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11.07.16 // these notes are for my english 12 class and i used pink and brown for my color scheme this time! we just finished reading beowulf and we’re doing a review sheet on it which i hate because we’re going to present it in front of the class ʘ‿ʘ but yeah, the space on these notes looks really awkward and it bothers me lol
‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Review (Spoiler-Free): This Netflix Revival is Worth the Wait
Amy Sherman-Palladino doesn’t miss a beat in bringing Lorelai and Rory back to Stars Hollow, and Netflix makes a compelling case for the value in revivals.
By Ben Travers

Another rave review!

Tether: Arrow 5x16 Review (Checkmate)

I had two wishes for tonight’s episode.  First, that Oliver and Snoozan break up because, as you all know, I’m super done with her.  Second, that Prometheus not suck because, as you all know, I’ve been super unimpressed so far. @fanmommer​ can confirm these wishes.

Alright, so I didn’t get wish #1 (just a matter of time kids), but Oliver delivered fantastic Snoozan shade,  so I am satisfied. Wish #2 came true however.  The Big Bad does not suck. He’s awesome. 

That and a subtle, but meaningful Olicity scene means I am one happy camper.

Let’s dig in…

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I think women should entertain all the men in their lives simultaneously until we find 1 who wants to be with us monogamously and who we want to be with in that way too. And I mean have sex with all the ones you want, suck all their dicks, go on dates with all of them. Slut shaming teaches women to cut off all other men as soon as one man gives us attention and that’s stupid a f. It’s like stopping to apply to other places just because you got the “We’re reviewing your application” message.

Active Study Tasks

Hi everyone! One of the hardest things to do is active studying before exams! While many of us study hard, we may not be considering that we are not studying actively! Passive studying is things such as only reading previously highlighted material and continuously reciting the same information over and over. To actively study, first break your study time down into two different categories: Preparation and Review! 

The key to Preparation is ICOW! Identify, Condense, Organize, and Write. These strategies will help you do it:

  • Develop study sheets
  • Develop concept maps and charts
  • Create flash cards for vocab, questions, formulas and problems
  • Make self-tests
  • Remark (rehighlight or review previously highlighted material and finding what is the most important information)
  • Find practice problems
  • Outline
  • Rewrite any notes
  • Summarize text or lecture notes into main ideas
  • List the steps needed for a problem or concept
  • Plan essay answers
  • Answer questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Prepare material for a study group
  • Create a 5-Day study plan

Next you want to actually Review the information you gathered through your prep. The key to review is RE-USE: Rehearse, Extend, Understand, Self-Test, and Evaluate. Here are some strategies:

  • Recite outloud information from your study sheets
  • Replicate concept maps with little to no help
  • Recite any flashcards you made. Separate out any difficult cards so that you can continue to review them. 
  • Practice writing formulas
  • Complete practice problems, circle steps you did wrong and try again in a different pen color (to help you identify the differences)
  • Take the self-tests you made before. 
  • Attempt reverse testing. Make questions out of the answers from before and work them backwards.
  • Take notes on remarked tests and notes
  • Explain material to group members
  • Write essay answers from memory
  • Go through lecture slides or textbook and recite all the information you know based off of the heading. 
  • Evaluate how much you know and how much you have to review again. Take longer in reviewing missed material and simply review information you learned quickly for the end of your study session. 

Note: Many of these tasks are from the book Taking Charge of Your Learning by Dianna Blerkom 

I put in the offer on the condo today, the one I’ve been assembling an offer for since mid-December (the new guy at my mortgage bank is a little slow-moving, and also apparently my realtor almost died and is in the hospital, so there have been some speed bumps). The offer has gone over to the seller’s agent and they’re reviewing it now. 

Fingers crossed! Adulthood is terrifying! 

If you’re reviewing an assignment and you volunteer to give one of the first answers, later on when the teacher has run out of volunteers and says “okay, who haven’t we heard from yet?” you won’t get cold-called to provide an answer you aren’t mentally prepared to give. This also works in class discussions, if you volunteer early on and speak to the topic you’ve been mentally preparing for, the teacher probably won’t put you on the spot for other stuff, they’ll usually only refer back to you if that topic comes up again. This is a good way to nip classroom anxiety in the bud as well as building goodwill with your professor, which will likely be rewarded with a good participation grade and a little more leeway on assignments. I know getting the courage to Speak Up in class might be difficult for other people with classroom anxiety, but, it’s a hell of a lot LESS difficult than being put on the spot unprepared, so trust me on this and do yourself a favor by participating voluntarily at the beginning of class. It’ll more or less guarantee you can just quietly listen for the rest of the session

Tokyo Ghoul:re chapters 109 to 116

I don’t know if anybody missed my TG:re “reviews”, but I’ve been catching up with it and I thought it’d be good to share some questions and thoughts I got after going through the emotional turbulence that those chapters meant.


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Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn (Part Three)

If there was one advantage to having a sprained ankle, it was the fact that Cece got to eat dinner in her bedroom, far away from Jeff and his snide comments about her cooking.

           She stayed in bed for most of Saturday and Sunday, keeping her foot elevated, skimming online articles about teaching adults to read. Apparently, if the student was willing and patient, it wasn’t that hard to do.

In the solitude of her bedroom, under the milky influence of painkillers, she thought only of Harry. She replayed their encounter over and over in her head, recounting all the little details of how he’d behaved, trying to work out what it meant. He was an enigma to her, an absolute mystery, and she was itching—burning—to figure him out.

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Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them: My little review!(SPOILERS)

First and foremost, I just wanna thank you guys for liking and re-blogging my reviews! It’s pretty cool when you realize other people like or agree with you. So thanks, and stay film loving!  Now that the mushy gushy stuff is outta the way, you’re here for my only two cents I have. So lets get it, lets go!

  • Eddie Redmayne, my goodness. I have never loved Hufflepuff as much as I loved it now! You embodied Newt Scamander, every awkward mannerism, every half stuttered word, every half smile, every immense care for everything. 
  • Newt’s Hair. Just because I think it needs to be appreciated
  • This film to me has the same essence as the first Harry Potter film. A bit innocent with a some darkness. You can tell that the films will get darker and darker as the franchise grows.
  • JACOB KOWALSKI ( just one more because I’m feeling extra today)
  • Wizard America post WWI, 1920′s. I love it. 
  • Just Wizard America.
  • Tina, you strong independent women. I loved your conviction, your persistence, your heart. 
  •  I really liked how the showed more Aurors in this film! Here,you really got to see their job they do at the fullest.
  • Queenie’s smile could replace the sun. It could light up a whole building.
  • Queenie and Jacob at Kowalski’s bakery. 
  • I also loved how they portrayed legillmens as something that isn’t always meant to be painful and horrid.
  • Good riddance Mary Lou. You sucked. 
  • Credence, you poor poor boy. I really wished that Newt and Tina could have saved you. I think they could’ve if they got the chance.
  • The VISUAL EFFECTS on the beast were AMAZING. I loved how the captured unique details for every creature. From the flicker of the Thunderbird’s feathers to the shiny scales on the Occamy. 
  • Pickett, the Bowtruckle. I want one. I would be up for watching the movie from Pickett perceptive, I feel that it would be quite entertaining. 
  • The thought of Dumbledore as a Transfiguration professor just makes me smile.
  • Leta Lestrange. You best believe there is a story there.
  •  Gellert Grindelwald.
  • Colin Farrell. Collin Farrell’s hair in this film. Looked so good.
  • Johnny Depp.
  • If you guy’s could tell me what Grindelwald said to Newt before he was taken away after his arrest, I would greatly appreciate it, because I didn’t quite catch it.
  • Newt’s Suitcase. 
  • Obliviate.

The film was magic, pure magic. There is something for everyone, romance, action, humor. And for those Potterheads, just enough nostalgia and fresh new faces to pull you through for the next film!

Go see it! It was great. 

evening in the Avengers Tower

“There. All done.”


“Ah, screw it.”

“Merry Christmas, wherever you are.”

*Sam knocks before entering the living room sadly, Matt, Foggy and Karen following*

“Merry Christmas Tony…are you drinking?”

“Tony switch it out for some cookies. Come on man you like these ones the best.”

“We have some homemade hot chocolate mix along with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and peppermint bits. I’ll make some for you two and you guys can decide what toppings you have.” 

“I also brought some Shepherd’s pie. It’s my mom’s family recipe. And it’s fresh and organic, so that’s a bonus.”

“And I got you two tsum tsums. The Iron Man is yours, Tony, and the Falcon one is yours, Sam. They’re really soft and I heard they’re cute along other good reviews. They’re also great cuddle buddies. Karen and Foggy helped me find them.” *gives the tsum tsums to their owners* “I can also do anything else you two need. I also plan on going out tonight on duty. I’ll contact you guys if I hear anything.” 

“Thanks, guys… Merry Christmas.”


somewhere in New York

*looks at his phone* “Tony…”


“Why do you have to make this so difficult…”

“I don’t know why are you being a prick about Hydra Cap. I miss Sam. Steve why can’t we go home?”

“Soon, Bucky. I promise this all will end soon.”


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Sherlolly Fanfic Week: April 10-16

Hey everyone!

There was a good deal of interest in the idea of a Sherlolly fanfic celebration week, so let’s do it!:) Many thanks to @geekyangie for helping in hashing out the details.

Rules: For each day during the week, aim to review and recommend Sherlolly fan fiction. That’s it, not too bad right?:)

For the review portion, here are some guidelines for reviews to leave each day:

Day 1: Review a WIP

Day 2: Review a story you’ve previously read but haven’t reviewed

Day 3: Review a older (>2 years?) story

Day 4: Review a brand new story

Day 5: Review a story you’ve reread but haven’t re-reviewed

Day 6: Review every story you read that day

Day 7: Review a story from a trope you don’t usually read from (Definitely have to use @miz-joelys-sherlollilists for this one)

For the recommendations portion, make a separate post each day here on Tumblr and tag it “Sherlolly fanfic week”. The stories you recommend are really up to you, but aim to include some stories that are not as well known so that everyone can discover them. These recommendations can serve as ideas for people looking for fics to review.

Additionally, if any artists/photo editors would like to make art/edits based on fanfic to celebrate the week that would also be very cool:)

Let’s schedule this for April 10-16…I’ve given some advance notice so everyone can think about the stories they would like to recommend. I hope this will be fun and like a big Sherlolly book club :) There’s crazy talent in this fandom and I know new people have joined since the end of S4 so hopefully this will be an introduction to the fandom and some of the older fics as well.

And please let me know if you have any additional ideas for this week! First time I’ve done anything like this so any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated.

I’ll be in touch with reminders right before the week starts in April! Thanks everybody and let me know if you have any questions!