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New Orleans takes down white supremacist monument
A monument to a deadly white-supremacist uprising in 1874 was removed under cover of darkness by workers in masks and bulletproof vests Monday as New Orleans joined the movement to take down symbols of the Confederacy and the Jim Crow South. The Liberty Place monument, a 35-foot granite...
By ABC News

How the fuck did this thing stay up until 2017?

Robert Bonner, a 63-year-old Civil War re-enactor, was there to protest the monument’s removal.

“I think it’s a terrible thing,” he said. “When you start removing the history of the city, you start losing money. You start losing where you came from and where you’ve been.”



Re-enactors portraying Union troops participate in the 150th Anniversary Reenactment of the Civil War Battle of Antietam at Legacy Manor Farm

More than 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing after the 12-hour Battle of Antietam, called the bloodiest one-day battle in American history.

It took place on September 17, 1862 across rural fields in western Maryland. 

Hellish fighting would persist until darkness: at the soon ravaged church and adjacent woods, at a stone bridge over Antietam Creek that became a shooting gallery, in a head-high cornfield where bullets and canister shot flew so thick that one survivor said it looked afterward as if the stalks had been cut to the ground with a knife.

The 12th Massachusetts regiment lost 67 per cent killed and wounded, the 1st Texas Infantry, 82 per cent. ‘Where is your division?’ someone asked Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood. 'Dead on the field,’ he replied.

A sunken wagon track, contested for three hours and in the end piled deep with bodies in dark blue or butternut uniforms, became known forever as Bloody Lane.

President Abraham Lincoln, speaking two days before the battle, gave the Union his blessing, saying: 'God bless you, and all with you. Destroy the rebel army if possible.’

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what your favorite industrial band says about you

KMFDM: you took high school german

Front 242: you make films at airport runways and train crossings

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: you’d been to the wax trax records store on damen and you’ll tell anyone who will listen about it

Skinny Puppy: you have 50 beagles. you’re vegan but you’ve considered cannibalism. 

Front Line Assembly: you’ve made model aircraft

Revolting Cocks: you wear jeans to fetish clubs

Boyd Rice: you’ve sacrificed a goat to your goddess as a thanks for your survival. your name has ‘sol’ in it.

NIN: you tell everyone trent reznor invented the genre

Ministry: you secretly voted for Bush because the one thing you hate more than war is abortion

Laibach: no one can tell if you’re a fascist or a re-enactor and you like it that way

Nitzer Ebb: you’d describe yourself as a “rebel”. you even own a leather jacket.

Die Warzau: you’re way too willing to use the word ‘phunk’ 

Einstürzende Neubauten: you’re gay but you dont want to come out since you hang out with the people who like all these other bands 

Throbbing Gristle: you’ve participated in the creation of at least one feminist zine

Combichrist: you’re in middle school 

Come and find me

Outlander one shot requested by Anon based on this imagine:

You don’t really remember the exact moment that you had fallen asleep. You had walked through the airport, booked in your bags, looked round duty free, boarded the plane and then you’d taken off. Not that you were surprised that you had fallen asleep, it had been a number of weeks since you had slept the entirety of the night without waking up or at the very least dreaming. Ever since your parents had informed you that they would be travelling to the UK and from there you would meet them for a family holiday in Scotland. 

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you know i remember one picture from omegle that was a guy with a nazi soldier uniform and swastika laden flags all in the background and another guy who had an israel flag in the background and was doing the hand wringing that one overly exaggerated jewish caricature is always doing and both looked like they were having the time of their lives.

This one?

The Nazi is actually a re-enactor called Hooptyman, so they were probably laughing so hard because they found each other whilst trolling Omegle, which is totally hilarious, ha.

My Anne Boleyn necklace is so important to me because when I went to Hampton Court one time, I had a conversation with the re-enactor playing Anne Boleyn (she was completely in character), and she saw the necklace and accused of stealing it from her personal belongings and threatened to have me “made a head shorter” and I was like PLEASE MURDER ME, OH QUEEN, OH MISTRESS

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Siiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *groaaaannnss* I need new reading material. Fics, or books. Suggestions, pretty please? O.O

Oh my darling, you have come to the right place!

Originally posted by timetravelersloth

An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon is the sci-fi tale of a queer black autistic intersex woman on a generation-ship where the set-up is sickeningly reminiscent of the plantation South - abusive, racist whites in charge and everyone else enslaved and abused. There’s plenty of triggering content - the book opens with an amputation, and there’s violence of all kinds, including sexual - but it’s really beautiful. Aster, the main character, discovers a link between the suicide of her mother and the death of the ship’s current leader, one that leads her to uncovering the secrets behind the ship’s workings and destination. Feminist and queer in all the ways - there’s even a gray-aro ace character! - it’s about oppression and revolution and family, race and gender and religion. Absolutely compulsory reading.

Ask Baba Yaga by Taisia Kitaiskaia is a collection of excerpts from a kind of agony aunt column written by Baba Yaga, the witch of Russian mythology, the kind of thing where people write in ‘how do I get over my ex?’ etc and get answers from a woman who regularly eats heroes and lives in a house with chicken legs. Glorious and wild and fierce.

The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Lang is the first novella of the Tensorate series. Set in a world where children choose their own gender when they reach adulthood and mages alter their bodies to be in line with that decision, it follows the stories of the tyrannical Protector’s two youngest children; one of whom is gifted with prophecy, the other who defects from the Protectorate entirely. There’s magic and queerness everywhere, and traces the beginning, building revolution. Awesome.

River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey is another novella, again full of queerness (non-binary character!). It’s set in an America where Congress decided to import hippos for farming meat (something that was apparently considered in real life), the feral hippo problem is now very much a Problem, and a small group of assorted criminals are sent in (on their own tamed riding hippos) to get the ferals out of this one area. It’s fun and fast and I loved the diverse cast. I’m reading the sequel right now.

An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows is what happens when you ask a queer feminist to write a portal fantasy. The world our white Australian protagonist jumps into is one where poly and queerness of all descriptions abound, with matriarchies and body-sculpting magic for transpeople and a corrupt king who needs overthrowing. One of our other POV characters is aromantic; almost no one is white. Book one is great; book two is fucking amazing. You have to read this one just to get to the sequel.

In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan is YA fantasy wherein a viciously smart and sarcastic bisexual boy gets whisked to magic school, and is Very Unimpressed. It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious and fucking heartbreaking by turns, and it flips or tears apart dozens of traditional fantasy tropes, most notably the glorification of warriors and war. It was originally published for free on the author’s blog, but it’s been edited and massively expanded for traditional publication and I didn’t think it was possible, but it got even better.

The Traitor Son cycle by Miles Cameron is - superficially, in the beginning - a fairly traditional swords-and-fantasy, surrounding the exploits of a mercenary company hired by a convent to clear the local area of monsters. Except bit by bit, book by book, the plot spirals outward, gets bigger and bigger until the fate of multiple worlds is involved. The series also gradually gets more queer characters as it goes along, and there’s a lot of different representations of female strength; everything from women knights to the power of women as healers and chatelaines. It’s very, very heavy on the actual mechanics of medieval style combat - the author is a re-enactor, so he knows what he’s talking about - but I encourage everyone to force their way through book one (I loved it, but not everyone does) to get to the increasingly awesome rest of the series. 

The Alpennia Series by Heather Rose Jones is set in the fictional European country of Alpennia, and is kind of a cross between historical regency romance - except all the sex is fade-to-black - and historical fantasy. The main characters of book one are a female duelist and a woman who can see magic as it is cast/worked, who get thrown together when the latter’s godfather bequeaths the former’s service to her in his will. Along with all his fortune. I think book one is the weakest, but the series just gets better and better as it goes along. Each book is a lesbian romance, and the characters of book one gradually gather around them a circle of female intellectuals and alchemists and magic-workers, and it’s just so ridiculously cool and sweet.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie is about Cassandra, a young Asian woman from a family who breeds and trains Reckoners, genetically-engineered sea-monsters who protect ships in a post-environmental-collapse world. Except on her first trip out, her Reckoner is killed by pirates and the ship she’s guarding goes down, and she’s taken by the pirates to train the Reckoner pup they’ve somehow managed to get their hands on. It’s the first book of a duet, there’s a lesbian romance, and it’s unbelievably good.

Summer in Orcus by T Kingfisher is a weird, beautiful book about a young girl who meets Baba Yaga and wishes for an adventure. She gets sent to another world in the process, where she meets were-houses and talking birds and women who used to be dragons, and it all seems like it should be childish and silly, but it isn’t, it’s deep and heart-wrenching and the ending is a punch to the gut. It’s beautiful. I would read it to my kids, if I had any; as it is I want to give a copy to every kid I know. And most of the adults too.

The Art of Starving by Sam J Miller is a magical realism YA about a young man with anorexia, who believes (perhaps not incorrectly) that his starving himself is giving him superpowers. It would be really easy to make a mess with that premise, but I think Miller handles it perfectly, and it’s a very, very good book. Not to mention we don’t talk about male eating disorders nearly often enough. And of course, the main character is gay, which complicates everything even more.

The Eternal Sky trilogy by Elizabeth Bear is my counter to the trainwreck that is Tiger’s Daughter; epic fantasy set in an Asian-inspired world, beautiful and queer and awesome in scope and beauty. We have a wombless sorceress and the rightful heir of this world’s Ghengis Khan, we have a plague of demons and a holy order who work magic through reading and writing, there are humanoid tigers and a sky that reflects what power holds the land beneath it. It’s EPIC, and the first book of a new series set in this world is out on Tuesday!

The Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron is a self-published urban fantasy series set in the future after magic has returned to the world and all its spirits have woken up; it follows the adventures of Julian, the world’s only ‘nice’ dragon, whom his mother kicks out of the mountain in disgust after binding him from his (feathered!) dragon form, to prove himself worthy of the Heartstriker name or die. Book one is good; book two is AMAZING, and book three had me screaming. This series twists and turns so much and I simply adore the dragons in it, and the Mortal Spirits! AHHH. So many insanely cool concepts and so much great world-building!

The Dragon’s Legacy by Deborah A Wolf is so good I can’t even talk about it. It’s like this book was written for me. I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I can only read a page of it a day because it’s so good I can’t bear more than that at once, I’d explode if I tried to read it faster. 

And, as usual: everything by Catherynne Valente, Andrea K. Host, and the Kushiel sequence by Jaqueline Carey. I’m not even going to write up descriptors for them this time, I’ve recced them so often at this point!


magnificent 7 wild west reenactment au where the historic ghost town is owned by the cullens and the evil real-estate mogul bogue is trying to steal the land under the town. unbeknownst to everyone working at rose creek, the town sits underneath a sizeable gold deposit - emma calls in sam chisolm to help with the string of break-ins and vandalism that have been mysteriously scaring off visitors as the town usually does really well with tourism but this year they could face bankruptcy. sam brings along his business partner, faraday, to go undercover as the town’s saloon gunslinger

“what do you mean, i get shot!”

“calm down, faraday,” says sam.

“do not tell me to calm down, sam. are you getting shot? no? i am!”

“it’s only once a week - twice if we get more tour groups-” says emma.

“twice a week!”

“it used to be everyday at four so-” offers teddy.

“EVERY DAY!” hollers faraday before sam pulls him out of the office.


and faraday thinks the sabotage is an inside job but he finds he’s making friends with the town’s historical re-enactors. especially, vasquez

“so you’re the guero that is replacing mccann?”

guero. what does that mean, anyway? handsome? debonair?” 

“…something like that.”

Cosplay ideas

// Now hear me out followers. I am thinking about making a more historical based outfit for my cosplay for Romulus. But here’s the thing. My char will be less recoqnisible and I’m not sure if you guys will like that so much. When I started in the fandom people hated it. I made a historical accurate 15th Century outfit for Romano. I worked a month on that clothing and spend over 500.- euro’s on it because I was REALLY passionate about it. And while my re-enactor friends loved it the fandom HATED it and said my cosplay was stupid because it wasnt canon.

Now before Im going to loose a lot of money, time and followers over this. Would you like to see more historical hetalia on this blog or rather have just sillyness to make you laugh? There is no right or wrong answer so please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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I just only recently got into 1860s fashion, but after reading a couple of statements by reenactors online I am confused? Most state that fabric covered buttons were not very common back then, but a lot of dresses I've seen in museums/online seem to feature them? Also I'm puzzled that the blouse/skirt combo is so rare in 1860s US since it's been part of traditional clothing all over Europe for a very long time?

Hello! Sorry for the extremely delayed response! Tumblr failed to notify me of any messages for months and my hectic schedule kept me from checking (and posting much - sorry followers! My Master’s Degree was beckoning!)

My best advice to you is to trust what is extant. Items you see in museums are what they are and art from the time is a primary source. While many re-enactors have doubtlessly studied these pieces as well, going back to the source material is the surest way to understand them. (I myself constructed an 1860s dress featuring covered buttons using a pattern adapted from an extant garment, and backed up by my own additional research).

As far as I know the blouse/skirt combo was perfectly common during the 1860s, however before this time in America, it mainly surfaced as lower class/ work clothing, like the petticoat/short gown combo of the 18th century (check out Colonial Williamsburg’s website for a great little game which illustrates this). By the 1860s, however, I believe it was more common in the middle and upper classes, though certainly still a more casual option for daytime only. You will often see women wearing a blouse and skirt with a swiss waist (belt) that was popular at this time.

Perhaps the reason it does not appear in America the way is does in European folk dress is because there is not really an American ethnic tradition (and when I say this I am referring only to European settlers and their descendants; Native Americans of all nations have rich traditions of dress, including many types of garments which might fit into the categories of blouses and skirts) - rather, Euro-Americans brought many traditions from Europe and practiced them within their own ethnic groups, but also blended them together with others to form a new American aesthetic.

Additionally, as I mentioned before, skirt/blouse ensembles before the mid-19th century were typically lower class, and at this time, before photography, visual records of lower class people were much harder to come by.

I hope this thoroughly answered your questions, and I do apologize for rambling on, especially so long after you asked this in the first place!

Ranger’s take note

Alright guys and girls, many of us practice archery, many of us practice throwing knives, and some of us know basic six point or how to fight with a short sword.

One thing that we don’t really know how to do is dress the part, this is part and parcel with the fact that making clothes sucks, and buying them can be expensive.

So I’ll start with the easiest part of our kit we can obtain, the cloak.

First a disclaimer, as a viking/saxon re-enactor I have access to some things that you might not so feel free to shoot me a message or ask me on my blog openly.

I use a square cloak, not a circular cloak as it has significantly more advantages, and it’s not that hard to get I bought it off ebay,

Now as Rangers we all need this one item, the disadvantage you will have is when trying to hide your quiver under it, so don’t.

this goes for any cloak though.

It doesnt hinder your movement.

now what i use to keep my cloak together is called a penannular broach, they’re very simple and cross periods til very late.

The reason I choose a square cloak is that it’s 60x80 inches long doubled over, this keeps me warm and dry when it rains and provides me with a very makeshift sleeping bag, that doubles as the hood.

this is the cornerstone to many medieval and fantasy cosplays and it disapoints me that everyone misses the old square cloak and goes straight for the circular cloak, Rangers are common folk, not knights or nobles, Gilan, Halt and Maddie being the exception to this.

I figured i would start to do a couple of tutorials on how I dress, as the main reason I started reenactment was because of these books and there’s a decent enough following on here.

Just as a side note, my longbow is 40#@28′ and I shoot at a 30′ draw if anyone was curious about it, I’ll hope to be getting a 70# Longbow at the end of the year, that’s as high as I want to shoot.

As always travel safe, shoot straight, and Love everyone,


Through Time to You

Chapter 1: You Know What They Say About History Repeating Itself

Other chapters

Edward Kenway x Reader 

Summary: You are a young woman living your life in the 21st century when you mystically end up to West Indies during the Golden Age of Piracy. Slow-burn.

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Semi-Explicit Sexual Content, more warnings might be added as the series continues

Rating: Explicit

You opened your eyes. The first thing you saw was a wooden ceiling. You couldn’t help but to find it strange, since the ceiling of your bedroom wasn’t made of wood. You had no memory or idea what you were doing sleeping in anywhere else than your own bedroom. You raised your head to notice that you were half sitting in a very uncomfortable angle, supported by a wooden box. That’s when you also noticed that firstly, your hands and feet were bound, and secondly, you had a horrible, horrible pain in your head.

Confused, you took in your surroundings. The place you were in must have been some sort of warehouse, with barrels and tools around the room. There was no floor; you had slept on bare ground. You tried to struggle out of your bindings, first from your hands behind your back and then from your feet, but the ropes were too tight. You found your throat hoarse so you settled to express your confusion with a small “huh?” to the empty room.

What could you remember? Oh right, you had been about to leave your apartment when, suddenly, you had felt like you would throw up. You had bent over to hold your aching stomach, and when you had raised your head… a sea. A sea opened before you. Cold wind blew to your face. You were high up somewhere. A sudden voice had sharply told you to turn around. Instinctively you had raised your hands and slowly done as told. Three men in red uniforms approached you, pointing their weapons at you.

“What are you doing here?”

A very good question.

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I was tagged in the top 5/bottom 5 kudos on AO3 meme by @its-like-a-story-of-love and @optomisticgirl. Here goes! (adding art where applicable because I feel like it)

Top 5 (most to least)

A Rose in the Deeps of my Heart

Emma’s visit to her friends in Ireland becomes more than just a vacation when she meets a handsome man in the woods. A handsome man who turns out to me an immortal fae—and helps reveal some truths about herself. [both surprised and not suprised it’s this one]

A Tall Tail

Killian thought he’d met his demise when Ursula tossed him carelessly into the water. But he ended up finding out more about himself—and the mermaids he had hoped to avoid, not join—than ever before. (Canon-divergent from 4x15) [I figured it would be this one, seeing as it’s the longest]

An Affair of Honor and of the Heart

“Princess” Emma was so done with working at her family’s ren fair, and especially with one annoying pirate re-enactor. (Or was she?) [oh, this one was so fun to do]

A Comic Book Fairy Tale

Killian Jones works in a comic shop. When Emma Swan walks through the doors, it’s more of an adventure than the stories on the pages of the books all around him. [as was this one]

Two Booksellers of Storybrooke

Emma Swan has two problems: 1. Killian Jones, the annoying co-owner of the bookstore across the street from her own (just how many book shops did one small town need?); and 2. The fact that she may or may not be falling in love with the same Killian Jones. The course of true love never did run smooth, did it? [this one took me forever but I was really happy with how it turned out; my longest one-shot]

Bottom 5 (least to most)

Once Upon a Time in Panem 

When Aurora and Phillip find themselves in the Hunger Games, they aren’t prepared for the effect it will have on the rest of their lives; when past victors Emma and Killian find themselves in an alliance, sparks fly. The future of Panem rests on them. (OUAT Hunger Games AU) [this is really not good and not finished; I might come back to it someday but it would be a total redo]

Drunk Dial 

The citizens of Storybrooke should not be allowed near their phones after they’ve been drinking. [AWWW MY FIRST FIC]

The Dutchman Must Always Have A Captain 

Dead men tell no tales. If that was true, then perhaps Killian Jones wasn’t as dead as he thought. For though his heart resided outside his body, he still had quite the tale to tell. There was another phrase: all magic comes with a price. And it seemed that whatever curse he now bore was the ultimate price for the magic of having love for once in his godforsaken life. (Deckhand Hook becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman [similar to the ship of the same name in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies]) 

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend 

Killian Jones is a Dark One now. What happens when he emerges from the vault, and will he be able to resist the darkness? 

Love in the Wild West 

Sheriff Emma Nolan has made Storybrooke, a sleepy town in the Wild West of old, a safe place to live for her and her son. But her life is forever changed when outlaw Killian Jones and his crew of bandits comes to town, challenging a family of gold prospectors—and her heart. (one-shot) [ahhh this is one of my faves]

tagging @thesschesthair @kat2609 @mryddinwilt @ive-always-been-a-pirate and @scapeartist​ [feel free to ignore, especially if you’ve already done it]

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Historycal Helltalia is what makes this fandom great, tbh

Yes it can be great but it doesnt have to be. As a re-enactor I’ve met quite some people who exclude people because of their etnicy or sex because of ‘hysterical’ accuracy. And most of the time its just plain hypocrite.
Like people will nag when a family brings along their adopted kid of color to a medieval event. And god forbid a woman puts on a mens uniform, unless its a napoleontic cavalarist, because “there are simply to little men who are good at riding horses these days”
As for the fandom. I enjoy historical notes, i love pretty art, I enjoy people telling about their cultures, lanquages, well written stories or poems… it doesnt have to fit ALL or any of these.
What I mean to say is if I see a beautifull painting of dr. Who I can enjoy it without even being in the fandom. And with the same eye I can love someones interpretation of a character even if the cosplay is off.
I’m happy hetalia is more free for interpretation than reenactment.