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phil is still in fl and dan is home alone?

na.. either they’re both at home or they’re both still in florida.. maybe dans video was filmed partially in the lester family floridian rental home.. id die


You just had to visit your parents this weekend, didn’t you.

Your mom says it’s a blessing you’re home, but you see it as living hell. The two of you have been glued to the TV ever since the attack started. Shock has taken over both of you, and you sit in silence except for when you see Tony fly past the camera and the both of you gasp. Your mother has grown fond of your boyfriend too. Just a few minutes ago, the two of you watched as he flew willingly into the mouth of one of the huge, floating fish-things.

“Why would he do that?” your mother had shrieked. But you only noticed how he had flown out the other end, taking down the thing in his wake.

“Because he’s a smart idiot,” you had responded.

Now, the TV is focusing in on what seems to be the red-headed woman jumping from one of the alien’s small ships to the top of Stark Tower. You were standing on that very balcony just two days ago with Tony. “Mom,” you mutter, “please call Dad. I want him home.” Your mother nods and gets up to go to the phone. Your parents don’t live far from the city, and you want to be safe. 

“Wait a minute.” The female newscaster interrupts the male as she leans forward in the corner of your screen. “Our cameras have just picked up what seem to be Tony Stark’s Ironman flying alongside a missile.”

You gasp and stand up just as your cell phone rings. You look down at the coffee table to see a picture of you and Tony from your third anniversary shows up on your phone. Gasping, you reach down, but your shaking hands accidentally knock your cell phone off of the table. You scramble onto your hands and knees and fish it out from under the table, sliding the answer button as quick as you can. “Tony?” you ask, voice quavering.

“Hey, (y/n),” his voice replies. Just hearing his voice makes you relax a tad, but you can still hear gunshots and what sounds like wind whipping by on his end.

“Tony, what are you doing?” you ask nervously, using the coffee table as leverage to help you back to your feet. Your mother walks in then, and upon seeing your distraught face, brings her hands to her mouth. 

“Talking to you,” your boyfriend replies.

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Ah.” Tony grunts, and you hear what sounds like metal-on-metal scraping together. “I just wanted to … to hear your voice.”

You spin back around to face the TV and see the familiar red and gold suit still flying alongside the missile, but then the camera zooms in and you notice that he’s holding onto it. “Tony,” you whisper, “what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine,” he replies. “Just … I love you.”

You choke back a sob. Tony and you have never said those words. You’ve always just known. It never needed to be said. But now, as you watch him turn the missile up and away from the city on the TV, you wish you had said it to him every second of every day. “Tony, please-”

“No, (y/n),” he cuts you off. “I love you so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and … if I don’t come back-”

“No,” you gasp and shake your head. “No, Tony, you’ll come back. Just-”


The room is completely silent except for your gasping and the TV still rolling footage from Manhattan. Pulling the phone away, you see the sign that the call ended because of lack of signal. You look back at the television to see that Tony had flown up and into the portal with the missile. “No,” you whisper.

Your mother takes a step forward. “(yln), what-”

“No!” You shriek, falling to your knees. You’ve never felt this week in your life. “No!” Your mother kneels down next to you and takes your shaking body into her arms. “He’s gone,” you sob, “He’s gone, gone gone …” your words dissolve into sobs, and you lean into your mother for support as you feel yourself break.

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Imagine finding out Peter, your neighbor, is Spiderman.

“Holy shit, Parker. You’re Spiderman?” A voice causes him to jump and fall off of the fire escape when he tried to pull down his mask. You let out a scream as he falls but catches himself on the fire escape below him.

It’s all a blur as Peter shoots his web across the distance between your fire escapes. He lands in front of you and pushes you back into your bedroom window, muffling your scream with his hand.

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do you think they're in london or still in florida? i thought they were in london because of dans tweet yesterday about a live show but phils tweet today is making me second guess lol they're confusing!!

i would’ve thought they’re at home but both phil’s tweet and martyn’s insta today suggest they’re still in florida??? so it’s hard to say? the possibilities are that they both posted old things even though they’re back in london or that dan went home alone and the lesters are still in florida or both dnp are still there. i think we’ll be able to tell at least where dan is once the video’s out! if there are parts filmed at their flat then obvi he’s back home. 

Y'all why are we so casually shrugging off Cheryl’s actual suicide attempt????

Like she nearly died and two minutes later you’re like “lol what song should we play at the jubilee guise?”

Of course she’s going to set a bitch on fire. Like Ms. “I’ll never ignore a cry for help” Veronica, Cheryl has been screaming for help and you’re sending her home with a hot chocolate and a pat on the shoulder bitch wtf?

I feel like Hunk and Lance are the kind of friends to accidentally make each other cry by being too heartfelt and earnest to one another like

Lance: hey dude, you know you mean the world to me right? And that I would do anything to keep you happy?

Hunk: *starts to tear up* Bro


Hunk: I’m so glad you’re here with me bud, you’re like home to me

Lance: *sobbing* BROOOO

i’ve been found in worse locales;
talking about empty tubs under
blinding electrical apparatuses,
nowhere midnight kitchens
drinking anything i can find 
a mad cocktail of emotions
swimming, festering in my gut//
bedrooms on fire and floor tiles of
ghostly holy gas station bathrooms//
everywhere in between, too–
talking about waiting room terror
and hallway sleepless nights and,
doomsday walks under a clear sky//
but now i’m at a concert and
they’ve been playing my favorite songs,
but for some reason i feel all alone,
like pluto, like hephaestus, i don’t know //
i feel like crying again
—  “letters home” // they’re all soaked in tears anyway, i’m sorry

Tfw your fandom is essentially dead and it’s like the moment your parents are gone so you can do whatever you want while you’re home alone. Like I can ship all the ships and no one will care. I can have all the headcanons. I CAN HAVE OPINIONS. :D :D :D

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ryan putting brendon in a dog collar and forcing him to keep it on through interviews and shows and stuff

MMM this is good like they’re emo so they can probably pass it off as like a choker or something and it get any weird looks but they both know what it is and what it means and Brendon feels so owned by Ryan but it’s the best feeling and Ryan loves knowing Brendon is his and belongs to him and when they’re at home during a scene Ryan will leash him up too and Brendon is so used to the collar being a sexual thing that if Ryan ever touches it while they’re in public Brendon will instantly get aroused and his neck is just more sensitive from it and omg I love collaring so much

Imagines for the Avengers and Supernatural

1. Sam Winchester
2. Dean Winchester
3. Lucifer
4. Bobby Singer
5. Chuck
6. Gabriel
7. Michael
8. John Winchester
9. Tony Stark
10. Natasha Romanoff
11. Mary Winchester
12. Bruce Banner
13. Clint Barton
14. Director Fury
15. Agent Hill
16. Thor Oldison
17. Loki
20. Sam Wilson
21. Peter Paker
22. Vision
24. Wanda Maximoff
25. Pietro Maximoff
26. Steve Rogers.
27. James Barnes

1. “You’re wife isn’t home.”
2. “I won’t tell.”
3. “Silly girl with silly boys.”
4. “Can I kill her?”
5. “Not in public.”
6. “Daddy!”
7. “I’m a maid not a whore.”
8. “Blood stains, don’t tell me you got your period.”
9. “I’m pregnant.”
10. “I lost the baby.”
11. “You act a baby, I’ll treat you like one.”
12. “I never had a chance to ride a bike.”
13. “We’ll start with training wheels.”
14. “She’s a demon.”
15. “Lucifer twin sister.”
16. “Soulmate.”
17. “Hunters meets hero’s.”
18. “Fucking dumb ass.”
19. “Daddy said a bad word.”
20. “She’s deaf.”
21. “I’m sorry.”
22. “I cheated.”
23. “How?”
24. “It’s just a video game.”
25. “You shot him in the dick.”
26. “Kiss my ass.”
27. “Kiss up.”
28. “Hello darling.”
29. “Hello lover boys.”
30. “There’s another super soldier.”
31. “I need you to baby sit her.”

32. “I’ll go emo for you baby girl.”

Virgil: what the heck guys, I said to stay put on the couch while I went for a soda run.

Gordon: you’re home earlier than we expected…

Virgil: you better not have taken thunderbird two

Gordon: calm down we’re just at the park.

Virgil: finally embracing your level of maturity, I assume?

Gordon: shut it lumberjack

Gordon: for your information, we’re going to catch a pigeon

Virgil: …sorry, what? And more importantly, WHY

Gordon: you see, it all started with the seagulls on Finding Nemo…

Virgil: forget it, I don’t want to know.

Virgil: just get back here before I get in trouble

Alan: target it sighted TARGET IS SIGHTED


~15 minutes later~


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you're at home laying on your couch in your apartment building that's 5 stories up. you suddenly hear glass breaking and you look over at your window. Lena Luthor is laying on a pile of glass, obviously looking very drunk. you're about to ask her how she managed to get through your window when she stumbles over to you and starts shoving kale down your throat. what do you do ?