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Can you tell me more about why HSUS is bad? I knew about PETA but never heard about HSUS issues!


The gist of it is that they have the same agenda as PETA - get rid of all “use” of animals by humans, including pets. They just aren’t nearly as vocal or violent about it as PETA is.

- They hide behind celebrity-laden ads with sad-eyed puppies and kittens and slow, sad songs to get your sympathy, but then donate less than 1% of your money to shelters. Instead, the money gets spent on CEO salaries, lobbyists, and lawyers. They also offer “educational” programs which are much more like indoctrination against animal agriculture or any use of animals, which you must also pay to attend. CharityWatch has given them a “D” grade, which is the lowest you can get. In fact, a very recent lawsuit forced them to re-register themselves as “lobbying organization” instead of a charity since they give so little of their profits to the cause they claim to promote. The CEO simply says “We never said we funded animal shelters.”

- Their CEO has said that “we have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding,” and “In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.”

- They crap on no-kill shelters, saying that they lower the bar for potential adoptive parents, but then the CEO personally delivered a dog to Michael Vick, who has spent time in jail for multiple counts of animal cruelty related to dog fighting (including beating them, drowning them, hanging them, shooting them, and electrocuting them), saying that he was a good guy and “would do a good job as a pet owner.”

- Their senior management includes a guy who used to be a member of a group called the “Animal Liberation Front” that earned a spot on the FBI’s criminal terrorist list when they blew up a meat processing plant in California. This guy remains a supporter of that group, saying he was “ecstatic” when the group proceeded to set fire to a farm in Utah and ended up killing the sleeping family.

- They are radically anti-animal agriculture. In their minds, cows and pigs should be set free or be non-existant.

- They are also radically anti-animal testing.

Basically, if you want to donate to help animals, definitely don’t go with PETA or HSUS. Just donate directly to your local humane society or shelter.


Summary: Pure porn without plot. You wake up and spend a morning with Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Smut, threesome (no Wincest), anal sex

Word Count: 2650ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Too hot. Too bright. Everything feels heavy and suffocating, like you’re trapped or tied down. Leg muscles twitch, but you can’t move them as you force your brain to swim toward the surface, try to break your mind out of its haze.

And then you wake up.

For just a moment, you focus only on your breath. You wake up like this two or three times a week, have ever since you started hunting, and it will only take your body a few seconds to calm down.

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quick reminder to make sure you're registered to vote today or tomorrow (UK)

i don’t wanna see a low turnout for us again because u were all too busy playing league of legends or whatever u do instead of voting

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my friend has been gaining traction as an artist on instagram and people have been reposting her work without her permission or not crediting her a lot. i remembered seeing your post on how to report art but i wasn't sure because it mentioned protecting copyrighted content but her stuff isn't copyrighted. for the past few months DMs have been able to get the people to credit her art but lately one user is refusing, also it seems their account is just her work. do you know how i could help?

You are incorrect! You’re probably thinking of “registered copyright", but original art doesn’t need to be registered to be protected under copyright law. You AUTOMATICALLY HOLD COPYRIGHT ON ANY ORIGINAL ART YOU MAKE. Lemme repeat that for the kids in the back. Ahem. 


Sites like tumblr and Instagram are based in the US (and are thus subject to those countries laws). According to US copyright law, when you make original art you automatically own it and have the legal right to decide who redistributes it and how, or at all (aka reposts, sells, uses, etc.).

Any art that your friend has made is AUTOMATICALLY their copyrighted intellectual property, and no one has the right to repost it on Instagram without her permission. To do so violates both Instagram’s Terms of Service and US and international copyright law.

And before anyone oozes out of the woodwork to argue about stuff they don’t understand, here’s a snippet from COPYRIGHT.GOV: 

And Insta’s ToS:

Thanks so much for asking and I hope this helps you guys out! Now go: rain copyrighteous fury down upon them!!

Look, i literally don't know what else to say to convince you to go out and vote on Thursday.

If you’re registered to vote then GO AND FUCKING VOTE.

Politics affects EVERYONE, despite what you may think. I don’t care if you’re bored of politics, don’t care about politics or just can’t be fucking bothered. People literally laid down and fucking DIED to get you the right to vote. Can you imagine? Having to DIE just to be able to vote in an election to decide who runs the country that you live on? And it wasn’t just women who were excluded, it was basically anyone who wasn’t a rich white man.

The polls are all currently showing that Labour are rapidly closing the gap on the Tories, but they won’t close it completely close it unless you vote. And statistics show that its the 18-24 year olds that don’t go and vote, but who are eligable and registered, and they WILL make all the difference.

So PLEASE, i am BEGGING you, FUCKING VOTE, and especially if you’re in the 18-24 age bracket.

Vote and vote Labour.
Save the NHS and vote Labour.
Save your chance to go to university without having the pay tutition fees and vote Labour.
Stop more disabled people from dying after being deemed fit to work and vote Labour. Make the rich accountable for their bullshit and vote Labour.
Put more police on the street by voting Labour.

Or just DON’T vote Tory. Or UKIP for that matter. Exercise your human right, do your goddamn civic duty and FUCKING VOTE.

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Hey, so I saw that nice ask about saeran with a wounded cry baby mc, so how about mc getting a real (real) bad injury and being all "meh, its nothing" but baeran is freaking out? (Also, your writting is top quality, babe!)

A/N: Writing this because I’m so stressed out and frustrated today and I need to let all this steam out somehow. And thank you, anon! You’re so sweet! :)

Nothing registers fully in your head. Only that you’re swaying slowly from side to side like a slowing pendulum, and that your vision is starting to blur as the world around you tilts sideways.

Someone is shouting your name, but it’s like you’re underwater, and a voice is trying to reach you through the thick layer of water that you’re buried under.

There’s a sharp, terror-filled scream that cuts through the air, one that you don’t recognise, the moment your body hits the ground on your side. It only dawns on you that it belongs to you when you feel flames licking the walls of your throat a few seconds later.

And then – and only then – does the pain set in.

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Commodorians Part 1

This was one of the three mega exhibits for the 40th anniversary of the big three appliance computers launched in 1977.   Anthony Becker, Jeffrey Brace, Chris Fala, Todd George (captain), & Bill Winters combined their skills, collection, and love for Commodore equipment to showcase the PET-2001′s family tree.

Before Commodore Business Machines was making computers, they were making office equipment, namely typewriters.  They got into the game of manufacturing adding machines, followed by calculators which were constantly decreasing in size while improving their capabilities.  During the calculator wars, Texas Instruments had an upper hand in the market by being a main source of calculator integrated circuits.  In an attempt to subvert TI’s control, Commodore purchased MOS Technology so they could produce their own semiconductors in house. 

It just so happened that MOS had a microprocessor, the now famous 6502, which they were using in the KIM-1 trainer./demonstrator. Commodore continued selling the KIM-1 with their own branding, and one was on display acting as a clock.

However, the 6502 really shined in their first home computer, the PET-2001, available initially in an 8K version and a short lived 4K version.  The PET was unique compared to its contemporary appliance home computers (the Apple II and TRS-80 Model I) in that it included a monitor and tape drive all in the same chassis.  You’ll also note that the case of the 2001 is made from metal, not plastic like the competition.  In true Commodore fashion, this was a money saving move – they re-purposed their file cabinet manufacturing arm to make cases for the PET line resulting in very sturdy cases.  The keyboards were re-purposed from cash registers, resulting in an incredibly clunky and uncomfortable design that didn’t last long. 

I made it a personal mission to sit down at the PET-2001-8, just as I had at my first VCF East a decade ago, and program something.  I tweaked the existing random character generator program on screen to use different PETSCII graphics than the demonstrator they had set up.  This is an early blue bezel model, which makes up for the terrible chiclet keyboard.

The PET-2001 was succeeded by the 4000 and 8000 series machines, boasting larger screen options, a proper full travel QWERTY keyboard, more memory, better external interfaces, and more advanced versions of Microsoft BASIC.  The IEEE-488 interface was fully implemented by this point, and was used with larger storage mediums like the 4040 and 8050 dual floppy drives, and rare CBM D9090 hard disk drive.  The real oddity here is the very late SFD1001 drive, which uses the IEEE-488 parallel interface, but crams it into the case of a later 1541 drive more synonymous with the C64.

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star Of Ceartais Ch.7- The Things We Keep Hidden

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this fic and protested against the Troll Mafiaguy2017, whose hurtful rhetoric has no place in the zootopia fandom. And to Jill Fine, if you’re reading this please know I’m sorry for the online bullying you’ve endured and that I will always have your back. Thank you to everyone who, liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. A big thank you to the development team for this fic @nick-and-judy-daily, @raykamino , @senny74 and @alexboehm55144 who helped me structure this upcoming chapter and gave lots of ideas for future chapters, also thanks Alana for beta reading this, all you guys are AWESOME! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

here’s the link…

Chapter 7- The things we keep hidden.

“Last chance ass hats; leave.” Robyn said, standing her ground.

The horse with the bolt cutters had heard enough and swung the bolt cutters down at Robyn, she dodged them easily and kicked the stallion in the gut with such a force he was knocked into the side of his pick up truck with a visible dent….that was impossible Robyn was around the 17 pound mark in weight yet she managed to kick and launch 1500lb horse with little effort, The medicine!? She thought it gave super strength too! When Robyn realised what she had done she felt a surge of energy course through her, she was going to teach these thieves a lesson she bared her canine like teeth and grinned at the other horse who looked terrified and simply said “Playtime.”

“What the hell are you!?” The thieving horse babbled.

“I’m not sure myself.” Robyn tittered, loving the petrified look on the horse’s face.

“Little freak!” The thief crowed before throwing a punch down towards the much shorter hybrid.

Robyn saw this move coming and easily sidestepped the equine grabbing his arm as she did so, she flipped him on his back with a judo throw then like flash but him in a crippling arm lock “You really are as a dumb as you look.” Robyn sniggered, unaware that Kodi had gotten out his phone and started recording what was transpiring.

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Please please please vote tomorrow if you're registered in the UK!

Every vote counts. I won’t say who to vote for and who not to vote for; but remember this election isn’t just about Brexit, this next government isn’t solely going to be focused on Brexit; this election is about everything including the NHS and Education, social welfare, defence, the economy etc. I vehemently disagree with those who say it’s purely an election on Brexit; these other issues matter too, especially since a lot of these areas are underfunded or are in crisis.

This election is important. If you’re undecided, read the policies, even if it’s just the highlights. If you’re planning on not voting tomorrow because “what’s the point”, the point is 35% of people did not vote last time. I did a spreadsheet, and if those who didn’t vote were a party, they would have won a majority of the seats. Every vote counts, make your voice heard.

I Give Up - part 13 (A Baekhyun Series)

Baekhyun was busy. Really busy. His texts were getting shorter and spaced out farther between each other and you were getting ready to start your second summer semester of school. You would be very busy soon. This would be the last of your basics and you could focus more on your pre-med classes. There would be labs and practicals and you’d really start getting into the tough stuff. With your low grade last semester you vowed to focus less on your super addictive sexy boyfriend, and more on school.

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So you want to cosplay in Japan? 

I went to Anime Japan in Tokyo last March and while I didn’t cosplay myself, I did get a crash course on Japanese cosplay culture while I was there.  Here’s a short rundown of what to expect:

  1. There are a lot of rules. A LOT of rules. And you’re expected to follow all of them at all times. Luckily they’re all written in both Japanese and English at Anime Japan so they’re easy to follow.
  2. You are not allowed to show up to the con IN cosplay. You must bring your cosplay with you in a bag or luggage and change in the provided change rooms. You are also not allowed to leave the designated cosplay area or the con in cosplay either and must change out before you leave. There will be a baggage check where you will be required to check and store your bags that you brought your cosplay in.
  3. You will be required to register to cosplay at the con and there will be a fee (for registration and use of the change rooms) which was 1,000 yen at Anime Japan 2016.
  4. You will be required to re-register for each consecutive day that you cosplay and pay the same fee each day.
  5. Not all cons allow cosplay to the same extent. Anime Japan is seen as one of the more lax cons as there is an outside cosplay area (basically just a fenced in portion of the parking lot) for cosplayers and cosplayers are allowed to wander around in specific halls. Japanese cons are NOT like other international cons where you can just wear whatever you want wherever you want. There are very strict guidelines on when and where you can wear your cosplays.
  6. Large cosplays are not preferred. Small, light, easy to maneuver in cosplays are preferred (so leave your giant armor and mecha cosplays at home).
  7. Risque/18+/ultra sexy cosplays are prohibited and you may be denied entry into the cosplay area if the staff deems your cosplay not appropriate and you will be forced to change and will not be refunded your registration fees.
  8. Cosplays depicting realistic uniforms of police, military, firefighters, response personnel, etc. are prohibited.
  9. The majority of props/prop weapons are prohibited. Prop weapons must also be stored in a protective bag at all times when not being photographed.
  10. There are some small photo backdrop areas at the cons but the majority of the photography is hall-style photography by the backdrops or out in the parking lot area. You are not to be taking pictures on the exhibition hall floors if at all possible because you’re now blocking the path for literally 100,000 other people.
  11. You must also always ask permission before taking photos.

This is just a short list of general things from one event. If you are planning on cosplaying in Japan it will be best to research the specific event you’re planning to attend as some of the rules may differ between events.


Home at Last Part 2

Part: 2 / ?

Fandom: Riverdale

Character/Ship: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warning: Fluff, mentions of angst, Back to school

Writer: Cassie

Words: 871

Requested by: So many anons

Summary: Part two of Home at Last


Author’s Note: PART TWO IS HERE!! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Originally posted by dailyjugheadjones

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go vote

it’s polling day. if you’re a registered voter in the UK, go vote. polling stations close at 10pm and no polling card is necessary.

if you haven’t formed an opinion yet, consider using sites like voteforpolicies to get an idea of each party’s manifesto. when going through a party’s manifesto, ask yourself how feasible it is and what the repercussions will be.

if you’re getting your information from newspapers/social media/family/friends/etc., please keep in mind that these are biased sources. sites like tumblr will be voting labour while papers such as the times and the daily telegraph are conservative. try to form your own opinion.

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So I'm confused... after 42 days if the baby doesn't show up what does that mean? Like I don't believe the baby is Liam's but there is a real baby.

Hi anon,

It’s just that you are meant to register births within 42 days.

*puts on nerd specs*  So for example,  you’re supposed to register deaths within five days unless there’s a post mortem/inquest involved, and its not set in stone the five days if someone phones up after that time but that’s the requirement that’s put out there certainly where I worked.

Re births - If there’s extenuating circumstances, as in illness potentially to Mum, they could probably  go outside of the 42 days, but that timescale is put in place basically to  ensure that they will have appointments available wherever you are in England and Wales during that timeframe as priority is set for death registration appointments*

*takes off nerd specs*

We’ve no way of knowing if Cheryl has registered the birth as yet, she may well have done and without having the baby’s name, it would be very difficult to find out/get a copy of it (I hope no one in fandom would - I bet some in the media would), as the pieces of information you should have as a minimum are mother’s name, date of birth and the little ‘un’s name. 

*puts nerd specs back on* As was said here,  it’s also a requirement that for a father who isn’t married to the mum that they have to be present at the appointment to sign the register to be named on it (it has an impact on parental responsibility) unless they either have a court order or a statutory document confirming parentage. 

But those last 2 options would more apply say in the case of a dad on military service or a dad in prison. 

ETA: if a dad ISN’T named on the certificate they can re-register a birth but that would usually happen when a couple weren’t married and then married and then its a requirement that’s not exactly well known or at least advised that you should re-register a birth even if the dad was named on the certificate before they were married. 

*takes nerd specs off*

So yeah, obviously could all be immaterial, i would say its likely the baby has already been registered, and obviously I have an opinion re whether Liam would be on the certificate, others would have theirs.

But aside from that, the above is all stuff that’s a fact and now you have some fascinating facts to bore people with at parties.