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Don´t have a particular command and now that I see it, all the couples that I like (in my whole life) all are different type of couples lol…

1. Gray x Juvia

2. Natsu x Lucy

3. Jellal x Erza

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4. Roy x Riza

5. Shaoran x Sakura

6. Ryoma x Sakuno

7. Miroku x Sango

8. Inuyasha x Kagome

9. Zero x Yuki

10. Rei x Sakura

10. Yato x Hiyori

11. T.K x Hikari

12. Takuto x Mitsuki

13. Natsume x Mikan

14. Yakumo x Haruka

15. Shuu x Inori

16.  Takuma x Tamaki 

17. Hotaru x Eru

18. Hak x Yona

19. Kei x Hikari

20. Usui x Misaki

21. Sorata x Mashiro

22. Livius x Nike

23.  Tetsushi x Nina.

24. Makoto x Ichigo.

25. Zen x Shirayuki

26. Haru x Ellie

27. Miketsukami x Ririchiyo

28. Kazuma x Ayano

29. Kazune x Karin

30. Subaru x Rem 

31. Ryota x Himiko 

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32. Kazuya x Victorique 

33. Hiro x Sarato

Give me a nice, Wholesome AU™ where Vlad ~somehow~ stops being a super-creep and agrees to mentor Danny– not because he wants to marry his mom and make him his son, but because he genuinely just wants to help another halfa out since HE didn’t have help way back when.

(Also for angst you could throw in a bit of “plus I feel responsible, because without the research we did in college, your parents would never have made their portal in the first place” or “I feel responsible because I kiiiinda pissed off a bunch of ghosts and all they know is ‘the halfa did it’ so that maaaybe why you’ve been seeing more ghost activity, idk lol.”)

Anyways give me an AU where we’ve got Vlad and Danny training in the basement at 1 am and Vlad’s trying to incorporate Danny’s school curriculum into the training because GOD KNOWS when he’d actually find time for THAT.

“Wait, can I try again? Just one more! One more run through…” Danny says, looking at Vlad with scorch marks on his face that have already begun to heal.

“Daniel, we’ve been at this for hours,” Vlad says, running a hand through his messy, singed hair. “I think that’s as good as it’s going to get tonight.”

“No!” says Danny, but quickly checks his volume, “No. Please, I… but I worked so hard on this power…if I could just–”

“And I know you did.” Vlad says, walking over to him, “I’m proud of how far you’ve come Daniel, but even halfas get exhausted.” He places his hands on Danny’s shoulders and the boy seems to consider this for a moment. But in the end…

“Just one more.”

Vlad sighs.

“You’re gonna be on all those business trips, we won’t meet up again for a month!”

“Fine.” Vlad relents, “Just one more drill. But after that you’ll need your rest.”

Vlad starts up the machines again as Danny gets into a ready position.

“Remember to breathe.” says Vlad as the starting lights blink down in sequence. He uses his own power to bring up a noise-reducing barrier around the training area.




The first target pops out of the wall, close to the ceiling, and Danny flies up to meet it with an ecto-energized punch. The next one appears from the floor, so Danny blasts it with a basic beam. Once Vlad feels he’s got a rhythm he starts the study session again.

“What is the smallest group of biological classification?” He asks, watching his form carefully. Danny rolls out of the way of a hostile drone but still is able to answer.


“And the largest?” Vlad observes Danny blasting the drone.



“How many chromosomes does an individual human have?” Vlad continues. Danny goes intangible to avoid some debris.

“46.” He’s not missing a beat.

“What are the three major parts of a cell?” Two more hostile drones join the fray, and the young halfa starts to falter.

“The membrane, the, uh, cytoplasm, and the nucleus.”

“Is the cell membrane nonpermeable?”

“No,” Danny takes a couple heavy breaths, “It’s semipermeable.”

Vlad pauses upon reading the next one.

“What are the physical or chemical factors in genetic mutations called?”

“M… Mutagens.” Danny swallows dryly, his gaze shifting to the portal at the end of the room.

“What is the phase most cells spend the majority of their time in?”

“Crud, uh…” A drone explodes too close to Danny and he throws up his arms, forgetting to go intangible. The smoke makes his throat burn.

“… Interphase?” He finally coughs out.

“Correct. Pay attention now…”

Seven smaller drones appear from all directions, intent on overwhelming the young halfa. Danny flies up and ecto-punches through the highest one, then grabs it, somersaults, and throws it into the one directly below.

“Good!” Vlad says, standing up in his excitement. They both notice the other 5 drones coming in fast.

“What is the functional unit of heredity?”

“What’s the what of what?!?” Danny blurts out between blasting with one hand and swinging a panicked punch with the other.

“Get higher, try splitting!” Vlad says, abandoning the study guide and moving closer to the battlefield should his assistance be required.

Danny flies almost as high as he can go without phasing through the ceiling. He manages to get some distance between himself and the three remaining drones, but they are close behind.

Quickly he closes his eyes and grits his teeth, trying with all his might to imagine himself splitting into two entities.

“Okay, one more try.” he says to himself, “Kinda like Mitosis…” Somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear Vlad saying something, but he forces that away to keep his focus on the task at hand. Slowly Danny begins to feel what he can only describe as a peeling sensation– as if his “cells” were dividing in such a way that reminded him of when he would peel glue off his skin in elementary school– starting from his wispy tail, creeping up to where his legs should be…

Suddenly, a drone’s blast hits him squarely in the chest. Danny’s eyes snap open, all concentration lost. Belatedly he realizes his tail had reformed after having been split into two. A familiar pink beam takes out the offending drones.

“Danny!” Vlad says, eyes still glowing red, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Danny says as he floats down sullenly, “I’ll heal.” Vlad reaches out to guide him towards the spare workbench they use as a first aid station.

“Better put the salve on it just to be safe.” Vlad says. Danny sits down and watches Vlad take out the special formula he made in his own lab back in Wisconsin, then tosses himself back to lay on the bench.

“ARGH! I was SO close! Right? Was I close? Because it felt like I was close…”

“You were.” says Vlad, “But I think you should stick to the exercises I showed you while I’m gone.” He transforms and makes a few duplications to demonstrate, starting slow but getting faster with each iteration.

“Who knows, by the time I get back you may be splitting in circles around me.” Danny looks up and realizes all the Vlads are literally standing around him in a circle and laughs.

“Ha! So you’re making the jokes now?” He says as Vlad pulls it together.

“Believe it or not, my wit may be used to humor us both.”

“Pfft. Some wit. That was real 'cheesy’, Wisconsin Ghost.” Danny snickers at his own quip and Vlad rolls his eyes.

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“Nope!” Danny says, “Say, what was that last question? On the guide?”

“The functional unity of heredity.”

“Geez that’s a lot of syllables for one thing.”

“Do you know the answer?”

“Uh…” Danny thinks for only a moment. Without the distraction of the fight, he quickly grasps the question.

“Oh! It’s genes!”

“Correct again, Little Badger.” Vlad says, handing off the small salve tin. “I think you will do well on the test tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” Danny says, detransforming. He yawns as his exhaustion catches up with him. Courteously, Vlad lends him a hand.

“Come, I’ll fly you upstairs before I go.”

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NHL Playoff Standings as of the morning of April 21st, 2017.

5 minutes into an assassination mission and chill and the itty-bitty crusaders start calling you a godless heathen

So I decided to remake the Kingdom Hearts Oswald design I made, the original looked too much like a Kingdom Hearts 2 specific design (with all kinds of straps everywhere) so with this one I got rid of most of the belts and replaced it wit other details. I also remade the Keyblade entirely to a more unique design for Oswald.

His jacket is pretty cool, most of its design takes from a jacket I have, it’s called a “KUHL Firefly Hooded Insulated Jacket -Men’s” (Here’s the link to take a look, I have it in the bright blue color:… ). While some other details are taken from Mickey’s Kingdom Heart’s design (The white bottom trimming, cause after all the two are brothers, so Ozzy would intentionally have something on his jacket that’s similar to his brother’s right? As for the Mickey symbol, well Oswald is family, and Mickey is a king, so to show that Ozzy is both on his side and that they’re family, Oswald had that symbol put on his back.)

lyfewithmarissa  asked:

In what order do you think the fighters got their arms, and at what age? :0

  • Master Mummy was the first, I think he had his ARMS when he was still alive. I’m not sure of his age, though. 
  • Kid Cobra was the 2nd person to get his ARMS. He was born with them, so he’s had them since birth. 
  • Ninjara was the third. He’s 21 now, but I think he got his ARMS when he was 17. He used his ARMS abilities throughout his college education. 
  • Helix was the fourth. He was created with his ARMS ability, so he’s had it since birth. He’s 2 years old now. 
  • Spring Man was the fifth. I think he may have gotten his ARMS when he was 18. He spent a while training to join the ARMS league once he found out he had ARMS. 
  • Min Min got her ARMS when she was 16. She had been training in martial arts for years. It took her some time to adjust to using her ARMS more, instead of mainly relying on her legs in a fight. She was the sixth person to get her ARMS. 
  • Twintelle was the seventh person to get her ARMS. She was already a very fit and healthy person, but it took time to get used to using her ARMS, and trying to transition to the ARMS league from acting. She got them when she was 25.
  • Ribbon Girl was the eighth, she got them when she was 16. At the time, though, she was deeply involved in her singing career, and it took her a while to get into fighting with the ARMS league. 
  • Mechanica built her ARMS-mech when she was 14, but spent months learning to fight with it and making adjustments to suit her fighting style. She was the ninth person to get her ARMS. 
  • Byte and Barq were the tenth to get their ARMS. They were made with them, but are a very recent model of robots. They’re only a few months old. 
  • so i finally got some time to re-do my master list, hopefully everything is much easier to find.
  • ** means it contains smut
  • last updated 08/14/17

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you’re crazy

baby don’t you know you got all my love

come thru part I

come thru part II

club nights


you’re all that matters to me

welcome home **

she don’t like the lights



10 minutes

all i want is you

christmas eve

flatline part I

flatline part II



a bet is a bet

loyal part I

loyal part II

cold nights

all i could do was cry part I

all i could do was cry part II

all i could do was cry part III


deserve part II


second chances


suit and tie

i’ll be your soldier


the comeback

no pressure

cuddling + horror movies

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birthday girl **

i’ll always come back to you

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no regrets

first kiss

movie night

anonymous asked:

i have an interest in kingdom hearts lately which is so weird for me cuz i never really had an interest at all but here i am kinda wanting to dive in... but where do i even start. like a few months ago i saw a video talking about how the game order was weird or something. also,,, this probably sounds stupid but is it ever too late to get into a game series? wow im sorry for ranting about this to you, your the only person i follow who posts kingdom hearts and youve fueled my interest lol.

If you have a PS4, you can buy Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, which includes all of the games! (Though two of them have been converted to movies where you just watch the cutscenes.) 

1.5 and 2.5 are each available separately for PS3, as well. There’s also Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for PS4, which includes a prologue for Kingdom Hearts 3, a movie based on the mobile game, and a re-master of one of the more recent titles (by which I mean it came out in 2012… hahaha).

That is probably incredibly confusing… What I’m saying is that it’s absolutely not too late to get into the series! Here’s a list of the games in order of release date:

  1. Kingdom Hearts (PS2, PS3, PS4)
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA, PS2, PS3, PS4)
  3. Kingdom Hearts II  (PS2, PS3, PS4)
  4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS, PS3, PS4)
  5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP, PS3, PS4)
  6. Kingdom Hearts: Coded (DS, PS3, PS4)
  7. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS, PS4)
  8. Kingdom Hearts x (iOS, Android– plus a movie for PS4)
  9. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage- (PS4)

I actually recommend you play the games in the order that they were released. Even if they’re not in chronological order, that’s the order we all played them in at the time. :)

P.S. It’s never too late to get into a game series!! You might have some catching up to do, but if you try out the first game and like it, you have a whole bunch of games you get to play– without having to wait years between each one! You can binge them all at once if you want! :D