re evaluate the reason you are friends with me

Iris is being manipulated and lied to by all her loved ones

Barry, Eddie and Joe are conspiring to sabotage her career at every turn. They seem to be under the impression that ignorance will save Iris, which it clearly does not. Iris has been targeted by meta-humans several times now, several others have been kidnapped because of their ties to Barry, Joe or the Flash. Keeping his identity a secret from them wouldn’t have done them any favors. So far, 15 characters on the show know the Flash’ identity, but the love of his life, the one person who has Always believed in him, is being kept in the dark. Disgraceful. It is condescending and sexist to act like Iris can’t be trusted with the knowledge that Barry is the Flash. She is brave, smart and capable of keeping secrets. This trope has to die. It’s manufactured drama at the expense of Iris’ character. I resent the writers for it.

When Iris finds out that all the men in her life are condescending manipulative liars who don’t trust her to handle the truth responsibly, I hope she chews them out. Heck at this point she is completely justified to break off all ties. This disrespect is a dealbreaker in the real world. What has Iris done to deserve this?

And you just know the haters not only ignore this crap from their male faves, but will actively blame Iris if she doesn’t immediately get over it. 

So let me reiterate: Barry, Joe and Eddie have so little respect for Iris that they think she is safer when she doesn’t know her best friend is the Flash. They are abusing her boundless trust in them and endangering her for some sexist reasons. Any self-respecting woman would thoroughly re-evaluate their relationships with people who act like that, and become a lot more guarded as a result.

I fear that the Flash writers don’t realize this, and will keep acting like keeping grown women ignorant of danger is chivalrous, somehow. It is wearing on my patience and eventually, it will run out.      

Dear white people,

Not all of your black male friends look like Tyler, The Creator. If your reasoning is that their either/or; black, have a gap, wear (but not limited to green) hats, or have big ears…you need to re-evaluate your decision on posting this for other people to see. Yes, we are capable of having all those things in succession and still NOT LOOKING LIKE TYLER, THE CREATOR. You’d be mad if posted a picture of me with a bottle of Miracle Whip and said it was [ inserts name of famous white person ]’s twin. That’s how ridiculous it is for you to continue to think this is an okay thing to do. In fact…99% of the time, the black people you think look like other black people look absolutely nothing alike. Just, please. Stop embarrassing yourselves and your (probably token) black friends. This has been a public service announcement.