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Do u ever read pokefic? If so, what are your faves?

Ah I actually don’t. I used toooooo but it’s been forever. I can’t remember the titles of any unfortunately. They’re all jumbled up in my head haha

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what are your thoughts on sara's relationship (that seems to still be ongoing) with eliel?

I have many, many thoughts about it, but honestly? They’re all a jumbled mess. I think I’m mostly disappointed, but I still feel like we can’t just point blank jump to conclusions or judge her because of what it seems like. We only get so see so much on social media.  While I wouldn’t want to associate myself with someone like him, it’s true that I do associate myself with guys who, at some point in their lives, have said and done offensive shit, but have learned & grown from it. 
We really don’t know what happens off Twitter and out of the public eye. I’m disappointed that it seems like she’s associating herself with someone like him because he’s trash, but there’s still things we don’t know? Like maybe she kept being friends with him and maybe she did cut ties with him at some point. Maybe they spoke about it, maybe he gave her the same bs “i was a teen” apology. Maybe Sara sees positive aspects in him that we don’t because we don’t know him personally, maybe they’re just acquaintances now.
She chose to unfollow him and tweet the “inexcusable behavior” thing for a reason. She could’ve easily ignored everything, and it would’ve all blown over sooner or later. That’s what we see. And I’d really like to believe that she did it because she is aware of how offensive the things he said were.

I have a question.

I have a question, mainly for the SS and NH shippers but also other anti’s, about SNS. Do some of you hate it because of the ship itself that is somehow so repulsive to you, or is it a problem with us personally, the shippers? I’m genuinely curious about this, because I’m kind of new to the Naruto tumblr fandom and it’s honestly really hard to get a read on the emotions because there are so many and they’re all jumbled up. I’m asking for an honest, mature and preferably short and to the point answer about this… I tried to make this question as non-offensive as possible while still getting my question across… so give me the same in return, yeah?

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When Stockyard died, were the eels that form 'his', or just opportunists that had been waiting for convenient blood spray?

Opportunists. Eels and squishes take time to form; they’re congealed, coalesced, polarised memories from many people. When you die you’re just a jumble of information bursting apart, far too weak, confused, and purposeless to form anything as deliberate as an angry monster or a curious squid-fish.

Moving casual chats to discord

A couple of days ago Tumblr’s messenging program bugged out on me, and I can’t find the minimize convo or exit convo buttons anymore as they’re a jumbled mess.

I’ll still be using it to rp as I don’t rp daily, but I’d rather all casual conversations be moved there if you have it. Also my computer is just junk and I’ll end up typing faster than it with Tumblr active.

If I trust you, I’ll for sure add you. Just understand I’m a shy bunny, so if I don’t, I just dont know you well and it’s nothing personal.

Love to you all! ⚘

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Alice, hi! I really need some of your awesome writing advice pleaseee. I'm having a huge problem that's the opposite of writer's block, lol! I literally have rough ideas for 10 stories and they're like all jumbled and I keep trying to merge a couple and getting more and more jumbled. Has this ever happened to you and how would you rec trying to get a clearer direction? I'm excited about my ideas but basically hindering myself at the same time!

I think you need to have a think about which story really draws you in the most - which plot, characters, ideas you really love the most. And then you need to go for that idea and stick to it!!!!

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Hi, me again (the author with partially written fics) They're not posted yet. They're only a jumble of thoughts and ideas so far that I'm not sure where to go with it yet. I just have so many ideas without the talent to properly portray them. I'll submit them here if they ever do get posted though! I adore you and this page!

I’m sure that’s not true at all! If you’ve got as far as gathering some ideas, then you’re definitely talented enough to expand on them. I’ve always been told the hardest part of writing is to start writing - you just have to force yourself even if you think it’s terrible, because most of the time, it’s really not! Think of it like… an essay. How many times do you think it sucks but in reality it’s at least a pass. Right? Riiiiiiight?! 


“How is it fair that I can read Greek without a single class on the language, but I can’t do basic algebra after four years? They’re both just jumbled nonsense, so if my brain could process it the same way that would be great, and totally keep me from setting this textbook on fire.” Sung replied, crinkling his nose up before slamming the textbook shut and letting out a long defeated sigh. “Do you happen to have a lighter?” 

via the Monster High panel

NONE of the characters are gone. WTMH is a prequel that re-explores some jumbled old canon, not a full reboot.

Blaise asked about Spectra in particular, and the panelists insisted not to worry. the other characters still exist in canon and are expected to return in due time.

If Hide’s right arm is really the one that was bitten off, I’m practically vibrating with anticipation, because there’s the strong possibility of it being yet another parallel to Amon’s situation: 

And Kaneki is the responsible for both injuries.

I was already thinking that Amon and Hide were key figures for the upcoming chapters, because the fact that they’re alive in itself could really be the key to Kaneki’s memories, the trigger that could give him the confidence he needs to resume his revolutionary goal, in a metaphorical sense (as I speculated here), but now that I noticed this I’m even more convinced that they’re somehow tied together. 

Also, on a more daring speculation: what if this was also foreshadowing for something more? (Fair warning: madness under the cut. Read at your own risk).

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