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TBS is re-running the Haikyuu Exhibition special, and put up more promo images!

If you say that Richie Tozier isn’t protective of every single loser then you’re wrong.

Exhibit A - Whilst facing death ITself (ha), Richie cared about nothing more than making sure Eddie wasn’t going to give himself an asthma attack or even, possibly, go into shock. So, jot that down.

Exhibit B - Remember when Stan is getting his face sucked in the not-so-sexy way? Yeah? Trashmouth was sitting there telling that smart-ass Jew that he, himself, wouldn’t ever let anything happen to him.

If y'all need anymore proof, literally just watch the movie and see how Richie gravitates constantly towards Eddie when the group is threatened.

And don’t think he wouldn’t give an arm or leg to protect the other losers because that’s not Richie Tozier.

Endangered (-0.5/25)

I don’t have a good explanation for this, except that @calidiousglope​ drew me a super cool android!Dirk and then I wrote a small essay in the tags and got ideas, and suddenly the first half of chapter one got re-written with the roles reversed, so yeah, here’s a quick android!Dirk and human!Hal in the Endangered-verse. I ran out of steam before I got to the pesterlog, sorry D:

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Would you ever write a book about your ocs? I'd read it like honestly pay money for it. Just based off art and the lil info on here. You're an amazing artist and you're always getting better (exhibit A The Fisrt Kevin vs The Newest Kevin) so proud

im actually writing/drawing some sort of graphic novel of my oc’s!!! im currently writing chapter 5 but its like,, my first draft and i have a lot of things i need to change and work on, but its basically about friendship, family, romance, crimes, unsolved cases and yeah its pretty gay,

 i’m so happy you’re interested in them!! and thank you for your compliments they mean a lot :’’’’)

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blackstairs + hollywood au

So I had this typed out before and then my chrome crashed and I lost it so let’s see how this goes this time. 

  • Emma and Julian knew each other briefly when they were children because they lived next door to each other. But when Julian’s father died, they had to move across town to live with Arthur
  • Julian is a famous painter most known for his portraits of celebrities and the landscape. But basically he’s very versatile in his style and does all kinds of stuff. 
  • Emma is a well known actress, currently living with one of her former co-stars, Cristina. Who drags her to an art gallery show one weekend and because Emma hardly says no to Cristina, she tags along. 
  • When they’re at the exhibition, Emma immediately remembers when she sees Julian’s name and it becomes kind of a game as to whether or not she can find him somewhere in the gallery. She’s only slightly shocked when she finally finds him much later talking to what she assumes is a potential buyer because he looks nothing like the Jules she remembers. He’s older now, obviously - none of those awkward limbs or anything. 
  • Emma leaves the show with a new painting or two of the beach and a phone number/promise to meet to catch up whenever they get the chance. with Cristina teasing her the whole way back to their apartment 
  • +Bonus: Julian’s next art show ends up being mostly, exclusive of Emma

This is garbage…

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In your mind, how do the classmates find out Lila and Nathaniel are dating?

They probably find out after a while of small clues that were completely obvious. Nath slowly starts to used Italian, Lila is asking about bands and art exhibits, they’re always seen together but everyone just blows it off cuz she’s new and he’s weird. They even attend a dance together as a couple and everyone’s like “lol they’re besties”; Nath wants to correct them but Lila being Lila wants to see how long it can go. The only person to pick up on it is Juleka because Nath turned down concert tickets to visit Lila’s family. This goes on for a whole semester and at the end of it they’re like “hey nath what are you doing this summer” “oh im going to italy with my gf” “YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND???” cue a smug Lila waltzing over to him and grabbing his hand and telling him she wants to stop by the cafe near the art store and they walk away and the whole class is like:

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Adrien knew the whole time bcuz Lila told him directly. He’s completely ok with them dating, not okay that they’ll be in italy where he can’t witness the “happy ending” to their “route” because hes a big ass romantic weeb and he wants his friends to be happy.

Rachmaninov was a dedicated and driven perfectionist. He worked incessantly, with infinite patience. Once I had an appointment to spend an afternoon with him in Hollywood. Arriving at the designated hour of twelve, I heard an occasional piano sound as I approached the cottage. I stood outside the door, unable to believe my ears. Rachmaninov was practising Chopin’s etude in thirds, but at such a snail’s pace that it took me a while to recognise it be- cause so much time elapsed between one finger stroke and the next. Fascinated, I clocked this re- markable exhibition: twenty seconds per bar was his pace for almost an hour while I waited riveted to the spot, quite unable to ring the bell. Perhaps this way of developing and maintaining an unerring mechanism accounted for his bitter sarcasm toward colleagues who practised their programmes ‘once over lightly’ between concerts.
—  Chasins, Abram. 1967. Speaking of Pianists. New York: Knopf, 44. 

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what's this star wars exhibit you're at??!! you're in ohio yeah? i am too! is it here?

It’s at the Cincinatti Museum Center. It’s an exhibit of the costumes in the films, including the new ones. If you’re into character design, costume design, and storytelling I say it’s worth the price of the ticket. You get to see a lot of the inspirations that went into creating some of the iconic looks. 

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tbh i think genderists use the fact that english isn't redkatherine's first language as a way of being willfully dense and purposefully misinterpreting her (taking a picture about a terf gopnik mugger and twisting it to be about "raping trans kids")

Yeah genderists are narcissists and charlatans, they use a slew of manipulative behaviour - including but not limited to outright lies - to demonize and smear anyone who opposes them. It’s best to calmly point out the absurdity of their behaviour (even logically, with a sense of emotional detachment, explain to them what manipulative behaviours they’re exhibiting) and then move on.

They also LOVE to accuse TERFs of pedophilia (at this point I’m convinced it’s projection since all of them run uwu pastel daddy blogs) and other forms of “literal violence” so I’m not at all surprised they would say this about redkatherine even though it’s not based in reality lmao

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Yes please.

“I don’t think you’re aware how obvious you’re being.”

“Obvious of what?” At that, Zarkon started fidgeting, and Coran was only even more confused. “Obvious of what?”

“Shekai, how can you not get it?” the Galran finally muttered under his breath. “You and Alfor are hopeless over each other!”

Coran stared at him. “I… he… what?”

You’re exhibiting all the classic courting signs! Staying pressed at the shoulder when studying! Sleeping on each other! The- stop laughing!”

He couldn’t stop. Even though he knew Zarkon had every right to be offended at his doing so because Glories, this was classic, wasn’t it? And yet, doubled over, nearly choking for air, it took several minutes before Coran could finally get himself under control, wiping tears from his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he coughed. “I’m sorry. You’re right. Those are classic. For Galra.”

More silence.

More staring.

Then. “You-”

“You had every right to suspect us, I won’t lie,” Coran said, holding up his hands. “But I assure you, there is absolutely nothing going on between Alfor and I. Good friends we are, and good friends we remain.”

Zarkon looked away, muddling that, then visibly sagged in relief. “Alright. Fair enough. It seems I’ll have to do some more research on courting in different cultures.”

“Now, Joitree’s picked herself up a girlfriend, if you want to worry about that…”

Zarkon winced. “I’d rather not think about it. The property damage alone is going to be a nightmare.”

Naptime, anyone?

Since MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design was first established in the early 1930s, the Museum’s curators, guided by a belief in the power of design to shape everyday experiences and perceptions, have focused on the question “How should we live?” as one of the most vital issues in contemporary design.

The exhibition How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior, now on view, explores the complex collaborations, materials, and processes that have shaped the modernist interior, with a focus on specific environments—domestic interiors, re-created exhibition displays, and retail spaces—from the 1920s to the 1950s. Learn more at

[Installation view of How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 1, 2016-April 23, 2017. © 2016 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Martin Seck]

     THEY’RE alone in this exhibit. As alone as two Stands and a User can be anyhow, bathed in nothing more than the faint glow of the jellyfish shining down from the top of the tank. It’s as if they’re in the water with them, bobbing about aimlessly.

⦑ Do you remember the first time you went to the aquarium with me there? ⦒

He has from his spot on the floor, sitting on his knees with his hands resting in his lap. If he were smart about this he wouldn’t speak to this iteration of Jotaro like this. He’s going to confuse himself. If he doesn’t tangle the web a little, ask these questions as if they’re the same person, how else will he knows if he is or isn’t? Tilting his head up, he lets Dr.Kujo see the the mischievous glint in his eye.

⦑ I stuck my arm into the jellyfish tank and touched one of them. Could never tell if you noticed or not. ⦒



 “It’s…beautiful, isn’t it?” She’ll whisper to the one standing by her side. They’re practically the only ones with a pause on their feet; the rest of people walking throughout museum’s gallery. This time around, they’re having an exhibition about space; multiple photographs, paintings & models resting across vast areas for audience to witness. “We, uhm, think we’re so big…but compared to the beauty of a gargantuan universe…we’re just as tiny as ants inside a rotating planet…”