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Jack’s horror games

@impossiblerebelblaze asked what games of Jack’s we re-watch and I mentioned that my next re-watches will be spoopy for October.

It got me thinking…

Since Jack will probably have to break his schedule in October, we should give each other ideas on great horror/spooky series to watch/re-watch.

My faves are:  Final Station, Layers of Fear, Resident Evil 7, Outlast, Outlast 2, FNAF: Sister Location, & Fran Bow.  EDIT: Holy fuck, how could I forget Detention?

Reblog or comment with other great horror series for us to re-watch in October to tide us over. It might be fun to add suggestions to the playlist.


Special announcement:

Nagahama Neru will end her kennin between Kanji and Hiragana Keyaki, she is now a full Kanji Keyaki member. She will not participate in the Hiragana Keyaki drama Re:Mind airing October.

The centre for Re:Mind will be selected from 2nd gen Hiraganas.

Keyakizaka46 5th single senbatsu:

3rd row: Saito Fuyuka, Uemura Rina, Oda Nana, Imaizumi Yui, Sato Shiori, Nagasawa Nanako, Yonetani Nanami

2nd row: Shida Manaka, Watanabe Risa, Harada Aoi, Nagahama Neru, Koike Minami, Watanabe Rika, Moriya Akane

1st row: Habu Mizuho, Sugai Yuuka, Kobayashi Yui, Hirate Yurina (centre), Suzumoto Miyu, Ozeki Rika, Nishimori Nijika

Sasako…wearing glasses…

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Just wanted to say I'm loving your new icon and header. ❤️

Anonymous said: your new icon matches the new album!! it’s so cute 💛

Thank you! It’s all thanks to our designer @hobiheung, Paige! We’re glad you love it because we do, too. ^.^

Anonymous said: ‘im soft in my soul’ me too girl, me too😭

Did I black out when I tagged that because I have no memory of writing it.. But yes, wow, our boy. ;u; My heart, my soul~ 

Anonymous asked: is bts super concert being recorded?

It will be re-aired on October 1st on SBS~
- Kristi 

Idea for October

So as most of us know Anti won’t be re-appearing for October as Jack has the tours coming up and has to prepare and plan videos for that time, too (which gives him hardly any time to do anything else super big).

As an idea, how about we do a little event for October since technically the 10th is also known as Anti’s birthday, which is the day it would start, maybe something along the lines of #antiart a counter tag for the previous #septicart event in August!

The event would be a surprise gag, so nobody talk about it too openly yet! Prepare art of any kind, draw, edit, theorize and write as much as you want and start posting on the 10th of October out of the blue, until the 31st!

Let’s surprise Jack and Robin, show our appreciation for all the work and love that goes into creating the Anti character, something that started right here with the community!

What does everyone think?

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I just found you a week ago and you are already my favorite artist. Your work has such intense vibes and transports me to places that feel so strange and so familiar at the same time. It feels earthy and close to my heart. i hope you do some autumn themed artwork in the coming months or around halloween, it would be so incredible <3

Thank you so much for the beautiful message. The way you folks describe how my artwork makes you feel/where it takes you is far more beautiful and mysterious than the art itself, haha.

As far as autumn-themed artwork goes–this blog is gonna get wild throughout the autumn months, especially October. We’re all going to go on a very chilly-air-and-weird-vibes journey together.

Things me/my family have done/said

Hades: Whatever the dog tells you, don’t let him in

Nico: Oh no! I smell like O’Leary spit!

Grover: What the heck, man?

Magnus: It’s basically ‘Less is more’

Annabeth: Yeah but sometimes less isn’t more, it’s less. One of which is our grades

Leo: You guys want chili dogs?

Percy: YEAH!

Annabeth: Please don’t put chili on Mrs O’Leary

Jason: No give her a jacket instead.

Clarisse: I’m going to be a civilian for Halloween this year

Silena: But you’re retiring October 1st

Clarisse: … then I’ll be military for Halloween this year

Jason: In 3rd grade was when I became a class hero. Someone had jammed up the only stapler in the entire room, and since we were the only ‘learning’ class in that wing (it’s lonely being in room number 1) I sat myself down at the big desk and worked for what felt like 20 minutes. I managed to get the broken stapler working again, but the broken piece of stapler that had caused the jam went directly into my middle finger. Luckily, it didn’t pierce through my nail, which it was opposite of, but I am 100% sure that it actually never left my finger either. For weeks I had weird visions that one day the little piece of metal would make me something like a Human Stapler.

[Cashier: Can I get a name for your order]

Nico: Death

Percy: No

Percy: I enter almost every kahoot as Glazed Doughnut. But there was this one time I logged in as Annabeth instead and beat her

Annabeth: By ONLY 24 points

Chiron: Favourite Underdog tale?

Hazel: Monsters Inc!

Leo: Hunch Back of Notre Dame

Annabeth: Cinderella

Percy: Chicken Little

Jason: David and Goliath

Drew: Um no. Psyche and Eros

Nico: I got myself some gay skittles

Reyna: I’m just gonna go die of laughter

Sadie: Well I mean England did have the advantage

Walt: Yeah but America had the Scree of the Freedom Eagle as motivation

Thalia: We’re going to Walmart, want anything?

Hylla: Starbucks

Zeus: What do you do if you don’t have any money

Annabeth: Ask for a loan

Percy: Curl up in bed and hug my knees

Jason: What are you gonna be for Halloween

Thalia: Gay

Drew: When in doubt, make it gayer

Road Trip with the Core Four, While Dating Jughead Would Include...

A/N: I’ve been working on this forfuckingever and i was gonna use a gif that would be better for a horror story cause we’re so close October, I can’t help it :) but then it thought yeah that’s not a good idea and I found this one and thought “ummmmm is that Jughead?????” so yeah I had to use it

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader


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  • It would be you+the core four
  • And Kevin, cause there’s no way you’re leaving him behind

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