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One time Sehun and I were shopping for clothes in Hong Kong and I saw a pair of khakis for sale. So I thought ‘hm, they’re on sale so I should buy it right now right’ and so I did. I go to another aisle I see more khaki pants but the sign this time says “Buy three, get one free’ so I go and buy that one as well. So now I have about five khaki pants which I thought was a great idea cause I can wear one on monday, one on tuesday, one on wednesday, one on thursday and one on friday. It’s like I’ll never run out of khakis.
—  Do Kyungsoo interview (full interview click here)

So I was inspired by this post about things that Sidney Crosby has reportedly done, and I couldn’t help thinking about what Kent Parson’s would look like:

  • Unconfirmed rumours of cat thefts
  • Once drank cocoa pops out of a yard glass, threw up
  • The Roller Derby Incident
  • Missed a week of hockey after breaking the table he was dancing on
  • Crashed a Samwell frat party, challenged everyone to beer pong
  • Got caught drinking gin out of a water bottle. When asked why he wasn’t using his (unsubtle) hip flask, explained that that was for straight espresso
  • Keeps tweeting #same with pictures of rainbows
  • Broke into Patrick Kane’s car and stole his parking slip. Kane got a ticket
  • Stole the ticket Patrick Kane got. Kane was given another ticket. Parson then put the first ticket back
  • Played air hockey with a hockey stick
  • Bought ten bottles of orange juice “because they’re on sale”
  • Got his jersey torn up by his (then) kitten. Covered it up by buying a Parson jersey from the Aces shop and wearing that on the ice
  • Trained his cat to play fetch
  • Successfully evaded press by wearing a fake mustache and glasses
  • Got a summer job at a supermarket, even though the managers had no idea who he was. This was almost certainly because he lost a bet
  • Can run in stiletto heels
  • Kuroo: I like your glasses.
  • Tsukishima: I’m afraid they’re not for sale.
  • Kuroo: *laughs*
  • Tsukishima: Laugh all you want, they’re still not for sale.

I’m in so deep with these characters. I love them all so much.

They’re now for sale on my RedBubble account if you’d like to purchase stickers of them!!

I plan to sell prints of these guys soon too, so stay tuned for that<3

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I work in retail and the way some customers talk to me and order me around is something else. I actually cried 10 minutes into my shift a couple days ago because of a rude customer, and mind you it’s very rare for me to break down over something like that. People need to realise we’re sales assistants, not their personal slaves. We’re humans too, with emotions. We shouldn’t have to deal with shit like this.



Ever wanted a custom made drawing from me? Well, now you can, and even cheaper than the normal price! That’s right, folks, we’re having a sale for the season! 

I will NOT draw:

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- Art to be claimed as your own (though if you want to color your lineart yourself knock yourself out)

Prices may vary upon design (complexity, intricacy, etc)

I hold the right to deny any request I find uncomfortable or violating the guidelines I have set.

SO, if you want the perfect gift for your loved one this season!
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Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!


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Drabble Prompts: You Cannot Get That Many Pop Tarts

“Twenty boxes?”

“There’s not twenty ,” Spencer pouted as you stood with your hands on your hips staring at the shopping cart.

You counted again, “Yes there is. And there’s four pop tarts in each box. That’s eighty. We do not need eighty pop tarts.”

“But… But they’re on sale!”

“No. You eat enough junk food as it is. Put them back.”

“But I like them. And I want them. I’ll go to the gym more, I swear it,” he was like a petulant child bargaining with his mother rather than a grown man out shopping with his girlfriend. You knew should have never let him control the cart.

“No! Put them back. You cannot get that many pop tarts. You can have two boxes.”



“Six?” he tried again.


“Four then. Let me have four.”

You sighed and shook your head. Next time you were doing the shop online. It was not worth this every time.

“Three. And that’s it. And you are not to ruin your dinner by eating them before.”

“Yay! Thanks, love you.”

He grabbed the cart and scurried off back to the aisle to put them back. Another woman who was having a similar debate but with her child, glanced over and caught your eye.

You smiled and started to walk away, hearing the child try to argue.

“He got three boxes, why can I only have one?”

God help if you and Spencer ever had kids…