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Somewhere out there in a parallel universe, there is a version of us that found each other. However, in that universe different things played out in our lives. You weren’t sick and I wasn’t sad. And you didn’t have to leave me and sixteen year old you wasn’t terrified about being serious with someone. You loved me and I loved you. I do genuinely believe we’re made for each other and every other universe will tell you the same, but in this universe, we were simply not supposed to be together.
—  b.c.

I could think of a million things that create drama within a couple that doesn’t involve abuse and one of them being a secret tyrannical sexist slave-owner.

  • Work schedules keeping them apart and unable to be together as often as they’d like
  • Meeting the parents and it maybe not going well initially
  • If one of them happens to be a superhero, the other one being used as bait because the villains know they’re a vulnerable spot for the hero
  • The one who’s not a superhero getting upset as being treated like they’re made of glass because they can take care of themselves dammit and they have a life to live
  • One of them has issues with their family and takes it out on the other one
  • Different love languages (gifts, physical affection, etc.) conflicting and causing misunderstandings
  • Pregnancy scare if it’s a het couple that can get pregnant
  • If they both work in the same place, they can have workplace tensions where one person’s decision causes problems for the other one - especially if one of them is the other person’s boss
  • Different goals for the future (children, career goals, etc.)
  • Things get “stale” in their sex life and they have to figure out if it’s just because they’re bored of the same old stuff or if their attraction to each other is waning
  • Someone else very obviously and obnoxiously hitting on one of them and they have to deal with it TOGETHER (no jealousy)
  • If the one who is not a hero already decides they want to become a hero, the one who is already a hero doesn’t like that
  • An old flame comes to town and stirs things up
  • One of them almost always sides with the other one’s cousin instead, even when the cousin is so clearly in the wrong
  • One (or both) are bisexual and are afraid to come out to their partner
  • The non-superhero partner is worried that the superhero partner is being too reckless in their superhero-ing
  • One of them is bad at communicating when they’re upset and causes misunderstandings
  • If it’s a workplace romance, they have difficulties trying to hide it from their co-workers and/or being professional in the workplace

If anyone wants to add on to this, please feel free

  • Dark: how do I get Mark's audience to like me?
  • Bim: Just be yourself!
  • Dark: Be myself? What kind of garbage advice is that!?
the ideal yet non effective bonkle reboot

MNOG but its G2 rules (canon reproduction, everything on the island is techno organic, its on the surface of an actual planet)

The Toa never magically get stronger, but they become more powerful as the story progresses

Old equipment is stored so Tahu with last years armour but this years weapons makes sense in canon

Toa tools act as actual tools because they’re makeshift weapons made from Matoran equipment

Makuta and Mata Nui and extremely vague and mysterious, but folks know Makuta is influencing the local wildlife to go crazy

The story mainly focuses on (this is per Koro) a Toa, a Turaga, the right hand Matoran, the left hand Matoran, and maybe an extra Matoran (ex, Gali, Nokama, Maku, Kotu and Hahli)

Gender based elements are out the window entirely

Skakdi, Vortixx, Stelts, Minroes(Krekka’s race) are all on the planet but in different places around the world, occasionally a member of one of these races will show up to Okoto for the year and act as a 7th member of the Toa

(ex, we get a Skakdi barbarian looking for a challenge, who shows up to Okoto right after a legendary Doom Viper shows up and terrorizes the Toa)

The Toa are a complete mystery, and the Turaga are just old Matoran

There are other Toa on the planet(Jovan, Chiara, Lesovikk, ect), but how they came into being is unknown, and they simply travel the world protecting people

Kulta, LOSS, Umarak and all the other ditched G2 villains exist on the planet too, and some have even been called to Okoto to cause chaos 

Okoto isn’t part of the main continent, so no one knows why Makuta has such an obsession with attacking the large island

Takua, an amnesiac matoran wanderer acts as the self insert for the series, since he gets all the terminology, story, and characters explained to him, aswell as going on adventures with the Toa he wanders into

Makuta’s main goal is to kill Takua, eliminating the only thing on Okoto that can stop him, no other villains know this

There are more than just one Wahi per region, Wahis are just the capital cities/seat of the Turaga while there are a bunch of smaller little settlements and villages dotting each Koro

Family relations are a thing but rarely ever shown (ex, Korgot is Whenua’s daughter, Kongu and Tamaru are brother/sister)

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Is it bad to make a blind oc if you're not blind, even if they're not made for pity porn and one does their research?

Hi there!

It’s not “bad” per se, but it can be risky. You definitely have to make sure you really know your stuff and know a looot about the tools they use and techniques they utilize to do stuff and what struggles are made up by the media and what struggles are real, and what kind of ableism and such they face. If you really do your research, you can make a great blind OC.

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i'm sorry i might have phrased it wrong. i meant that there are people who are fully aware of the reasons a piece of media is 'problematic' but take the stance of it being perfectly fine to enjoy when the issue doesn't affect them at all and it's easy to ignore the issues

this is still no reason to harass them or insist they abandon their interest

my post (and many similar posts) are referring to progressive media being held to an unfair level of scrutiny 

we’re not talking about something like a bunch of yahoo dudes watching creepy voyeuristic pedo anime and refusing to be critical of it. we’re not talking about shows like south park that, while having the occasional good joke, have caused a lot of harm as well. we’re not talking about things like the live-action death note or ghost in the shell that opted to abandon the japanese source material and cast white actors.

we’re talking about content made specifically with marginalized characters and audiences in mind, content that is striving to be inclusive and diverse, being thrown completely under the bus because it didn’t meet an entire checklist of expectations or made a mistake. the dad game and sense8 are two that i have seen recently go through this

there is nothing wrong with being aware of a problem but electing to enjoy something anyway. that’s just a compromise. that’s understanding that creativity is a learning process and that you can point out the errors while still appreciating the effort.

if you still think that people shouldn’t enjoy something despite its flaws, then i don’t know what to tell you. that’s a pretty miserable outlook.

Like. not only are trans girl characters very rare, but in western media they’re made out to be creepy predators, and in Japanese media they’re usually heavily fetishized and are just there for people with “trap” fetishes so. If you don’t support a character that’s being written respectfully and given like. an arc instead of just being a trans girl from the start, you’re a shitty person. I don’t even remotely care if it interferes with you shipping Marco and Tom because this is way more important and essentially canon

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Tom's parents are definitely one of those 'awkward couples' 😆 but they're cute together and made a really handsome son 😊

Tom’s parents are goals.

They’re like the modern day Eclipsa and Monster Hubby, except THEY actually managed the life Eclipsa clearly wanted to have, but wasn’t allowed to.

Geez, and it only took over 300 years since then for one of Mewni’s kingdoms to finally allow it.

I don’t know a lot about them but they’re already one of the most interesting couples on the show. 

They’re adorable, good for them.

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Me @ that other anon: no! People thought they were sick after eating that burger because it made they're shit neon green. Bonus poo coloring fact: red number 2 (I think) makes you poop neon pink.

what the fuck i wanna poop pink, why is there not a dedicated product for people who want this

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Bts may not have been nominated this time but there's no doubt in me what so ever they will be in the future. They clearly work hard for their dreams and they'll achieve it. Army's will still be here supporting them 100%

Of course! It doesn’t matter if they were nominated or no we can keep working hard together and show them what we’re made of! Now they’re nominated to get a daesang so let’s concentrate in that for now!

The Best Birthday Present of All

A/N: Since it is @criminallyyoursdrreid‘s birthday today, I decided to give her some birthday smut. Since you’re turning 21, I made Reid first season Reid when he was about 24. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


“Spence, you’ve got to stop,” Cheyenne said as Spencer pulled out yet another wrapped gift. Granted, a girl only turned 21 once, but she was not in the mood to celebrate full-fledged adulthood; she’d grown up too fast anyway, but now it was like…official, and that made her both uneasy and excited all rolled up in one. 

Since this morning, he’d bought you breakfast, given you a foot massage, purchased a watch you’d been wanting forever, got you a yearly membership to Barnes and Noble (because he was a fucking angelic nerd like that) and now this. As Cheyenne ripped the wrapping off, her smirk made Spencer grin wider than he had when he’d given her the store membership.

This box was on the smaller side, so she couldn’t hazard a guess as to what it was, but as she opened it, she gasped. Inside was a Celtic Fire Necklace - sterling silver Celtic knots on the outside, dipping into swirls with black enamel and a fiery red stone in the center. “Do you like it?”

“Do I like it? Spence, it’s beautiful,” she breathed. Smiling, she took it out of the box and turned around, motioning for him to clasp it behind her neck. As the cool metal nipped at her skin, she glanced down and ran her fingers over it. “It’s gorgeous,” she said again. “But you have to stop now. You’re going to spoil me.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” He smirked. Spencer buried his head in the crook of her neck and brought her waist closer to his by wrapping his arms around the small of her back. “I can’t help the fact that I want to spoil my gorgeous girlfriend. You sure there isn’t anything else I can get you? Do for you? After all, you only turn 21 once.”

For a second, Cheyenne hesitated, about to open her mouth and tell her boyfriend that he didn’t have to do anything more. But as she ran her hand through his soft hair, she had an idea - a dirty one. Her innocent as fuck looking boyfriend wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. Occasionally, he could crack a dirty joke, and he’d even done a bit of dirty talking in their year together, but Cheyenne wanted to…push the boundaries a bit. “Well,” she started, running her hands over her new necklace again. Her mind wandered to the black and red lingerie she was wearing that conveniently went with her new necklace; Spencer really did know her too well. “I do have an idea.”

Spencer raised an eyebrow; he knew that look. “Go on.”

“Can we try a little more dirty talk?” She smiled. “Maybe a little dom/sub action? I know it may not totally be your thing, but I’d love to try it.”

“What makes you think it’s not my thing, little girl?”

Oh no. The way he said little girl soaked her panties in an instant. It was actually kind of embarrassing. Cheyenne swallowed the lump in her throat and attempted to speak, but nothing came out. “I asked you a question, Chey,” he said, his right thumb and ring finger snaking around her nipple. His eyes had gone from light and happy to serious and needy within minutes and Cheyenne honestly didn’t know what to do with it. “I need an answer.”

“I-I just didn’t think that a-about you,” she stuttered. “You look so innocent.”

Without a word, his tongue darted out over his bottom lip, covering it in a sheen of saliva that made her own mouth water. He pulled the tank top straps off of her shoulders and pulled the material below the material of her bra. For a moment, he just stood and admired the red and black silk and lace against her skin. “Sometimes you do too,” he finally said, his voice hugging her like the bra she wore. “With your pretty, perky nipples already puckered under my gaze, I’d say now is not one of those times.”

Cheyenne’s mouth went dry as these words came out of her boyfriend’s mouth. It was so hot. She had no idea how to react. So she didn’t bother trying, allowing Spencer to tell her how to react instead. He stepped toward her, his hands slipping into the waistband of her sweats and sliding them down. “The word is green,” he breathed, his heated breath skirting around her ear. She knew what he meant and walked backwards toward her bedroom, unable to take her eyes off him. 

“Lie down,” he said unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. She was practically in a trance, feelings amplified as the soft comforter soothed her heated but oh-so-ready skin. “No noise. I know how hard that is for you.”

It was. She was a moaner. This was going to be difficult. “Or what?” She asked more out of curiosity than antagonism.

“Or I’ll turn you over and spank that pretty bottom of yours,” he said confidently without missing a beat. Was that supposed to be a deterrent? Because at the moment Cheyenne wasn’t thinking so. She kind of just wanted to moan louder. She wanted to moan right now. And he hadn’t even touched her yet - barely anyway.

As he removed his pants and shirt, leaving him in only his boxers, Cheyenne’s eyes followed his every move. His lithe fingers driving forward with purpose. To undo her. She could already tell it wasn’t going to take much. When he got onto the bed and kneeled over her, the deep-seeded need in his eyes made her tremble. “Spread your legs,” he said. She did as she was told and took in the sheen of sweat already covering his body as well as hers. He was acting confident, but on the inside, Cheyenne could tell this was foreign to him. Damn, he was good at faking it. 

It seemed like hours since he’d demanded she spread her legs and her center was dripping for him. “Grab the headboard. No hands on my head or yourself, and no noise.” And with that, he dipped his head between her legs and began his ministrations. Oh fuck. Originally, she thought the moaning thing might have been doable, but this definitely wasn’t going to work. A small, almost imperceptible groan escaped her lips. “Considering this is the first time we’re doing something like this, I’ll give you three strikes. That was strike one.” A heavy breath escaped her as she bit her lip.

Again, his head dipped between her legs, his hair falling down against her skin, tickling her inner folds. She swallowed the gasp that rolled up and he chuckled against her, relishing the sweet torture he was delivering upon her. “I’m looking forward to watching your ass welt up under my hands.” Oh he was a cocky bastard - and she loved him so. As he continued to tease her folds, his tongue massaging the skin just below her clit, he inserted two fingers into her. He loved how responsive she was for him, but he took note that she was even more sensitive right now. They were going to have to do this more often. “Oh god,” Cheyenne breathed.

“Strike two.”

Instead of slowly down his movements so she could recover, possibly not bring down that third strike, he picked up the pace of his movements. 

“Strike three,” he said. Had she moaned? She didn’t even remember doing it. He pulled his fingers from her.  “You made my fingers all dirty. You better lick them clean.” 


Taking her hands off the headboard, she grabbed his hand and brought his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself off his skin. Once his fingers were cleaned, he motioned for her to bend over his knee. Somehow, through all of the things they’d done sexually, this was by far the most vulnerable she’d been, and she hadn’t realized until now how much she craved that. “I will alternate each cheek,” he said, rubbing her ass with the palm of his hand. “Three on each. And you will count them out. Are we clear?”

“Yes,” Cheyenne breathed as a moan rolled upwards. 

“Yes what?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The first smack took her by surprise. “One.”

The second came nearly two minutes later. She was ready to burst. She counted them off until she came to the last one. Her ass was burning, but she was in love with the feeling. “Six. Oh my god…sir.” She hung her head limply before he placed his fingers inside her once again.

“Now, you’ve been a good girl, so you can come.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said. “Thank you.”

From behind, his fingers hit a different spot inside her and within minutes her toes were curling and a scream was rumbling its way through her body. “Let it out, little girl.”

“Ah, fuck!” Her pussy clenched around his fingers and her own hands grabbed at the comforter in desperation. “Oh my god, Spence.” She finally composed herself and assumed their little scene was over. “I know you got me a ton of stuff today, but that was by far the best gift yet.”

A low, gravelly chuckle emanated from him as he brought her face in line with his. “Was that just a birthday present?” He smirked.

Her smile mirrored his own. “God, I hope not.”


I really want to start fur suiting, so I practiced making a mini-head today! This is Sweatsock. They’re made of cardboard and tape as a base, foamed in makeup foam-wedges, and furred entirely in old socks! I burned myself like three times on hot glue haha. Good practice.

Sweatsock was supposed to be a Corgi but they ended up being some kind of…. dog? Vaguely.


Hey everybody!
So, as you can see I’ve gone and made some adorable little keyrings of some of my art =)
So! If anyone would like to own one (or more If you wish!) I’m going to be selling them for 6.00 CAD each.

They’re made on an as ordered basis and because they’re handmade there obviously going to slight variations on the way they’re shaped.

If you’re interested in buying one you can message me on here or by emailing me at

All payments will be through PayPal and you must be okay with giving me your address so I can of course ship it to you.

(Note: there will be a bit of a shipping fee for shipping internationally.)

hey guys my counsellor forgot about my disorder in front of my girlfriend and also invalidated every thing i felt and also made me re explain my trauma because he forgot….. he like… laughed when i told him something that was really hard to tell anyone… i need a new one but i cant get along with anyone

The subject of birds came up in the discord chat, and I am always up for ill-advised animal AUs.

Keith is an emu. Emus are from Australia, which really tells you all you need to know about them. They’re the second-largest bird, and compensate for not being able to fly away by having giant clawed feet. They also have a perpetual bad hair day.

In 1932, Australia declared war on emus. They brought machine guns to a fistfight and still lost.

(Pictured: The Great Emu War)

Lance is a bald eagle, symbol of truth, justice, and the America-

Bald eagles are grumps who hate everything. Tragically I couldn’t find a picture of a wet eagle sitting on a perch, hunched over with his wings hanging loose. They eat dead fish, freshness irrelevant, and like hanging out at garbage dumps. They look nice and majestic, but then you actually spend time around them and realize that they’re not remotely the dignified bird they’re made out to be.

Hunk is a kea. Keas are obscenely intelligent parrots whose favorite pastime is destroying human creations. They’re most well-known for stripping the rubber from cars, including murdering your windshield wipers to death, but they can and will destroy absolutely anything if given enough time and leeway.

Allura is a swan. Swans are graceful, majestic creatures who will absolutely fuck up your day. Unlike bald eagles they don’t become any less dignified at close range, it’s just harder to tell because they’re probably trying to murder you. Google Mr. Asbo.

Pidge is a chicken. Chickens are slightly Machiavellian birds who will eat anything except vegetarian bean burgers and have prey instincts so well developed they can spot airplanes thousands of feet up in the sky. They are constantly underestimated, prefer not being able to be seen from above, and go slightly to moderately feral when separated from their flock. They also don’t give a shit that you’re bigger than them; if they decide they don’t like you, they will let you know. Violently, and with very sharp beaks and claws.

External image
submitted by Jonathan Tayag

If you’re looking for an EDC knife that’s quick and easy to open, a flipper knife is a sure choice. They’re made with a small tab on the blade that you can push with your index finger to flick the knife open. This lets you get straight to work without having to use both hands to get it open. It’s fast, intuitive, and it’s even better when paired with an assisted opening system.

Now, there’s a lot of flipper blades out on the market, and they come in many shapes and sizes. The good news is that you can get yourself a solid EDC flipper blade no matter what your budget is. In this guide, we’ll show you our favorite flipper knives, sorted by budget. That way, whether you’re looking for an entry level knife or looking to pick up a high-end item, we’ve got you covered.

 Bargain / Entry Level (Under $50)

External image

CRKT Vizzle

The Vizzle is an affordable way to get the top tier ergonomics of a Jesper Voxnaes-designed knife into your hands. Almost entirely concealed within its minimalist handle is a 3.353" hollow-ground blade with a slightly-upswept tip to increase its cutting potential. IKBS ball bearings make one-handed flipper operation quick and easy.

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External image

Kershaw Cryo II

The design of the Cyro II is the result of a collaboration with custom knife maker Rick Hinderer. It features a 3.25" drop-point blade that you can deploy in an instant with SpeedSafe assist. It also has a solid frame lock with a stabilizer that stops it from travelling too far and wearing out.

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External image

SOG Twitch II

SOG’s Twitch II mixes modern minimalist design with a classy gent’s knife aesthetic. The sharp 2.65" AUS-8 flipper blade has an assisted opening, but it locks into place with a lockback mechanism. With its streamlined look and deep carry pocket clip, it won’t draw unwanted attention.

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External image

Schrade SCH601Ti

The aggressive recurve on the D2 steel blade on this Schrade knife will make short work of your tasks. The textured ergonomic titanium handle will help you keep a firm grasp on the knife in use as well.

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External image

Buck Vantage (Small)

This isn’t your grandfather’s Buck knife. The Vantage is a modern flipper knife with a liner lock. It has a sub-3", 420HC drop point blade that’s excellent at cutting while still being easy to sharpen. At 2.3 ounces it  won’t weigh down your pockets too much, either.

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EDCer ($50 — $150)

External image

CRKT Crossbones

The Crossbones was recently awarded ‘Best Imported Knife of 2017’ at Blade Show. It’s a title that’s well-deserved. The Crossbones has a slim and streamlined design equipped with a sharp, full-flat ground, 3.5" AUS-8 steel blade. It also has an attractive double diamond pattern on its aluminum handle that helps you keep a good grip.

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External image

Spyderco Dice

The Dice is a classic EDC favorite, and it’s one of the few Spyderco designs that features a flipper. Aside from that addition, the Dice has all the Spyderco hallmarks. It has a premium CTS XHP steel blade that’s 2.5" in length and has a sharp full flat grind. Ball bearings make sure the opening is quick and smooth. The Dice also features a Reeve Integral Lock that holds the blade firm and in place when in use.

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External image

Boker Plus Mini Kwaiken

The Mini Kwaiken is another EDC favorite because of its sleek yet understated design. It has a 3.5" VG-10 modified drop point blade with a huge belly that’s suited for cutting and piercing. Unlike a lot of flipper knives, the blade protrusion on the Mini Kwaiken is low profile. That makes it harder to open on accident in your pocket but also makes it visually appealing as well.

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External image

Zero Tolerance 0350

The ZT 0350 is a Ken Onion design and that’s plain to see from the organic curves on the blade to the ergonomic handle. It has a 3.25" S30V blade with a modified drop point shape that helps it cut like a much longer knife. The G10 handle conforms to your grip and helps you hold on to it even when things get slippery. SpeedSafe assist on the blade also allows for quick and easy one-handed operation.

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External image

Ontario Knife Company Carter Prime

The design of the OKC Carter Prime has hard use in mind. It has a sheepsfoot blade made out of strong and durable D2 tool steel that’ll stand up to whatever you throw at it. Pair that with a titanium framelock handle and it’s a seriously tough combination. You can feel confident with this as an everyday carry folder when the going gets tough.

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Knife Enthusiast ($150 - $250)

External image

Zero Tolerance 0220

The ZT 0220 is a collaboration with Jens Anso, a renowned custom knife and tool maker from Denmark. The 0220 has a premium S35VN stainless steel blade with a slight recurve that’ll hold a great edge. The titanium handle lends minimalism to the design and toughness to its integrated frame lock. It also features KVT ball bearing assist for easy one-handed operation.

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External image

Benchmade Precinct 320

The Precinct features a 3.3" drop-point blade made out of premium American 154CM steel. It’s available both in a plain edge and with partial serrations to suit your needs. It also features an ergonomic handle with G10 scales for an excellent grip on the knife.

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External image

Emerson CQC-7BW

Emerson designs usually feature their unique Wave opening feature. This version of the venerable CQC-7 gives you a flipper opening mechanism as well. The knife features an excellent 154CM tanto blade for cutting and piercing. The titanium liner lock holds the blade in place when deployed, and the G10 scales keep things grippy in use.

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External image

Kizer Gemini

Custom knife maker Ray Laconico’s design on the Kizer Gemini is simple yet gorgeous. The full flat grind on the S35VN blade mixed with the titanium frame lock handle make for a very attractive combination. The blue titanium hardware in the handle also lends some contrast and a touch of color. Don’t worry though, this is a knife that cuts as sharp as it looks.

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External image

Spyderco Positron

The Spyderco Positron is a lightweight premium EDC flipper folder. It’s a collaboration design made with custom knifemaker Brad Southard. It weighs in at a mere 2.6 ounces because it makes a lot of weight savings with its attractive carbon fiber handle. The machining on the carbon fiber lends to an affirmative grip as well. It also features a 3.05" S30V steel blade with a sharp full flat grind.

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Grail Collectors ($250+)

External image

Zero Tolerance 0562CF

This knife features a premium CPM-S20CV stainless steel modified drop point blade. Its stonewash satin finish works well with the lightweight carbon fiber handle. The handle is ergonomic, and its designed to help prevent you from cutting yourself in hard use.

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External image

Hinderer XM-18

There are a few Hinderer designs on this list, but this is the full-on designer knife experience. The XM-18 spares nothing to deliver you a flipper knife you can rely on when your life depends on it. It has a 3.5" spearpoint S35VN stainless steel blade. The handle has an exquisite textured G10 design on one side and a titanium frame lock on the other.

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External image

Spyderco Magnitude

The Magnitude has a design that’s reminiscent of what you get with a full size fixed blade knife, all in a folder. It has a lightweight carbon fiber handle with a titanium liner lock. That handle design lets you get a full grip on the blade in standard or reverse grip. A deep guard on it keeps your hand safe during hard use situations. The blade itself is S30V premium stainless steel and full flat ground. While it has the trademark Spyderco hole, this Peter Carey design also has a flipper opening.

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External image

Benchmade Proxy 928

The Benchmade Proxy 928 has a streamlined G10 handle and a titanium monolock. The 3.87" drop point blade is a hard and sharp, made out of CPM-20CV stainless steel. This high end Benchmade knife is available with both partial serrations and a plain edge.

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External image

Lionsteel TRE

The Lionsteel TRE features Bohler M390 powder steel in its blade. Its hardness and sharpness amplifies the cutting power of its drop point blade and flat grind. The flipper action offers quick IKBS ball bearing assisted opening action. Unlike other flipper knives in this category, you can remove it when you want. That’s because with a little bit of modification on your part, this knife supports its removal in place of a thumbstud or nothing at all.

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Did we mention your favorite flipper knife? What do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below!