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what your favorite industrial band says about you

KMFDM: you took high school german

Front 242: you make films at airport runways and train crossings

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: you’d been to the wax trax records store on damen and you’ll tell anyone who will listen about it

Skinny Puppy: you have 50 beagles. you’re vegan but you’ve considered cannibalism. 

Front Line Assembly: you’ve made model aircraft

Revolting Cocks: you wear jeans to fetish clubs

Boyd Rice: you’ve sacrificed a goat to your goddess as a thanks for your survival. your name has ‘sol’ in it.

NIN: you tell everyone trent reznor invented the genre

Ministry: you secretly voted for Bush because the one thing you hate more than war is abortion

Laibach: no one can tell if you’re a fascist or a re-enactor and you like it that way

Nitzer Ebb: you’d describe yourself as a “rebel”. you even own a leather jacket.

Die Warzau: you’re way too willing to use the word ‘phunk’ 

Einstürzende Neubauten: you’re gay but you dont want to come out since you hang out with the people who like all these other bands 

Throbbing Gristle: you’ve participated in the creation of at least one feminist zine

Combichrist: you’re in middle school 


Today a group of my friends and I dressed up in garb and went to Hedge End Medieval Fair. There were a few small groups of re-enactors, and a couple of people demonstrating for HEMA, but honestly the best part was running around through a giant hedge maze and playing putt putt while eating ice-cream (it was a very hot day). 

I lent my only other two dresses to my friends to wear (I am that go to person for kits and costumes), so I made myself a new dress out of linen, which I dyed and sewed yesterday. It was very comfy and airy.

P.S. Flower-crowns makes me so happy! Thank you @forgedinfoamtemperedlikesteel ! <3

Reenacting the 18th century… in the 19th century. 

For the Exhibition of 1886, an amazing temporary replica of Edinburgh’s long-demolished gateway, the Netherbow Port, was built in the city’s Meadows along with a section of the old town. Populated by re-enactors, including these fine fellows portraying the City Guard of the 1740s, it must have been a real treat to visit! That being said, the accuracy isn’t great…


boiled off the wax from some bayberries! candles of bayberry wax are supposed to be useful for good luck and money spells.

I learned about this process of wax gleaning from a candle-making revolutionary war re-enactor, who told me that these candles were less common than lard-based ones, but higher quality. Secondary in quality only to whale blubber lanterns.

Spirit of Freedom an African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration

Andrew Bowman stands with an American flag and a portrait of his grandfather, Andrew Jackson Smith of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Colored Infantry, as Bowman portrays Smith, at the Spirit of Freedom, the 18th Annual African-American Civil War Soldier Celebration at Crown Hill Cemetery, Thursday, June 5, 2014.  Kelly Wilkinson/The Star

Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 64 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 128 Enlisted men by disease. Total 197.

MWK_5794 by Mike King
‘LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 15/16: Re-enactors dressed as knights stage a medieval jousting competition at Eltham Palace on June 16, 2013 in Eltham, England. The ‘Grand Medieval Joust’ event at Eltham Palace, an English Heritage property which was the childhood home of King Henry VIII, aims to give a great insight into life at the palace during the medieval period.’

its-steve-rogers15 replied to your post“-need advice-”

If he was in the confederacy, wouldn’t he be wearing gray and not blue?

In the movie he says he was in the Louisiana Tigers battalion, and I looked up their uniforms, which it turns out are quite wild lol. They actually did have blue jackets though, strangely. If my research is correct he would have been wearing one of the uniforms like these re-enactors have on (either the striped pants one or the red pants one).

Otherwise you’d definitely be right though; thanks for pointing it out!

A historical re-enactor watches on during the Medieval Faire at St Ives Showgrounds on September 25, 2016, in Sydney, Australia. # Jason McCawley / Getty

Civil War- Mystery Photo, Confederate Women? Or Modern Day Re-Enactors? -Update at bottom of post!

Google Search For Origin Of This Photo Turns Up No Less Than 18 Pages On Google Search, And No One Lists The Source For This Photo, or who these women are.

This Blogger has seen this photo circulating the net for years, no original source, but always under tags like”Women of the Civil War”, first glance leads you to believe this photo is a modern day shot of civil war re-enactors, their faces are just too modern looking, but not so sure.

Interesting part of this photo is the women 3rd from the right wearing glasses,  oval and octagonal frames were around in the Civil War era such as those made by Bausch & Lomb.

Does anyone have information on this photo? 

UPDATE: THE LADIES ARE FROM RIDLEY CREEK STATE PARK 2005/2006 PENNSYLVANIA. THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION FROM THE LADY HERSELF WITH THE GLASSES. ! :)  The women, left to right, are Heather, Sarah, Victoria, Traci, Laurie, and Cheryl. Members of AGSAS and formed their own group - the Eastern Charity Society.