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Hey!! I’ll be tabling at Fanime this weekend at table #1411 with my good friend ashwara (we’re neighbours with the wonderful fuu)!

As it’s my first US convention, I’m beyond excited to see you there!!

I’m shipping out more 2017 calendars this week! One of the photos from this set is in the calendar for May! They’re on sale plus 10% off w/code “C2E2” at or

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"You fell asleep on me in the subway and I should probably wake you up and its my stop next stop but it’s okay, I can always just catch the subway back…" if you have time!! :)

Dedicated to @biblionerd07!

– –

“Great job!” Bucky says, jogging to catch up to Steve Rogers as he leaves the office. “I thought those mock-ups were fantastic.”

“Oh, uh, thanks,” Steve says, adjusting his scarf. It, along with his puffy coat, look like they’re about to swallow him. It’s adorable.

“And your presentation was super polished. I was really impressed. I’m in sales—”

“I know you’re in sales,” Steve says.

Bucky tries not to read in that. “Yeah! Good. I was just tryin’ to say that um, we don’t see a lot of presentations that’re that polished. It was really refreshin’.”

Somehow, despite the scarf and coat and his thick-framed glasses, Steve manages to level Bucky with a Look. “Thanks,” he says.

“So are you, uh, gettin’ the F train?” Bucky asks. “I’ve seen you on it a few times. I take it every day,” he adds, hoping it doesn’t come out as creepy. It probably came out as creepy.

He waits a long moment then says, “Yeah, I’ll be on the F train.”

Bucky nods and keeps walking, pretty sure that Steve just wants him to shut up and leave him alone.

Of course, the one time he actually has an excuse to talk to Steve and he’s already worn out his welcome.

After a minute or so, Steve sighs. “Sorry,” he says. “I’m being a jerk.”

“No, no!” Bucky says. “It’s not a big, I mean, I’m the one who…”

“I was up all night working on the presentation,” Steve says. “I haven’t slept all night, and I didn’t shower, so I’m pretty embarrassed to even be talking to you.” He sort of shrinks down into his scarf.

“Oh jeez,” Bucky says, as they start down the staircase to the train station.

“So I promise that I’m more of a person sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Bucky asks, swiping his card and going through the turnstiles, still close behind Steve.

Steve shrugs. “I’m not a people person,” he says.

“Better than a lizard in a person suit,” Bucky says. Steve shoots him another Look, but this time he’s… smiling a little.

“I guess,” he says.

They walk to the platform, Bucky happily surprised that Steve is letting him tag along, even if they are just standing in silence. When the train pulls up Steve walks in, then looks back towards Bucky and gestures for him to follow. Trying to keep his smile from getting too wide, Bucky scurries after him.

There are a few open seats and Steve drops into one with a huff. Bucky sits next to him, unable to keep from feeling a bit smug. He’s on the train next to his crush. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. “Where’s your stop?” Bucky asks.

“Neptune Avenue,” Steve says. “You?”

“Prospect Park.”

“Not too far from each other, all things considered,” Steve says, yawning.

“Nope!” Bucky says. He waits a long minute and then says, wringing his hands, “Maybe if you’re not busy we could—“

He almost jumps when Steve’s head hits his shoulder.

Bucky looks down and Steve is out, snoring and adorable, glasses askew. Bucky smiles and settles in. There’s no harm in letting Steve get some rest, and Bucky is sure that he won’t sleep for that long. Bucky hasn’t been able to do so much as take a cat nap on the train.

But then one stop goes by, and another. The car gets increasingly crowded but Steve remains asleep, soft hair tickling the edge of Bucky’s jaw.

Bucky realizes that Steve’s going to sleep through his stop. Of course, Bucky would have to wake him up to get off at Prospect Park, but given how easily Steve conked out the first time, there’s a pretty good chance that he’d just fall back asleep.

Prospect Park comes and goes, and Bucky stays in the train.

It’s not hard to sit and wait for Steve’s stop. The crowd thins out and things get more comfortable, so it’s actually pleasant. A few minutes before Neptune Avenue Bucky maneuvers himself around so that he can tap Steve’s shoulder. “Steve?” he asks. Steve grumbles and sort of rubs his head into Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky chuckles. “C’mon buddy, your stop is comin’ up,” Bucky says.

“Oh!” Steve says, sort of popping up. He’s got lines on the side of his face from Bucky’s jacket, and his glasses are completely askew. He looks over at Bucky and squints. “I slept?” he asks.

“The whole way,” Bucky says.

Steve clears his throat. “Your stop was…”

Bucky shrugs. “I’ll call an Uber or somethin’.”

“I’m such a jerk,” Steve says as he adjusts his glasses.

“No, no! I just… You’re tired. I didn’t want you to fall asleep again and miss your stop.”

The tinny voice that announces the stop says they’re approaching Neptune Avenue.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Steve says. “Meet me after work tomorrow, okay?” Steve asks, standing up.

“Really?” Bucky asks.

“Definitely,” Steve says. “Maybe we can both get off at Prospect Park,” he adds with a little grin, then scampers off the train. Bucky watches him as the doors close, grinning as Steve turns around to wave him goodbye.

“Wow,” Bucky mutters. “Lucky me.”

Then he realizes that they’re on their way to Coney Island and he groans.

HEY so I’ve done some research on the Wish app and have some good news! Okay, so, a lot of people don’t want to use Wish because it looks too good to be true and they’re afraid they’re going to get scammed, HOWEVER. I have ordered about 20 (small, cheap (just in case)) things off of the site and so far everything has come early or on time! Another complaint I used to see is that Wish didn’t have any sort of consumer protection if the customer got scammed by a shop, which appears to no longer be the case, as they openly advertise they have consumer protection now. I haven’t had to deal with their customer service yet though, as everything has come. ALSO! They’re doing a sale right now where certain (mostly small things, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.) are free, and you just have to pay shipping (usually $2 - $4). There are also certain stores that are verified by Wish, and so there’s that extra layer of reassurance, and some stores offer speedy delivery. Most products I’ve gotten come from China, so shipping times can take 3-4 weeks, which in my opinion is the greatest downfall. Also, their products (predictably) are usually kinda cheaply made, which I would expect for an app that sells things at such a low price, which is why I haven’t ordered any clothes from them yet (but a lot of stores sell clothes up to 6X!!). So far I’ve gotten patches for my jacket (all good quality), a fidget cube (average quality, still durable) camera lenses for my iPhone (good quality), a phone case (average quality), a wall mount necklace rack (average quality, sometimes has troubles sticking to the wall) and an enamel pin (good quality).

In all, this is an app I would recommend.


I bought the Land Crab in 1999 for $400. At that time it was a front wheel drive automatic that wouldn’t go into 3rd gear. It would be a realistic solution for many people to send a 20 year old economy car with a bad transmission to scrap. I saw value in this car, converted it to 4 wheel drive, and lifted it, and I have been continually working on this car ever since, and i suppose it is likely that I will always be working on it, whether to improve it or just keep it in good shape. I don’t have a garage, so I do all this stuff in my driveway. Most parts for a 1980 Subaru are no longer made, so the parts for this car were mostly salvaged from self service junkyards. I’ve hoarded parts for many years. Most people like what I have done, I get quite a few compliments. Every once in a while I meet the guy who is wondering why somebody would do this, spend so much time wrenching on an (now 35 years) old Subaru with no re-sale value. The best i can offer is that it feels good to create something that is so useful and so unique. There is only one car exactly like it in the world, and we have so much fun in it. If I had not built it, it would not exist. That is pretty cool.

Settle in kids. Old ladies are fun customers.

I work at the cash register at an electrical store where we sell Tvs, phones, small items such as vacuums and kettles, fridges, washers, etc… each item belongs to a department.

Well, we’ve been a bit short staffed lately cause the new manager believes that 2 people in each department, including front desk is enough (shocker: it’s not, most days get really hectic) so customers get angry when they don’t get served cause they have to wait. People have left angry saying things like “you guys just lost a sale” “we’re never shopping here again” “can’t you just help me yourself, you work here” yeah I work here but I don’t know every single product in the damn store and I’m at the front desk, it’s not my department.

So yesterday, during lunch time, when customers were everywhere, every sales person on the floor was serving, this “lovely” old lady came up to the front desk complaining that she’s been here for a “long” time (she hasn’t, it was just a couple minutes) that she could only see one person on the floor, that we don’t have the staff we used to have and just basically getting on my nerves as she was complaining to me about things I could not freaking control, things that are literally out of my hands.

I was getting a bit agitated myself (haven’t gone to lunch yet, it was a long day and it was just me and another girl at the front) so I started telling her in the nicest way with the fakest smile “We are short staffed at the moment, It Is Lunchtime so most of the sales people might be on Lunch, As You Can See There ARE A LOT Of Customers Around Already. Someone Will Help You Shortly” thankfully a sales person came down then and took her away and my manager came in and told me to go on lunch. I was so close to telling that lady “well if you don’t get served here maybe you’ll have better luck taking that wonderful attitude of yours somewhere else, you old hag”

Customers don’t understand that we don’t have a lot of staff and get angry when everybody is already serving a customer, like mate, you aren’t the only person who shops here, I can’t just tell someone who’s already with a customer to just drop what they’re doing and help you. If you’re not happy then just complain to management, I’ll write down the email address for you.

Welp, that’s my story, retail is Fun!


My two Blooky preorders are done. If you like one too they’re on sale here for preorder:

This is a made to order plush. It will take around 2 weeks to finish.

Little guy measures 5 inches tall.

Made with minky fabric, embriodered face, filled with polyfil and pellets.

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Hi! I'm just wondering how biologists like you actually catch the birds. Without going into detail (so that wild birds are not endangered), how is it done?

It depends on the bird, but the most common way we do captures is using a mist net! Image below not mine:

They come in all shapes and sizes, but all mistnets are large stationary nets rigged on poles. The mesh is very loose and billowy, so when a bird flies into the net (which is strategically placed along a likely flight path where there is low light to keep the net invisible), it falls into a little “pocket” where it can then stay restrained until you untangle it.

Working with mist nets efficiently requires quite a bit of training and practice (they can be finicky if you don’t know what you’re doing), and their sale is regulated in many countries.

While mist nets are great for catching small birds, but anything much bigger than a small hawk will usually 1) just fly right out, or 2) tear giant holes in the net. For that reason, people who work with waterfowl, gamebirds, raptors, and seabirds use a wide variety of other trapping techniques. These range from simple homemade treadle traps to highly specialized techniques.

One example is the over-the-top rocket net. I’ve never used one of these setups (it’s very niche), but it’s used by wildlife management professionals to band large numbers of gamebirds or shorebirds, ensnaring entire flocks as they begin to take off.

IEJI ~ Happy Birthday to MUCC~

2017/05/04 (Thu) at the Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen Culture Center Hall
(Coming of Age Ceremony and Concert)


For goods sales before the show, the line was crazy. I lined up an hour before sales were to start and the place in front of the venue was pretty much full with people queuing already, 500-800 before me and in the end at least 400 behind me, easily more. Some of the goods were limited to two items per person (towel and shirt), towels and one size of the shirt still sold out before I got to the goods table (T_T). Shirts were all sold out by the end.

Next to the door they had a board and bamboo decoration for a coming of age ceremony (as I am sure is conducted for Mito kids in that very venue when they turn 20). About the mistake in the printed year (heisei 27 instead of 29), it says this was Yukke’s mistake.

They started a bit late, I think partly due to the goods craze and partly due to ticket double checking. I was in the second last row, and saw half the last row being asked outside again, to be questioned about their tickets. Apparently someone had bought a ticket for that area online so they were trying to figure out which seat so they can get the seller.
Re-sale was always prohibited but they are finally cracking down on re-sales where the price was increased / that happened on ticket-resale sites (where people often increase the price).


First, Satochi, Yukke and Tatsurou came on stage in traditional clothes, but no Miya. Miya came in from a side door for the audience, walking through the seats to the stage in his flashy red clothes.
Once he had joined the others on stage, Mito-chan (the mascot) appeared and gave them a package of nattou. Tatsurou opened it for a sniff, then had Yukke smell who all but JUMPED back at the strong smell. Mukku (the red one) came out and gave a little speech about MUCC and told each of the members something. Miya sat down in the middle of him speaking (“But it’s your Coming Of Age ceremony! Keep it together just for a little bit longer!”), used his folding fan, dropped that to the ground and just was a flashy brat all around.
Mukku to Tatsurou: 20 years ago you had close-cropped hair and “god” written on your face, and you still managed to grow up so cool.
Mukku to Miya: Good job getting anything done with these three idiots.
Yukke would have been next in line, but Mukku turned to Satochi first.
Mukku to Satochi: Please study a bit harder for kanji and math…
Mukku to Yukke: You are only at 18 years and therefore not of age yet. In two years, please celebrate your coming of age at home alone.


01. Aka
02. Fuzz
03. Zettai Zetsumei
04. Worlds End
05. Kyousoukyoku
07. Mukashi Kodomo datta Hitotachi he
08. rhythm session leading into Himitsu
09. 1979
10. Wasurenagusa
11. Suna no Shiro
12. Ieji
13. Heide
14. Nirvana
15. Orugooru
16. Namonaki Yume

18. part-changed Sekai no Owari
19. part-changed Ranchuu

Double Encore
20. ESCAPE (Moonchild cover)
21. Dejavu (Luna Sea cover)
22. NO?!
23. 1997
24. Daikirai
25. Ranchuu
26. Myakuhaku


For Aka, the first song, the guys didn’t seem to move around as much as normal so everyone was all “huh? something’s off”, but most of the audience didn’t realize that there were entirely different people on stage that were only wearing MUCC’s costumes – until the real members popped up behind them and the body doubles disappeared from the stage.
In one of the MCs they talked about this. Like, about who the body doubles were:
Yukke: Mine was SCREW’s Rui.
Tatsurou: Mine was Girugamesh’s Shu, GirugameShu.
Miya: We didn’t find anyone for me until yesterday, but one of the kouhai I drink with when home kind of looks similar to me, and he’s in a band now too and had time to come, so him.

That guy is a bassist so all of the three in front were bassists XD
Tatsurou: What about you Satochi?
Satochi: Mine was Takayasu-san.
Tatsurou: Yourself?
Satochi: (small voice) yes.

Tatsurou: I feel like we shouldn’t talk about stupid things during the MC for the 20th anniversary, but MUCC came this far while talking about nothing but useless stuff during the MCs so I also want to stay true to that.
Yukke: Oh, I have something stupid to talk about! It’s something I can’t say normally, but… is it ok to talk about shit for a bit? (everyone: ???)
Yukke: Shit drills have been really popular lately, you know, study sheets where the answers to all questions will spell out shit!
Satochi: (nods in happy understanding)
Yukke: Satochi, you received some of those right? Presents from fans? I don’t know why they are so popular, maybe they are more fun to do than normal drills?
Satochi: Yes, they are fun! So much fun! (sounding like an excited elementary school kid)

Satochi was reading 実話ナックルズ in a store (… if you don’t know the magazine, please do a picture search for the name, such a yankee mag omg). Which lead Miya to remember…
Back when Miya had a part time job in Kabukichou, at some after party a kouhai got utterly wasted so Miya helped stuffing him into a taxi and someone must have taken a picture of that because it appeared in 実話ナックルズ with something like “A True Account Of Kidnapping! The Dark Side Of Kabukichou!” (MUCC cracking up)
Tatsurou: So you really appeared in the magazine?!
At the time apparently Miya mentioned it during an MC too and Satochi went to a convenience store right after the live to check it out and yes, the article in question was there XD

For the encore, they changed positions:
Tatsurou → bass (not one reduced to two strings this time, a normal fully stringed bass)
Miya → drum (behind his own little drum set, not Satochi’s)
Yukke → guitar
Satochi → vocal (with little angel wings on his back)
During Sekai no Owari, for all the 俺はまっすぐ歩けない lines (“can’t walk straight”), Satochi was penguin walking around the stage avoiding two steps in the same direction XD
And all of the growls sounded like Satochi was throwing up… XD;

Satochi thought they were doing only Sekai no Owari with changed parts, but no, also Ranchuu. In between the two, Satochi admired Tatsurou because
Satochi: Damn, doing vocals is EXHAUSTING how do you do it, moving all the time is so hard you’re amazing!

During Ranchuu, there was even more Satochi throwing up (“growling”… but he even stood in ways that suggested throwing up, like bending over and such) and moving in adorably cute patterns around the stage, like damn, I have never laughed so hard during Ranchuu that my stomach hurt afterwards but this time, oh wow XD SO CUTE. SO FUNNY.
So, a big percentage of the crowd was laughing waaay to hard to do any headbanging, but we enjoyed it to no end XD

For the double encore, they returned to their normal positions. And started with two song covers, for ESCAPE they had live piano on stage again, played by Yoshida-san who has worked with them during recordings before (he played the piano for Shinsou on Zekuu and ever since worked with them whenever they needed a pianist).
Apparently they first hired him for only one song (Suna no Shiro) for this live, and then with “can we add one more song?” “sure” “ok and one more then” they ended up with him on stage for three songs XD

The second time of Ranchuu, this time with everyone on their normal position, was amazing especially with the contrast to Satochi’s supercute version. Now everyone could (and did) go crazy enough for both times XD

Tatsurou: That you all have gathered here today, that means that MUCC are a part of your life! We are family!! Please continue like that for many years to come!!!! Ah… I said that, but… zen’in shikei!!! (what he always calls during Ranchuu, “You’re all under death penalty”ish, so everyone cracked up at that XD )

When they left the stage after the last song, Satochi started to throw Yukke’s bass into the audience, but of course stopped before it left the stage, shocking Miya next to him for a second XD

  • Announcements via a text video projected onto the backdrop

- Re-release of Tsuuzetsu and Homura Uta
- Tour in the summer in tiny tiny venues

Miya on Twitter on the Re-Releases:
“We could finally announce about the New Tsuuzetsu and the New Homura Uta. I think there are good parts to MUCC from long ago as well as good parts to the MUCC of today, so with this release we can directly compare their music which should be fun. We don’t want to just reproduce what we did back then. Right now, there are things we cannot do the way we did them back then. But also, there are things we can do now that we could not do back then. And so I think we managed to make something we could only make as the MUCC of today.”

I understand if you’re pissed at Marvel, as you should be, as you ABSOLUTELY should be, but I think an all out boycott of the company will not be effective. Because right now Marvel is attempting to pass the buck and pretend like it’s ‘diversity’ that’s pulling down their readership. They’re not learning from low sales, they’re doubling down on the Nazism because of it.

To them, Nazism is a spectacle, an event, something to lure people in.

So, a more effect protest/boycott is to stop spending money on the series that are currently Hydra-infested shitholes and spend the money instead of diverse titles. Not because this protest is necessarily effective, it’s not really. But so that titles about diverse characters or written by diverse writers don’t suffer because of this. People still need the America Chavezes and Kamala Khans and Miles Moraleses of the world. Kids still rely on them on representation and I just KNOW they’ll be the first characters/comics to go when readership really does get that bad.

Drop something as soon as Hydra touches it, do not support this blatant Nazi-apologism, but recognize that a blanket protest is going to have a lot of fall out and the comics/characters/creators hit the hardest aren’t going to be the Nazi-apologists, it’s going to be the newer, more diverse characters.

So, I ask of you–let your protest have nuance. But I also ask that knowing that a lot of people cannot bring themselves to support Marvel in any way at this point and if that is true, please support non-Marvel comics about diverse characters written by diverse people.

(Also, if you’re still invested in the characters that are currently being fucked by the Nick Spencers of Marvel, PLEASE remember there are free online alternatives. You can find out what’s happening without supporting Marvel financially right now. You may not think your individual purchase matters and, for the most part, you’re right, but these things add up.)

I’m in a bit of a Steven Universe binge because I’m so damn excited for that Steven Bomb! Anyway, I don’t usually put my watermark that big but these guys are stickers! They’re for sale right now! Check the link below to buy them in multiple sizes!

Buy these stickers (watermark free) on my RedBubble!

A few doodles from earlier today:

1. Fishbum meets Aku [or should I say Aku meets Fishbum]
2. Small giftie for @nadine-the-pnk
3. A random little crocodile

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