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Also Mark grew up in the U.S. So, and I'm only assuming here, but expressing yourself is a lot harder because you don't grow up expanding your vocabulary. I often get called reserved, quiet, and generally withdrawn when I'm in the country I'm from. But I grew up in the U.S. I legitamitely can't think of anything to say. And then it gets quiet... And that's why I think they call Mark awkward. I think this was more apparent in the early years of the group. Love your blog :D

True, it’s hard to tell everyone what you’re feeling when you’re limited to a language that you’re still learning. The members said that although Mark understands the most Korean out of everyone, he has a hard time speaking it.

We're looking for new members!

Hey! We are looking for new members for the FTM TRANSTASTIC collab channel! 

We are prioritizing TPOC individuals! EDIT: as well as disabled people, fat people, people who don’t want to medically transition - in short, people who have experiences we don’t already have a lot of on the channel. 

But we are looking for fresh new faces, so feel free to audition! 

Doesn’t matter what age you are, where you live, what you do, where you are in your transition. As long as you have a camera and can edit, send us an “audition” tape! 

  •  Let us know your name, age, location 
  •  Where are you at in your transition? 
  • Why you want to be part of transtastic 
  • What do you think you can bring to transtastic? 

Please only audition if you can commit to posting every week!! 

 (You can audition if you identify as non binary under the trans umbrella) 

Post your video on YouTube under UNLISTED and send us the link at Audition close may 30th :)

Peter Quill (Star Lord) x Reader - A Royal Engagement (Rated M)

You’re a member of the Royal Family on your Planet. While your parents, the King and Queen are away on their travels, Peter Quill breaks into the Palace to steal the families treasured Jewels.

Little did he know the Princess was at home, never mind that he would fall so head over heels for you.

Warning - Breaking in, vulnerable reader, nakedness, kissing

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170514 EXO-L Japan EXO CHANNEL ‘Triple Cup’ Day III Fanaccounts

- Opening Ment: Hello! I’m EXO’s Kai I’m Kai Kai Kai. Long time no see everyone. Today, I’ll make a lot of memories. Today is the last day for Japan fanmeeting. I feel bad about that, but I’ll work harder and I will give you my everything. KAI KOKORO OPEN MIND! (translation: patarz)
- Q: If you’re a pet, which member would you want to raise you?
KAI: Kai
- Chanyeol also chose himself to be his pet owner, but when Suho asked, “You’re going to live alone?,” Chanyeol changed his answer to Kai!
- Q: Which member would you take care of?
D.O: I should take care of Kai because he easily forgets and loses things. I always pack his stuff. Now I don’t do it because no matter how hard I work, it’s still not working.
KAI: You’ve changed.
- Kai, Sehun, and Jongdae are on the Green team. Kai said that because they have him, they can win all the games.
- They played a game involving blocks. Suho tried to move a block that Kai had set up nicely so Kai glared at him very seriouly.
- They had to draw a red fruit. All the members drew an apple, but Kai drew a strawberry and said, “I love strawberry so much.” (picture of drawing)
- What’s the most popular animal at the zoo?
CHEN: Elepant
KAI: Bear
SEHUN: Giraffe
- Draw an animal at the zoo.
Kai only had 5 seconds so he drew a circle. The circle became a bear!
- The Green team gave up for the jump rope game. The rope was too short for Sehun and Kai and Chen couldn’t match the rhythm.
CHEN: We’re doomed.
KAI: Because of Sehunnie.
SEHUN: The rope is too short…
KAI: I thought you were the best…
- They’re celebrating Baekhyun and Suho’s birthday! Kai took a strawberry off the cake and ate it.
- They popped the balloons by hugging a teammate and had to spell out a 3 alphabet word. Chen and Kai popped the balloons and Kai wrote “god” and “dog”.

Day III Part II
- KAI was picked for the “member who would be scared if he swept away to a desert island
-CHANYEOL : I’m such a gullible at the addicting SNS and I’m stupid KAI: You’re not stupid.
- KAI is in the purple team once again with Xiumin and Chen and called it the ”KIM TEAM"
- KAI said he will give the first win to Xiumin
- KAI said that water (물) is 미즈 (水: mizu) in Japanese.

BTS reaction when they can see your bra.

‘Hi could you do a reaction when they can see your bra through your shirt while you’re hanging with the members’



Wouldn’t realize that he’s staring too much until quietly Namjoon whisper at him

“We already know if you want to make it more obvious please keep staring”

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Taking you by your wrist taking you to the kitchen to talk

“I know that you do this to turn me on but why are you doing it in front of the members”

“What are you talking about?”

Point at your Chest, you will tell him that you are going to change with the other shirt he has of you in his room

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See you from the kitchen talking with Taehyung, would try to catch your attention to tell you with mimics about it…

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Probably make you wear his jacket trying to not be so obvious

“I just love how my hoodie looks on you baby”

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Would freak out a little but try not to show it but like Jungkook would stare at you a lot but trying to not see your bra looking at your bra and your eyes… 

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Probably won’t say nothing but you would pay for it at night…

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Laugh by himself when talking about what getting something a birthday present for Yoongi, everyone would stare at him trying to not laugh until you go to talk to him alone and explained, you would feel very ashame and hug you at end

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Hi I just went through your whole blog today it was v v v v amazing can I request RFA + v + saeran reacting to mc who is jumins sister.You know about jumins father women changing cycle so I thought that he must have stepbrothers or sisters sorry for rambling amazing blog btw😘😘😘😘😘

I really don’t know how to include Saeran in this, since we don’t really get a lot of info on him being part of the RFA


  • Frankly he feels betrayed
  • You act nothing like Jumin, how could you be related to this trust fund jerk?!
  • For a good few weeks he can’t look at you without thinking of Jumin


  • He’s slightly intimidated
  • Like, he’ll deny it, but he’s scared of Jumin
  • So since you’re related, everytime he’s in a chatroom with you he’s slightly freaked out
  • But after awhile he gets used to it and you’re just like another member of the RFA to him


  • She’s hopeful
  • Maybe if you’re in the chatroom and you see how much work Jumin gives her, you’ll tell him to take it down a notch
  • But she’s appreciative having you in the RFA, because another girl
  • You, Zen, and her make up the Jumin-Bitch-Group when he’s not online


  • It takes him longer than you would expect for him to realize that the stranger that joined the RFA was you
  • Once he does realize it’s you, his reaction is,,, underwhelming
  • He’ll probably come to the chatroom more often to catch up with you
  • With how much he works, there’ll be weeks with neither of you talking


  • This opens a lot more opportunities for him to mess with Jumin
  • He rarely had a chance to, but now, ohh boy Jumin watch your ass
  • And maybe now he’ll be able to see Elly <3<3


  • He was friends with you when you were kids too, so he’s excited to have you joining the RFA
  • He spends a lot of time making sure that everything goes well for you and that everyone’s being nice to you
  • He also recognizes immediately that you’re Jumin’s sister
  • Get good Jumin

Genre: idek this was just something I wrote to get back into the groove of writing 

Word count: 4.5k

(Honestly this is the fictionalized version of how I fell hard af for Changkyun lmao)

It happens when you’re off stage, back in the audience with the rest of your group after performing a couple of songs at the award show. You’re talking to the members, telling each other how well you all did when you get interrupted by the sound of your best friend beginning to rap on stage and your attention is stolen. You’ve yet to see Monsta X perform to Beautiful yet, and you’re excited because Jooheon kept talking about how much you’d like the choreography when you finally see it. With your eyes on him, you smile and nod along, already appreciating the dance and the aesthetics. The suits with silk shirts and Jooheon in his suspenders make you laugh to yourself. When Changkyun makes his way to the front of the stage your smile slowly falters the longer you observe him. 

Usually when you watch them perform, your eyes follow either Jooheon or Hyungwon around the stage no matter who is in the front singing, rapping, or dancing. But right now you can’t seem to take your eyes off of the maknae. It’s been a while since you’ve seen anyone in the group other than Jooheon since they started preparing for their comeback and it looks as if Changkyun has lost some weight in his face, his jawline more prominent than the last time you saw him. 

Even as Hyunwoo begins singing and gliding his way across the stage, your eyes stay on the youngest member, your head tilting to the side a bit.

“Hyungwon looks good,” Bo Na says from beside you, gently elbowing you in the ribs. You side eye her before glancing at the said male.

He does look as fine as ever, long limbs moving effortlessly, hair dark and fluffy. You look at the rest of the members and they look good as well, but your gaze shifts back to Changkyun. 

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Shadowhunters Cast Daily is a brand new blog dedicated to the Shadowhunters tv show cast.  If you’re interested on becoming a member, please, read the following requirements:

  • You need to have knowledge of Photoshop: we are looking for people that know how to make quality gifs and edits.
  • You have to follow our tagging system: if you have any question about our tagging system you can always ask the owner.
  • You have to post original content at least once a week: if you need to be inactive for more than a month, you’ll have to contact the owner of this blog.

Once you have understood the requirements you can submit here the following form:

  • Name:
  • Timezone/country:
  • Current blogs you’re admin/member of:
  • Link to your gifs/edits:
  • How often would you be able to post your own content?
  • Will you be able to post news/social media stuff?

That’s all! Even if you don’t apply, consider to follow us and reblog this post to spread the word! Thank you and see you around!

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(the anon from before) Thank you ^^, sorry I'm a kidcore blog and I try my best to be nice to each age regression community.., I don't think anybody deserves hate just because they are comfortable with a certain name they use like "cglre" or whatever.., we all like the same stuff, so why can't we be nice to each other and move on with our lives ;_;

Lol, I can literally write an essay on this. I’ve been here since the beginning. Prepare for a long ass post.

Playdoh-Princess Presents:

The History of the Regression Wars

Kidcore. Cgl. Long ago, the two nations lived in harmony and peace. BUT everything changed when the ignorance attacked. 

You see, this all started within the cgl community when minors started joining the community and making blogs of their own. Cgl then split into two camps: the “cgl isn’t a kink” crowd and the “coloring is a kink” crowd. Kidcore/toywave at this point hadn’t attacked cgl. We all interacted in one big age regression community. 

BUT when members f the cgl community started saying cgl was a kink community and called minor supporters “pedophiles,” kidcore/toywave distanced themselves and took on that rhetoric creating the community we all know and hate today: chire. 

This also launched start of tons of anti-cgl blogs. I mean, members of cgl’s own community were saying it was toxic, that age regression was a kink and watching cartoons was inherently sexual. How could any person support a community like that? It was the perfect storm.

With members of the cgl community now getting hate from the “coloring is a kink crowd” AND chires AND anti’s, the sfw cgl crowd created their own separate bubble: cglre. 

At first, this was a great idea. Sfw littles and cgs finally had a place to call their own that was completely separate from any other toxic community. We created spin off tags: toyre, babyre, kidzspace! The world was our playpen. 

This happiness was short lived, however. Chires and anti’s continued to attack and harass cglre members like never before. Due to this, many members left the cglre community or just gave up regression all together. Even in cglre though, there were a few members who were starting to attack simply cgl blogs. (Which I totally took a stand against.)

After a few months, a new community was created: kidhearts. The founders of this community are ex-cgl(re) members. People where excited for a new tag, a new community to be apart of… But, of course, this ended as well. Now, the kidhearts believe that cgl is a kink. In my opinion, they did this as a desperate way of distancing themselves from cglre and gaining support from other age regression communities. 

So really, this all goes back to those members of cgl in the beginning, mainly the ddlg kinksters, who claimed cgl was inherently a kink. They sparked a fire under the asses of every other age regression community that has come after them. 

And here we are in the present. 

What will happen next? Kidhearts, antis, and chires are going to all get together and shit on cgl(re). Cglre will ignore them. I’ll make cute banners and record bedtime stories. My friends and I will hang out in Discord laughing about the entire shit show that is the Tumblr age regression community. LIFE will go on. 


Welp, long overdue costume post, everyone! I had a little reenacting adventure down in Chorley a couple of weeks ago, and being the over-exciteable dork I am, I had far too much fun to actually take pictures of any of the cool stuff I was doing. I had to wait for our awesome regiment photographers to post pictures up on Facebook!

You may recognise the swallowtail jacket I’m wearing as being the ‘Margaret’ jacket I made for @mercurygray, in honour of her wonderful heroine Margaret Frances, (who you can read about here:

Merc is currently working very hard on her own WWI ‘Hello Girls’ reenactment at the moment, so doesn’t really have the space for 18th century kit. Luckily we are very much the same size, so after I arranged to make her a few Edwardian shirtwaists in recompense, she very, very kindly let me have the Margaret jacket! Result: weekend of awesome in one of the best jackets I ever made!

So, photo breakdown:

  1. Being a costume nerd, I get to help dress the Major when he can’t figure out how to tie his gorget on (ie, that shiny little metal crescent thing that TURN fans will recognise from Major Hewlett) Apparently officers lose their street-cred when their corporal has to help them get dressed.
  2. We had two lovely camp-children with us, and there was plenty of opportunity for cuddles and keeping them entertained. I got to bounce along with a cute one-year old little boy with the most gorgeous head of red hair you’ve ever seen! He was very well-behaved, too, and seemed perfectly happy sitting with me and sucking on a bit of bread. (Obscure Nerd moment: may or may not have gently bounced him on my lap whilst singing the British Grenadiers.)
  3. Fraternising with the enemy! Or in this case one of only two Continental soldiers who were ‘out-manned, out-gunned and out-planned’ by a mighty force of 8 redcoats. Luckily there weren’t any battles, as that would have looked a bit silly (although epic, in a  Mel Gibson ‘Patriot’ FREEDOM WINS EVERYTHING!’ Also pictured, lovely 3 year old sister of the camp baby.
  4. Probably my favourite picture from Astley Hall! It has a “ when will my darling Queen’s Ranger husband return from the war?’ feel.
  5. Posing in the Astley Hall historic kitchen! I look far more domesticated than I really am (i wouldn’t have a clue in an 18th century kitchen!), as well as a bit rumpled from walking all over the park.My neckerchief has come a bit loose, quelle horreur!
  6. Me, pictured with my reenactment buddy and role-model, Lena. Lena is a food-historian in real life and has an absolutely divine 18th century wardrobe. And we had a  great geeky moment when we found out we’d used the same JP Ryan pattern for our jackets! Lena’s lovely green jacket is higher-class than mine as she’s an officer’s wife, and she chose a different back, but otherwise it’s identical! Pattern buddies “4ev@”, in other worse!
  7. The obligatory “school photo” shot! All 16 of us 47thers! The weather was absolutely ridiculously nice for reenactment, especially in the UK. I actually got sunburnt!
The Witch, the Wild, and Wellness

The worldview curated in the initiatory Houses/Threads/Families of traditional witchcraft, what many are now calling “bioregional animism” and “predation cosmology,” never posited a spirit world apart from the waking world of physicality.

Spirit did not become anchored in matter, these as these states of being were never apart. They are the same substance, the body of the living cosmos seen and unseen. Following Parmenides, there is no such thing as the “insubstantial.” The material is a fresh expression of spirit relationships, a world that is verbing, moving, interacting and sensing itself. Matter is spirit. The bioregion is the “otherworld,” but only because we have “othered” it in our construction of civilization. The wild Land, Sky, and Sea, Nature, is the host of the Unseen.

Sure we can experience a Faerie/dreamland/otherworld and a waking world distinctly just as we can experience the front side and back side of our bodies. But they are not really distinct if we consider our whole body. Where does the real dividing line lay, experientially, when we sense ourselves? The same between this body of flesh and the dream body we inhabit while sleeping, the line is infinitesimal, the monofiliment of being.

This is perhaps why the “hedge” is hard to find for those not suited for times and places that lie “betwixt and between.” That is to say, witches. It may surprise us when we first realize that the dreamland/vertical-axis/Faerie/underworld is the “inside” of reality, the innerworld, while we occupy the surface of reality here in the horizontal, waking world. Our dream bodies are native to the underworld, and when we die and can no longer wake, we will remain with that eternal self until perhaps we breath ourselves back into this waking world to be reborn.

But aside from what happens in death, or the nature of the death experience, bodies are the most holy substance of witchcraft. This may explain our adoration of sex, death, and dreams. The body is our prima materia, and our materia magica are the body parts of animal, vegetable, and mineral, as well as Fire. These things are all spirits with which we have relationships and ally ourselves to their sorcerous virtues. Witches are the Wild given human skin. The body of the witch is the body of the Land. We re-member the wholeness of reality, for the Wild contains civilization; it is bigger than civilization, which cannot actually occupy every space and moment.

Our modern human cultures, civilization, are mere blinks of the eye of wild Earth, of the ancient Cosmos. We know the preciousness of our bodies, temporary and fleeting are our lives and the love and personal relationships wrought within them. And the integrity of the Land is important to the witch for we cherish these things, just as we cherish the integrity of the natural human soul, unfettered by the many oppressions of the State. And while too much Wild will destabilize human cultures (and individual people), without it all creativity perishes. All beings deserve to drink from the crystal fountain of Wild Nature that flows up through us.

We tend carefully to the Wildness around us and within us. We try not to let the gunk of civilization, including many social complexes, poison the streams and dreams of our bioregions and bodies. May we always remember that as the Wild is the spiritworld itself, all our magic and all life depends on its wellness. Amen.

RPG Maker Fever Returns

Warning:This article may contain spoilers and the content inappropriate for children…or may not contain.But get the children away from the screen just in case.

Guess who’s baaaack?It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane?it’s maskedpeach the RMK-maniac!Heh,I’ve finally played enough RPG Maker games to make a new part of my RPG Maker Fever.There isn’t much horror games this time,but RPG maker games aren’t about horror only,right?

1.Dreaming Mary

Dreaming Mary is one of those “not-what-it-seems” games.,where beneath the sweet dreams lies the nightmare.Story in this game is somewhat bland,but it doesn’t matter much.‘coz the things that make this game really enjoyable are outstanding visuals and very good sountrack,which helps you to fully dive into that unusual dream world.Btw,it’s actually the first game for a long time,which creeped me out with its Sweet Dreams-gameover.


One of my personal favourites among the new RPG-maker games.This is a short story-oriented adventure game made by the same author as Alice mare.There’s some battles in turn-based RPG manner,but they’re all very simple.The game’s story lacks of originality,but still fun to follow thanks to bright well-developed characters,stylish illustrations and great soundtrack,which unlike Alice mare’s is fully original.

3.LiEat 2

The second game in the series is pretty much the same as first.Story in my opinion is more interesting than the first game’s one,but still I suggest you to play the both in the order,because LiEat is planned as trilogy,so their stories are connected and some things may be unclear,if you play only the second one.Overall both parts are nice and comfy games,which is good if you need to play something relaxing.

4.LiEat 3

If two previous games were pretty similliar,the third one is quite different from both of them,the game’ve become more challenging.Unlike first two games,LiEat 3 has a lot of puzzles(simple,but still tricky and fun) and fighting lies and leveling up this time actually affects the ending.The story is interesting,characters are good(especially a new police officer Iris),dialogues are well-written.Overall it’s a very decent conclusion of the trilogy,so if you haven’t played the first two games-now you can play all three and watch the story through the end.


I’ve already written the full review on this game some time ago,so I’ll make it short.Pros:Interesting puzzles,beautiful illustrations,neat atmosphere,touching bittersweet story.Cons:Poorly written,long-pacing dialogues,huge and uninspiring maps.If you’re the fan of RPG Horrors,I recommend to give this game a try,since it’s a quality horror adventure game.Maybe somewhat flawed,but still very enjoyable.

6.Pom gets Wi-Fi

This a game is one of those WTF-games I really enjoy.The first weird thing about this game,that all characters are dogs.And the main heroine is the weirdest among them-where else you’ll see a pomeranian who likes to seat in social networks and represents a walking image of forum troll?This game has cute unique visuals and good humor.To someone jokes may seem rude,but personally I laughted my lungs out.The only bad thing in this game is slow-pacing,easy battles,but there’s very little of them.

7.Dear Red

Dear Red turned out being a nice surprise for me.I thought it would be something like Hello?Hell…o?-welll,technically it is-this game is extremely short and has many endings.But that’s where the good thing lies-from all those endings(they depend on your decisions during the game) the whole story consists.Every time you get different ending you discover more curious plot-details.So I recommend to spend 20 minutes of your life to play this game-it’s worth it.


This one of don’t-judge-by-appearance games.Don’t get fooled by it’s simple looks-it’s a very interesting and deep puzzle-adventure with outstanding opening and ending credits.Puzzles in this game are well-constructed and follows pretty simple logic,so you can handle them without a guide.Additionaly I want to praise the music,which helps to create the unique nostalgic retro-atmosphere and makes the game more enjoyable.

9.Skinwalker\The Visitor

I’ve decided to combine both these games in one mini-review,'coz they’re both by the same author and have pretty similliar conception.In both games you listen a story,solving puzzles time to time in order to proceed.Skinwalker is more story-oriented and reminds something beetween old text adventures and old horror B-movies,while The Visitor is closer to common RPG-horrors like Majo no Ie or Paranoiac for example.Both games are perfect if you want a short horror game to play with lights off and headphones on.Additionally I want to praise Skinwalker’s creepy and detailed illustrations and The Visitor’s storyteller-granny Agatha(infernal grannies rules!).

10.Infectious Nightmare

Infectious Nightmare is very much common RPG-horror.another story about amnesiac girl with extremely easy and uninspiring puzzles and poor mapping.But it’s still worth a playthrough,'coz it has pretty decent story and a very nice true ending.This game isn’t bad,it’s just no different from others in any way.

11.Monster Love Party

Monster Love Party(I’ve just noticed that it can be abbreviated as MLP-oh,God!) is a short and pretty typical Halloween-story.The game has well-drawn illustrations and mapping(but there’s one upleasant thing about it-sometimes you can easily stuck in decorations-so be careful) and nice logical puzzles,so if you have 30 minutes to spare-you can give this game a try.