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Thank you to the person who requested this, as I kept writing it, I got a little carried away. Hope you guys like it! Love you all very much. xx - L

You finally get a leading role in a movie as Harry’s co-star, but there’s more tension than you ever could’ve expected.

Warnings: Angsty and mention of smut

Word Count: 1,662

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acnl blogs! looking for more mutuals!

on wednesday, (two days from now) i will be getting a surgery and will be ridiculously bored at home for awhile. i would like some blogs to follow! so reblog/like if you :

•post animal crossing screenshots
•post animal crossing gifs
•post qr codes !
•post art
•post animal crossing art
•post steven universe art


message me and you can distract me by hanging out in my town and allowing me to take some screenshots for my blog/yours!