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How to give Not Today views while you’re asleep

So I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this yet, but here’s an easy way to get bts a lot of views. I’m not certain it works 100%, but it’s more views than none.

First of create a playlist with 2 or 3 songs, like this:

Replaying one song on repeat sometimes doesn’t give it all the views, while playing a few in between will. And if you’re too lazy to create a playlist, just use mine, HERE.

Make sure you’ve got the repeat playlist button on.

Then push on the mute button on your keyboard. Youtube will still register as having the sound on, so the views will count. Now just keep your laptop/computer/tablet running all night and generate views while you’re sleeping. Just make sure you’ve got your laptop/tablet on a charger, or it’ll run out of battery long before you wake up.

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are you going to raise your kid genderless?

We’ve already answered this. We’ll use the pronouns appropriate for our baby’s assigned gender, say we have a son or daughter, but we’ll also make sure they understand there’s nothing wrong with questioning their gender if they ever feel the need to.

We’re also going to make sure we don’t push gender expectations on them - they can wear whatever they like, pursue any activities they like and play with any toys they like.

Gender itself isn’t a problem - it’s the gender roles people push on children that’s the issue.


“What sort of man is that keeper of yours who captained us?”

“[…]  Hardworking, anyhow, and decidedly intelligent.”



“Scudder?  A little too smart to be straight.”

Alec Scudder cosplay test!  Yes my cigarette is just a rolled up piece of paper okay I don’t have any real ones and I don’t want them. Can’t wait to be him at English club!

How to Love a Broken Boy

(or alternatively, Oliver Wood’s Guide to Loving Marcus Flint)

I. Don’t break. Broken boys don’t want to be fixed. They want kisses that come away with blood, they want teary eyed frustration and clenched fists, they want the satisfaction of winning, of breaking you.

II. Don’t be afraid to get close. His rough edges are nothing to fear. Fill them with your body, your touch, your scent, anything of yours that he could take. Become the victory he’ll never want to forget.

III. Don’t lie to yourself. This isn’t about taming a bad boy. He’ll take your heart and throw it away like a Quaffle. It’s his job as Chaser to throw anything that comes his way. You’re the Keeper, destined to block his efforts to score, nothing more, nothing less.

IV. Don’t love him as if you’re making a sacrifice. It’s not your job as a higher being to love someone like him. He’s not something to take pity upon. He deserves pure, unadulterated love, dedication, and passion. He’s like Quidditch. If you can’t dedicate your lifeblood to him, leave.

V. Don’t fault him for being himself. He’s not perfect. He’ll hurt you, push you away, and make hate him. You’ll cry and pound your fists against his chest as he hugs you tight. He’ll whisper soft apologies, kissing your hair as a reminder that you’re still with him.

VI. Don’t give up on him. He’s still learning about how to love and how to be loved. But, that’s what you signed up for, isn’t it? Loving him is like Quidditch, you win some, you lose some, but you’ll have fantastic sex in the locker room.

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Hello! Not a thing you need to reply to, just been thinking of you lately and hoping you're doing okay; the world is pretty stressful lately, but I want you to know how many excited people there are out here waiting for the new Ducktales with glee. I have a feeling your team's take on these stories is going to be exactly what people need this coming year. Best of luck with everything (maybe Gladstone can spare you a little), and remember to take care of yourself- we're all behind you!

Aw, thank you so much, @modmad !We’re working hard to make something we hope you’ll like. It’s not always easy (ESPECIALLY with everything going on), but it is always worth it.

i keep on going between “i wanna scoop faith up and protect her” and “i wanna scoop buffy up and protect her” and honestly at this point i just want to do both

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*sigh* it's probably just a cast member or stage member who is angry about what they did so they're doing this to make fans feel better. I saw someone hypothesize Martin. Or maybe una.


You know, I never thought about that.


Martin Freeman or Una Stubbs–who both have no other social media presence–decided to start a twitter in 2013 on the off chance Moftiss fucked it all up and they have to take the mantel.  He or she snagged someone to play John, decided to pick it up and flit all over Europe taking unique pictures that aren’t on the internet per google (including of a very professional filming drone) and RP all over twitter despite their schedules and the cost.

OR it’s a BBC employee doing that, wasting money and possibly risking their jobs because they’re angry.


This is sarcasm by the way.  Like, do people actually think this is the case?  How is this more believable than what we’re hypothesizing?  How is this less confirmation bias-y than what we hypothesize?

I don’t want to be overly offensive when I answer asks, because that’s dumb, but I know this is going to be: this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

I didn’t think the twitters were real at first, however more and more evidence is piling up that something very fucky, and very expensive, and very time consuming is going on.  If some wealthy fan with access to planes and drones and the BBC and endless time is doing this, well, I suppose we’re all deep enough into this if we had the resources we would as well.  HOWEVER I don’t think a fan would do it without expressly saying it’s fake.  An anti would pretend it’s real, but again, this is a lot of resources to spend on trolling, even for rich people.  Most rich people remain rich because they don’t spend their money like this.  But for Martin or Una or some other rando BBC employee (with the resources of Martin or Una plus TIME) to do it…yeah.  That’s…out there.  



Let's Talk - Extended

This is just a little extension to what my previous post explains.
Right now, I just wanna cry. This community is being divided, and I freaking hate it. I wanna cry at the fact that Keemstar had the nerve to make a video about it. And now more people are hating on Jack. More than ever.
What the hell Keem? You’re just making the situation worse.
I went into the comments section of Keem’s video and people are calling Jack out.
Me personally, I do agree with what he said.
His reasoning was excellent. I’m sorry if you disagree.
I’m currently watching the video, and I want to cry. Just cry.
What’s wring with this world? Why can’t we all get along?
I need to get off of this video. If I keep on watching, I’m going to lose all of my brain cells.
Jack should not feel bad. He’s still friends with Felix. And he did defend him. Like I said in my last post, he defended both parties. He also said what both parties did wrong.
Why did all of this start? Why is Jack getting a lot of controversy?!
Nobody deserves this amount of hate!
Either agree, respectively disagree, or don’t even comment at all!
Anyways… Sorry…. I’m just really upset right now…

~ Signing off

EXO Reaction-Kissing someone else...

Hey guys!  Our latest reaction has over 200+ likes and re blogs and that makes me smile so much!  I can’t thank you all enough for home much love you guys gave it!  Thanks a million, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.  Here is the first of today’ reactions!

Latest reaction——>  BTS Birthday Presents

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Xiumin:  He would catch a glimps of it on the tv nerby and turn and watch the scene, wondering why you didn’t tell him that you had a huge kissing part with someone that isn’t him.

Luhan:  He was prepared to see the scene since you had told him about it.  When he saw it, he was amazed at how much passion was in the kiss, making him jealous.

Kris:  When you first told him about it, he didn’t really care because he knows hes your number one.  However when he saw the kiss he was surprised to see how jealous it made him feel.

Suho:  He would be dissapointed you didn’t feel like you could tell him you had a kiss scene with another actor.  He would change the channel and not watch it until he gave you a chance to explain first.

Lay:  You had decided to not tell Lay about your kissing scene hoping that he wouldn’t see it.  While out and about, he sees the scene and second guesses weather it is you or not.  When he sees its you he is beyond shocked.

Baekhyun:  You had told him ahead of time so he was prepared to see the show later with the boys.  During an interview with the band, the clip was played and he was shocked about everyone seeing your kiss without him seeing it in private first.

Chen:  He would be watching the show supporting you with all his band mates when your scene comes on.  You hadn’t told him about it yet so when the members started to tease him, he didn’t find it funny.

Chanyeol:  Even though you had told him several times that you had an intense kissing scene in the show, he would react like you hadn’t told him.  He would be confused as to why you acted wish such passion, that it would shock him.

DO:  Instead of being angey about it, he would be upset to see you kiss another man.  Even though he knows its not real, he would still be sad at the thought of you kissing someone that wasn’t him.  

Tao:  When he saw your kissing scene, this panda would be so surprised that he would watch it over and over again to make sure that it is really you before he decides to talk to you about it.

Kai:  Even though you had mentioned to him that you had a kissing scence in the show, when he saw it he wouldn’t remeber that you had told him.  He would sit there wondering how many takes you guys did.

Sehun:  You had chosse not to tell him that you had a huge kissing scene.  You watched the show together and when the scene came on you saw him look at you all confused wondering why you didn’t tell him.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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hi pauline, I was just wondering if you have any places in edinburgh you find particularly interesting/enjoyable/that you'd recommend to someone visiting there? I'll be there for 4 days with a friend, and we're trying to make the most of our visit. (also I hope you're enjoying the ma and living there, and apologies if this has already been asked!)

Hey love, sorry for my late reply! 

First things first, I have to say that I’m still pretty much a tourist in the city, and that I keep to the old part of town anyway, which might make things a bit boring for you. But here are the things I like doing best here:

Walk the Royal Mile up and down over and over again. It’s terribly cliché, but it’s such a lovely street, cobble-stoned, full of overpriced, archetypal scottish products, but resonating with the song of bagpipes, buoyant with street artists, surrounded by old, tilting houses, peppered with fairy lights; at the top, you enter a strange, time-travelesque, gothic slope that will bring you to the castle, which is absolutely a must see. You can stay within the castle walls for hours on end—magnificent view, multiple museums and chapels, stony benches, a strange step in the Middle-Ages.

Tour the university campus—there, you’ll find Walter Scott’s house, the beautiful Old College buildings, the modern Library and its art collections. In the Student’s Union House, you’ll be able to take a drink and walk through rooms upon rooms of comfortable armchairs, hushed whispers and loud laughs, impressive ballrooms and tiny writing offices. Down the Middle Meadow Walk, you’ll find a large, green park too. 

Really, it’s a strangely scaled city: it feels like an out-of-time town, small and twisty and labyrinthine, yet it’s the capital, full of historic sites and cultural spots. 

St. Giles Cathedrale is exquisite, and solemn, and full of light; of course the National Gallery is lovely if you’re interested in British art, but my favourite is the National Museum, which is a wonderful bric-à-brac of knowledge and playful activities and exquisite treasures. There you’ll find fashion designs as well as medieval war weapons, dinosaur skeletons and Art Deco tapestries, the Lewis Chessmen, and even space stones. The National Library is worth a short visit, with its whacky museum and a bunch of beautiful maps and books. Grab a coffee in the charity coffee-shop of the Storytelling Centre, with the view of a lush, secret garden and its folktales bookstore. Near it, you’ll find my favourite jewellery shop, full of scottish stones, Highland Gems. I also love to walk in the Greyfriars and the St. Cuthbert cemeteries, which are delightfully gothic and yet full of whimsical life stories, ornate benches, strange, twisted trees; and of course, try and go climb Arthur’s Seat—the climb is painful and the view is spectacular, and it’s so strange to see this ragged, wonderful, green, ocre, beautiful hill in the corner of your eye, wherever you are, alien in the center of the city. 

The light, here, anyway… The light on Arthur’s Seat, on Calton Hill (another nice climb!), on the Castle; rich and golden and extraordinary.

In Grassmarket, you’ll find Armstrong Vintage store, which I recommend wholeheartedly, especially if you want a Scottish wool cardigan for an affordable price, or even just to take a look at the ancient ecclesiastical and victorian garments hanging from the ceiling. There’s also this wonderful shop with a lot of dinosaur’s bones, fossils and star stones, Mr. Wood’s Fossils. From there and up to Westport, you’ll find Mary’s Milk Bar (great ice-cream), cute antique shops, bookstores, and the Art Library.

Now for my favourite bookstores, I’d recommend you go to Armchair Books (the absolute best, a twisting labyrinth of new and second-hand books, with an antique section); Southside Books; Waterstones on Prince’s Street, where you’ll find beautiful modern editions and will be able to get some great coffee/tea and nice gluten free (or not) cakes; the OldTown bookshop, where victorian copies neighbour old maps and antique drawings of the old Edinburgh, and which is incidentally on the lovely Victoria Street; and of course Blackwells, which features a very cool Harry Potter window. 

Now for the real Tourist Experience, I do recommend you take one or two of Edinburgh’s walking tours, because they’re wonderful. One of them would be the writer’s museum book lover tour, which starts at the museum (very small, but super nice, with a lot of Scottish’s writers memorabilia) and takes you around Old Town—to the university where Conan Doyle studied, the hospital where J. M. Barrie invented Wendy, wrecking the myth of J. K. R’s Elephant House (Harry Potter was NOT written there!), etc. The other tours I’d recommend are the ghost tours (usually guides dress up and play spooky jokes on you, and it’s a very fun way of learning about the actual old Edinburgh) and the underground tours (the underground city being full of morbid legends, spooky closes, twists and turns). 

Here you go, it’s mostly stuff you can find online, I’m afraid, but I hope you have fun!


More from WonFes: Emontoys with vague announcement

Emontoys is a new, practically unknown figure manufacturer trying to make a name for itself at a trade show like Wonder Festival, and their Kamina figure prototype (from T.T.Gurren Lagann) has certainly caught some attention. However my attention was caught by these two flyers saying:

In 2017, Emontoys are “Gochiusa” fans!!

Well, I sure hope so, it’s the >current year after all. But does it mean they’re making a Cocoa figure, the first non-prize Rize figure, and the first Chiya figure ever? While not outright confirming it, that is certainly heavily implied by this announcement. We’ll just have to wait and see.

EDIT: Also, apparently FunnyKnights are making a Fleur uniform Rize figure (photos were prohibited).

not that im saying i know people are but if you happen to be crossing into canada here are some tips:

  • Sunglasses are your friend, snow can get blinding
  • Sunscreen is necessary for bright days. Sun reflects off the snow and onto your skin don’t get sunburnt
  • brighter days mean colder weather.  there’s less insulated heat on those days so wear warmer clothes.
  • down clothing is the best for cold weather.
  • if you’re planning on doing long hikes don’t wear gore tex. itll trap the sweat and make it colder.
  • wool is the next best thing to down.
  • sleeping bags lie. -40 doesn’t mean comfortable at -40 it means you’ll survive but you wont like it.
  • learn how to make a quinzee just in case
  • snowshoes will help sooooooooooo much.
  • american coins have a 1:1 exchange rate with canadian coins. bills do not. if you’re making small purchases use coins to save money.
  • it’s insanely hard to make a fire in winter, just, dont try. get a small stove like this:

you can make food and boil water in there and it’s compact.

  • snow pants are great they keep you warm and snow out
  • dont cross over bodies of water. it’s been a warm winter and that means that theres a large chance the ice wont hold and you dont want to end up in ice water
  • don’t get wet. hypothermia can set in quick and can kill you even quicker.
    • in case you do get wet change into dry clothes asap
    • dont take off the wet clothes in you dont have spares
    • use blankets to warm yourself up
    • using another persons body heat doesnt work it just makes them colder
  • in case of frostbite:
    • warm affected body parts up slowly. the water in the cells has frozen and sudden defrosting can make the cells expand and explode. you don’t want that
    • if it’s black go to a hospital. call an ambulance staying off the grid is not worth gangrene
    • you can get frostbite in your eyes be careful
  • the lighter your pack the easier it is to hike
  • be safe please


Anyways, I just wanted to thank you, bro. You are honestly just SUCH an amazing person, and you’ve made my faith in humanity go up slightly. :))

I couldn’t just sit by and NOT make anything for you after how you’ve helped me, so here! ^^

Even though none of the hate from the UT community has come to me (yet?) you helped me feel a little bit better about the things I found out about it.

So seriously, thank you. You’re helping to make the red evil eyes disappear. <3 (That’s why I posted the first drawing before this so it all makes sense lol)

You are truly one of the kindest and nicest people I’ve met on here so far.

I’m still feeling a bit meh, but thanks to you, I’m gonna try and feel better. ^^

Let’s go for that 110%! >:3

Thank you. <333

-Your bro, Sherlock <3

aniseandspearmint  asked:

Hi! I'm trying to figure out some last names for a fic, and I can't really find anything on Mandalorian naming conventions? I'm fine making stuff up if necessary, but I'd prefer to use existing framework if I can. So, do you have any info on the do's, don'ts, and how/what/where/whys of Mando'a names?

It looks like Mando surnames follow a lot of the same conventions as common real-life ones. They can be based on Mando'a words (Fett comes from vhett, Vevut may come from ve'vut) and they can represent a clan’s traditional profession (Fett would mean farmer, and some early members of the Fett clan worked as farmers). So it would be fine to base your last names off of Mando'a words. On the other hand, plenty of other clan names seem not to have this affiliation, so it would also be okay to just make one up. If you’re going to make one up, keep in mind that Mando'a doesn’t have the letters ‘f’, ‘x’ or 'z’. A name that contains those letters when translated into Basic (like Fett) would contain 'vh’ instead of 'f’ and ’s’ instead of 'z’ in its original Mando'a form. There is no known substitute for 'x’, but not a lot of words start with 'x’ anyway. If you haven’t already found it, I would recommend this Mando'a dictionary to look for words and their meanings. The Wookieepedia article also has a bunch of grammar and convention stuff.

So yeah, you’ve got a lot of freedom here. Good luck!

~ Jacen