me up on a regular basis). PLUS i got the best ask i’ve ever gotten from her
 i don’t even know how anyone would survive without all the hardy/hannah crossovers this lovely lady brings to our lives. not to mention the rpf! just brilliant stuff! :]
mizgnomer those behind the scenes dt photosets consistently make my day (and the tennant photos and sets make my tuesdays) - you’re a treasure!
moltobenebananas one of the nicest people on this site, i swear, JEEZ i love her. and a fellow lover of dt PLUS she has the freakin cutest accent i’ve ever heard :]
nowrunalong this amazing girl made me this awesome url graphic and is just generally very very sweet.
phoebeweatherfieldcaufield a fellow emotionally compromised d/b shipper that i know i can always rant to when i’m crying over them, and really she just makes so many people’s day with her random impassioned all-caps asks doesn’t she? :D
purdygirl69 sister for life (literally). god her blog cracks me up.
shutupandlovetennant WHERE DO I EVEN START THIS WOMAN IS MY SOUL MATE. seriously. a+ person here. a+ blog. soulmate. dt fangirl, dw lover, ten lover. tentoo defender. excellent fluff writer. BFF FOR LIFE.
tennantaddict OH MY GOODNESS. one of my partners in (dt) crime, this lady is amazing. so kind and always supplying quality dt gifs :)
tennantsaurus-rex god her tags make my life complete. all the damn time. fellow dt fangirl. hilarious. cutie. all of the above.
tenrose-s consistent supply of quality dw and dt edits and a menagerie of beauty on this blog, and she is often gives us great new photo edits and videos and stuff pronto and i tremendously appreciate that!
thebadddestwolf probably my favorite author, period… go-to for d/r and rpf, and of course any d/b or billie info, speculation, research, photo references, analyses, you name it… this lady is five stacks of amazing. brilliant.
weeping-who-girl i would honestly consider leaving this site without her daily dose of dt and the lovely ideas for gif series she does! and she’s ridiculously nice enough to do all these livestreams and that helps hundreds of people :)

And there are lots of honorable mentions who are also wicked awesome and brighten my dash so please do check them out (i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!):


androsetyler arthurpendragonns arwenns barcelonatheplanet bloodybroadchurch blueboxtraveller bow-to-my-tie casfallsinlove claraoswalder clumsypumpkin cooltennant dance-in-the-graveyard davidtennantsmarveloushair destielsfluff doctorwhoedit dreamsofpetesworld


evil-bean fuckitykidneys greatspacedustbin jasric kahki820 kilodalton kingdomheartsnyctophiliac littlewhomouse mariechambers nowrunalong noyouplum parachemical princesconsuela pouahhh re-sile rosetylered rudennotgingr rundalek


starlightiel storiesmakeyoufly studio-forty-two tadris thedoctordanceswithrose thedoctordnna the-untempered-prism thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic tickle-me-dalek tinyconfusion tkross toppbanana transponsters whoinwhoville youburntlikethesun

I’ve always wanted to thank all of the wonderful blogs that I follow. Hitting my first follower milestone is just an excuse for me to do so. But more importantly, there’s something that I’ve really wanted to share since I jumped down the fanfic-writing-blog rabbit hole, and that’s my reason behind starting it in the first place. And I’ll just ask you to bear with me on this one, it’s a bit lengthy. :P

You all are some amazingly talented people, putting long hours into beautiful works of prose and art, sharing with us all manner of humor, wit, and geekiness. That’s not even taking into account how open and kind most of you are. I was so taken aback by it all that I felt an urge to give back to this community. After pouring over a library’s worth of fanfiction and savoring so many pieces of art, I really wanted to make up for it all by contributing. I’m just pleased to be able to share what talent I have. And it’s blogs like those below that inspired me in the first place. So here’s to you all. Thank you for all that you do, no matter what you bring to the table. And I hope you’ll continue to share your wonderful talents with us. 

(mutuals bolded)

A - F

allegoricalrose | anniviech | asthewheelwills | atimelordswife | badwolfrun | blueboxarchives | blueboxtraveller | braveten | burningupasun | burntlikethesuncalmingbrits | ceruleanbluesart | chocolatequeennk | clumsypumpkin | cryingmanlytears 

| dirty-brian | doctorandroseanon | doctortenny | dredshirtroberts | dwficfinder | elliealec | fadewithfury | firebirdswolfchild | fleurdeneuf | flypup | fogsblue

G - P 

gallifreyslostson | halorvic | hanluvr | heartbreakingtennant | illusion-divine | julibellule | kelkat9 | kiadshoo | kilodalton | ktrosesworld | lauraxxtennant | licieoic | lixabiz | lostinfic | mizgnomer | moltobenebananas | nowrunalong | noyouplum | ofstormsandwolves | oodlyenough | perfectlyrose | pinchtheprincess

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After having reached the big 900 (yes somehow, I don’t know why there are 900 people following the craziness which is my blog) I have decided to do a follow forever and a rec list. So here is part 1, follow forever! 


abadplanwellexecuted, aeonish, agallifreyantrickster, allegoricalrose, allrightfine, atimelordswife, badwolfrunbiclaras, bitchymama, bittie752, blueboxtraveller, bubblygal92, burningupasun, callistawolf, chocolatequeennk.


deathlywritings, dryadalisdoctorandroseinatardis, fadewithfury, flypupfogsblue, gallifreyslostsongreatspacedustbin.


isilienelenihin, kaynibbler16, ky-stakelkat9, kilodaltonlastincurableromantic, lauraxxtennant, lillibetm3, littlewhomouselicieoic, lostinfic, lotsofthinkythoughts, lunarsilverwolfstar, lyricalprose


mariechambers, minduiquitelikehope, nowrunalong, ofstormsandwolves, oodwhovianoutcastfromgallifrey


perfectlyrosepink-andyellow, princetennant, pulledacrossre-sile, rishidiams, rointheta, rudennotgingrrosetylerrun.


teawhoviantenrose-s, tenxrosetyler, the-untempered-prismthedistortedmirror, thebadddestwolfthedoctordanceswithrosethexlostxgirlx, time-nebula, tinyconfusion, tkrossvannadear, weeping-who-girl, wanderlustintranslationwintermoth, whoinwhoville and yumimumfangirl

All these blogs are fabulous and amazing!

OKAY SO.  New milestone, end of the year, lots of lovely people being super nice, all good reasons to create a new follow forever.  This site been super great to me since a I joined a little over a year ago, and I just want to thank all my followers for putting up with me through my variably stagnating fics (I promise I’ll get to them all again soon) and cycles of madness about different attractive people who cross my dash (which I really can’t be held accountable for at all).  And so, for your viewing pleasure, a list of people I’m grateful to for brightening up my day and my dash.  You’re all lovely.


abadplanwellexecuted // aeonish // agallifreyantrickster // aimtoallonsy // allegoricalrose // allrightfine // ambrogiokaru // andrastesgrace // ascballerina // asthewheelwills // atimelordswife // aviculae // badwolfrun // blueboxtraveller // bubblygal92 // burningupasun


chocolatequeennk // deathlyfandoms // dryadalis // fadewithfury // fiftysevenacademics // fleurdeneuf // flypup // fogsblue // gallifreyburning // greatspacedustbin // halorvic // hardythehermitcrab // isilienelenihin // johannesviii // jennifercarolyn // kaynibbler16 // kelkat9 


lastincurableromantic // lauraxxtennant // linnealurks // littlewhomouse // lixabiz // lotsofthinkythoughts // menomonyfalls // minduiquitelikehope // misstardisblue // nowrunalong // perfectlyrose // pulledacross // re-sile // rexalexander // rishidiams // rointheta // ruebella-b // rundalek // rudennotgingr


spookyknight // teawhovian // thedoctordanceswithrose // the-untempered-prism // thexlostxgirlx // thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic // tinyconfusion // tkross // tripwirealarm // vannadear // weeping-who-girl // whoinwhoville // wholockgal