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Why did Leia stop to pick up an elderly Jedi, anyway?

Imagine you’re Princess Leia. You’re a member of the Imperial Senate who has just committed treason. Rebels, who were financed and equipped by your father, have just stolen secret blueprints for a planet-destroying superweapon from a fortified government archive during a heated battle. At least a dozen of your own crew died just trying to get these blueprints onto your ship, all killed by a 2-meter tall cyborg wizard in black body armor. The same guy who literally just watched your ship narrowly escape him and jump into hyperspace. As per your father’s instructions, you are to bring the stolen plans to Alderaan, where your planet’s brightest minds will scrutinize them for a weakness.

But before you do that, dad asked you to stop by some dirtball nowhere planet and pick up an old man who used to be a space-cop.

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                                            —Youth’s Rhapsody by Sambomaster

“I’m connecting the words that had gone stale.
Though we just want to convey our simple feelings.
The sombre wind that blew on that day,
Is abandoning the ruins of yesterday.
So I can smile and live with you.
But then, doesn’t that incident torment you?
That’s why this is goodbye


⊱minimalist moodboard⊰ : MODERN⠀SLYTHERIN⠀HOUSE

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

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to everyone who has abusive parents:

there may come a point in your life where you realize that you’re not nearly as close with your parent(s) as you used to be. you may realize that their abuse is the cause of this. 

you may also experience feelings of numbness or apathy towards them while spending time with them (willingly or not) or speaking to them. you may not enjoy doing things with them, feeling like you don’t love them anymore, truly. you may feel like when someone asks you if you love your parent, you think: “i have to, they’re my family member.” you may feel as though you miss having a healthy bond with them, if there ever was a time that harbored such. 

and that’s okay. those feelings are normal. you may never be as close as you were with your parent prior to the abuse, and that’s okay. you don’t need to pretend to love them if you don’t. sometimes it’s better this way. it doesn’t mean you have to hate them, although it’s understandable if you do. it doesn’t mean you have to never be friendly with them ever again. 

healing takes time. if healing means not being as close to your parent as before, then that’s completely fine. you do what you need to do to heal and be happy. you are not alone.

It's Good to be Honest with Yourself

Context: We’re all members of a mercenary company. We were sent to investigate a surge of negative energy because they were afraid to send their own people. After wandering in the general direction we were directed, we found dragon’s lair inside a mountain.
Dragon: “Why are you here? Are you brave? Are you foolish?”
Wizard (with a shrug): “We’re expendable.”


Black Caucus hopes to put race front and center during Jeff Sessions’ AG confirmation

  • Democrats are hoping to make race a major issue in Sen. Jeff Sessions’ attorney general confirmation hearings this week.
  • They’re requesting that members of the Congressional Black Caucus be allowed to testify in his vetting session on Tuesday, Politico reported.
  • Not only was Sessions once denied confirmation to a federal judgeship in the 1980s over racist comments he allegedly made
  • Democrats also oppose his record on voting rights — which Democrats say has the greatest negative impacts on minority voters. 
  • And they are hoping to highlight those issues by having three members of the CBC testify, according to Politico
  • Democratic Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon; Rep. Cedric Richmond, the new chairman of the CBC; and Sen. Cory Booker. Read more

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Winter’s Witch {WORK IN PROGRESS} || Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11

Of Course, Doll || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

We’ve Got All Night || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

I Thought I Lost You || Bucky and (Y/N) had been in a relationship for a long time now. They were both stupid and reckless, which is why Fury had made a bad decision sending the two lovers on a mission together.

Manners Maketh Man || Walking home at 1am wasn’t a smart move on your part, you should have known it would have eventually gotten you into trouble. Thank the heavens you had a protector who had been watching from a distance.

Don’t You Mind? || He never meant for it to happen, it kept him up at night. Bucky Barnes wanted to be with (Y/N) so badly, but the Winter Soldier had other ideas. || Best read with this song

Round Two || Getting captured and injected with the same super serum as Bucky Barnes was never something you had planned for. When Bucky finally gets you back, it’s high time you blow off some steam.

Are You Okay? || Yeah, so a bullet or a sharp blade could probably kill you. But what about self doubt? No one ever teaches you how to not let insecurities kill you on the inside.

Post Break-Up Sex || Break ups can lead to many things. For some, it calls for the best rom com and a bowl of ice cream to drown yourself in your own feelings. For others, it can mean shutting yourself down for a while, taking time for some well needed self care. For (Y/N), it meant going off the rails just a little. || Best read with this song

Yellow || Bucky wasn’t the same kid from Brooklyn like back in the 40′s, but he also wasn’t the soviet master assassin; The Winter Soldier, no. He was somewhere in between. You are the bright yellow in his life that always brings him back down to earth. (Artist!Reader AU)

Begin Again || Bucky Barnes did it- he got clean, and is now trying to make up for the horrors he’s caused by working for Shield alongside the Avengers. When he gets sent on a solo mission to bring in (Y/N); an ex avenger who’s gone rogue, someone particularly special from his past, things get heated.

Somewhere I Belong || Sometimes all the pain and the bullshit going on in your life is just one big shitty hurdle you have to pass to get to the bigger picture, to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Bucky was (Y/N)’s light.


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Life Of The Party || Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?


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The Bamfs || When your boyfriend gets dragged away in the middle of the night on a dangerous mission against his own father, causing him to miss your three year anniversary, he makes sure he comes back with a present. Or in this case, lots and lots of little, annoying, blue, presents. You always did say you wanted a pet, right?

Sparring || You and Kurt have a cheeky sort of friendship. Watch as your ‘friendship’ gets a little well… complicated, all because of one little sparring session.

Outcast At Last || Dating a mutant proves to be difficult with anti-mutant parents. Fortunately, you learn an important lesson that they do not define who you are, I suppose being an outcast isn’t such a bad thing in the end. || Best read with this song


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Innocence {COMPLETED} || Sirius Black gets charged with the murder of his best friends. He’s denied a fair trial, and gets thrown into Azkaban. You know for certain he’s innocent, so you take matters into your own hands.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Double Trouble {WORK IN PROGRESS} || They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Part 1

One Too Many || On a night out with the Marauders, James bets Sirius can’t down more than seven shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. Sirius, never backing down from a challenge, accepts, and the effects are near catastrophic for the reader.

Strip || You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realise that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.

Somebody To Love || “I did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face.”

Liquorlip Loaded Gun || “I wish I could disappear, So you would never see me in this mess I get in. However hard I try, keep on stumbling still. Once in a while I’ll show you who I am. When I can I’ll, Open up the oceans, jump on in.”

Do I Wanna Know? || Reader works as a barista in a busy cafe, right in the heart of London, completely oblivious that there are such things as Wizards, magic, and most of all; a deadly war waging on within the magical community. Reader is blissfully ignorant to the wizarding world, just as any muggle should- that is until Sirius Black shows up in her life.


You’re not a fake fan if your favourite song is a title song.
You’re not a fake fan if you’re bias is the most popular member.
You’re not a fake fan if you don’t know all the fandoms inside jokes. (Example: you got no jams, kkaebsong ect.)
You’re not a fake fan if you haven’t watched all their videos.

Responses to childhood trauma.

Our therapist mentioned a while back that there are common responses to childhood trauma.  The obvious ones being fight or flight. But she said three others were freeze, submit and attach.

I don’t think I understood at the time but looking at my system now I can see examples of all of these responses in system members.

They’re pretty self explanatory I guess but I just wanted to share this for reference if anyone finds it helpful, like I have.  I think these are even more relevant in dissociative disorders such as DID because there are often conflicting feelings towards abusers - we are often attached to them despite their abuse.  For us that has been one of the most grueling things to admit.

I know freeze is very common, in later trauma/abuse as well as child abuse. It often happens when fight/flight can’t happen and is when a child will become silent and still, anything to avoid drawing the attention of their abuser. It comes with a sense of powerlessness.

If the freeze response doesn’t work, the child can “submit” by going along with whatever the abuser is doing, in the hope that if they comply it will be over quicker/they won’t be punished. This can be seen in animals - they “play dead” and hope for the attacker to leave them. Submit parts often feel a great deal of shame and take on the blame/responsibility for what has happened.

It is apparently common to have alters who represent these trauma responses within the same system. I can now see all of the responses in our system, for example, fight presents in hypervigilant alters such as protectors, flight can be seen in those alters who distance themselves from external people to avoid being hurt, freeze is obvious in very scared/traumatised/often younger alters who can be stuck in the trauma, submit parts can feel shame or appear needy, whereas attached parts have a fear of being abandoned/always try to be better.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone but it helped us to figure out why certain alters act in a particular way/believe particular things.