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Talking about Christmas!harry just imagine invite him to your family Christmas party,where he gets to eat chocolate caliente,elotes,hit the piñata and get roasted by your tios borrachas

“So you’re telling me your grams made this,” He lifts his snowman mug towards you to signify it, “out of a brick of chocolate?”
“God, I can’t believe this is corn. It’s so fucking good.”
“Left! No, Harry, left! NO—!”

“Did I get it?” He pauses with his hands out before him, the bat tight in his grasp as he whips his head from side to side, trying to find your voice.

“No…but you just beat the inflatable Santa to a plastic pulp.”
“What’d he say?” Harry whispers softly in your ear as to uncles cackle loudly, eyeing Harry with hazy eyes alight with glee.

“They think your accent’s funny.” You lie, shrugging like it’s nothing.

“Then why are they pointing at my boots.”

i love writing :)

me: listen, guy….u cannot literally puzzle out the exact science behind an ancient cursed scroll!! Just accept that it works like u say it does as long as you don’t contradict urself :) it will be ok!! Ur readers will be happy, just calm down and have some tea :)

inner me, with 81 tabs from ©1998 Angelfire sites about alchemy conspiracy theories open next to my calculatorFALSE. you must UNDERSTAND the scroll. THOROUGHLY. on a MECHANICAL and HISTORICAL and ATOMIC LEVEL YOU MUST COMPREHEND—

While Jessi’s music is not my taste, I really love her personality and how sweet she is towards her fans. She tries to answer to every comment on her Insta, likes photos and videos from her fansites, and recently she re-grammed her fans reaction video of him reaction to “Gucci” (which was just extremely funny) and I just love in general how open she is and trying to be herself.  

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What are your thoughts on Diet Soda whole fasting? They’re 0 calories, protein, sodium, and fat but they’re like 70+ grams of sugar, do you think you can drink one and still be considered fasting?

I drink Diet Coke/ Diet Dr Pepper whenever I fast, so I dunno.

Michael Jackson’s Son Shares Heartfelt Poem For Late Father’s Birthday

Michael Jackson’s oldest son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. – aka Prince Jackson – lead a series of touching tributes to the late star on what would have been his 58th birthday.

In a brief post shared via Twitter and Instagram on Monday, Prince, who was only 12 when Michael died, shared a self-penned poem for his dearly departed father.

Copyright [Getty/KevinMazur] 

Alongside the moving 14-line sonnet – titled “the Myth, the Legend and the Man” – the 19-year-old wrote: “Happy birthday to the Man who was more than a legend. I love you.”

Prince alluded to the singer’s troubled life in the poem, but also stressed the importance of family; specifically drawing attention to how much he cared for his children before concluding that his father is an archangel.

His sister Paris later re-grammed his post on her own account, adding: “Love this.. proud of you big brother. And happy birthday to the man that means more to us than anything and anyone ever could.”

Copyright [Instagram/PrinceJackson]

Michael tragically passed away of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest while preparing for his comeback concert series, but his legacy certainly lives on.

Michael’s brother Tito took to social media and declared Monday “Michael Jackson Day” in a tweet, which was then followed by an outpouring of tributes to the late icon.

Madonna shared a collage of photos of them together, writing: “Happy Birthday to this wonderful and glorious creature!! The King! Gone too soon!”

Copyright [Twitter/Madonna]

The Jackson family later released a statement, which read: “We’re so touched to see such an outpouring of love for Michael in celebration with your events, pics, posts & thoughts. #MichaelJacksonDay”

How I feel every time I ask peeps to reblog, RT, re-gram or doing the ol’ copy pastey dance @.@ Sorry to use Sangwoo as an example, I feel horrible but it’s how I feel at times XD standing on top of a fruit box with a megaphone.

At the end of the day however it’s still yours truly’s responsibility to make good content that’s share-worthy, it’s so powerful though, each share it’s the equivalent of me sharing it 20 times and more, the power is in your hands really ;v; just want to say I appreciate y’all a lot, I just got over 700 views on my Youtube channel and am thinking about what I can do to celebrate when I get my first 1000 views and beyond >.<

  X    X    X  ✨ 

As a bonus, this is how I feel when I’m doing the ol’ standing on top of a fruit box dance.

Have a good one ^^

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Hey i just wanna let you know that its up to you to like what you want. Who cares if its what everyone else likes! Things are popular for a reason. Side note: when we getting another dancing gram? You're so good! Get on that with the new T. Swift album !!!!

See?! 😍 This is exactly why I never stay down from the haters. There are just too many kind people, like you, who are willing to offer their support and kindness whenever! I appreciate you, anon, even if I don’t know you. Thank you for your sweet words, and I️ definitely will hop on getting a new dance video out for you guys soon. Let’s just say there IS a song from Reputation I have been getting down to during my dance sessions at the gym, and it may just be the one I choose for my next video. 😜 Anyway, thanks again and have a wonderful day/night! ❤️❤️❤️

Hello, on this day, Halloween, I like to dress up as dead people and write about my grandmother. 

My grandma was the only person on my mother’s side of the family who I loved, or who loved me in a meaningful way. You know the difference, yes? The difference between someone knowing who you are and someone knowing you’re related. 

Anyway, my gram was born in 1918. She came from a poor, first generation immigrant family. She finished grade school with top marks and got a scholarship to attend a local high school. After that, she went to secretary school on promise, which meant that she would pay her tuition by having her wages garnished once she was employed. She worked as a secretary until her retirement, moving up to become personal secretary for a regional bank’s CFO. 

She was whip smart and extremely worldly despite never travelling further from the US than the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. She did the NYT Sunday crossword in pen, she spoke Dutch, German and English. She played piano beautifully, and she’d learned in her twenties because she was bored. When my mother brought an atheist, communist, Mexican man home and told my grandparents she was marrying him, my grandfather lost his shit and my grandmother told him about 2 minutes into his fit that she’d leave him and good riddance if he didn’t behave himself. She read me books and taught me how to bake, she quietly got my mother off my back whenever we were near her without anyone noticing until years after the fact. 

My grandmother was one of the few good people I knew growing up, and she quietly taught me how to be a decent person when no one else did. 

I love her a lot and I miss her, and today and tomorrow I’ll be spending my time eating sweets and honoring her memory. 

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Joan x Moriarty

  • always wins when they play Trivia Crack

First off.  Moriarty has the paid version of the app, and makes a point of challenging Joan when Joan is sitting in interrogations, or with her mother, or on a date with some guy her mother fixed her up with.  Joan, you see, Joan gets REALLY into it.  Like really, really into it.  She’s competitive, she had to be to get where she was in medicine before her patient died, and she knows a lot of stuff and is good at trivia.  Joan always wants to win, but Moriarty gets the better of her from time to time.  

  • laughs when their partner trips on something

It was this one time, they were meeting for coffee and it was finally spring and Joan had raised an eyebrow and inclined her head, wanting to go outside.  Moriarty, behind ridiculous bug-like sunglasses, had caught her very expensive shoe on an uneven section of sidewalk and had gone ass over teakettle, coffee flying in this brilliant arc over her head.  It landed around her, almost in a perfect circle, and none of it touched her pristine outfit.  Somehow, this whole scenario was absolutely hilarious to Joan, and she laughed and laughed and laughed while Moriarty scowled at her and marched back into the coffee shop to see about another cup.

  • would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke

Well that’s a surefire way to get yourself killed, Joan reasons watching as Moriarty looks murder up a the metal awning that they’d taken refuge under.  Ice and snow had slipped from it and slid, oh so casually off and onto Moriarty’s head.  Her collar is up, but some still gets in anyway.  The sound that Moriarty makes as she shimmies and tries to get the ice to melt is most undignified and certainly out of character.

  • spoils the ending of books/movies

Moriarty likes to make her guesses, she sees Joan’s choices of reading material as unworthy of her time (she’s never much cared for novels), but she’ll guess the ending all the same.  Joan will hum at the back of her throat and ignore anything she says regarding the books Moriarty spies in her purse when they meet.  She’ll ignore everything but the curve of Moriarty’s lips and how easily they slide against her own. 

  • always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW

“I thought you didn’t do social media.”

“I don’t, by rule.”

“Then what’s this?”  Joan holds up her phone and shows her the curious ‘re-gram’ that Oren had sent her with a series of question marks attached.  

Moriarty’s face is impassive.  “A photograph of you, posted to a social media site where anyone can access the image’s meta data and discover all sorts of interesting things about the photographer.”

“And you’re not janieblority82 on instagram?”  

“Of course not, Joan.”  Moriarty tilts her head to the side.  “I would have taken a better photograph of you.  Perhaps naked, just fucked, the sun on your belly and breasts?”

  • eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it

It was Joan’s birthday, after all.  The cupcake had been a sweet gesture, one that Joan hadn’t anticipated at all. She’d taken it with a shy feeling at her stomach, not sure how she was supposed to react.  

She’s fucking pissed when she finally works up the nerve to eat the cupcake later that evening to find the box empty and a note that simply reads ‘criminal.’

  • obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week

After Sherlock discovers it, it’s only a matter of time before Moriarty follows his lead, and Joan spends entirely too much time hanging out with Marcus and Andre on Monday evenings.

  • makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc

“I thought you friended me on facebook,” Chad is saying, frowning at his phone.  “Instead all I have is this message from you that says that I am unworthy of your time and that my dye job isn’t fooling anyone.”

Joan groans and buries her head in her hands. “I’ve… got this friend.  Who likes to guess my passwords.”

“Well tell him message received: loud and clear.” Chad says, storming away.

  • has to beat their partner in every game

The games they play are twisted, torture.  They are minefields of emotions she doesn’t want and feelings she cannot process. Jamie loves the game, she delights in the game, and she plays to win.

Yet somehow, it is the game that finds her at a disadvantage.  For Joan Watson will win her every time.

  • keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff

“it’s four in the morning, Jamie.”

“Not here.”  A pause, breathing.  Joan knows she won’t hang up.  

ATTN: Women Cinematographers

I just created the instagram account @womendps to promote the work of women cinematographers!  I’m so excited!!!  If you’re a woman DP or cam-op, please upload stills or video of your work and tag the account. I will follow, re-gram, and link your Insta-account/ website/reel/contact etc.  My hope is to create an evolving online portfolio for women cinematographers, connecting them to directors and producers and inspiring budding women DPs. Please follow and share!   :D


ShoeDazzle Cares

For this week’s Give Back Tuesday, treat your wardrobe to something stylish while giving back to a great cause! I’ve teamed up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and ShoeDazzle on a wonderful program called #ShoeDazzleCares.

Last year while visiting St. Jude, I met Bailey - one of the strongest, bravest, sweetest girls I’ve ever come across! We sent Bailey one of my favorite Fall shoes from ShoeDazzle so that she could add her own personal touch to them. I’m so impressed with her artwork! I was able to share her masterpiece with everyone at the recent #ShoeDazzleCares luncheon. Bailey’s work was a hit!

Get your hands on a pair of these fall boots and style them to your liking. They’re so comfy and easy to wear with anything. Dress them down for a daytime look or dress them up for a night on the town. As a special bonus, ShoeDazzle is giving out a discount code when they reach 100 re-grams on Instagram. Click here to re-gram the pic and be sure to use the hashtag #ShoeDazzleCares.

All month long, these boots will be raising funds and awareness for St. Jude. ShoeDazzle will be making a donation so that kids like Bailey receive the treatment and care they need!


[Photo Credit: ShoeDazzle]