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Question - why are you so fucking amazing? AND you have to answer this, you can't ignore me. You are always there for people having a bad day, and I think that's incredible. Also please visit, we need to re-enact that drawing I did

It’s just hugely important to me to help people having a hard time because i understand the feeling so so very well. 

oooh what drawing?


Watch: These adorable kids in China performed a full-fledged live-action version of Mulan’s “Bring Honor to Us All”

Apparently, there’s a show on Chinese television that involves children re-enacting scenes from famous movies. We only know that because these kids absolutely crushed a live-action version of “Bring Honor to Us All” from Disney’s Mulan.

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every Ghost Adventures episode
  • Zak: *talks for 12 minutes about the history of the place*
  • *a shit ton of overly dramatic death re-enactments*
  • Aaron: *gets involved in the festivities or tourism of the location and puts the camera down*
  • Nick: *turns camera to his face* look at me, I'm a professional, I'm still recording!
  • Zak: Okay, time to investigate this old building. I'm gonna be wearing this mask, not because I'm a pussy, but just because I have asthma
  • Zak: Aaron, go investigate in that room by yourself
  • Aaron, in the room by himself: *gets spooked, followed by a close up of him making that surprised face :o * OH MY GOD DUDE
  • Zak: *hears voices/sees figures, followed by a whole minute of him cursing*
  • Billy: *gets pulled into the damn shadow realm and the other guys have to rescue him*
  • Zak: *explains in great detail during the voiceover why something is or isn't a paranormal entity, while replaying it 50 times*

so I was just thinking about one of @bshittyknights add-ons to the “things Jack had to apologize for on behalf of the hockey team” post and I just–

Subject: Apology From Men’s Hockey Team

To my fellow classmates: 

Hi, I’m Jack Zimmermann, captain of the hockey team. I’m sorry that we disrupted everyone’s studying in Founder’s Library earlier this afternoon when some of our members decided to re-enact the opening scene of The Lion King. Even if you weren’t there, I’m still sorry. 


Jack L. Zimmermann
Captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team
Department of History, 2015

TFP: A Re-Enactment
  • *grenade flies into 221B*
  • Me: Whoa, a grenade.
  • Mycroft: Keep back! Keep as still as you can!
  • John: What is it?
  • Me: It's... a grenade.
  • Sherlock: It's a drone.
  • John: Yeah, I can see that. What's it carrying?
  • Me: ...A grenade. You know, like, from war?
  • Sherlock: What's that silver thing on top of it, Mycroft?

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Your head canons are really cute❤️ can I have the RFA reacting to MC when she fell asleep on them cuz she's so tired or they were just really warm or something 😍

Thank you! This one was cute :)


  • You were watching a movie together
  • It was still early evening, but you both had a long day at work
  • When he starts humming along to one of the songs, you drift off
  • He notices when you stop your occasional commentary
  • Takes a few selfies when he realizes you’re asleep
  • You do wake up a little later
  • You insist didn’t fall asleep
  • He keeps teasing you about it
  • You fall asleep a second time
  • Wakes you up with a kiss
  • When you ask why, he’s just like
  • “I thought you were re-enacting Sleeping Beauty.” 


  • He was playing one more round of LOLOL
  • You were waiting for him to go out, but watched while he finished up
  • For some reason, you get sleep and nod off
  • Feels your head on his shoulder
  • Becomes very stiff…logs out right away
  • He’s red and scared he’ll wake you up
  • But still tries to put a blanket on you
  • He carries you over to the couch and just cuddles you
  • When you wake up, you feel bad that you didn’t end up going out
  • Pretends that he was also asleep so you don’t feel bad


  • You were having a sleepover
  • She pops in some musicals Hamilton
  • It starts getting really late and one of the slow songs come on
  • You were sitting back to back, so Jaehee noticed when you leaned on her more
  • She slid a pillow between you guys
  • She kept watching, though she sang a little less loudly
  • You wake up in the middle somewhere and are somewhat embarrassed
  • “HAHA! This is my favourite part!” 
  • Jaehee gives you the side eye
  • “Don’t act like you weren’t asleep.”


  • He wanted to watch a k-drama with you
  • You’re binge watching on a big screen, and you last a good few hours
  • But the day starts getting to you and you fall asleep, head on his shoulder
  • It so happened, in the drama, the girl fell asleep on the guy too
  • In the scene, the guy starts confessing his feelings for her
  • Jumin decides he should do the same, so he repeats every word
  • Doesn’t know you woke up sometime in the middle
  • While the gesture was really cute…
  • “Jumin…we’re already married.”


  • You guys take a trip into town
  • You take a train instead of one of his babies because there’s no safe parking
  • After a really long day, you both are sitting together on the ride home
  • He’s chattering away about all the things you did
  • He’s really warm and comfy so you just kind of fall asleep against him
  • He notices when you don’t answer one of  his questions
  • Slips an arm around you, waking you
  • “No, no. Don’t worry, MC. I’ll wake you up at our stop!”
  • You agree and fall asleep again
  • Turns out he also fell asleep
  • You missed your stop like three times 

On The Frontlines: A Weekend as a Civil War Reenactor

TIME reporter Nate Rawlings joins a group of devout reenactors at Gettysburg, in a season of reenactments honoring Civil War anniversaries.

Reenacting the American Civil War began even before the real fighting had ended. Civil War veterans recreated battles as a way to remember their fallen comrades and to teach others what the war was all about.  

Motion picture and television producers often turn to reenactment groups for support; films like Gettysburg, Glory and Gods and Generals benefited greatly from the input of reenactors, who arrived on set fully equipped and steeped in knowledge of military procedures, camp life, and tactics. 

In a documentary about the making of the film Gettysburg, actor Sam Elliott, who portrayed Union General John Buford in the film, said of reenactors:

“I think we’re really fortunate to have those people involved. In fact, they couldn’t be making this picture without them; there’s no question about that. These guys come with their wardrobe, they come with their weaponry. They come with all the accoutrements, but they also come with the stuff in their head and the stuff in their heart.”

Sometimes i think about the literal fucking torture that Proust put Andrew through, re-enacting trauma from his childhood and taking such utter advantage of him, and how ridiculously awful and horrible that is and i just

He’s so used to be abused and hurt that it barely even gave him pause. He got picked up by the monsters and went back to being the same dead, emotionless husk that he was before the drugs, like nothing had changed, because it hadn’t, this has been his entire life and i jUST

He was tortured for weeks and the angriest he got about it was getting mad at Neil for trying to sacrifice himself for him fuckin

Anonymous dagger plays from the Glasgow Fechtbuch

I have recently translated the plays from the Glasgow Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.341)

While I am improving in my translation I am still novice: The original text has been provided beside my translation.

This one contains no illustrations so a certain amount of excitement is missing from the material, however the actual content of the text is quite interesting. It is one of the more extensive dagger treatises from the german tradition, and (for a german source) gives a lot of emphasis to unarmed defenses against dagger.

In the beginning of the treatise is a few general rules-of-thumb for dagger fighting. Interestingly, it concludes the introduction with something to the tune of: “if he doesn’t attack you and waits out of distance, he has something tricky planned and you will need to use some of the following techniques.”

Quite a good document to add to your repertoire. As always, feedback on my translation is welcomed.

The PDF can get got here

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Hey, I don't know how to word this because I'm so afraid that it might sound offensive, I absolutely don't mean it that way! You have a lovely blog and I love the style and content ... but... is there any video that you'd recommend (on youtube) that wasn't edited and shows their "sweet vibes"? I've re-watched so many panels now but I can hardly see it. I'm sorry if that sounds like I'd try to find "something against it", I'm not! :) Just trying to see it the same way you guys do. :) Thank you!

don’t worry, that’s alright! so here’re some videos i would recommend:

One of the scenes from Empire Strikes Back that I do vividly remember is Han Solo being frozen in carbonite. I know this mainly because I used to re-enact the freezing in the bathtub as a tiny child, but now how you expect.

I discovered that if you turn a lego upside down (yes, my parents gave me Duplos as bath toys) and fill it with water, surface tension creates a slight arch above the lego’s rim. Not that I knew what surface tension was, but anyway. I would practice filling the lego as full as I could while yelling HAN SOLO, NO! and pretending he was in the lego. When the lego overflowed, Han was fully frozen and ready for shipping.