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Inbox Reopening

We’ve nearly finished working through our backlog in the Inbox and we’re gearing up to take on new confessions! So on that note…

The Inbox is reopening June 25th at 12am EDT.

Like we normally do, we’re gonna kick things off with an extended Positivity Week! Our longtime followers know the deal, but for our newer followers, here’s how it works:

From June 25th when we open through til midnight July 10th (all EDT), we’re only going to accept positive confessions. We want to hear what you like about the show, things you love about the cast, favorite scenes and episodes, memorable dialogue, good things watching the show has done for you, etc. We have 11 seasons worth of material, so we expect some good stuff, okay? :)

As we prep for our Inbox reopening, please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the confession guidelines, whether again or for the first time. Remember we accept confessions only through Asks, not fanmail. Also, pace yourselves! It’s great that you’ve come up with 20 different thoughts while you were waiting for us, but send them in a trickle rather than a stream please. Also, please do your best to check spelling and grammar since the Admins sometimes don’t catch everything.

As always please interact civilly with our blog. Don’t call someone names just because you don’t like their confession. Be open to new thoughts, but with the understanding that you don’t have to agree with all of them.

So have your confessions at the ready, ‘cause the Inbox is about to reopen, and we’re looking forward to seeing all your thoughts about Supernatural!