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It’s a game!

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Prompt: “Can I please come back in the bedroom?” “Not until you apologize.” “It’s fucking mariokart!” “Say you’re sorry!”

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 200+

Enzo got up and threw the wheel onto the coffee table. “Babe! Where are you going!?” Enzo staked off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You followed after him and knocked on the door when you realized it was locked.

“Babe! Unlock the door!” “No! You aren’t allowed in here!” You sighed and rolled your eyes. He would get over it in an hour. He always did.

It had been three hours and Enzo still hadn’t come out. You shoved yourself up from the couch and shuffled down to your shared bedroom. You were tired and you sure as hell aren’t sleeping on the couch because he could take a loss in MarioKart.

You knocked loudly on the door. “Zo! You up?” You heard shuffling behind the door but nothing else. “Can I please come back into the bedroom?”
“Not until you apologize.” You rolled your eyes. “It’s fucking MarioKart!” “Say you’re sorry!” Enzo yelled from behind the door. “Enzo, it’s a game. I won fair and square.”

The door flew open.“You blue shelled me and then ran me off the road! That’s not fair and square!” You tried not to laugh, biting your lip. “You’re a jerk.” He mumbled. 

“How about a rematch? Whoever wins this will be crowned the winner for the rest of the night.” Enzo smiled. “Deal.”


la dedico a tutti per riconciliarci con le basi, che qua come dice un amico che ne sa il capitalismo ha vinto e noi miriamo male i nostri colpi

Lavorare con lentezza senza fare alcuno sforzo
chi è veloce si fa male e finisce in ospedale
in ospedale non c'è posto e si può morire presto
Lavorare con lentezza senza fare alcuno sforzo
la salute non ha prezzo, quindi rallentare il ritmo
pausa pausa ritmo lento, pausa pausa ritmo lento
sempre fuori dal motore, vivere a rallentatore
Lavorare con lentezza senza fare alcuno sforzo
ti saluto ti saluto, ti saluto a pugno chiuso
nel mio pugno c'è la lotta contro la nocività
Lavorare con lentezza senza fare alcuno sforzo
Lavorare con lentezza
Lavorare con lentezza
Lavorare con lentezza
Lavorare con lentezza
Lavorare con lentezza

kingslayers-angel  asked:

I love WWE I do but some of the shit they do makes no fucking sense at all. Like the fact that it absolutely looks like they're gonna breakup Enzo and Cass. Or that Sami's the human fucking punching bag.

It kills me bc some stuff they get SPOT ON and I love it and then they come through and fuck everything else up and I’m like ?????? y’all deadass just got shit right earlier and now y’all are fuckin it up???????