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2015 BTTF Fic Directory

As a preface, to the anon (well, anons pluralwho set me on this path back in January: you’ve not-quite-singlehandedly gotten more content out of me than any other prompter or requester ever has, so that’s worth bringing to your attention if only to thank you again for inadvertently catching me when the stars were aligned just right.  I say not-quite-singlehandedly because the following people very quickly latched onto this whole venture as readers, co-conspirators, and emotional support (2015 has been a horrific year for me re: family health and mortality): @neverrwhere, @myfavoriteismike, @the-oxford-english-fangeek, @seji, @leaper182, @milarca, @imaginedmelody, @firesighn, @bishoukun, @misterbubblicious, @ladylier, @isonnylove, @deerharthowlikeyouthis, and the absolutely extraordinary number of other anons who wrote in to say I wasn’t chucking words into a fandomless void. Simply put, judging by how few BTTF stories there were on AO3, let alone on the internet at large, I’d expected at best to hear crickets and at worst to experience, well, tons of backlash for writing what many people in mainstream BTTF fandom consider wildly heretical.  I’m grateful to have had the chance to discuss my reasoning and motivations with people asking kind, intelligent questions rather than the alternative (which actually didn’t happen at all).  I’ve gotten word today that my next surgery will be in early December, and I have a lot of grad-school-related work to do between now and then (as well as finish GOE).  I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have to add to these timelines / fic ‘verses I’ve constructed this year, so the least I can do is give interested parties an easy-access directory on Back to the Future Day of all days.  Thanks for letting me experiment:

Time Bomb Town (1955 Timeline)

Lyra, Burning (1885 Timeline)

I Am Waiting (Should I Be Waiting?) / Make Us Better (1938 Timeline #1)

Muscle Memory (Multi-Decade Timeline, collaboration with @leaper182)

One Step Away ‘Verse & Related Excursions (1985-86 Timeline)

As Easy As Love / What You Fight For (1938 Timeline #2)

Jukebox (1985-86 Timeline #2)