re made this one in better quality ha

I appreciate that dev is actually listening to his fans say they hate the intro scenes, and he’s changing them because we don’t like how ayano is portrayed, but again, why is he remaking stuff now? The game has been in development for 3 years and he’s still changing it, and changing it to put off implementing osana. 

If dev does a 180 and decides that he’s going to fix the issues with yandere simulator that fans have (ayano’s character, panty shots, all of his bad characters…) I’d be happy to wait longer for Osana. But the fact is I don’t think dev will do much outside of alter the intro.

It’s also a bit depressing that an MMD video using models made with fUCKING TDA BASES has much better quality than his “professional” level game.

but i cant believe that it took a fanmade mmd video for him to realize the combination, and a re-written script makes his intro videos work (except for the “i can’t feel anything” one that is just cringy)

90’s kids, have you heard the news!? CLAMP is about to publish a new Cardcaptor Sakura manga! It’s their way of celebrating its 20th anniversary. I am so very thrilled, I loved Sakura growing up - and I still do! And now we’ll get to see her in her first year of high school. This is so exciting.

And I have my own way for celebrating! Just a couple of weeks ago, I got my own Clow Cards. I fangirled a lot, and showed them to a couple of friends to fangirl and have nostalgia together. We tried to remember the chapters of the anime for each card, and we decided to watch it again together. I have wanted them for a long time, but I was really turned off by the quality of all of the ones I could find at comic-cons and stores. But I finally found some that have even exceeded my expectations. They have been created by Donald at Donald Presents, and although they are fan-made, they are much better than the official ones.

Donald has re-designed the cards to make them better. The cards are around 16x7.5 cm, and the printing quality is excellent. The cardstock is sturdy but flexible, and has a matte finish. There are 53 of them (52 from the anime plus a bonus Nothing card from the movie). But the main difference that made me want these instead of the others I’d seen has been that the art looks much better, with more depth and texture - they look like the real ones, and not like a toy like the others. Something worth collecting, indeed.

And then, we have the box. Oh my. It has also been custom redesigned and holds the cards in place, surrounded by a layer of thick foam and the very hard cardboard of the box. It features a magnetic closure, and the front cover has two levels of depth to have a better fit. Also, Donald was so kind to include a small gift - the staff of Clow in its dormant form, made a charm haha.

These Clow cards from Donald Presents have really made me nostalgic and happy, and honestly I could not think of anything to make them better (except, you know, being actually magical haha). They are perfect for any Cardcaptor Sakura lover. And if you liked the Sakura cards better, you can check them out too! Unleash your nostalgia - and your inner magical girl.


British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Sword

An infantry officer’s sword, 1897 pattern, dating to George V’s reign, by Edward Thurkle/J R Gaunt & Son, in immaculate condition (modern parade standard). This sword is top quality, from a contemporary rival of Wilkinson, and has been professionally refurbished to modern parade standard. This could be used by a serving officer. These WW1-era swords are considerably better made than the modern versions and the difference in quality is easy to see and feel. The field scabbard is also in good condition. The blade is in bright mirror polish, with crisp frost etching, solid in the hilt. The hilt has been re-plated and is in perfect condition, with all the shagreen and grip wire. Cheaper than a modern version and better made!