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It was supposed to close yesterday. They’re leaving this deliberately open because they didn’t like the results. It will close when something else is comfortably in the lead again. Please ask your followers to post in comments that they see through this.

I don’t have a lot of experience with these polls but they do seem to have a pretty regular schedule, judging from the dates of past polls and quizzes. Whatever happened, Kyle has pulled slightly ahead now–so Finn fans, go vote! #rebelfinn

  • stan: so, you know the feeling when you're​ so tired your eyelids are like SHUT IT DOWN BOYS but your brian is all OPEN THOSE GATES LADS and then you're opening and closing and opening and closing and opening and closing
  • bill:
  • bill: m-my brian.
  • stan: listen here buddy I know what I said and I stick by it I'm clinging to my mistakes like a real man.

ATTENTION EVERYONE!! I am now taking applications for moderators to help this go as smoothly as it possibly can. I hope to have this application process done at the same time, if not earlier, than the closing of applications for artists/writers. So if you’re organized, open to communication, and want to help, please apply!



Spread the word around, we are still accepting applications and plan to be for the next week or so according to the timeline!


More Info: HERE✧ (HERE for mobile)

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates and don’t hesitate to ask any questions, state your comments or concerns. Thank you!

Tower of (Kakegurui) Meta: Sayaka and the Problem of Evil

~Level 3 of the Tower of Meta: Sayaka and the Problem of Evil~

Warning: the following entry contains a critique of the Bible. If you’re open-minded and value others’ thoughts on the single most-printed text of all time, feel free to read ahead. Also, spoilers.

Let’s really, really think about the scene where Sayaka calls Yumeko out on causing the downfall of anyone she meets, then put it in the “Garden of Eden” frame. It becomes “yeah, why was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, and why did God let it tempt humanity into falling? Come to think of it, how do you explain things like natural disasters and other literal acts of God?” The moment you think about this, you realize that Sayaka has hit on the Problem of Evil.

For those of us new to theology, the Problem of Evil is basically this: “If God is omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good, why do bad things happen at all?” It’s a fair question. The Christian God isn’t curing cancer. If anything, God is causing things like AIDS, hurricanes, and many other natural disasters. Moreover, God doesn’t stop people from committing serial murders, so what’s the deal?

Here are the most common answers to this problem:

-The world we are in is the best of all possible worlds. This would mean there are limits to God’s omnipotence, which is almost its own argument. .

-Free will yields a greater good than no freedom at all. Again, is your deity any of the above if this is the answer? There’s support for this in the Kakegurui canon, but less in the actual Biblical canon. If it’s in there, I don’t know if it’s ever explained; I see more “God using fear rather than love to dominate” than that.

-Evil is necessary to create a greater good.

-Evil cannot logically exist without good; suggesting otherwise messes with God’s omnipotence.

You can see how letting Yumeko, exist might be a problem for someone like Sayaka. The logical Problem of Evil is just that: an issue of logic. Kirari has absolute power in Hyakkaou, so why is she letting someone like Yumeko run around? After this, it’s onto the Tower challenge - or, “you want to stop her, right?”

There we go. Have some free will. This is a good will responding to evil, just like free will proponents would love to use as evidence to justify evil. Let’s see where we go from there.

At first glance, there’s nothing at all theological about the Tower of Doors. The best parallel that can be made in reference to the Bible is the Tower of Babel. Short version: people build a tower to reach Heaven, God doesn’t like that, as punishment they become unable to understand each other. This story is meant as an explanation for why people speak different languages…but math is a universal language. It is, however, hidden in various ciphers throughout the Tower of Doors. The whole relationship between Kirari and Sayaka is also riddled with misunderstandings. There’s some merit to this point, but it’s not as solid as Card XVI.

The amount of times Sayaka hurts herself to gain greater clarity is more telling. She bangs her head against the Tower not once, but twice. Both times, she hits a spot between her eyes - the area that mystics refer to as the “third eye.” I brought it up briefly in one or two of my indigo/Wood entries; the third eye, in mysticism, is the seat of psychic power, higher consciousness, intuition, and a sign of enlightenment. It is not, as far as I know, part of the monotheistic canon (all supposed references to it in the Bible are extrapolations). As seen above, she accesses the third eye, only to bang it. Ow.

There are even a few points where Sayaka asks for aid from a higher power. Along with the Problem of Evil taunting her, Sayaka is motivated by love - the most irrational emotion known to man. With her logic failing, she turns to intuition (again, that third eye symbolism). Intuition, love, and faith are all irrational. Sayaka shows how amazing she really is when the logical part blends with those less rational emotions.

Also, note how Sayaka picks herself back up and pushes on through sheer willpower. This is really rewarding to see. We are all extremely lucky that her will was not for naught!

On a related note, the All-Seeing Eye also shows up in the Tower. The All-Seeing Eye, also known as the “Illuminati Eye,” dates back to the Eye of Horus from ancient Egypt, and is frequently encapsulated in some form of triangle. This is another type of divine eye: the All-Seeing Eye of God. You know those memes where God is watching you do dirty things? That’s the eye we mean, here. In both eye-related cases, Sayaka is trying to tap into divine omniscience, but they are not the same thing.

Kirari herself also has some input on the Problem of Evil. In the school, she’s a goddess, if not the God. Kirari’s take is that Yumeko’s presence will lead to something wonderful. Remember, the president has a thing for watching stars explode, and the resulting cloud of stardust afterwards. It’s something glorious brought about by a star dying. Talk about evil yielding something good.

It’s also clear that, like Yumeko, Kirari enjoys the struggle - mostly as an observer. She has also made a few statements of her own boredom and need for entertainment. It’s a bit scary to think that God might be the same way, but all entertainment needs conflict, or it gets dull, fast. The world would be a pretty boring place without evil, loathe as some of us would be to admit it.

Is this the best of all possible worlds? I dunno; it could still use a gryphon, and maybe a few other improvements. The author of Kakegurui seems to favor the “free will” answer to the Problem of Evil. We can be cool with that, right?

Next Week: FullMetal Kaichou - Sisterhood. Oh, you thought I was kidding about these two having chemistry?

i really hate this new activity set up i have no idea when my mutuals like things when i click on a post it takes me to a different one and when i try to refresh it gets stuck and i have to close the app and re open it. who thot this was a good idea lol

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At least we're having an open discussion about consent, sex and relationships? I think this is healthy in a way. Victim blaming and shaming isn't good. I can see Penny's confused about what she wants and David was pretty rude and graceless; but they're both young.

I agree! This type of discourse is so important. Because things like martial rape probably happen way more than we think about, or women just going along with it because she feels she has to, etc. I feel like these are the less talked about forms of rape. And agreed on the age thing- that makes things trickier for people, since you’re still figuring out what you want/don’t want. Sometimes, when you’re young, you don’t know that you don’t want to do something until you’re doing it. And a lot of people feel like at that point it’s too late. Anyways, yeah, open discussions on this stuff are definitely good!!

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heeeyyyyy your posts are great, thank you so much for efforts and amazing content! Would you mind doing a rq with RFA+Saeran reactions to MC with a BPD? I know it is a hard topic and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, besides it is awesome that you're opening rqs anyway! Thank you for the great blog again and sorry for my bad English <3

first of all, thank you so so so much for your kind words ❤️ and I think this is something that’s not talked about enough and I did not feel uncomfortable at all about writing this, but thank you for being so considerate. Your English is great btw! And also, if there is anything incorrect or offensive about this, please feel free to call me out on my shit, otherwise I really appreciate this request ^^

-this isn’t something he’s familiar with
-so when you tell him, he is a bit confused until you explain it to him
-as he starts learning more about it, he starts to notice it a lot more in you
-he’s learned what to do and what kind of support to offer in different emotions
-although he can have his moments of frustration and impatience, he’s learned that these are just your emotions and to not take it personally
-over time, he has accustomed to it and can navigate it better by knowing what kind of support to offer
-he’s very understanding about it and offers you whatever help you may need

-when you first tell him, he honestly jumps to assumptions about it
-it’s something that you’ve clarified to him, but he still has those preconceived notions due to it just being ingrained in him
-he does try to be better about it and over time, gets educated on it
-he realizes that this is something that might be difficult for you and he just wants to make this easier on you, rather than be another stresser in your life
-so he’s fully offered support to you and has even offered help if you need it
-but will always be open to you emotionally and give you whatever it is you need, whether it’s reassurance or space

-she knows a bit more about it than most, but still lets you explain it to her so she can be completely sure on what it is
-and she tries to be there for you 100%
-at first, she tries to give you your space, let it run its course
-but over time, she’s learned to be more present when you need some physical support or don’t want to feel so alone in it
-she’s also learned to give you space when you need it and offers nothing but loving words when some emotions get taken out on her
-she just wants you to be happy and knows how difficult it can be to go through that alone

-when you first tell him, he is a bit taken aback by it, but it doesn’t stop him from showering you with love and support
-he gets himself more educated by reading online about it and even asking psychologists and such about it
-he just wants to be able to help you when it gets intense
-wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and that he can be a strong support system for you
-he doesn’t necessarily push you to get help, but he does want you to know that that’s an option if you ever need it

-after helping Saeran with it, he’s definitely more experienced and educated on how to navigate that
-so when you come forward and tell him about it, he doesn’t see you any different than before
-this is something he’s grown accustomed to and is always ready to be emotional support for it
-although if Saeran and you are having one of those days were it’s acting up for both of you, he can get a little strung out and even shut down cause he doesn’t know what to do sometimes
-regardless, he’ll still try to help and put your own mental health before his and it can stretch him thin at times, but he just wants you to see him as someone you can rely on when it gets to be too much
-offers you the same help he got for Saeran, but understands if you decide you don’t need it

-he definitely has experience with this since he has dealt with his own bpd
-although his has been a bit more extreme, and he’s gotten the help he needs to coexist with it
-having a significant other who is also going through that makes him feel less self-conscious and alone about it
-and he uses his experience to help you with it
-he knows when to hold you close and let you know that it’s alright
-and he know when to let you have your space and figure yourself out
-but he’s always open providing you with help
-he even asks you for help from time to time when his own starts acting up

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Shit you're right, you've opened my eyes. But...Lemme raise you a scenario,,, Kirumi and all the v3 girls together in a polyam gay pile

That’s basically the game I’m gonna need to tag this as spoilers

It’s time… Let’s dig in to NGE Rebuild 2: You Can (Not) Advance!

First, apologies. I said that I would have liked to start this yesterday, but I was gravely ill yesterday with some stomach bug that came out of nowhere. So to make up for it, and indeed to make up for all the recent breaks I’ve been uncharacteristically taking, I’d like to spend a long, long, long time today liveblogging this film.

So! We’re opening this film with an entirely new character in an entirely new Plug Suit in an entirely new Evangelion. From the words on the walls, we’re talking about Unit 05, to be precise. Yeah, ‘cause screw Units 03 and 04, right? Who needs ‘em?

…Holy crap. They’re going all in now. This is truly no longer a remake, no… I’ll have to be prepared to resume my usual style of liveblogging. No more coasting over content I’ve already seen!

Oh, yes. One more thing I had time to think about: Since Kaworu just now woke up, I can no longer call him Rebuild’s Third Angel. No, there really are some big shenanigans going down back in the Second Impact era… Perhaps the mysterious brand new Angel is the Lilith-like giant on the Moon. Or maybe the Lilith-like giant under Central Dogma. All I know is that something weird is going on, yep.

Let’s begin!

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is it true that Leona enjoys cucking Pantheon with other men and women of the league?

Leona is loyal like a lioness. She loves Pantheon and would never cheat, for he holds her heart. Targon has a strange view on sexuality compared to the rest of the world since they’re more open on it. I’ll make headcannons about that on Sunday since it’s NSFW. Leona carries herself highly and would only consider someone on her level. No one can top the God of War. However, in crack threads and ooc I think the idea of Leona cucking Panth is hilarious because of Panth mun’s reactions.

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I start to worry this entire site is full of psychopaths/sociopaths. Also is it just me or is your sass level on point today?

Hahaha, thanks kid. But hey, James is neither of those in my opinion. He is just a bit messed up by life. Who isn’t really. I guess that’s what happens to your mind when you’re being cut open by some crazy cultist who thinks he can attain Godhood by gutting you like a fish. Don’t envy James for that experience. The kitten that took my nipple was enough for me, thank you very much. 

we set this up for the library re-opening today. it’s not much, free bracelets and chocolate and some emergency info post-fire, and we have notes people can write some sort of message on, but i hope people like it and i’m very touched by some of the messages people are leaving here 💖

i’m glad to be open again for the community. we were so close to the burnt up areas so a lot of our people lost their homes, many more evacuated, and it’s good to be here to provide people comfort and a feeling of normalcy

if cis women can bulk up and wear baggy pants and crop their hair short and go without makeup or shaving their pits/legs/anywhere else, co-opt traditionally ‘masculine’ behaviors, and still be viewed as women–even praised for how very feminist they are in doing so–then so can trans women. that’s it. end of.

and if cis men who love fashion and florals and pink, and wear dresses and makeup and love to bake, can be comfortable in their masculinity and praised as revolutionary for doing so, then–you guessed it–so can trans men. that’s it. end of.

not one single person on earth has any right to dictate how anyone else pilots their respective flesh suits. not one single person on earth has any right to claim someone is ‘faking’ their gender or performing a gender incorrectly when gender is arbitrary as hell as-is.