re rodgers


are you able to do an peter parker imagine like the airport scene and both are flirting non-stop and after that a developing fluff relationship. :) love your work xx to add to my last request or change it. can the peter and the reader have a huge crush on each other and both are wearing masks so fluffy flirting and yeah what i said in the other ask. tytty :) xx


“Hi, I’m Peter Par…I mean Spider-Man. What’s your name? Never mind. I already know your name. You’re Steve Rodgers. Captain America. The one and only. Er…” Peter stumbles over his words, fiddling with the edge of his mask.

You’re glad you have your sleek expressionless mask on, because underneath you can’t help but smile at his terrible attempt at an “entrance” for the hundredth time.

“Tony said to make a name for yourself Peter. No one knows who you are yet. You want them to know who you are, Spider-Man.” you say confidently and he nods eagerly in response, “And Peter, we’re fighting these guys. Not inviting them for tea. You don’t have to be so nice.”

“I know that y/n.” he grumbles, crossing his arms like a three year old.

The sunlight from the tall airport windows reflect off his suit perfectly, and you want nothing more then to tear that mask off of him and just stare into his diamond eyes.

But you don’t. No, you’re not that smooth. Instead you do the one thing you do with guys you have major crushes on, make fun of him.

You cross your arms, mimicking his frustrated stance.

“Are you making fun of me?” he asks, incredulous.

“Are you making fun of me?” you mimic, making your voice high and childish.

“Well what if I do this?” he asks, turning around in a circle and waving his arms like a monkey.

“Well what if I do this?” you copy, doing the same movement.

“Ha ha.” he says, not laughing at all, “Well what if I do this?”

He shoots a web from each arm and they catch on your wrists. You almost whip the blades from the sleeves of your suit to free yourself, but you relax. It’s just Peter. He can’t hurt you.

Your arms snap forward as he tugs you towards him, your body an inch away from his, his lips so close you can smell peppermint toothpaste on his breath.

“What if you do what?” you ask, your voice shaking.

“This.” he whispers, his trembling hands reaching to pull up the edge of your mask.

You feel his fingers brush against your skin for a split second before a strong grip wraps around your waist and pulls you back.

“And here I was thinking you had a crush on me!” comes Tony’s voice as he slings you across his shoulder so you’re hanging upside down.

His metal shoulders digs into your skin as you struggle against him, not wanting to damage his suit of course.

“Come on y/n! Show me why I brought you along!” Tony eggs on, wanting you to fight.

“You asked for it.” you seethe, adrenaline pulsing brought your body.

You squeeze your fists together, activating the blades that pulse from your suit. You dig them into the back of the suit, pulling yourself forward using the pull from the blades. You swing in between his legs, bringing your feet up and down on his stomach in one swift motion, kicking him against a row of chairs in the empty airport waiting room.

You spring to your feet, retracting the blades and keeping your fighter stance.

“That’s why you brought me along.” you say breathlessly, spying Peter through the corner of your eye.

“That was amazing.” he whispers, and you laugh in response.

“Close your mouth kid, you’ll let flys in.” Tony says grouchily, pushing him out of the way as he stands up.

There’s a sudden “bang” from outside that makes you all snap your attention to the window.

“They’re here.” Tony says, “And I’ve got 2 toddlers on my team.”

“We’re not toddlers.” you and Peter say in unison.

“Yeah, sure.” he says before flying off straight through the glass window, everyone else following.

You dogs flying glass and get ready to run off after them, when you see Peter is still standing there, frozen.

“You comin spidey?” you ask, walking over to him swiftly.

“Of course I am. I’m fine. I can do this.” he says more to himself than to you.

“I know you can do this. Tony knows you can do this. And you know you can too. I’ll be right there next to you the entire time.” you say, knowing that probably isn’t true, but you take his hand anyways.

“Promise?” he asks, your heart practically melting at the softness of the one word.

“I promise.” you say, and for some reason you lean your head against his so your foreheads are resting against each other’s, “Now, let go underoos.”

And before you can hear his response, you soar out of the window after the rest of the group, ready to fight.


this is my favorite