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One thing I will never understand: history gatekeepers. Those “you’re only interested in this time period because of (show/movie/book) so therefore your interest isn’t actually valid and also I’m better than you” type people. And how precisely did you get interested?

Like, gee, I’m sorry, didn’t realise George Washington himself physically manifested into your house and took a dump on your kitchen table while yelling at you to become invested in early American history, since your introduction to the period was apparently vastly superior to mine own in some way.

Dragon Age Inquisition Characters Who Need A Long Talking-To About Parenting:
  • Halward Pavus
  • Flemeth
  • Aquinea Pavus
  • Movran the Under
  • Lady Teraline Emmald
  • Cassandra’s uncle
  • Gereon Alexius (It’s a different talk than the others are getting, but still.)
    • (seriously do NOT send your children to fight your battles for you. wtf. bad dragon.)

Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. - ACOMAF Chapter 42. 

I’m going to assume I’m jumping on the bandwagon very late and that someone has already pointed this feyrhys quote out with regards to the Snow White story that’s going to be woven into ACOWAR but on the off-chance no-one has…

For Nerval the beloved exists on the ethereal plane and communion is only possible on a platonic level…In Romantic literature women may well be idealized but they are generally creatures of flesh and blood. In the works of Nerval woman is more a transcendent presence…
-Jones, Gerard de Nerval 

like I feel this analysis is maybe slightly overlooking/understating the extent to which Nerval saw everyone as being necessarily A Transcendent Presence, it wasn’t just women, he was Not Down with Corporeal Existence in general, but otherwise yeeeeep

413 and homestuck

i know this sounds cheesy and dumb. but homestuck has had one of the biggest affects on my life.

i don’t think any piece of media has affected me more than homestuck. all the people i know on the internet, i know because of homestuck which is crazy. ive met my best friends in the fucking world because of homestuck its insane.

its such an important part of my life and it really forever will be. i started managing discord servers because of homestuck. i started talking to people on the internet because of homestuck. i started making friends on the internet because of homestuck. homestuck gave me a purpose when i needed it most.

when i started getting into homestuck i was going through a bit of a messy break up. i was depressed. homestuck really made me feel better and it got me to socialize with human beings. i was directionless and homestuck gave me direction. it was the first piece of media i read in a long time that made me want to be an artist and writer again. and i love it for that

homestuck got me into personality analysis. i never would’ve got into that if not for my friend going “do you know what your god tier is?” now i look at my classpect as the best possible way to describe myself without writing a sentence out.

homestuck got me into doing art commissions and doing art more often. almost all my art is hero mode art now. and its crazy to say this but, my first job was literally doing hero mode commissions. thats insane. homestuck was my first way of making money for myself. ill take that with me forever.

homestuck got me into managing online communities and participating in them. i never would imagine myself being the person who runs chatrooms. but here i am with an 100+ person discord server. its crazy.

homestuck got me into roleplaying again. now i do sburb fan sessions, and rp davekat all the time. its great and i have allot of fun with it.

homestuck brings back allot of memories and all so ill be starting my homestuck re read, liveblog. ill just be doing it on my blog and it starts today , 413.

but really i just want to say. thank you homestuck fandom for accepting a newbie like me, and thank you both the homestuck fandom and homestuck itself for making me feel better when i needed that most. thanks to my great friends, and of course andrew hussie and all the people at what pumpkin!

let’s hope for another great year!

Samurai Jack Episode 97


Okay so I definitely forgot today was Samurai Jack day so we’re liveblogging that tonight. New series starts TOMORROW! PROBABLY!

Anyway time to watch. Hopefully no subtitles on this video, I wasn’t honestly a fan of them. Let’s go.

Last episode saw Jack leaving with the Horseman, Ashi wondering where he’s gone. Elsewhere the ghost of the Scotsman remains bound to the mortal plane, and he and his daughters make places to seek Jack out.

A lot of people are of the theory the Horseman represents death, and Jack is accepting his by going with it or some such. A possibility. For me, when I spoke about the theory that Jack’s sword wasn’t as lost as it seemed, I began to suspect his sword was related to that Horseman. Maybe it’s a spectre carrying it? We’ll see. I’m fully aware no-one has as much belief in the whole magic sword mechanics and power as I do, so it’s unlikely, but I’m sticking with it. I think the Horseman is to do with Jack’s sword.

She’s on board the airship, seeing the world unfettered by the chains she was raised wearing. She’s probably already experienced so much to redefine herself.

These big doofuses heard Ashi was looking for Jack and cast detect evil to see the traces still on her. They think she’s out to get him. Wonder if she can explain her way out of this, or whether she’ll just smack them down.