re posting my poem


‘Finally, there’s just the two of us now,
away from the palace.

Just you and I…
me and you.

Now I can forget about truth and lies,
misunderstandings and jealousy,
the precarious fight for the throne and deaths

and just devote my time
on loving you.’

You never were good at seeing the things that have the power to hurt you. You face hard time with hands over your eyes and “if I can’t see you then you can’t see me” chanting in your head. Because if you can’t see it then you don’t have to accept it, right?

I know you rather the sweet taste of a well crafted lie because you have been gagging on my Splenda truths. I want to crave out all the lies that have become me, to show you what I have done in your absence but none of me would be left. All of my half truths and spoiled words have keep me alive on lonely night.

It’s not like I fear death but I do fear the tears that will come with the letters you send in the mail. Letters written in your shaking handwriting, asking “how could you be so heartless? ” and I wish I knew. That’s what I’ll write but what I mean is “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to become your nightmares”. I know you’ll see the words I meant to say but you’ll have your eyes covered and the chant started before the tears come to your eyes.

—  Your worst enemy//kayla


A woman has thicker thighs that touch

Wider hips to swing

A full belly and pendulous breasts, you see;


She is insecure because her body is not like yours

And the world never fails to tell her so;

She has scars that mark her growth,

That which line her curves like the pages of a book

But these spacious thighs, broader hips,

 Full belly and swinging breasts

Should be worshiped for the beauty they project

Because sometimes, it’s best to remind her with your kiss

She is loved like no one else”

copyright: Vivian L