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concept: you have to take shelter in a rundown building for the night. it's storming something awful and there's no way you're walking back home in it. exploring the place, you hear scuttles of rats and the creeks of the old place. you go down towards the basement, looking down the stairs out of curiosity... a man is standing down there. cocking his head up at you. smiling. "are you afraid of the dark?" he speaks softly.

*chokes on water*

C a u s t i c…………p le ase

(Blackpink) Girlfriend Rosé

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Rosé would be a really attentive girlfriend. She seems that kind of girl that, on a day off, would wake up before you just to make you breakfast. To make it up for the days you woke up to make her breakfast so she could go to her practice. 

She would sing for you, play guitar for you and even write songs about you.
When she’s sad or angry about something she would come for you so you can talk, and she would be shocked in how easily you could calm her down.

Her day offs would be full of cuddles and kisses. She wouldn’t want to do anything more than to spend the whole day with you. No matter if you’re at home or wherever. If she was with you, everything was cool.

She would bring you plushies and shirts from every place she stayed for a concert or whatever. And when she’s gone you could expect videos, pictures, phone calls and FaceTiming with the rest of the members. And something she would love to do would be going out with you and the members. Like going shopping and going to concerts.

You wouldn’t have arguments, like at all. But if you did, she would probably go to Jisoo or Jennie to ask them what she should do to fix what had happened.
If you had argued because of something she did, she would automatically think that you was starting to hate her and she would be scared to death. And after you cleared your mind and organised your thoughts you would’ve come to her and said that you didn’t hate her, you were only a little angry.

But whatever had happened you loved her and she loved you, no matter how much you two sometimes annoyed each other.

You’re home, on the phone with Sebastian, talking about the meeting you had earlier with Moriarty, and you went off topic.

[Y/N]: Did you see him today? the suit that he wore? …… No? It was quite awful Sebastian. It di–

You walk into your study room to find Moriarty sitting in your chair.

JM: What did you say about my suit?

Moon In Water

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Cancer Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Cancer are deeply intervened with their feelings, opposite to detached they tend to become sensitive and nurturers. Moon Cancers enjoy safety and familiarity, that makes them feel like they’re in a home-like environment. Occasionally these individuals can become manipulative and prone to starting bad habits with out realizing. The Moon Cancerian’s protective nature make them very protective of their loved ones especially their family. However, they tend to cling on to old relationships and nostalgic memories for a long time enabling them to move on easily. Although these individuals have a moody nature, when happy they can be one of the most funny, outgoing, and generous people. Looking for something simple, peaceful and tender? a Cancer moon will fulfill you.

Scorpio Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Scorpio are emotionally intense, rather than finding comfort in materials they resort to emotional drama. Moon Scorpions often are interesting people, always finding themselves in high ups and low downs these individuals tend to have a very busy life. The ability to see situations in a new perspective is one specialty of the Scorpio moon. Sometimes Moon Scorpions may test their families, friends and loved ones subconsciously to avoid betrayal (a fear of theirs). The emotionally guarded Moon Scorpion can become a loyal, passionate and interesting lover once they are truly committed. Overall, these energetic, intelligent and emotionally driven individuals are interesting to have around and will protect you when things happen.

Pisces Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Pisces are self-less, constantly putting themselves into other people’s shoes to understand them better. Moon Pisceans are very empathetic and caring they always want to help out those in need, which can make them prone to being manipulated but over time they learn to dissociate between sincerity and manipulation. Many people love to think these individuals are doormats, but once taken advantage of a Moon Pisces will likely shut you down cold. Occasionally retreating from harsh realities, these people like to express their feelings through art forms which gives them inner peace-  whether it’s writing, poetry, paintings, photography, composing, acting and more. The Moon Piscean has a light hearted/dreamy nature they are always helpful and will offer a innocent sense of humor that appeals to all.

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URGENT - I'm taking the ACT on Tuesday Feb. 28th and I was wondering if it'd be okay to wear my binder during that school day, just asking because I'll basically be sitting for the whole time, minus a 15 minute break we have? Also is it okay that I wear my binder for close to 10 hours a day? Or is that considered unsafe?

Kai says:

you should be okay to bind during the test if it’s not too tight. If you think your dysphoria won’t be too bad, I would recommend just wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a sports bra for comfort so you can test better - for the SAT people showed up in sweatpants and sweatshirts all the time so it’s not unusual.

also, we don’t recommend binding for 10 hours a day. it’s better once you’re at home to not bind so your body can rest.

Random stuff

@pandoranora tagged me to list 6 random facts about me. I shall do my best!

1. My right foot is bigger than my left, but my left boob is bigger than my right.

2. I love coffee, but I rarely drink it. I drink tea all the time, though. Usually English breakfast. White and one.

3. I’ve been pregnant 5 times. But I only have 3 kids.

4. I’ve come to the realisation recently that I’m going to have to try to re-home my dog. I just can’t afford to keep her. I can barely afford to feed myself and my kids. She’s an amazing dog, and I haven’t even talked to the kids about it yet, but that’s the reality of the situation, as much as I hate it.

5. I’m trying so hard at the moment to change for the better, but Jesus fucking Christ, it’s not easy. The same problems I’ve always had are still there and still holding me back, and I don’t know how to overcome them.

6. I have an appointment in the morning that I’m kind of dreading. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get pissed off and angry, and either yell or cry… crying would probably be better than yelling, but UGH.

I’m not going to tag anyone, because I feel like I’ve tagged enough people tonight.

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You play Flight Rising, Warframe AND you're an amazing artist? :0 That's amazing

[[Thank you!]]

[[Sadly because of school I’ve pretty much abandoned my babies. They are starving 24/7. I do remember having gene projects that never came to fruition since I lacked the gold and gems to ;_; Missing the respective festivals and not being able to grab the familiars eventually pile up ;O; but I do have some old festival chests and apparels I could sell/trade I suppose. On the otherhand I do want to re-home some of them but I’m really afraid of them being exalted ;_;]]


“And what time will you bring him?”

“Six, Lydia, six! Is there a reason you’ve asked me three times already?“

“Because it’s important, and we both know how slippery your focus is. I bet you’re doing three things at once right now.”

“For your information, I’m doing two. Ordering the cake, putting bullshit answers down for my history paper, and talking to— that’s, that’s three, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And what time will you bring him?”


✨ Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. ✨

I like the fics where Derek or Stiles get jealous, but what about if everyone else assumes that they’re jealous or possessive, but they really don’t give a shit because they trust each other.

“Stiles did you see Derek’s chatting with that really hot bartender?”
“I hope he’s grabbing me another beer while he’s at it.”

“Derek where’s Stiles?”
“He’s got some overnight project for his astronomy class.”
“Isn’t that the one with that guy who keeps hitting on him?”
“Don’t you care?”

“Dude, did you see that hot mom jogging with Derek?”
“I’m really impressed that she can keep up with him, I know I can’t.”
“It doesn’t bother you?”
“No why would it?”

I’m just all about Stiles and Derek trusting each other and not getting jealous when someone else flirts with them because they know at the end of the day they’re going home together. 

Need Help Re-Homing a Cat

I need some help, advice, resources, whatever you have that might help my situation. 

My mom and I have decided to re home Jasper, one of our cats, since he’s recently not okay with being in a multi cat household and regularly goes after our other cats and has bitten both of us three times total: each time we were trying to break up an altercation between cats. My mom has taken him to the vet clinic at Cat Depot in Sarasota (which btw, if you haven’t been you should go it sounds amazing), and the vet said yes to rehoming, but didn’t have many resources and agrees with us that surrendering him to a shelter would only make him more fearful and more aggressive. He agrees that we have exhausted all medical possibilities; his labs come back normal, he’s healthy, and he likely has a sudden onset of some neurological issue which puts him into a rage around other cats, including cats he’s been around for nearly a decade.  Wherever he goes, he has to be an only cat. He’s already down in Florida with my mom and we’d like to be able to find him a new home before the final move here in a couple weeks. If anyone knows of anyone who knows cats, knows cat behavior, and is looking to adopt a special needs cat, please message me.