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It looked like there was a robotic ball-and-socket joint at his shoulder, just going by the low-res photo. I’m guessing it’s just exaggerated for cartoony effect – doesn’t necesarily need to make sense in reality.

Exactly. Im not really to bothered by it not really ‘making sense’

Im more bothered by him apparently having this heavy robo arm on after so little recovery time, but thats more ‘oh gOD ARTHUR GO HOME AND LAY DOWN’ then a realism problem

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i am happy to see Sunny's hamster cheeks return hahah! she looks so cute when she has a little more weight. It was so sad to see her face all skinny when her knee was acting up and she was ill/injured. i think this looks better and probably is a lot healthier! i am glad to see Sunny has good fans like you who just want to see her happy!

i couldn’t agree more! i know sunny’s happy with herself when she goes on a diet since she loves the results (re: her ‘leaked’ bikini photo lol) but i much prefer her the way she is now; a little rounder and softer while being able to eat what she wants (pizza mukbang, anyone?) she looks a lot healthier and brighter too? like she doesn’t look as tired and her skin is practically glowing ^^


Herizen Guardiola for Interview Magazine

“I’ve never been starstruck by the lights and the cameras — I just knew that I was born to be a part of it,” she says. Guardiola’s first love is singing. Her dad, Juan Carlos, a reggae artist (stage name: Johnny Dread), and mom, Venice Pink, a yogi and nutritionist, surrounded their daughter with music: a lot of classic rock, reggae, classical, and Latin music—“like, a lot of Celia Cruz.” But the inspiration for her own music comes from another source: Peter Pan. “I still feel like I have a part of Neverland inside me,” she says. “I still believe in magic.”