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These days, women have all kinds of options when it comes to their sports bras: There are sports bras as outerwear and sports bras that are glittery, patterned or have crisscrossing straps that peek out prettily when you’re doing yoga. They’re big business: Global sales topped $7 billion in 2014. But the foundational truth remains: The best sports bra is the kind that allows girls and women to move the way they want to move, without worrying about their anatomy.

40 Years Of Athletic Support: Happy Anniversary To The Sports Bra

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Erasermic hc?

  • trying to get aizawa to take a damn shower is like trying to get a cat in a bathtub. he just won’t do it
    • it’s super funny actually mic has to physically drag him to the bathroom and yell at him to be productive
  • once a foreign fan asked if present mic’s full name was present michael 
    • aizawa found that so funny, omfg. he never let go of that, it’s been an inside joke for years now
      • “shouta do you want to get apples? they’re on sale”
      • “sure michael”
    • mic was lowkey annoyed about it at first but seeing aizawa in a good mood is such a nice thing that he eventually began to not mind it as much
  • when they were in high school mic tutored aizawa in english
    • even when aizawa’s english actually got decent he still went to mic’s place just to hang out 
    • (psst that’s how they started dating)


My Ereri doujinshi is now posted with prices on the images. 😍

The Tokyo Ghoul is an art book of drawings and artwork in black and white. 🐼

Click to get a better preview of prices. 👆🔍

Have a look if interested and for preview of doujinshi/artbook message me. 👥

Shipping depends where you live 👀

❗️PayPal Only❗️

Thanks for browsing 😊


I bought the Land Crab in 1999 for $400. At that time it was a front wheel drive automatic that wouldn’t go into 3rd gear. It would be a realistic solution for many people to send a 20 year old economy car with a bad transmission to scrap. I saw value in this car, converted it to 4 wheel drive, and lifted it, and I have been continually working on this car ever since, and i suppose it is likely that I will always be working on it, whether to improve it or just keep it in good shape. I don’t have a garage, so I do all this stuff in my driveway. Most parts for a 1980 Subaru are no longer made, so the parts for this car were mostly salvaged from self service junkyards. I’ve hoarded parts for many years. Most people like what I have done, I get quite a few compliments. Every once in a while I meet the guy who is wondering why somebody would do this, spend so much time wrenching on an (now 35 years) old Subaru with no re-sale value. The best i can offer is that it feels good to create something that is so useful and so unique. There is only one car exactly like it in the world, and we have so much fun in it. If I had not built it, it would not exist. That is pretty cool.

Tyler Seguin 1.0

Plot: You and Tyler Seguin have been friends since you were in middle school, but when he was signed with the Bruins, your friendship slipped away until you were playing phone tag trying to catch up. Things only worsened when your family decided that a change in scenery was needed, and shipped the lot of you off to sunny California, effectively causing you to lose contact with the Seguin family all together. Fast forward seven years.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and recreational drug use.

This is my first imagine so let me know what you think, if I should continue, if I should stop and never write again, etc. Gonna be a two-shot if I continue.

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*shirts say they're on sale for $7 Customer: how much are they? Me: they're $7 *points to sign* Customer: can you just do a price check Later asks another one of my co-workers how much the shirts are -_____________-

I remembered I had some spoopy patterns I made earlier on this year, so they’re up for sale on all kinds of goodies for anyone interested wink wonk

I’ll be making other patterns & older art pieces available for sale on there, but if anybody has a specific piece they’d like available on there, or something you’d like to see made foR the shop, feel free to send suggestions! With student loans + moving coming up, I’m wanting to spread out more in whatever lil places I can >.;P


Dixelated has a new official plug!

Trigs are highly adjustable. (there's one other lighter shade not pictured here) Trigs are 5k. Insurance is 1k and this seller has a very low replacement rate. The rooms range from 10k - 15k. No business is done via imvu. Kik & ig only. Hit me up if you need me to put u in contact with him. Legit asf & customer service is A1. Also selling credits when they are available. I’ll keep you posted when they’re on sale again. 


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