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You're home alone and your apartment building is haunted


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greaser au “My car broke down, do you know anything about cars?”with laf?

This is connected to the drabble of the same au I wrote earlier and tells the story of how Laf and y/n met

You sigh as you pull your car over to the side of the road. It’s getting late and you’re supposed to be home in 10 minutes. You were only allowed to borrow your father’s car to study and Judy’s house if you were home by 7, and now it looks like you won’t be borrowing the car again anytime soon. 

“You alright there mademoiselle?” A voice asks as you step out of the car. 

Looking over at the sidewalk, you spot the man that leans against the other side of your car. 

He’s not too much older than you are, maybe a year at most, with his curly hair pulled back and a leather jacket on. 

“I’m fine,” you say quickly, looking away from him and down the street for someone else who can help you. 

“You don’t look fine. In fact you look like you need some help,” he says, moving to the front of your car. 

When you can’t find anyone else around to help you, you sigh and give him a weary look. 

“My car broke down, do you know anything about cars?” you ask. 

He grins and lifts up the hood of your car. 

“As it so happens, I do. You’re lucky I was so close when you broke down,” he says with a wink.


..::Poppy, Quinn & Thomas::..

Some weeks later…

Q. - It’s done! Those are the last boxes left. -
P. - Yeah! It’s done! Now it’s official, we’re at home! - 
T. - Yeah!! Can I go to my new bedroom? - 
P. - Of course, I hope you like it! -
T. - Sure!!! I go, see you later! - he said and then he ran upstairs with a big smile on his little face. Thomas was happy and excited to move in Windenburg. He’ve never liked the city as much.

P. - Ehy Quinn… there’s something I want you to know. - she whispered in quinn’s ear.
Q. - What is? -

Poppy got closer and then she take his face in her hands and pulled him in a kiss.
nyx/ardyn: black veins pt. ix
the void and the king
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Years, Nyx, you said years.”

“You have a future, Ardyn. I cannot be a part of it.”

Nyx did not hold to the unwritten laws of morality as humans did. Lies did not bother him because carefully weaved lies protected him from the foolish curiosity of men.

one more chapter guys, we’re on the home stretch. 

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Well, it looks like fluffy man Parsley is gonna need a new home. It upsets me, he’s one of my favorites, always snuggling with me and an absolute doll with people. Other chickens? Not so much, he’s the odd man out of the flock and the other roos bully him, and none of the hens like him.

So I’m posting this here because I trust the chicken-loving folks of Tumblr to help him find a good home, since he’s a very unique lad.

Parsley is 15 weeks old as of July 4th, some sort of silkie cross. We bought him from the local feed store and he’s definitely not a show bird! As you can see he has no head poof, perfectly clean legs, and a single comb. I’d say he’s around 4-5 pounds and will weigh him soon to be sure. He’s been a lover since he was a chick and adores people, he would literally sit on your lap all day if you let him. He would make a wonderful house pet, I considered doing so for a while but Rex wouldn’t stand for it. He *might* get along with the right flock but I would prefer he go to someone who wants a house chicken since he seems to lack social skills with our other birds. I think he’d be good for someone looking for a fluffy bird ESA since he’s so fond of people, if a bit pecky at times (but this is actually affection). I also believe he’d be a good travel buddy for going on rides in your car or pet-friendly areas, our birds were pretty well socialized and adapt to new situations quickly. He has a decent crow and at the moment does not crow frequently, of course that could change (there are no-crow collars but I’m not sure how humane they are, I will look into them if you wish).

Parsley had a case of coccidiosis which is cleared up now, but something to keep in mind. Before he leaves I will make sure he’s in good health. I would be willing to ship within the US (possibly Canada), at the adopter’s expense (around $100 plus $15 for the box). I’d love for whoever ends up with him to keep me updated on how he’s doing, since I care a lot for this little roo. It’s not urgent that I find him a home so if you’re a good match but can’t take him right away I will be happy to wait, and during that time will start adjusting him to house + diaper life while he waits. I live in upstate NY and can drive anywhere that’s 2 hours away, but our car won’t make it further than that (it’s old, okay?).

Please reblog so we can find my fluffy man the perfect home! Check out my #parsley for more pictures of him.


“And what time will you bring him?”

“Six, Lydia, six! Is there a reason you’ve asked me three times already?“

“Because it’s important, and we both know how slippery your focus is. I bet you’re doing three things at once right now.”

“For your information, I’m doing two. Ordering the cake, putting bullshit answers down for my history paper, and talking to— that’s, that’s three, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And what time will you bring him?”


✨ Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. ✨

the problem with MCU Tony Stark characterisation in fanfic

okay so I love smol, soft, vulnerable Tony Stark as much as the next person, but sometimes I think we forget some super important things when writing him:

  • literally within an hour of IM1 we see Tony hammering metal with basic tools in a cave which is very physically taxing for someone not used to it
  • we see Tony Stark miniaturise the arc reactor, something his own dad never figured out, in the space of three months whilst probably battling chest infections, the threat of death and low cognitive function (the fluctuating temperate, irregular meals, sleep cycle and high risk of infection from open heart surgery drastically affects your thought process, genius or not) - with fuck all available
  • there is the suggestion that Tony + Running isn’t so much of a novel idea in IM1′s ‘Dogfight’ as Rhodey doesn’t bite back and say ‘you don’t jog’ in response to Tony’s flighty responses - that would be the first thing a best friend would point out to their fellow bullshitter
  • he and Happy practise MMA against one another (IM2) and Happy isn’t someone to go gentle - Tony isn’t one to want Happy to pull his punches so Tony is proficient in some form of close combat when fully cognisant - we see Happy’s skills when he finally (!) punches one trained fighter as Tash knocks off everyone else. if Happy can do that, Tony certainly can - and even better now he’s a full Avenger (we ignore Civil War, okay)
  • he literally takes a sledgehammer to his own home and re-discovers and element once again previously hidden to his own dad - a man heralded and lauded as The Genius - so he’s very proactive and willing to move shit around to figure something out
  • we also see the strength needed in the synthesising of this element - his arms are literally b u l g i n g  with muscle mass, so this gives us the nod that Tony does work out to keep himself fit
  • in IM3 he literally has nothing? he makes his OWN weapons again from store-avaliable items and takes down literally a whole compound under his own steam (reminiscent of IM1 building of the suit with a box of scraps) so he isn’t exactly ‘useless’ when given the correct tools
  • despite that bullshit scene where he suddenly ‘forgets’ that magazines aren’t universal for all, we know Tony handles guns - he does it when he’s escaped the bed in the basement, when facing the Mandarin etc and he’s confident enough to use them correctly (deliberately missing Trevor but close enough to make him shit himself) so this crap about him suddenly being unable to shoot a light from that distance is again, bullshit
  • he literally drags the iron man suit through the snow - whilst it’s (MK42) is about 240 pounds on, it’s gonna be a lot heavier with all the hydraulics and electrics powered down. it takes core strength to make it and drag it, guys, so he’s pretty well built for a civvie
  • in avengers he spends just as much time moving - you need insane core strength to maintain a flying position, metal suit or not, and you need to be physically fit to fly it too if you think of how often it would have glitched and malfunctioned with hits before it rebooted. just because he’s in a metal suit it doesn’t mean it’s effortless and JARVIS does it for him - it’s like riding a horse. the movements are subtle but you’re using so many fucking muscles and so much energy
  • in AOU he literally fucking JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY ONTO A BOT floating in mid air like, that’s super gutsy for a civvie who has no official ‘spy’/army training or no backup Green Machine but by this point nothing surprises us about this fuckwit tbh (it gets me every time when I see him do that)
  • he gets thrown into walls so often with enough force to knock out a normal person like, i’m surprised he, Rhodey and Bruce don’t have constant concussion tbh - in IM3 with a missile blast/ in AOU against the wall after Ultron and down to the floor from a great height
  • he’s super fucking gutsy and takes massive risks for someone with no healing factor or special skills - in IM3 when he faces off against the Mandarin with nothing/jumps off a balcony on the rig and slides down the bending metal before jumping into fucking mid-air relying only on his suits to save him/facing off against Loki and then being thrown out of a window despite not knowing what would happen at all and knowing that his suit wasn’t quite ready/relying only on his mobile gauntlet to save his whole fucking face when Bucky (poor soul) tries to shoot him (unintentionally it isn’t Bucky okay) in the middle of his freak-out (and these are all without the whole suit, only bits and pieces, so don't say he’s a little wallflower he has as many balls as the rest of them in combat)
  • have you seen him in a three piece suit??? his figure is fine af from all this shit 
  • he literally survived a blast to the fucking chest with a bomb, survived palladium poisoning, thought his way out of countless shit, is a certified genius, a massive polyglot, has several doctorates and isn’t the soft, smol, vulnerable little chicken so much fanfiction makes him out to be

I love reading those smol, cutesy fics from time to time too - because lbr MCU!Tony IS small in stature because Robert is, bless his platform shoes - but please remember Tony is actually meant to be a badass physically fit (wiry or lithe, depending on comics or movieverse) superhero - he may not be great at hand-to-hand combat like Cap or twenty feet tall like Thor but he can certainly hold his own fgs.