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The left side douche bags in my city are doing all they can to try and have a Christopher Columbus statue brought down because he enslaved Indians. As much I hate our leftists moron of a mayor. He said no because it has nothing to do with white power. The morons also said he was from Spain and anyone who knows history knows he was Italian.

I’m afraid we’re going to see more and more of this now that the flood gates have been opened. I saw just today that USC wants to do away with its mascot because it’s name is the same as Robert E. Lee’s horse, therefore it has ties to the confederacy. I feel like we’re at a fork in the road here in America. Either people are going to say no more and stop placating this b.s or we’re going to move into a new era of censorship and madness. :/

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hi jade! can i know how do you store or keep your study notes and do you keep all your study notes?

Hey!! Well I usually print out my notes and bind them at school- so they all sit on my shelf. Each book looks like this:

(Sorry for the lighting, took it in a rush)

Thing is, binding is super expensive if you don’t have access to a machine (I get mine done at school) so wouldn’t recommend unless you’re ready to fork out ~$60 to get it done. Plastic sleeves are good too!!

Oh the Emoji Movie

No, I will not go out to see it. As I always say, Hollywood speaks in dollar bills, especially big companies like Sony Pictures. You give them money, and they’ll see it as reason enough to keep doing what they’re doing. We live in a capitalist society, that’s how it works: supply and demand. They make a certain amount of money, and think “despite what the people are saying, they’re still giving us their money, therefore this formula works for it’s intended purpose (which is to make money) and we can keep using it” I mean, look at the transformers movies. They’re practically the same thing over and over again. And people know this, it’s not a secret. But they’re still forking over their money so they’re still being made.
Like so many other people are saying, don’t complain about the movie, go and see it in theaters and then wonder why more movies like it are being produced. The only way to wake them up and push them out of the rut Hollywood seems to be in, is to shift the flow of money towards the films you feel are good quality, where you feel Hollywood should go. That’s how it works.

Sleep well, my love

RivaMika Week 6 | Day 7
Title: Sleep well, my love
Pairing: RivaMika | WC: 1145 | Rating: K+ | AU
Prompts:The Moon / “The heavenly body gives birth to illusions and dreams.” / The Star / “She embodies the giver of hope in our lives.” /The Sun / “The sun illuminates the path to happiness and good tidings.”
C/n: This is late, but I couldn’t help myself.

@minxiebutt, thank you so so much for beta read it, again. It means the world to me.

Summary: New Year’s Eve in a different city and Levi brings wine and food

RMW: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8



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for the new version of fuck marry kill, with me, Han and Charlie.

I’d like to get stuck in the elevator for 10 hours with you. (I bet I’ll find out whole history of Dan & Phil, everything about Voltron and a thousand new spoilers from Supernatural because you’re way ahead of me. Just one thing, I ain’t sharing water. And if you need to use the restroom…. well… we’re forked.“ Have Kitty as my random lab assistant. (That dear is so freaking smart, she’d be a great assistant. If something blows up, that all her. 😂 (Just kidding, of course.)) Have Charlie as my employee trainer for a new job in McDonald’s. (She’s good at explaining. I am pretty sure she’ll be great help.)

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I’m just saying you can’t argue with the fact most of Summer’s alternates are like war heros and, I don’t know, –urrp– young adult apocalyptic novel protagonists

Meanwhile in several realities you’re…a fork.  

But then again Summer has overdrawn my credit card to buy a shit ton of weed I then had to sell in order to buy better weed, so…